Grounding Into Gratitude – Root Chakra Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

Grounding Into Gratitude – Root Chakra Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today we
have an awesome practice that’s going to
balance the root chakra and ground you into gratitude, so hop into something comfy,
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my sweet friends,
let’s begin in Sukhasana, a nice, cross-legged seat. You can sit up on a little
blanky or a little towel if you like to lift the
hips to help you gain length and lift up through the spine. So come on down to yoga town. (laughing) And let’s just take
a moment to settle in. Head over heart,
heart over the pelvis. And someone asked me
recently what that meant, on Twitter I think. These modern times, am I right? And, when I say head over
heart, heart over pelvis, it’s a couple things. First of all, just kind
of on a superficial level, it’s just about aligning
this recognizable spot, the head over the heart, and
then the anatomy of the pelvis. So for me,
it’s just a little visual. Part two of that is
I’m taking a moment to really honor
this line of the spine, which is perfect as we
begin our practice today, because today’s practice
is about balancing the root chakra. So once you get settled in here, head over heart,
heart over pelvis, take a moment to
relax your shoulders and then trust me, trust
the video, trust yourself, and take a moment
to close your eyes. And as you sit up
nice and tall here, eyes closed,
just taking a moment to go inward. It’s more helpful sometimes
to close the eyes. I’d like to invite you to
try to come into the role of the observer here. Taking a moment to just
take stock, slow down. And take this time for yourself. Really take it. You’re here.
You’re here for a reason. So let’s embrace
this time together. We’ll take a deep breath
in through the nose. And exhale out
through the mouth. (exhaling breath) Again, big inhale in
through the nose. And exhale, empty it out. And one more time, don’t be shy. Scare the person
in the other room. Deep breath in. (inhaling breath) And empty it out. (exhaling breath) Awesome, open your eyes
if you haven’t already. We’re just gonna
take a second to connect to this area at the
base of the spine where the root chakra lies. My assistant, Benji, everybody. So go ahead and take your
right hand right to the pelvis area here, and then
left hand on top, and then loop your shoulders
and lift your heart, and just sit up nice and tall. So the knuckles are
gonna kind of draw down as the heart lifts up. Then gently begin
to deepen your breath. And just bring your
awareness to this space right at the pelvic floor. And so there’s a
hammock of muscle there that we’re gonna
try to engage here. Some of you are familiar
with Mula Bandha. And just sending some
awareness there, best you can, whatever that means to you, and then seeing,
when you’re ready, if you can engage the
muscles of the pelvic floor and draw upward. And even if it’s just a visual, even if you just use
your imagination, right, see if you can draw
a little awareness all the way up
from the pelvic floor and use the hands
to kind of guide that. So use your hands, just
hang with me, come on now, all the way up. And pass the face. And then eventually
we’ll reach all the way up, fingertips towards the sky. But as you reach the arms up, see if you can still
maintain that connect to the pelvic floor. Again, maybe even
engaging those muscles, lifting up all the way through
that center plumb line. And then when you’re ready,
ground down through the legs and reach the fingertips
up high, big stretch here. And then exhale, rain it down, fingertips are gonna kiss
the floor at your sides. As you rain the fingertips down, see if you can maintain that
lift up from the pelvic floor. And pinkies back,
thumbs forward. You might even walk the
pinkies back a little bit to maintain this lift
up through the chest. We’ll inhale in, smile. And exhale, plant the left palm, nice, slow reach with the
right fingertips up and over. Take a side body stretch
here that feels good. See if you can
maintain that awareness even if it’s just kind of
sending a little visual to the base of the spine
as you reach and stretch. Maybe pull the thumb back. Maybe tug the shoulders
away from the ears. Stay grounded
through your lower body so tops of the thighs
anchor you down here. Here we go, big inhale in. Exhale, slowly
come back to center. Keep an awareness of this
pelvic floor drawing up. Inhale in. And exhale,
right hand comes down and left fingertips reach up
and over, side body stretch. (exhaling breath) Maybe tug the
shoulders away here. Maybe pull that left thumb back. Inhale. And exhale, back to center. Awesome, we’re gonna bring
the palms together now, Anjali Mudra at
the heart, and again, just see if you can drawl
some awareness, Texas, drawl! Draw some awareness up
from the pelvic floor. So the root chakra is a lot. There’s a lot going on there, but for today, we’re focusing
on this mantra, I am. So when we take time to
connect and balance this root chakra, we take time to
honor our true self and also recognize when we are not
feeling balanced, when we are not feeling stable, when we are not feeling well. And we use this system
