Ginger: The Affects on Male Hormones | Dr. Olivia Joseph

Ginger: The Affects on Male Hormones | Dr. Olivia Joseph

Hi Periscopers, Dr Olivia Joseph here. I am continuing to
answer many commonly asked questions about ginger. And one reason why people
start taking ginger isn’t for it’s awesome effects on the digestive tract or for its
effect on inflammation and joint pain but a lot of people search to take
ginger for male hormone enhancement. So I want to talk to you a little bit about how
the male hormone system functions. So hormones are probably one of my favorite
topics to talk about. The joke at my office is that I love hormonal women, of
all ages. I see girls in her teens with hormone imbalances and I see patients
ninety three years old, who come to me and asked me to help them balance their
hormone system. So we’re gonna talk quite a bit about hormones and how the hormone
system functions. But what I want you to know, males, is that if you are looking to
use ginger for a male hormone enhancement, to my knowledge there’s no
clinical evidence, no clinical trials to prove that ginger affects the hormone
system. And to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t see how that can even be. Now
ginger has a lot of benefits and one of those benefits if you take enough of it,
is not just its anti-inflammatory effect, but it’s effect on thinning blood. So I want
to talk to you about a male hormone enhancement prescription called Viagra.
So what Viagra was actually created to be, was a pill for the heart. So it’s a blood
thinner. So it was designed to be a heart medication, and it didn’t really have
that effect, it had other effect. So then, they didn’t change the formula, they changed
what they were using it for. And they were doing it, they tested it in
clinical trials and it proved to be effective. So I think some people out
there, some men out there are looking for natural solutions that are medication
for hormone enhancement, so they start searching ginger and can it be
clinically effective. You would honestly have to take a lot of ginger, a
lot of turmeric and a lot of fish oil, for it to have enough of a blood
thinning effect, to have that effect on you. Now that doesn’t mean don’t take it. Take
ginger, take turmeric, take fish oil. It has effects on inflammation, it does have
blood thinning effect. But to take enough of it, for it to have that effect, I don’t know if it’s gonna
happen. If you are really seeking out natural options, let me suggest a few for you.
One actually is acupuncture, because what acupuncture does, is it increases blood flow.
But it doesn’t just increase blood flow to different parts of your body, it
increases blood flow to the pituitary gland on your brain. And your
hypothalamus and pituitary gland, or your HP axis control sex hormones. So
when I see patients who come to me, who need help with their hormones, or their
hormones are out of whack, are out of balance. I’m generally doing acupuncture
as part of my treatment plan because if you’re looking for natural solutions to
improve hormone function and hormone balance, acupuncture is as natural as it
gets. Coz when you start putting things in your mouth and rubbing things on your
body there are natural options but there is
nothing as natural as doing a treatment that enhances your body’s own ability to
make hormones. And that is true at any age. That’s true if you’re a male or a
female. Using acupuncture to stimulate the pituitary gland, helps your body make
more hormones, more sex hormones, more happy hormones, and endorphins, which you
heard me talk about before. So acupuncture is one of the safest, the
most natural options you have. Yes I suggest ginger and turmeric, and
fish oil to my patients, all the time. I just don’t want you to
get duped by some scams out there that suggests it’s for other things, because it’s not
really gonna change your sex hormones. I’m just being honest with you, or at least
I’ve not seen research that shows it does that. And I have not seen it clinically
after treating thousands and thousands of patients naturally using nutrition. Now if you do have a few concerns about male hormones and you’re male or you are a female
that has concerns about male hormones Because men have female hormones and
women have male hormones we both need both. We have them from birth to death, it
has nothing to do with puberty, menopause, PMS, hysterectomy, males who had prostate
cancer. Those things do affect hormone levels,
I’m not saying they don’t, but we have hormones from birth until death. We always have
hormones, coz the master controller or our hormone system is our brain. Raise your hand
if you have a brain. Hopefully, all of you raised your hand, right. If you have a brain you
have a hormone system, and your hormones can work for you, or your hormones can work
against you. So I know a lot of people out there are searching for
natural treatment options for low testosterone. So if you’re one of those
