GAPS (2/3) — Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

GAPS (2/3) — Dr.  Natasha Campbell-McBride

But the majority of these children, about 85% of them, do not fit into any diagnostic label. They have a little bit of autism,
a bit of ADHD, a bit of dyslexia, a bit of oppositional defiant disorder,
a bit of something else. None of it fits into any diagnosis. Because our diagnostic labels
are purely descriptive boxes; they don’t mean anything. The real disorder is GAPS. Different children from that disorder develop a different group of symptoms. Which might fit into a diagnostic
label, or not. And the problem is – with these children, doctors procrastinate. They tell the parents to bring the child
for observation six months later. And six months later… And precious time is being wasted. When the child could have been helped. Remember, the younger the child is, the quicker they will recover. And the more fully they will recover. So I tell the parents- The parents KNOW there is something wrong
with their child. They don’t need a doctor to tell them that. If you know something is wrong,
start the protocol. Don’t wait for a diagnosis. In a few weeks time,
there will be no need for a re-diagnosis. The child will take off,
and will start developing. When the brain accumulates
too much toxicity, and it perceives that these toxins are physically damaging to its structure – in a proportion of these children, the brain develops a cleansing procedure. It sends one electric discharge through, that cleanses, cleans,
the whole lot of toxins And that is an epileptic seizure. Epilepsy is a safety valve for the brain. It is a cleansing procedure for the brain. The last thing these children need is another toxin. Additional to the equation in the form of anti-epilepsy medication. Because in all anti-epilepsy
medications, one of their major side effects are epileptic seizures – they CAUSE seizures,
these epilepsy medications. There is a small proportion of children, who have very dangerous forms of epilepsy. When the child can die. They HAVE TO go on medication. But the vast majority of children
are not in that group. More than 90%. They had one seizure, and then they have none
for many months. And yet, these children
are put on medication. I have lost count of loving parents, who call their child a zombie, because of anti-epileptic medication. The child’s personality goes;
it’s a different person. They become couch potatoes, and they can’t learn. They develop learning disabilities. As a result of the medication. My dream is that one day
our doctors will be putting them on the GAPS diet. Instead of on medication. These children, first and foremost, and in a large percentage of them,
the seizures will never happen again. When these children grow up, unless they were treated properly, they become GAPS adults. And the first thing that happens to these
teenagers is substance abuse. Because they have a physical reason for this. I believe that we human beings
are born to be happy. How do we reach the state
of complete happiness? Complete joie de vivre, as the French say? By our brain receiving a fountain of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins and other neurotransmitters. The brain uses these chemicals
for various functions. The more we study them, the more we realise they are actually
produced in the digestive system. Almost 100% of serotonin
is produced in the gut. About 75% of dopamine
is produced in the gut. And then these substances are
transported to the brain to be used. GAPS people have an
abnormal digestive system. An unhealthy digestive system. It doesn’t produce enough serotonin. It doesn’t produce enough dopamine. Sometimes, it produces almost none. So these children were depressed. What is depression? Clinical depression? Not enough serotonin. Not enough dopamine. That is what depression is. So these children grew up being depressed
most of their life. Morpheme, heroin, cannabis,
sniffing glue, dangerous, reckless behaviour, unsafe sex – and other stressful
things like that – they can produce that
fountain for a few minutes. For the brain. For the first time in their life,
these children realise “That’s what life is about!” And they want it again. And who can blame them? And that’s how they become drug addicts. That is where addiction comes from. In order to help these children, we need to heal their gut. That’s where we have to start. We need to heal their gut, so it starts producing enough serotonin,
enough dopamine, enough of other neurotransmitters. Only then this person will be able
to come off these drugs. So that’s a long,
long healing period for these people, usually. Depression – not enough serotonin,
not enough dopamine – every depressed person has to start
by healing their gut. The problem is, when we ask them, many of them tell me, “My gut is fine. No diarrhoea,
no constipation, no pain, no gas – nothing. I’m alright.” But then, when we do the
test of their gut flora, we find that it is abnormal. Why is that? We are all born with a different constitution. And some of us have stronger points
in the constitution, weaker points in the constitution. If your digestive system
