Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms and Side Effects

Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms and Side Effects

Hey guys, Dr. Axe, here. In this video, I’m
going to talk about what gluten sensitivity is and how gluten is affecting your life. So gluten sensitivity symptoms, gluten sensitivity
side effects. I even read an article recently that said gluten sensitivity might be a myth.
The truth is that’s not true. Gluten sensitivity is a real thing and here
are the top warning signs that you might be gluten sensitive: If you have any type of digestion issue, it’s
a clear sign you have gluten sensitivity. If you have food allergies, whatsoever. Allergies to dairy and wheat and eggs, that’s
a clear sign you have gluten sensitivity. If you have autoimmune disease, it’s a clear
sign you have gluten sensitivity. If you struggle with chronic fatigue, fibro
myalgia, weight gain, joint pain, arthritis, brain inflammation. Or if your child has ADHD or autism, or if
you have thyroid issues, like hypothyroidism or hormone imbalance. Those are all clear warning signs that you
are probably sensitive to gluten. What gluten is, it’s a sticky protein that
is found in wheat, barley and rye. Mostly in wheat today. This gluten today, it’s been
hybridized so this isn’t the same gluten that our ancestors were consuming a couple hundred
years ago. This is a new breed of gluten that our bodies are highly sensitive to. Here’s what happens and here’s how it affects
your body. When you consume gluten, it’s an inflammatory protein. It gets into your gut
and will start to cause intestinal inflammation. It will eventually actually rip a hole in
your gut. Your gut acts like a net, so it will tear
a hole in it and gluten will leak through and start causing inflammation throughout
the body. It can actually cause autoimmune disease. What auto immune disease is due to gluten
sensitivity, is when your body starts finding gluten at protein, it sees it as a foreign
invader, but other tissues in your body are made up of protein, including your thyroid
and your joints and things like that. So your body, after it attacks gluten long
enough, says, “Oh, well there’s some protein that looks like gluten on the thyroid. I’m
going to start attacking that as well.” So that’s why gluten sensitivity has been linked
to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and a number of other
health issues. So again, if you have any of those issues
that’s a clear warning sign that you are gluten sensitive. So let me teach you know how to go gluten
free and how to follow a gluten-free diet. First off, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Most
people think, “I’m going gluten free, this means I can never eat bread again.” The good news is there are natural flours
that are gluten free. Some of my favorites are coconut flour, almond flour, as well as
sprouted spelt flour. At least the sprouted spelt, it says its gluten free. Also, sourdough breads are much easier to
consume. It’s not that you can never have bread again. You just want to consume those
in moderation. But you do want to lower or completely eliminate your consumption of gluten
the best you can. One of the best diets to heal from gluten
sensitivity, so if you’re wondering and you know your gluten sensitive, you’ve got Hashimoto’s,
or you’ve got rheumatoid arthritis or food allergies, you struggle with food intolerance
or allergies, the best way to overcome that is by following a diet called the GAPS diet. The GAPS diet really supports healing of your
digestive system and it includes things like bone broth, organic chicken and any type of
meat really. Fruits and vegetables, squashes, really, it comes with a large amount of food. But if you want to heal from gluten sensitivity,
I really recommend you look into the GAPS diet. It’s one of the best diets, if not the
best diet for healing gluten sensitivity. Also, if you want to heal from gluten sensitivity,
taking certain supplements like L-Glutamine, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Specifically,
you can get digestive enzymes that can help your body heal from gluten sensitivity. It
can also help you digesting gluten. If you do all those things, I guarantee you
are going to notice an immediate difference in improvement and your overall gluten sensitivity


  • Sinothi Phoswa says:

    auto immune disease, chest pain chronic(4 years now ( they say i have depression but i don't think so ) – what should i eat Doc Josh?

  • dortot1 says:

    Dr Axe, you are correct, wheat used to be good food but the creation of hybrid wheat seed in the 20th century has screwed with the cellular structure of wheat making it harmful now. This has been seen in studies comparing ancient wheat seed from archeological sites to the wheat seed of today.

  • NRC4Christ says:

    Gluten is found in all grains.

  • John Simmons says:

    Gluten effects my eyes with vision degradation and puffy irritated eyes.