of the chakras and yoga to acknowledge that
and then work it out. So all that to say that
we’re using the tools of yoga today to, not just
balance out the chakras, but to actually recognize
like, oh, how am I feeling? Or, whoa, you’re right, yoga. I didn’t realize that I’ve
been pretty scared lately or pretty anxious,
or pretty out of whack. So try not to define
what’s going on too much, but just recognize
that this chakra is really all about I am. It’s about security. It’s about stability. It’s about feeling
comfortable in your own shoes and doing the work, the
processing, to balance that out. It’s also really good
if you’ve been having trouble with digestion. Anyone with any eating
disorders, root chakra balance, oh my God, let’s do it! So let’s play today. Drawing up through the
pelvic floor, inhale in. Exhale, navel draws back,
chin to chest, we round the spine. Couple breaths here as you
round through the back body, bowing head to heart,
heart to pelvis, starting to stretch
out through the neck. Then press in your foundation, that which is
touching the earth. Draw energy up
from that root chakra and inhale, lift your heart. So it’s kind of a
Cat-Cow motion here, but seated in Sukhasana. We inhale, open up through
the throat chakra all the way, lift your chin, and then exhale. Chin to chest,
rounding through the spine. Don’t rush it here. Inhale, lifts you up. Careful not to crunch
back of the neck, so keep it nice and integrated. And exhale, rounding forward. As you round,
see if you can lift up through that pelvic
floor, keeping awareness in the base of the spine. One more time again,
moving with the breath, embracing the process here. The experimentation of
balancing that root chakra. Fabulous, then inhale,
come back up, Sukhasana. And take a moment to once
again close your eyes and inhale lots of gratitude in, whatever that means to you. Maybe think about someone or
something you’re grateful for, and then on a big exhale,
relax your shoulders. Empty it out. One more time, inhale,
lots of gratitude in. And notice how you
feel as you exhale out. Tapping into that
gratitude, so important. Alright, bat the eyelashes open. We’re gonna swim
the fingertips around, all the way around,
around, around. Fingertips are gonna
come behind the back. I’ll actually turn to the
side so you can see this. And one more time, drawing
energy up from that root chakra, so all the way from the
muscles of the pelvic floor. We’ll do a video on Mula Bandha, but for today just do your best connecting to what
it feels like today to lift up from that place. And we’re gonna hug the
elbows into the center line, and lengthen up
through the side body. One more time, big inhale. Open your heart. And exhale, release,
chin to chest. Keep the fingertips
on the earth. Awesome, Thriller arms
here take us forward, so send the wrists
forward, fingertips down, loop the shoulders. Inhale, smile and lift. Just stretching through
the forearms here. And then flip the script. If you need more, you can
take the hands to the fingers. Alright, now today,
trying to move from a place of connect. So, we jerk ourselves around
and we rush ourselves, and we rush each
other off the mat. On the mat,
we don’t need to do that, so try to move from
a place of connect, and I feel like really
moving with this awareness of gratitude and
also root chakra, this awareness at the base
of the spine can help you, so consider that
as you transition in and out of things today. That’s a little advanced,
but I think we’re all ready to move in that way,
move in a way that feels good. Move from a place of connect. If you practice doing
that on the yoga mat, it’s gonna be so
much easier to move in a meaningful way off the mat. Okay, here we go. So, here I go, coming forward, taking the fingertips forward, again, think about this idea
that’s not what we do here on the yoga mat, but how
we do it as you come to Extended Child’s Pose. So you might need to
back the truck up a little, but just move nice and slow. Be kind to yourself today. Be gentle. Big toes come together. Knees as wide as the yoga mat, and then we send the hips back whenever you’re ready,
nice and slow. So again, soft, easy
movement as you come into Extended Child’s Pose. No need to rush today or ever. And no need to
jerk yourself around. Hey-o. (laughing)
Terrible. Reach the fingertips forward. Take a big inhale in. And exhale, close your eyes,
empty it out. Now once again,
inhale lots of gratitude. And as you exhale,
do think about someone or something that
you’re grateful for, and then notice how
that makes you feel. (deep breathing) Then on your next inhale,
imagine the breath traveling all the way
in through the nostrils, all the way down through
the base of the spine. Filling the lower
back body with air. You can even feel the
skin of the back stretch. You’re breathing in
so big and buoyant. And then exhale, let it go. Awesome, press into
the tops of the feet. Again, move from
a place of connect, whatever that means to you, whether it’s anatomical,
maybe it’s giving the thinking mind a break here,
just moving with the breath. We’ll come to all fours. Fabulous, bring the knees
underneath the hip points, and we’re gonna walk
the hands to the knees, curl the toes under,