is your stronger point in your constitution it can compensate, for a very long time. Lots of abnormalities are going on in there. You’ll have no symptoms. A human body can have cancer for 20 years,
and not know about it, because there will be no symptoms. The body works around it. It compensates. So, despite the fact that there are
no digestive symptoms, these people still have to start from
their digestive system. When they start healing, they realise that is indeed
where it all began. Eating disorders –
I have a chapter on this subject in my book, which covers it very well. Anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders,
which are becoming very common in our modern world. Obsessive-compulsive disorder Manic-depressive disorder And the king of them all – schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is that waste basket,
where psychiatrists put all the patients, who don’t fit into any
other diagnostic labels. That’s why all schizophrenics
are very different. And these people are
extremely ill physically. Their tummy hurts;
they have headaches, they have migraines,
their joints are hurting, they have arthritis. Their muscles are all hurting They have fibromyalgia. They have chronic cystitis,
they have all sorts of problems, these people. So you have to treat the whole body, you have to heal the whole person. And they have to stay –
these people have to stay on the GAPS nutrition protocol
for the rest of their lives. Epilepsy in adults has the same cause
as in children. We have about 15-20% of adults who have a scar on the brain. They had a car accident, they had trauma, an aneurysm burst, or they a tumour removed, or they had a stroke. And this scar on the brain
can produce epileptic seizures. But I find that even in this
group of patients, the seizures either stop, or reduce in severity, or reduce in frequency when they go on the GAPS
nutrition protocol. Because we subtract a
huge amount of toxicity. You have to understand that
more than 90% of all toxins floating in your blood come from the digestive system. Make no mistake,
that is the center. That is the major source of any toxin
in your body. Once you’ve fixed that bit, the body can deal with the rest. Gut and Physiology Syndrome – that is the rest of the body. All digestive disorders are GAPS conditions. All of them. In fact, you cannot develop a digestive disorder without damaging your gut flora first. You can never develop cancer
in your digestive system, unless you have damaged
your gut flora first. Because the healthy gut flora will not allow
anything to happen in your digestive system. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people
in the western world have abnormal gut flora. What happens in irritable
bowel syndrome, IBS? It’s a very common condition. In fact, about a third of all
patients who come into family doctors’ in Britain, are people with this condition. It’s extremely common. It needs to be renamed – gut dysbiosis. That should be the name for it. Inflammatory bowel disorder –
that is Crohn’s disease, and all sorts of colitis, bowelgitis (gastritis)
and some other less common disorders. What happens here? Toxicity accumulates in the wall of the digestive system. Toxins from the abnormal flora. Toxins like to attach themselves to proteins
in the human body. They attach themselves to the
molecules of proteins. And that changes the three dimensional structure
of that protein. Your immune system goes around the body
surveying it all the time. When it finds that changed protein
in the gut wall, it looks at it and says, ‘Oh! You’re not mine! You must be a virus! I don’t recognise you. Who are you?’ And first it will use a
non-specific response. A quick, immediate response – and that is inflammation. First, it will cause inflammation
in the gut wall. Which hurts. Which is painful,
can cause abnormal stool, and various other symptoms. If that situation continues for
a couple of months, the immune system will have enough time
to develop antibodies against these changed proteins in the gut wall. An bingo! We have an autoimmune disease. Against your own digestive system. Crohn’s disease, all sorts of colitis,
celiac disease – are autoimmune conditions of the digestive system. That is the mechanism how they develop. In order to heal them, we need to change
the gut flora. We need to heal and seal the gut wall
in the person. I have a large group of people
with all sorts of colitis – Crohn’s disease, celiac disease –
who fully recovered. They are curable. All of them. Our mainstream medicine is in the business
of controlling symptoms. Not in the business of curing anything. That is why they believe that
these diseases are incurable. They are curable. But we have to work with nature,
not with drugs. Autoimmunity – ALL autoimmunity
is born in the gut. Every autoimmune disease
is a digestive disorder, whether it is rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, or psoriasis, or multiple sclerosis, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or anything else. Our major immunologists in the world
are now confirming this fact, in the last few years. Any autoimmune disease –
if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – whether you have