people who is searching for natural treatment options to low testosterone,
stop searching for things that are gonna raise testosterone. The bottom line is, is
what caused your testosterone levels to be low in the first place. You are just covering up symptoms, unless
you get to the real root cause. So I’m gonna talk to you about the root cause of low
testosterone in men and in women. One thing, lack of exercise. What does exercise do,
specifically weight training exercise, stimulates your body to make
testosterone. So if you’re looking for some magic cure and you haven’t even
tried exercise, you’re missing the big picture so you need to stay physically
active and train your muscles, and exercise in order
for your body to be able to manufacture testosterone naturally on its own. Another thing is, you have to know
there’s a hormone in your body called DHEA DHEA not DHA. DHA is fish oil, DHEA converts to testosterone in males and in
females it also converts to estrogen. So when I see somebody who has symptoms of
low testosterone. Or if I have someone who has symptoms of low estrogen one of
the first things I’m looking at, their DHEA levels. Cause your body can’t
convert to estrogen and testosterone without healthy DHEA. And let’s take it
back another level, what influences DHEA? Cortisol. So when I see people with
cortisol imbalances, low cortisol during the day, high cortisol at night, high cortisol
all the time or low cortisol all the time. Those cortisol imbalances use up
DHEA and without enough DHEA, you cannot make estrogen and testosterone. So my
goal as a functional medicine practitioner, as a clinical nutritionist,
ask somebody who is board certified in Chinese medicine and also in chiropractic. I’m always looking for the root cause of the cause, of the cause. And if
you’re concerned with low testosterone you really gotta find out why, because
just treating low testosterone synthetically or naturally is not
getting to the real root cause. So I look at causes of cortisol imbalances, which
are things like stress, physical, chemical and emotional. Blood sugar imbalances,
food allergies, and food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, issues within the
thyroid, your detoxification system, your HP axis. So the important thing if you
wanna treat these imbalances not only naturally, but permanently, is to really
get to the the root cause. So hopefully I answered
some of your questions on ginger and male hormones. Yes I recommend ginger, I
recommend turmeric, I recommend fish oil, I recommend those things, I recommend
exercise. That’s a no-brainer but I don’t want you to get sucked into the latest
scam expecting a certain solution. I want you to really understand how that whole
system works, and when you really get to the root cause, naturally your results
are going to be more permanent so I want to give you some exciting upcoming news
as well. Next week, next thursday we are gonna be hosting a live Q&A. So you can
post live questions next Thursday during the Q&A section. But if you’re not able
to watch our scopes live make sure you send your questions to us, either on
Twitter at DrOliviaJoseph, on Facebook if you follow me at Dr Olivia Joseph. If
you follow us at Dr Olivia Naturals, and you’ve purchased our product on Amazon,
you can email us directly. So post your questions, so that I have a list of
things to go over during the live Q&A. And you can also post questions live
during the Q&A, it’s gonna be next Thursday over lunch time. I’m expecting
between 12 and 12:15 Central time. So I look forward to seeing you at the live Q&A.
We’ve got a couple more scopes coming up on ginger before we wrap up on the topic.
And we also have some more condition specific scopes coming up on things like
psoriasis, eczema and the root cause such as food allergies, food sensitivities and
leaky gut. You are gonna hear a lot more about hormones in the HP Adrenal, HP
thyroid axis, blood sugar imbalances, because that’s primarily what I treat
every single day in clinical practice. So I’m gonna be sharing some of my success
stories and in helping my patients so hopefully you can learn something from
them. Thanks and I hope you have a great day!


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    Does DHEA
    Also increase PROGESTERONE?

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    Great video.

  • phil o says:

    Dr. Olivia can you do a video on High Blood Pressure ? I am taking the big 3 Lisinopril/Amlodipine/Chlorthalidone. They work , but This not treating the problem.

  • Essie Aku says:

    Hello Dr. could you make a video on the link between dopamine levels and gut flora, may be even on the link between neurotransmitors in general and bacteria? I suffer from a chronic lack of motivation even if I 'm not depressed. My serotonin levels are OK but my dopamine : /
    Thank you for all that you do. I love your holistic, go-back-to-the-roots approach : )

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