  • MrAFORCEONE says:

    I have been on 4 High blood pressure meds since the age of 32. I wasn't overweight, my blood sugar and cholesterol were really good . My doctors have been baffled and had no explanations after numerous tests. When i turned 50 i decided to try something else instead of popping all the meds. I gave up sugar, milk and gluten one at a time and to my suprise taking gluten out of my diet made my blood pressure drop as low as 107/68 with meds.The lowest reading with only med had been 124/82. I decided to stay off the meds and go gluten free for a week without meds and it was 117/84 to 124/86 through out and even lower in the evenings when i had flaxseed and pumpkin seed powder for breakfast. My problem has been gluten all along causing my body to fight the inflammation and thus raising my blood pressure since the age of 32.

  • josephsmth646 says:

    Can gluten give you very tight stools and constipation????

  • Therm Scissorpunch says:

    Wait a sec… Did he just say people who have AIDS are sensitive to gluten? Seriously?

  • sally smith says:


  • Patrick McKnight says:

    If you wake up tired in the morning, you must have a gluten allergy

  • Maria Colburn says:

    Sourdough bread has gluten

  • Mary Jeffrey says:

    Will apple cider vinegar help get rid of gluten?

  • Guadalupe Vasquez says:

    Gluten gives you AIDS!

  • Kolton Jones says:

    wide net

  • Erin Clogston says:

    I've been on amd off keto diets. Right now I'm off and have been eating some refined wheat flour. I notice not only do i feel bloated, but also have sinus congestion and sneezing. I would do well to stay away from wheat.

  • gymtip1 says:

    how about the people like to drink beer in wine becouse, beer is made by green glutin,

  • Stubbo242 says:

    I think I am gluten intolerant. I've had digestive for years and it's getting worse. This has me feeling so miserable and tired from the lack of sleep from all this anxiety I'm having

  • Rose from UK says:

    What about if you are vegetarian or vegan please?

  • Callum Gallagher says:

    A am vegan and live a very Active lifestyle, but am always Fatigue and have join pain. am starting to think it’s because gluten because wheat is Basically the stable of my diet. Lookin back three years when I first went vegan I was mostly raw an ate potatoes and felt amazing so by the looks of things it most be gluten.gluten grain are goin to have to go.

    If this helps anyone let me know

  • Mehran Khan says:

    What about grave disease??

  • Ayan D A says:

    Thank you. I am sensitive to gluten. I suffer from stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and migraines. I get sick for weeks with chest pain. The pain is so bad that I can't even stand on my own or eat anything for days. I just realized after a while that it's gluten that causing all my problems. So, this is my first week being off from gluten.

  • David Putland says:

    Thousands of years of eating bread and in a few decades people are allergic to bread

  • The Geek Monster says:

    I've noticed a slow increase over the past few years in bizarre and bothersome muscle aches after eating anything that's very "gluten heavy" like pizza, muffins, etc. I'll get aches that shoot across my chest, neck, shoulders, and even down my arms. Thankfully, I seem okay eating moderate amounts, like a sandwich on whole grain bread. It's just the "junk" bread that seems to be affecting me this way.

  • Dantesjoe says:

    Whenever a "Dr." says Alltimers disease instead of Alzheimers, they lose all credibility to me. I'll look for gluten information elsewhere.

  • Dee Ferry says:

    I've been diagnoses with Coeliacs disease, so its gluten free for me

  • Amazing World Amazing People says:

    Sir ,why I waking up Foggy brain and Tired ,I am Tired ,I don’t know what I have to do ,Plz Help me

  • Fran Smith says:

    Does this have anything to do with drinking coffee?

  • SNAKpack12 5 says:

    Well I have abdomen pain for 2 months and I have ADHD so I could be

  • William Palacio says:

    Dont eat bread ,,suggary,, productos ,you know what? Drink beer smock weed and be happy

  • Ruben Mejias says:

    Thank u Dr Axe. Super informative

  • Coffee says:

    I have acne, digestive issues, bloating, energy issues, mood problems including anxiety and bipolar. I’m also part of a demographic who commonly gets celiac. I just don’t want to go to the doctor. My brother thinks I’m just a hypochondriac so if I just try it and go gluten free my family will bug me about it, and if I just go gluten free I read doctors will have a harder time trying to tell… I hate going to the doctors :/

  • Coffee says:

    Wait. People don’t think gluten intolerance is real? That’s dumb. Do they think lactose intolerance is fake? People’s intestines stoped working from placebo effect? Right.

  • Barbara Bergbigler says:

    Every time I eat gmo free food I get the diarrhea .makes me not want to eat gmo free

  • April Most says:

    What test shows gluten sensitivity tests

  • FishbowlPhenom says:

    “It’s not as bad as it sounds.” – Try and eat gluten-free at any restaurant and tell us that with a straight face again.

