Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins – Psoriasis

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins – Psoriasis

Hey guys! Welcome to “Bake with Me.” I’m
Robin Hofmann and we are going to do two wonderful things today. We are gonna make gluten-free blueberry muffins and we’re gonna learn about some really deep
things from our friend here. We want to welcome our guest today, Danny. So, Danny why did I invite you here today? Because you’re awesome and you have arms? Yes. No, actually I got diagnosed with severe psoriasis. Severe psoriasis. Right now I’m clearing up, but I had it from head all the way down to my feet. Oh and that’s it. There’s only a head to the feet. There’s nowhere else. There’s
nowhere else to go, right? Wow. Oh my gosh, so what was happening in your life
when this happened? Um, no one knows. Apparently psoriasis has a bunch of
triggers like anything under the sun. It could be anything from stress, cold
weather or anything else it’s because it’s a genetic disorder. Okay, so it was
lying dormant and then something happened and it covered you. Well, I’m so
sorry to hear that. How have you been doing? Um, a lot better now. You know with certain medications, I take injections. I’m also doing this whole vegan thing
that’s helping my healing, but. Yeah, he started eating vegan, but I didn’t know
about it, so today these are not vegan muffins, but you can certainly make them
vegan. You can use all of the same ingredients we’re using today, just
substitute your butter for a vegan butter and you can substitute the eggs
there are several substitutions. Okay, so how about we get started on our muffins.
Sure. All right, so what we’re gonna do first is we are gonna take our softened
butter. That’s a half a cup of softened butter (maybe we’re gonna do that) and
we’re gonna take a cup and a quarter, a quarter in a cup, a cup and a quarter of
organic cane sugar and Danny why don’t you grab that mixer for me, hit the power
button, turn that puppy on and let’s combine our butter and sugar. We’re gonna cream that. I’m not good with power tools. See that arrow. There you go. So, we’re gonna do that until it’s light and fluffy. You want them to blend really
well. You want that incorporated so that when we put the rest of our ingredients
in they’re nice and smooth.We have two eggs and we’re gonna do one egg at a
time. So here we go one egg…this guy wants to go with it. He’s
just hanging out. Mix those real well. Get all the sides. There you go and here
goes our other egg. All right, so how are you feeling today?
Doing good actually. You know I used to have a really rough time, you know. I used
to have a lot of flare-ups and the reason why I went on my diet is because that whatever I ate I would flare up and we wouldn’t know what was going on. Yeah. So that’s why this whole gluten-free thing was awesome. That was the first step. So it’s not just vegan? You went gluten-free first?
Absolutely. And that helped you? Absolutely helped and then after the
gluten-free went vegetarian and then that helped even more and then took it
one step further. I think we done blended that
about as well as we’re gonna blend that. I know this is exciting, but… So tell me,
I’m sorry, so tell me you said it hurts? Yeah, I mean the whole thing about
psoriasis a lot of people don’t know they’re just like oh it’s just a rash,
which is not true at all. It’s a rash that never goes away and the itch doesn’t stop when it’s at it’s peak. An itch you can’t scratch. Yep and it’s, right now I’m not
as bad, like flake wise, but it used to be like really, really in patches, like flakes,
and so anytime it would itch if you accidentally scratch it. It would break your
skin? It would bleed all the time. Just no sleep and everything else. A lot of people, for you know awareness
of psoriasis, is not just “Oh, get over it with anti-itch cream,” because anti-itch cream just doesn’t work. Oh gosh. Okay so let’s just segue back to the food. We are dark. I think we’re filming a DC film. We have a 2 cups of gluten-free flour.
If you are not gluten free that’s okay you can use a regular flour, but we
are gonna use 2 cups of gluten-free flour. Just don’t pick flowers out of
your garden. It won’t work. Really? Yes, really. Well, you didn’t lose your sense
of humor… or maybe you did. And then we have half a teaspoon of salt. We’re gonna
mix all of our dry ingredients and we have 2 teaspoons of baking powder. Yes it is awesome. So we’re just gonna stir that up just a little bit, give it a little
toss. Make sure that’s
combined well. Now, Danny one other thing that we’re gonna do here, if you can pick
up the blender again, we’re gonna blend in just a teaspoon of vanilla and
make sure if you are gluten free that that’s a gluten free vanilla. Get that
going and while you mix that I am going to toss in our dry ingredients.
Are you ready for me? As ready as I’ll ever be.
That’s not cement, is it? Yes, it is. We’re gonna block your
insides. No that’s what white flour will do, so we’re gonna go with the
gluten-free flour. All right. This is a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing. So, you
mentioned that you are taking injections for it. What what are you on? I’m on
Humira and Humira is really awesome. A lot of people have a misconception about
biologics. Biologics is actually not really bad for you. A lot of people are
like, “oh well something like that should have plenty of side effects,” which
actually it doesn’t. Actually has about the same side effects that you would
take with normal medication. Okay. And what’s really cool about it is that it
works instantly. Nice. It really does. So you finally found relief after three