digestive symptoms or not – go to your gut. Focus on healing that. Focus on normalising your gut flora. And you will change the very basis
of your immune function in the body, and the immune system will start working
properly in the body. Arthritis – of many kinds. What is arthritis? Inflammation in the joints. Remember I said that toxins from the gut
attach themselves to protein molecules? About a third of all protein
in your body is collagen. It is a wonderful, elastic protein,
that holds our bodies together. Gives us rigidity and gives us structure. The problem is: collagen has many receptors on it,
which are popular for many popular toxins from the gut. They come and they attach themselves
to this collagen. And they change their
three-dimensional structure. So the immune system
finds it, and attacks it. Your joints are almost pure collagen. All the ligaments around it,
the capsule, the liquid inside – almost pure collagen. That is the cause of all arthritis. Remove toxicity from the body,
starting from the gut, your arthritis will disappear. No matter how chronic it is. The human body has the beautiful
process called self-regeneration, where all cells in the body live a short life,
and then they die and get replaced by newly born cells. Every three months you have a new liver. Your liver changes itself. Every seven years, we have a new skeleton. Completely new bones
in our bodies. So, if you stop damaging your joints, all the sick cells will be shed off,
removed, replaced with healthy cells. And your arthritis will be gone. ME, fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue syndrome – I haven’t got time to stop on this subject
for a long time. These people cannot produce enough energy. Their mitochondria in the body are shot down
because of the level of toxicity that accumulates in the body. We have to remove toxins first, then the person will get their energy back. Allergies – asthma, eczema, hay fever. Our immune system has many arms, but the major two ones that we know of,
are Th1 and Th2. And this arm is responsible
for normal reactions. To pollen, to food,
to chemicals, to cats and dogs,
to horses, to anything… to dust mites – anything in the environment. The problem is – this arm is kept up to its
job – so it’s strong – by the gut flora. When the gut flora is abnormal,
this arm becomes disabled. So the second arm, Th2,
tries to compensate for its disabled brother and it tries to deal with pollen,
and dust mites, and cats and dogs,
and food and chemicals – but it uses the wrong tools. And as a result you become atopic. You start developing hay fever – reacting to pollen, asthma – reacting to dust mites, allergies to your beloved cat,
or your beloved dog. To chemicals, to food –
the list just grows on. In order to get rid of this situation, we need to focus on the gut flora. Heal your gut flora
and this arm will get off the floor. Once you have re-balanced them, hay fever stops. Asthma disappears. You’re not allergic to your
cat or dog anymore. I have many people in my clinic,
who can switch off and on their allergies to their cat, like this,
by eating a particular food. If they don’t eat that food, they can sleep
with their cat right there on their face, and they are fine at night. So, allergies are curable. As long as you focus on the gut flora. Endocrine disorders – this is a very complex system of glands,
and they are all high-fat tissues. They accumulate fat-soluble toxins –
mercury, lead, aluminium, other toxic metals, formaldehyde, and many other small
molecular weight and fat-soluble things. And that causes a disorder in that area. The majority of that toxicity comes
out of the digestive system. So, in order to deal with low
thyroid function, adrenal dysfunction, and any other endocrine conditions,
it is the digestive system we have to start from. Migraines, neuropathy, other neurological
conditions – again, our nervous system
is a high-fat organ, it accumulates toxins. Chronic cystitis, bed wetting,
nephropathy – I’d like to stop for a moment on this. This river of toxicity coming into your body goes around,
causes its damage, but then it has to leave
the body somehow. And a lot of it is excreted
from the body through urine. When this toxic urine –
full of chemicals – accumulates in the bladder it strips off the protective layers
in the bladder, glycosaminoglycans, and causes chronic inflammation. Cystitis. Chronic cystitis. Interstitial cystitis, it is called. Our mainstream doctors are not familiar
with this condition. The person goes to the doctor,
they look at urine – no infection. They say, “Well, I can’t give you antibiotics,
you can’t have a cystitis.” And people who come to doctors repeatedly,
finish up being referred to a psychiatrist. Are put on psychiatric medication. This is a chemical cystitis. There is no infection. It is a chemical cystitis,
and chemicals are coming out of the digestive system, out of the person. In order to get rid of this situation,
we must heal the gut. Then the river of toxicity stops, the urine cleans itself up, and chronic cystitis, bed wetting,
and other problems in that area, disappear. Food intolerances and FPIEs – When the gut wall is damaged,