  • Cindy Stevens says:

    3 Years of allergy meds not working. I took a blood allergy test and am a level 2 (0-5) on almost all grains used in breads. I am on week 3 of GF and down to almost nothing for allergy nasal spreads (no tablets anymore) and my hand joint pain is almost completely gone! I have a Hypothyroid – why are we not educated in this? Thyroid disease leads to food intolerances, diabetes, and higher blood pressure.

  • April Most says:

    Will a colonoscopy show this

  • LittleImpaler says:

    Gluten sensitivity has nothing to do with autism or AHAD.

  • jimmyhackers says:

    food is medicine…….can also be construed to food can be poison

  • john smith says:

    How the hell did I consume breads, pasta, rice, cakes etc all my life till 23 (in Europe) and no dramas yet, less than 10 years in Australia made me chronically ill after consuming their shitty food?? What a shithole

  • Lu.B.J.C says:

    Anybody here both gluten and lactose intolerant or is it just me who is?

  • Madhan Rajendran says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover treatment for chicken skin try Lomonting Amazing KP Mentor (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  • Madhu Madhu says:

    So it means who has gluten sensitivity they should avoid gluten and follow gluten free diet? how can we know that we have food allargy, is there any test or what?

  • Madhu Madhu says:

    Gaps diet, what's that?

  • Garrett Denney says:

    I understand stand that he is a doctor but do not listen to this. Just because you have allergies, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases and so on does not mean you are gluten sensitive or are even sensitive to gluten at all. Before you go on a gluten free diet and diagnose yourself gluten sensitive, go to the doctor and get tested.
    PS I am gluten free because of Celiac disease and a gluten free diet sucks.

  • Joshua Licopa says:

    Guys do you have rashes in your arms chest back and thighs too?

  • Tracy G says:

    alltimers disease 😉

  • justlisahere says:

    I get terrible stomach pain almost every time I eat any type of bread. I already have been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome and deal with fatigue and brain fog. Thinking maybe gluten is a trigger.

  • fitaf anatomy says:

    These vegans are the definition of sheeple…. they have no idea what they are talking about

  • Jill Dickson says:

    All three off those supplements on my daily diet.

  • Naomi May - Sustainable Prepper says:

    I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I definitely have a gluten sensitivity. I even took an AllCat blood test and it showed I was sensitive to gluten. I am a hot mess when I eat gluten.

  • tinaxxst says:

    am vegan and recently went gluten free as well.
    i ate gluten before and it seriously ruined my skin and my digestion and everything was really bad in general.
    now i'm eating gluten free and have been for the past few days and i already feel sooooo much better and my skin has been improving and the same goes for my digestion:)
    it's really nice being gluten free haha i feel so much better as well

  • tio pin aqui says:

    It's horrible i have stop eating gluten
    Had a lot of problems getting better

  • Donnie Wilhelm says:

    You forgot to mention that your dick will fly off.

  • TayloreRenee says:

    Thank you for this!
    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 12 and now at 21 I went into a naturopathic and were testing for gluten sensitivity etc!! This video made it all easier 🙂

  • Borderland Films says:

    my biggest issues are tremendous fatigue, depression and brain fog. if i cut out carbohydrates, especially wheat, i feel better in about two days.

  • AnimusFlux says:

    Gluten intolerance is a very real problem.

  • Gigi Schuster says:

    I was tested for Gluten Allergy shows nothing, yet the 2 trait genes for it is shown in the DNA on both parents sides, when I don’t don't eat anything gluten or wheat I'm fine, or a tiny intake in a great while. The traits dna puts me at high risk for Celiac, but your told you have no signs in blood work to show the allergy, but when you try and eat anything wheat or gluten, stomach aches nausea, irritated skin, breathing issue symptoms showing you clearly have some fourm of allergy similar to Celiac as its Wheat or Gluten causing the issue clearly. And yet the blood work compare to dna one matches and proves the other barely enough percent to prove you have it. The Henry Ford Allergist and Doctors dismiss that there is a problem say its all in your head, yet people have scene the physical symptoms and reaction after eating something none Gluten-free and outside of the big named health system that is failing you for answers, a DNA labs check and everyone else knows its true, but they doctor refuses to update the symptoms and put it in your recordNever saw one on CPSTD not related to War, but from Childhood on any Doctor Show series now why is that? Or better yet someone tested for Gluten Allergy shows nothing, yet the 2 trait genes for it is shown in the DNA on both parents sides, whem you don't eat anything gluten or wheat your fine, or a tiny intake in a great while. The traits dna puts them at high risk for Celiac, but your told you have no signs in blood work to show the allergy, but when you try and eat anything wheat or gluten, stomach aches nausea, irritated skin, breathing issue symptoms showing you clearly have some fourm of allergy similar to Celiac as its Wheat or Gluten causing the issue clearly. And yet the blood work compare to dna one matches and proves the other barely enough percent to prove you have it. The doctors dismiss that there is a problem say its all in your head, yet people have scene the physical symptoms and reaction after eating something none Gluten-free and outside of the big named health system that is failing you for answers, a DNA labs check and everyone else knows its true, but they doctor refuses to update the symptoms and put it in your records. I wasn't born yesterday I know I have the allergy, but to be not taken seriously, the continues issue affectimg my life which my allergist and doctor continue to down play is ridiculous.

  • Grace Hibbert says:

    Does this make people gassy because my daughter was told that she may have it but i find it hard to believe becauee it happened all of a sudden…she is eighteen years old..please help

  • Lucy says:

    Is it possible that you can gain weight when you have gluten intolerance even when you eat less than the average person? I am talking about very big weight gain even when you are eating less than average person.. and cant lose weight.. i basically need to starve to lose weight

  • Iqra Zahid says:

    Is there any treatment for this?

  • Lifelab Testing says:

    We have a really interesting and entertaining video on Gluten Intolerance! If you enjoyed this video then why not check out ours today.

  • Devinda Gunasekara says:

    Did this guy seriously just say Alltimers Disease?

  • Phil Brighton says:

    Thank you Josh, I was suffering mild digestive problems since 2016 then more recently became a really serious problem with pain and horrendous fatigue. At first Doctors suspected IBS but having started medication ( Buscopan then Mebeverine) it was not working. I decided on a hunch to try Gluten Free for a day and BOY what a difference. After 2 days my symptoms had completely gone and no longer feel the terrible fatigue and pain I had before. It seems many people are diagnosed with IBS when in reality its most likely that it could be Gluten related. To people out there who have digestive problems I suggest try Gluten Free for 3 days !!!!!! It work a miracle for me !!!!

  • Sleepy Claus says:

    After eating simple carbs like bread, tortillas, buns, pizza. I get stomach pain and diahrrea 🙁

  • mundo de angie Martinez Roa says:

    Me too i jave gluten allergy. Its. My reaction its horrible

  • Fres Cali says:

    👍👍 thank you I found my problem after five years it’s no joke I thought I was going to die

  • Jose Prendes says:

    Oldtimer’s Disease?!

  • Insight Curiosity. says:


  • Adrian says:

    Im allergic to eggs and milk products I know from a blood test I took as a child, my stomach always hurt with acid problems after Ive had milk or eggs and I often get sick after eating it, as it lowers my immune system, still have problems with stomach pain after eating bread, like acid that feels like its burning, is it possible I should try quit gluten and see if I stop having my problems?

  • max.m m says:

    I think ill just stop consuming food. All together.. i feel sooo bloated like a balloon .. i eat well .. size 8 to 10.. stomach like swollen… bloodtests revealed last week low in b12 and iron.. tingles all over .. constantly cold in back area. Shivers…nerve prickles. Ladt few years..Age 38 its horrible.🤔thinking celiac gonna go back for celiac test asap . Must Keep an eye on reactions to dairy also .. might also be the cause. No more suffering its time to sort it for once. Im vegetarian no meat. Dont eat much dairy .a little butter if out dining for lunch.. porridge in mornings with nuts , seeds, rice ,butterbeans, lentils dinner.. sometimes bread for lunch ..eggs everyday…any answers from professional appreciated😫is oats ok to stick with breakfast…

  • christian west says:

    Can you eat oaks on a gluten free diet

  • EliteMagicMaker Lucky says:

    Intermittent fasting can clear up celiac disease cause Autophagy eats up foreign invader.

  • pickey chav says:

    Bone broth and organic chicken heals my gut? Is this guy really a doctor? 🤔🤔

  • Navaz Rauf says:

    Do yourself a favour folks and go plant based lifestyle, you're welcome. 😎

  • Confluence Nutrition says:

    Great video!

  • Anna Fartukova says:

    Stopped eating gluten-no acne, started eating it again they are back! Sinusitis as well!