months. Yes. I recommend it for anyone that wants quick relief, because
obviously a lot of people like to do the natural route, like moi. Yeah. But if you
need some quick relief like I did, that you are really going crazy, then yes the biologics worked out. So, I’m gonna interrupt again and we’re gonna do half a cup of milk
while he’s incorporating the dry ingredients… a little sploosh here
and there is okay we can always clean it up. We always want to go to a water park
right? Well, that’s looking good. That’s looking good. So what did you do for a
living before the psoriasis hit? Um, quite a number of things, but I was
Spidey at Universal and I was also a bodybuilder I actually qualified for pro
last year. I am a lot skinnier now because I didn’t know what to eat with
you know this condition. So, how much weight did you lose after the psoriasis?
About thirty pounds of muscle that I lost with
this whole thing. I think we’re good there. What do you think? I don’t know. I
think we’re good. Next, we have two cups of blueberries and what we’re gonna do
so that the blueberries don’t sink into our muffins, we’re gonna add just a tiny
little bit of gluten-free flour and we’re gonna toss that into our
blueberries to make sure they’re nice and dry and they’ll stay nice and within
each muffin. So we are going to incorporate our blueberries very gently.
We don’t want to squash them into our wet mixture. You don’t want to squash
squash because then they’d be squash muffins. Want me to mix, since you’re Mr. Muscle Man? All right, Spidey, over here we’re gonna not crush our blueberries. So
is there anything else that you feel people should know? Yeah. It’s not
contagious. That’s it! Every time people see this the first
things like, “ah, what is that?” you know and it’s actually disheartening for a lot of
people. I’ve uh, I’ve talked to a lot of people on, you know, my social media that contacted me like oh you know how are you dealing with this because
they’re dealing with the same. Right. And a lot of people with psoriasis have
awful, awful confidence issues like really bad because of it. Every time, like
me, you know, if they have it bad and they put their hands on a table or
something people freak out and the first… everybody’s first question is, “What is
that?” Second, followed by, “is it contagious?” It’s not. It’s a genetic condition.
Basically, it’s passed down and your immune system just flares up and then
there we go. You know and that’s it. That’s pretty much it. No matter what, you know, I really, really do think that people need this type of wareness to be kind to
people that have psoriasis. I’m not afraid of you. Awww… I’m so appreciative
that you’re here today, because I don’t like to put the stuff in the cupcake tin
so let’s bring that cupcake tin over here. I’m gonna put you to work you. I feel like the tin man. Do you like this? Alright hon, so this batter and this recipe that
I’ve just shown you today will make 12 really nice, good size muffins. So what
I’m gonna have you do is take that scoop fill it up nicely. It doesn’t need
to overflow, but right at the the top of it and we’re gonna put each into our tin
and while Danny does that, yes just like that,
you gotta pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees and you are gonna put them in
the oven for around 30 minutes and just like any other muffin, you put a
toothpick in the middle take it out if it’s clean and dry then you are good
to go. How we doing over there? Not too good it’s all lopsided. No, it’s okay
it’ll bake even. You’re doing great! Thank you so much for doing this. All right,
we’ll be back when our muffins are good and baked and the place smells delicious
We are back and our kitchen smells delicious. Our muffins are out and
they’re nice and cooled. Make sure when you’re baking them that you have light
brown around the perimeter of the muffin and a golden brown in the center. What do
you think about us diving in? I’m ready. you’re ready? I’m like Michael Phelps
ready. Okay ready, which one do you want? No, I want that one.Which one do you want? I want… okay just kidding. We’re good. Grab a muffin. Ah thank you so much for being here. You
are amazing. Thank you for sharing your story. We are so grateful. I think anyone
who is dealing with this situation can benefit from your words and I love you
man. Awe, I love you too. Let’s eat. Are you ready? Are you gonna take a little bite or a big bite? I don’t know well, this is good… mmm… that is so good. Thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for
watching if you want more information on the disability that you learned about
today, click the link below and please subscribe to our channel. Peace, love and


  • Evelyn Hayne says:

    Danny look into cannabis infused coconut oil

  • Carrie Holloway says:

    Loved this episode! I learned something new I didn’t know Psoriasis was genetic which is a good thing because my mother suffered from it also. Now on to the food I’ve baked blueberry muffins before but this is the first time making them gluten free can I just say yum Can’t wait for more

  • Lisa Sharoni says:

    amazing…so great. Eczema no fun either, our little one, while not sufferring like Danny had some eczema issues when she was little, we used to lather her in Sudocrem and very high in zinc content cream that is so white and messy. so great Danny has found some relief.
    and the muffins look yummy, can't wait till the next episode

  • Luis Aguirre says:

    Hey body, psoriasis it’s a gluten allergy listen to dr Joel wallach.

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