and then pop up here to a little Froggy Pose. So, coming into the hips here. Opening up through
that root chakra. So for now, come this way. For now, we’re gonna do
a little Froggy Pose, waking up the feet. So a lot of work with the
feet for root chakra balance, so you might even give your
arches a little massage. And if you’re feelin’
pretty good here, then you’ll lower the heels
and come into a yogi squat. But if you’re new to the
practice or your feet are really tight,
or you have flat feet, then you’re gonna want to
work maybe one foot at a time, and everyone’s gonna want
to breathe super big, buoyant breaths here. You gotta bring the breath, especially in this
nature of the video and at home practice,
or wherever you are, tell me where you are in
the comments down below. I’d love to hear where
people are practicing. It’s so much fun. All over the world, on
vacation, in hotel rooms, with your kids,
with your puppy dogs. So, that said, you gotta
bring the breath, right? We’re not in the room
together physically. So you are responsible for
bringing the Pranayama, and especially when
doing chakra work, it’s so important to make
sure that you’re really tending to the Pranayama
portion of your practice. So everyone’s gonna
be doing a different version of this here. Maybe you come into a
nice, low yogi squat. And for me this is one of
my favorite grounding poses that also is a little bit of
an embodiment of gratitude for me, ’cause this reminds me of our ancestors, this shape. There’s still so many people
in so many different cultures around the world that still
do so many tasks here, eating, cooking, birthing. Pooping, okay I’ll say it. I’m not afraid. And so, I’m not just
trying to be cute here. So take a moment
to close your eyes and just connect to your roots,
whatever that means to you. Maybe you think
of a family member. Maybe there’s something coming
up as you open up the hips, and maybe you forgot to breathe,
so start breathing deep, nice, slow, loving,
grounding breaths. Come into an
audible breath here. (exhaling breath) And then if you’re
in the Froggy posture, see if you can just
get a little bit lighter on the fingertips and if
you’re in the yogic squat, and you’re feelin’
pretty comfortable, find a little resistance
of pressing the arms into the legs and then squeezing
the legs into the arms. We’re here for one more breath
cycle, guys, you got this. Deep breath in. (inhaling) And a slow exhale out. (exhaling) Beautiful, now slow
and easy, again, connect the dots here. Move from a place
of connect here. We’re gonna slowly bring
the fingertips forward, and make our way
to Downward Dog. So take your time. In fact, I invite you to
move slow motion-like, feel the sensation in
the hip sockets as you come to a
nice Downward Dog, walking the toes back,
sending the hips up high, planting firmly into all
your fingers, fingerprints. And then finding
that external rotation of the shoulders here as
you maybe pedal it out. Reconnect with your breath. And then when you’re ready, turn your big toes in,
really opening up, sitting bones left to
right, heart melting back, and then find that zip
up through the front. Navel draws in. Take one more
deep breath in here. And then exhale out
through the mouth. Let something go. (exhaling) Awesome, walk the
feet up to the hands or the hands back to the feet. We’re gonna come
into a Forward Fold anywhere on your mat,
Uttanasana. So we’re gonna be here for
a couple breath cycles, so bring the
feet hip width apart. And bend the knees. And then starting with the feet, we’re gonna lift the toes, and starting with the
pinky toe, I’m gonna try to put one toe down at a time. And remember this is a practice. This is about exploration
so try to stay present for yourself,
super important today, and every time you hit your mat. Just try to stay really
present for yourself. And then after you’ve done a
couple rounds with the toes, starting with the pinky
toe and trying to put the toes down one at a time. Then release the head
and shake the head loose. So a lot of times when the
root chakra is out of balance, out of whack,
we feel stressed out, we get insecure, we get scared. So breathing deep here,
acknowledging that that is part of life, this fight or flight base definitely living also
at the root chakra, the base of the spine. (deep breathing) And that can travel up to
other areas of the body, other chakras, and manifest
in all kinds of things. So using Uttanasana here
to calm the nervous system, to tell that fight or flight
that it’s gonna be okay, and then you
might close your eyes and if you’re feelin’
frisky with me, you might quietly whisper
to yourself the mantra, I am. And then just notice
what comes up. I am safe, I am bold. I am surrounded by… Cool, and then grab the elbows,
rock gently side to side. Let it go. (deep breathing) Rooting to rise here. Nice and slow. Slow it down. We’re gonna roll up strong
into a Mountain Pose. So what I mean by strong is
really connect to your feet. Take your time. Feeling it out. Pressing into the earth as
you roll up through the spine. Taking the energy of that
root chakra with you. Drawing up through
the pelvic floor. And it should feel really
good here if you slow it down. Pressing into the feet
as you rise up strong. Lots of awareness