  • thevegan_diaries says:

    Got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s this April. Cut gluten ASAP, still working on perfecting it. Thanks for this!!

  • Rachel Travis says:

    Is there any difference between organic gluten and non organic? I heard they spray non organic with glyphosate and that causes many of those problems. I'm just curious if that's a real thing too. My chiropractor posted the article so I took it kindof seriously.

  • Erick Lloyd Wayne says:

    I'm 29, and In the last year I've noticed eye floaters, fatigue, depression, lines in my fingernails, yellowing eyes, bipolar digestive system, and occaissional facial numbness. I fear it could be something worse but I've never tried removing gluten from my diet , so I'll see how it goes.

  • Aspen TheUnicorn says:

    i have amnesia, anxiety, depression, irrational anger, skin rash, and other issues and its horrible not jus t for me but for other around me lol

  • p larkin says:


  • mynails_n_hair says:

    I know someone with myasthenia gravis is that a cause of it too?

  • Suvx says:

    Then brain makes you see them even the crawling
    things that aren’t real

  • Abbie Holyday says:

    I went gluten free recently and felt so much better. I walked faster, my knee didn't hurt, I was happier, full of energy, my sinuses were clear. I love bread.. I let it slip back in 3 days ago, convincing myself I made it up. I am so sluggish, incredibly tired, I've not been getting up and walking early, my sinuses are full and I feel like poop. I know what I have to do. (deep cleanse first (3 day water fast) then gluten free again. I can do this.

  • Rosie Cotts says:

    I took probiotics and caused my stomach to grow. I mean I looked like I was pregnant.

  • Peter Johnson says:

    I used to take way too much nsaids due to a slipped disc and now I'm constantly bloated and have chronic constipation. Drinking alcohol makes it even worse but my doctor has palmed me off. Please help any ideas?

  • Amanda Shelton says:

    I am a celiac disease suffer. Also, I am deadly allergic to beef, pork, and any type of red meat. I am not allergic to poultry and fish so I am lucky I can still eat some meats. I am allergic to Peanuts as well, I can't even breathe peanut dust without having an asthma attack. I couldn't figure out why I got sick when I used cleaning products like soups and lotions until I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Every time I eat gluten I get a burning rash and pain burning through my body. It feels like hot coals have been thrown on to my skin. I get the worst heartburn I have ever gotten. I suffer from bouts of anemia because of it.

  • Club Matt says:

    I used to laugh at the Gluten Free fad and said “gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist!” until I started having unexplained chest pain, migraines, and extreme intestinal discomfort… I cut out Gluten and it all went away.

    Riddle me that.

  • Meena Singh says:

    You are angel for me Dr Axe. After gluten-free diet .I loose my belly fat.And I Am not feeling any sugar craving. And Now I can follow propper my diet.Your diet plan is not onily healthy .It is tasty also

  • KELLI RAE says:

    Thank you so much Dr.Axe

  • Ali Jahani says:

    Is egg considered dairy?

  • Sarabeth says:

    What is an Italian American to do?!

  • Rose P says:

    My question is why are doctors not talking about this when we have our yearly check ups..? We pay a huge amount for insurance and I never have heard a doctor told or diagnose this .?

  • Cher0kee says:

    I noticed my eyelids get red and I feel sinus ish after I eat bread products or tequila. My mom has lupus and RA. I believe I have fibromyalgia because I have 95% of the symptoms. But what is this inflammation BS on my eyelids? I'm not sneezing or anything. Could it just be allergies

  • Mic Lindsay says:

    I've got UC would we say that the gluten could be causing it or not helping at least ?? Thanks 🙂

  • Feona Lee Jones says:

    Would gluten be in oats?

  • Molly Moko says:

    thank you so much. i didnt realise it was all linked.
    i already have lactose intolerance, and was diagnosed with autoimmune hypo thyroid hashimotos disease just a few months ago…
    I started developing a lot of gas pains recently and couldn't figure out why. The cramps are so bad rn I can't sleep the entire night,
    Now i'm realising I probably have gluten sensitivity too. damn I have every single thing you mentioned. So glad I found this video.

  • islandgirlxx says:

    Everytime I eat gluten I look like a pregnant woman whose having contractions.

  • Hira Fatima noor says:

    Plz tell me gluten free foods.

  • goden7856 says:

    Sourdough bread isn’t gluten-free, more like gluten-light. The bacteria eat most, not all, of the gluten.

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