porous and leaky, food doesn’t get the chance
to be digested properly before it absorbs. It absorbs undigested. Then the immune system finds this
undigested food in the bloodstream, looks at it and says, “You’re not food. I don’t recognise you as food.” And attacks it. It attaches immune-complexes;
it becomes a very large molecule. And this attack can cause
any symptom in the body you can think of. It can be a migraine,
it can be a panic attack, it can be depression,
it can be joint pain, it can be cystitis,
it can be nephropathy, it can be anything
in the body. This condition, FPIES, is another epidemic
coming onto humanity, and that is happening to little babies, who are breastfed,
exclusively breastfed. Their gut wall is damaged to such a degree,
they are absorbing everything from their mother’s milk undigested. Vomiting, diarrhoea, vomiting, diarrhoea. The child is not putting weight on. The doctors do tests,
find that the child is allergic to ALL protein on the planet. So the doctors put them on a soy formula, which is a poison,
causes autism – it has too much manganese in it – and they tell the parents,
“Give them some boiled carrots.” That’s it. I have a group of these patients,
of these babies, who are recovering beautifully. On meat stock. On bone broth. On a no plant GAPS diet. They can recover, these children,
but we have to re-build their gut wall. Most GAPS people have eating problems. The majority of these children and adults
are fussy eaters. It usually is a first sign of GAPS,
it is a symptom of abnormal gut flora. If your child is fussy with food, your child has abnormal gut flora. It isn’t normal for a child to
be fussy with food. Why? Because these children have
solid, physiological reasons for this. More than 90% of children with
learning disabilities have this problem, and they limit their food to
sweet and starchy foods. They will eat bread,
they will eat breakfast cereals, they will eat chocolates, and sweet yoghurts,
and bananas maybe. But all the proper meals are excluded. What is happening in the child? The child is trapped in a
vicious cycle of cravings and dependency for the very foods
that harm them. When they eat bread,
when they eat chocolates, and biscuits, and other sweet and starchy foods, or potatoes,
their pathogenic flora eats all that, and converts it into many toxins. But these microbes are clever. They are very clever. A proportion of this toxicity they make
in the form of endorphins, which, when they come to the brain,
they give the brain pleasure. So the brain wants more. These children are drug addicts. There is no other way of putting this. They are drug addicts. Their drug is produced
in their digestive system by their abnormal gut flora. In order to pull them out of this
vicious cycle of drug addiction, parents have to work together. It is possible to do that – thousands of children have done that – they have to work together,
and I have a chapter in my book, which is called: “It’s feeding or ‘No’,”
where I describe how to do that. How to get your child
out of that drug addiction. The drug is sugar. The drug is wheat. The drugs are those biscuits
and crackers that they are eating. And the breakfast cereal
they are eating. That’s a behavioural
modification technique. So, the treatment of GAPS. How do we treat it? We treat it with a GAPS nutritional protocol,
which is a program. The most important part of that program
is the diet. Because it is a digestive disorder
we are talking about. Your digestive system
is a loooong tube, what you fill that tube with
has a direct effect on its wellbeing. So diet has to be the No. 1 treatment. It is the most important treatment,
but I haven’t got time to stop on it in detail. So I’ll just flick through this. These are the foods we avoid,
because they are very difficult to digest. The human digestive system, in fact,
has not been designed to digest them well, and we get virtually no
useful nutrition from them. These are the recommended foods; that is what we are actually
eating on the program. These are the foods the human digestive system
can break down well, and they are the basis of
building our human bodies. Our heavy brain, if something happens,
our heavy liver, our heavy lungs, our heavy bones –
these are the building foods for the human body. Meat and fish stock provide
glycosaminoglycans; provide those sugars
Lukas was talking about. Provides glucosamine, collagen in large amounts,
gelatine, and other things. And these substances happen to be
what the cells in your gut wall are made from. The cells that line your gut wall only live
a few days. They get worn out, they die,
and they get replaced by newly born cells. In order for your gut to give
birth to all those babies, those baby cells, building materials are required,
to make these cells from. These foods provide all the necessary
building materials for your gut wall to give birth to trillions of new cells. In that way it rebuilds itself. You are building a new gut wall for yourself,
by consuming these things. Fermented foods are something
human beings ate for all of our existence on the planet. They are not optional for human beings. You have Sauerkraut in Germany. Wonderful food. Make it at home, because commercial