as you lengthen through the crown of the head. And in light of our
theme of gratitude today, let’s open the palms,
open, ready to receive. And to give. Big inhale in through the nose. Exhale, relax your shoulders, just let them hang down here. Fabulous. So we come into
the Mountain Pose. So, yogi’s choice. You can keep your feet
where they are here, especially if you’re feeling
a little off balance lately or you’re new to the practice, or you just know your body
and this feels more stable. Otherwise, I invite you
to inch the feet together arch to arch, create one,
nice standing post here. Mountain Pose. A grounding pose
if there ever was one. So we’re gonna take a
little bit of time here. Should feel really good. Tap into your breath. This is like taking
your vitamins here. Big inhales and longer exhales. (deep breathing) And you can soften your
gaze or close the eyes. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis here. And see if, often we get
into these vinyasa classes, often Mountain Pose
is just kind of like that quick touch and go spot. So see if you can
really embody this pose, and maybe that means
working anatomically, maybe it means connecting
to the energetic body and finding lift up
through the heart as you ground down
through the back. Maybe it means breathing
nice audible breaths. Giving the thinking mind a break as you create a full
body experience here in Mountain Pose, rooting
down through the heels. Drawing energy up through
the arches of the feet. Maybe even you lift the
kneecaps to kind of tone the quads, find that connect. (deep breathing) And then a couple
more breaths here. Have some fun with it. Close your eyes. In my mind, this is
Ariel on the rock. This is Kate Winslet at
the front of the boat. So really lift your heart. Near, far Just kidding. Wherever you are Oh, stop it Adriene. (exhaling breath) It’s okay to have a little fun. Take one more inhale. And this time as you
exhale, open your eyes if you haven’t already. (laughs) And we’re
gonna bring the palms all the way up and overhead. Fingertips kiss up
and overhead, so big, fully body stretch here. Then you can
interlace the fingertips, find that steeple grip,
index fingers point up. And then pressing down
through the heels, see if you can really find
this lift up through the center channel, so draw the
navel inward and upward. Lift up from your pelvic floor. Inhale in, smile. Exhale, bump the
hips to the left. Tilt to the right. Big stretch. Press into your heels. Root, root, root. Inhale, back to center. And exhale, bump the
hips to the right. Tilt to the left. Rooting down through the heels, lifting up through
the pelvic floor. Inhale in. Exhale, back to center. Awesome, break free. Hands come to the waistline and we’re gonna slide the left
foot back for Warrior One. So take a second to
just find your footing. Nice and articulate
through the feet. Left toes are pointing in. Right toes are pointing forward. There’s a whole foundations
video for Warrior One. You can practice if you
wanna go a little deeper, but just make sure you
are not on a tight rope, so two parallel lines here. And then find that lift
up through the front body just as we did before. You’ll feel a nice
stretch through the front of the left hip,
the hip flexor there. And then find that
grounding energy through the back heel. Tailbone down. Hands are on the waistline. They can stay there or
inhale, reach the arms up and overhead, Warrior One. You don’t have to have
a super wide stance here in Warrior One. Lengthen the tailbone down and then find that driving
energy up from the pelvic floor. Big beach ball overhead here. Relax your shoulders, long neck. Then just for fun, little
holiday practice here, what do you want
to be a warrior of? Gratitude, love, corn bread, stuffing. Seriously though, Warrior Pose. Some people are
working right now and we’re doing Warrior Pose, so what do you want
to be a warrior of? Big breath in here. Just consider it. And then exhale, rain it down. Interlace the fingertips behind. Big opening of the chest here. Open your heart. And then draw the navel in. Send it forward, Humble Warrior. Rooting through that
back foot strong. So the root of this pose is in
that back foot, super strong. And then you can pause here,
front knee over front ankle, or you can continue the
journey down, Humble Warrior. Humble Warrior, so we
go from Warrior One to Humble Warrior, so notice
how that makes you feel. Awesome, then rooting
through that back heel, we lift the heart. Stay connected to your
center as you come back to Warrior One. Smile, inhale again,
think about what you want to be
a Warrior of today. (grunting) And this, when I used
to teach kids yoga, in Warrior One,
our mantra was I am bold, and that’s perfect for
root chakra stuff. I just did that on YouTube,
awesome. (grunting) Ya! Okay, big breath in, stop it. Exhale, rain it down, hands
come to the waistline again. Have a little fun here. Pivot on the back foot. Bend that back knee
and step it up. Pshew. Second side. So step the right toes back. Take a second to
just find your footing. There’s no rush. I love today’s practice, it’s just nice and slow,
exploration. No Chaturangas. No offense,
Chaturanga, we love you. Some. When you feel like you’ve
