George Vithoulkas’ insight and understanding of “Organon” § 27-29

George Vithoulkas’ insight and understanding of “Organon” § 27-29

§27: “The curative power of medicines
depend on their symptoms, similar to the disease,
but superior to it’s strength”. The curative power
of the remedies… is due to the fact
that this dynamic affection… the dynamic form of remedies
is stronger… superior in strength,
is stronger than the disease. Correct? “…so that each individual
case of disease … is most surely, radically, rapidly
and permanently annihilated… and removed only by
a medicine capable of producing… in a most similar
and complete manner the totality of its symptoms which at the same time are stronger
than the disease”. He insists that the fact that
the remedy cures the disease… is because the remedy,
the power of the remedy… is stronger than the power
of the disease. I’ll read some more. §28: “As this natural law of cure manifests
itself in every pure experiment… and every true observation
in the world… the fact this consequently
establish. It matters little… what maybe the scientific
explanation of how it takes place”. Now for the first time Hahnemann
has a doubt of what he states. Until this time Hahnemann have said
there is no experience in the world there is no body in the world
who can say this is not so. This is the first and the only
time where he mentions… I’ll read it again. §28: “It matters little, I don’t care… what maybe the scientific
explanation of how it takes place”. How this cure takes place. It is not important for me,
but I will tell you my idea. (cont. §28) “And I do not attach
much importance… to the attempts made to explain it.” How you explain it? I do not attach much importance. (cont.§28) “But the following view, seems
to commend itself, seems correct… as the most
probable explanation. As it is founded on premises
derived from experiences”. §29: “As every disease consist only… in a special morbid dynamic
alteration of our vital energy… manifested in sensations and functions,
so in every homeopathic cure… this principle of life
dynamically altered… is seized through the administration
of medicinal potency…”, etc. Do you understand what he says? The remedy is more powerful
than the disease… therefore what it does… he will explain later on… it takes hold of the disease
and suppress the disease. What is left over is… out of this powerful intervention
with the remedy… then with time also goes away. That means he understands… that there are some symptoms
that maybe left over… belonging to the remedy
after the cure… but these remaining symptoms
will just go away with time. This is his explanation. And he maintains, he thinks
that the cure takes place… because the remedy is more
powerful than the disease. When is a weaker dynamic affection
is overwhelmed by a stronger one… and this goes away. I was reading this
by that time I remember… and also I remember I was trying
when they asked me… people asked me
how this happens. And I could not persuade them
with this explanation. So I said to myself
something else is happening. Also I did not understand
how that is possible… that this is not a suppression. Because if its stronger
suppresses. So eventually I came to the
realization of what really happens. I will give you my explanation
so you can judge… which of the two explanations
is the most probable. The symptomatology develops
after the defense mechanism… has been triggered
by a morbific influence… …an inimical influence. Something attacks the organism
whether physical or psychic… and the organism reacts with
the totality of symptoms. Ok? So therefore, this reaction.. why organism does this reaction? So Hahneman gave his logic
and I will give you mine, and we’ll see. What the symptoms represent ? We say it’s a reaction
of the vital force. The symptom. Reaction for what? The reason there is a reaction and the specific symptoms
that the organism develops… is in order to cure itself. That’s why the organism
brings out symptoms. Is in order to re-establish
the balance. An example which
will you understand. Your organism is attacked
by a bacteria or a microbe. The first thing we see is what? The rising of the temperature
of the body. Fever, high fever. After 2-3 days, whether he takes
medicine or not, it doesn’t matter… in 3- 5 days
the whole thing subsides. The organism
comes back to normal. It was attacked, reacted,
and because it reacted, did what? Raised fever, because
the organism realizes… that these microbes
that enter my body… are so violent, are so virulent
that I have to do something… otherwise I will die. What can I do? I can rise the temperature,
so I know… that these microbes can only
live in an environment… which is less than
40.2˚ temperature. If I raise my temperature
to 40.3˚, they die. This is the idea of the process
on an acute disease which has a prodromal period in which there is multiplication of
microbes, bacteria, viruses etc. Prodromal period. Then it comes the main period… where we have the reaction
of the organism… once the organism realizes that
the bacteria are overwhelming me… starts the reaction. The reaction raises the temperature
and eventually comes the lysis. The resolution of the acute… which is either: cure or death. If the microbes need
a temperature of 40.3˚… and the organism
can raise up to 40˚- 39.8˚… the microbes
keep on multiplying… keep on multiplying… and the organism
is trying more and more… and finally gets very tired
and succumbs and dies. So the ending
of every acute condition… is either, naturally,
a cure by itself… by the reaction of the organism… or death if the organism is not able
to bring up a strong enough reaction. So they understood this. That this is the reason
why we have symptoms. But if that is true, that symptoms
are useful for the organism… which is manifesting them… if they are useful,
then should not be suppressed. Because of you suppress them… if you have a way
to suppress them… then you will have side effects. Somewhere else
the organism will find a way… to defuse the problem. So with antibiotics
we know what happens. We have found ways… to suffocate the microbes
through the antibiotics. In this way we attack against
the microbe with the antibiotics. With homeopathy, how we treat… and we are successful
in treating acute conditions… by the similar remedy. What is the similar remedy? You must remember,
we have given a remedy… that produced in a healthy organisms
a totality of symptoms. We take this remedy which produces similar symptoms… with the organism
under observation. and we take this remedy
and give it to this organism. But if this remedy has produced… a similar symptom
with those of the organism… and you give this remedy… this remedy instead of going over
and suppress the manifestation… What would it do? The mechanics
is that the organism… in order to save itself
produces symptomatology. And then you take a remedy that
produces similar symptomatology… and you give it
to the same organism. Oh my God !
What is going to happen? You will kill the organism. Because the remedy you gave will make symptoms worse. Because it’s the same mechanism. The organism when receives that
particular substance… reacts in a similar way like
is reacting during disease. So you give on top of the disease on top of the reaction
that has produced the organism… you give a remedy to increase
the reaction of the organism.


  • Willi Zupp says:

    Bacteriums do NOT attack the organism ! That is absolutely wrong !!
    It's a mental power, a spiritual beeing that "infects" the vital force.
    Mikrobes don't initiate illness, they have to clean up the organism (Kent), they are wonderful helpers.
    It does not exist any ( scientific) proof, that mikroorganisms initiate disease..
    The Henle-Koch-Postulates are still in force… they don't work. It's time to expose one of the biggest mistakes (lies) in medical history.
    The theory of infection is all water under the bridge now !
    best regards,   Klaus Binding

  • Sachichidanand Yadav says:

    Bacteria viruses attack the organism but response of vital force/immunity in the form of inflammation/accumulation/destruction{psora,sycosis,syphilis} comes as diseases. thnx sir

  • Flavio Maia says:

    Sou mto grato pelo vídeo e a legenda em português……Gratidão 🍀🙏

  • PAE Bangkok says:

    Salute to you, sir. The most beautiful elaboration of Organon in this Era.

  • Monika Gupta says:

    Once the vital force has reacted by raising the body temperature against the virus. After taking homeopathic remedy it it possible that the vital force raise the body temperature more higher than before. Than what will happen…

  • DR. Sabz Ali Khan Mashwani says:

    Great information sir

  • Milka Mustakylytär says:

    alfa & omega Curing = the first and the last Curing was and will be :
    By Homoeopathic Medicine .
    – elder George's teaching- sentances about
    beneficiality of fever
    ought to put on a
    compulsory educations ! 👩‍🏫👌

  • Organon of medicine Homoeopathy says:

    A great personality

  • Abdullah Shaikh says:

    Very well defined

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