found your footing, you’ve found that connect
through the back foot, reach the arms up and overhead. Big beach ball. Again, if you’re feeling
a little woozy today, hands on the waistline. Warrior One. Bring the breath. Bring the intention,
whatever it is for you today. Could just be
to finish this video, so that you can get on
with your awesome day. But maybe it’s
something a little deeper. Just connect. Rooting through that back heel. Big inhale. And big exhale. (exhaling) One more time.
Inhale in. And exhale, rain the
fingertips down. This time, interlace
the opposite direction, so the one that
feels a little funky. Break the patterns. And here we go. Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale, Humble Warrior. So trust here,
so root the back foot. Pull that left hip crease
back and take your time, feeling it out. So there’s a tendency to just
kind of slam into the pose, but you gotta kind
of trust the process. That’s where the
yummy stuff is at anyway. So maybe pausing here. Finding that nice, flat back. Squeezing inner thighs
to the mid line. Lifting up from
that pelvic floor. And then maybe you take
it a little further down, but you don’t have to. Stay strong in your foundation. That’s what root chakra
balance is all about. Staying firm in your truth. Knowing that or being brave
enough to explore that. Take one more
breath here, you got it. This is also a super
strengthening pose. Great for the legs. Great for the booty. Here we go. Rooting through that right heel. Lifting up, and try to
move from your center here. Connect to your core. And then we
lift the heart, inhale. Exhale, break free. (exhaling breath) Warrior One. Inhale in, smile. Exhale, hands to waistline. Awesome work. Move slow here,
pivot on the back foot. Bend that back knee. Inhale in. And exhale, feet neat together. Mountain Pose. Awesome work everyone. Deep breath in. Sigh it out. (exhaling breath) So we’re gonna come
back to that yogi squat by bringing the feet
as wide as the yoga mat and then letting
the toes spill off. Inhale, lift your heart. And exhale, try to keep
the heart open and lifted as long as you can. As you bend the knees,
make sure the knees are tracking the
middle toes here and then you can
bring the fingertips out as soon as you need
them to grab the earth, coming back down
to that Yogic squat or the Froggy posture. We’re not gonna be here long. This is a transition
moment here. Breathing in, maybe taking
one more moment to bring the palms
together at the heart. Inhale. Move with your breath. As you exhale, use the
fingertips or the hands on the earth to
come all the way down. Come to a nice,
flat back position. Legs out long. Arms resting
gently at your sides. So the Corpse Pose today. Often we come to
it at the end of practice to marinate, to cool off, and to allow the physical, the mental, and the energetic body to unite a little bit. So, today we’re gonna
spend some proper time, see I went to London, so I can
say proper now all the time. (laughs) And just sit, you’re gonna spend some proper
time in the Corpse Pose, so if there’s any movement
you need in the legs, a little twist here prior
to that, please take it. And please don’t stop this
video until after this pose, ’cause this is the most
important grounding posture. As you feel the earth
underneath your muscles and your bones. When you arrive there,
close your eyes, palms face up,
and then just make sure you’re not zipped up too tight. Let’s open the legs a little. Open your arms. And tuck the chin
slightly to lengthen through the back of the neck. Now wiggle your toes
and wiggle your fingers. Take a deep breath in. Then on an exhale,
let everything go. Let the muscles and
bones become heavy. Soften the skin of the face. And we’re not gonna
be here long at all, so just give yourself
permission, again to really
be present for yourself and to feel your body heavy, and to feel the earth,
the ground beneath you, supporting you, holding you. Awesome work. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale,
bat the eyelashes open. Bring your left hand
to your heart. And draw your right hand
to your lower belly, (patting)
two awesome places of listening, the heart
and your guts here. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale one last time, just taking a moment to
appreciate your body, to appreciate,
be thankful for this time, your practice,
all that you have, all that we have
and that we share. And then taking
one last final moment to recognize how gratitude, being thankful, makes you feel. I totally believe it’s
a powerful practice. And it’s my go-to when I feel
like I don’t know what to do. Gratitude power,
so thank you my friends. Thank you so much
for sharing your energy and your time and
your practice with me, and the Yoga with Adriene
community. We’ll bring the palms together. Bring the thumbs right
to the third eye. Feel the ground supporting you. Take a deep breath in. Then a long breath out. And we say, namaste. (upbeat music)


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    Friday May 3,2019,
    Thank you for making this session. I was informed that my breathing needed to improve. I feel much better. I will be following your sessions. Thank you for explaining as we move.

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    When we bought our home last year, it had this ridiculous room called a breakfast nook. My husband gave it to me, and let me turn it into my Meditation Chamber, which is also where I practice my yoga at home. It's a 6×7 foot cell, with huge windows on three sides looking out to the back yard and my gardens (which I'm very proud of.) The fourth side opens into the kitchen through an archway. I painted it a vibrant Baer color called "life force" and filled it with yoga mats and plants. There's hanging baskets full of spider plants and pothos, little window pots with English ivy and morning glory spilling out of them, and two huge pots with philodendron in them that spill over the floor so I have to avoid the leaves when I switch yoga poses. My fingers brush the tendrils of my pothos in standing poses. The light has a dimmer. My lilac is planted right outside the window, and when I face away from the shelf that holds my candles and incense, I look out at my raspberry pushes and pepper plants. A sconce mounted over the archway has a spell written on the back to increase the self-esteem of anyone who walks beneath it.
    There are very few things that I have done for myself that were more valuable than creating a space that is dedicated to my health and well-being. The simple act of intentionally modifying a piece of my world so that its purpose was to support me created a mindset of self-care in a world where I'm so often measured by my ability to do for others. I'm reminded of that mindset every time I see or think about that space.
    I encourage everyone to put the same focus into designing their environment as they would into any particular yoga pose. For example, did you design your bedroom to be a place of rest and replenishment, or unapologetic sexuality? Did you think about how you wanted to feel when you chose the color of your kitchen cabinets? How did you decide what pictures to put on your cubical wall? (I spend 40+ hours per week in my damned cubical. You can bet I think carefully about what I allow inside those cardboard walls.)

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    Is there any Yoga stretches for Pundendal Neuralgia, Clitorodynia, and Penile pain? ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    Dear Adriene, I have been joining you most days for the last 2 years from Melbourne Australia and you have helped me through some of my most difficult times as well as some of my most wonderful realisations. Today YouTube suggested this old gem to me and I said yes to it in a big way. I have been feeling a sense of gratitude for life and everyone in it with great earnest lately, in response to my new antidepressants working and in answer to your question of what that gratitude feels like, to me it feels like being free. I did my practice today in my dressing gown. It has a hood with a lil panda face on it and when it flipped up over my head for warrior pose I felt like a lil panda ninja. More importantly doing this practice today helped me to reaffirm the truth about my thoughts on repairing my relationship with my dad. I have been quietly forgiving him in my mind for the difficult childhood I had with him and in doing that I realised how it mustโ€™ve hurt at times where I pushed him away when he was trying. I realised I also have to forgive my small self for those things. When I used the mantra โ€œI amโ€ the first thing that came to mind was, โ€œI am forgivenโ€ and I realised if he has forgiven it, like I have forgiven him, I can forgive myself too. I donโ€™t need to hold onto it. Today I am the warrior for change, happiness and love. Anyway, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have helped me to see and I hope you realise the amazing way you affect peopleโ€™s lives so incredibly. I hope you see this. Thank you also for making me laugh. I love you ๐Ÿ’–

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