sauerkraut is not the same. Grow your own cabbages,
make it at home. Why? Because for most of our existence on the planet,
we didn’t have refrigeration. And we didn’t have supermarkets,
where you can buy everything. Food was seasonal. So when your cabbages
grew, in September, if you don’t do something with them immediately,
they will rot, and you will be left without and you will be left without cabbages for the rest of the year. So what did people do? They fermented it. Fermented cabbage can last for five years
without spoiling. All over the world, in all traditional cultures,
people fermented meat, fish, milk, vegetables, fruit,
grains, beans, anything can be fermented. And fermentation pre-digests
the food for us, so it’s easy for our digestive system
to extract nutrients from that. And it provides large amounts of
pro-biotic, beneficial microbes. That is what you want to live
in your digestive system. And they will push out, crowd out,
those pathogens. They will kill them,
they will attack them. And they will push them out. They will restore your gut flora. If everyone of you goes home
and starts having a tablespoon of sauerkraut with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you won’t need to spend money on
expensive probiotics. You will get enough for your gut flora. Natural fats. We live in a world of fat-phobia. I’ll be talking more
about this this afternoon. I am sure Lukas will
talk about it as well. The only fat suitable for human physiology,
is animal fat. Vegetable oils, cooking
oils, are poisonous. Nobody should be eating them,
nobody should be cooking with them. When you roast a good joint of pork,
collect the fat from it. Pour it into a glass jar,
it’ll keep in the fridge for 6 months, and do all your cooking on that fat. Goose fat, duck fat, beef fat,
lamb fat, pork fat are the best fat for human physiology. They are the easiest fats for us to digest,
and they are the most nourishing and best fats for us. We will cover heart disease
this afternoon. This is the book that I have written about
heart disease, because every time I was talking to my patients about fats,
they were all asking the same question: “Am I going to die from a
heart attack on your diet?” So, having explained to a hundred patients that these fats have
nothing to do with heart disease, I thought I’d better write
a book about this. So this is the result, where
I explain all of this. This book is being
translated into German, and it will come out, hopefully,
in a few months. In German language. Supplementation –
We use absolute minimal supplements in the GAPS nutritional protocol,
because they have many ingredients, which can damage the gut wall. You don’t want to invest a lot into the diet,
and then spoil the whole thing with a pill you paid a lot of money for. Detoxification – is a very important part of the
GAPS nutritional protocol. We live in a toxic world, and we have been seduced to use
a myriad of chemicals in our lives, without which we
can live perfectly well. And which are all very, very toxic. We all have a so-called ‘detox system’
in our bodies, with the headquarters in the liver
and departments in every cell. It’s a cleaner in the body. Your body cleans
itself all the time. And the majority of us in the modern world
is working very hard. Paddling very, very hard behind. Gut is the main source of toxicity in people
with damaged gut flora, in GAPS people. We get rid of that source of toxicity
with the GAPS nutritional protocol, the diet will heal and seal the gut wall,
and change the gut flora in the person. So that source of toxicity gets removed. While we are working on it,
it doesn’t make sense to add more toxins for your detox system to deal with. So we need to reduce
the general toxic load. No. 1 thing that has to go,
for every GAPS person, all chemicals in the house. Your bathroom needs to be swept clean. All those colourful bottles
need to be thrown away. Your laundry detergents,
your dishwashing powders, your cleaning chemicals in the house,
your lotions and potions, your make-up, your hair dyes,
your shampoo, your creams, and so on. The chemical industry is self-regulated, which means it is not regulated. They have produced more than 80,000 chemicals
to date, which do not exist in nature. Our bodies are not programmed
to deal with these chemicals; they don’t know
what to do with them. They absorb in seconds through our skin,
through our mouth, everywhere – and they finish up in the blood stream. And they avoid the liver. If you swallow a chemical – before it finished up in your blood,
it has to go through the liver. And the liver will neutralise most of it. But if you put it on your skin, it’s in your blood in seconds. And it has avoided the liver. Personal care industry is a major cause of
cancer epidemic in this world. Number 1 cause, probably. Remove all these things. The rule is – if you can’t eat it,
you can’t put it on your skin. Only edible things can
be put on your skin. Olive oil and coconut oil
are the best moisturisers for the face. Wash your hair with raw egg yolks. That’s what we used to do in the Soviet Union,
when we had no shampoo. All ladies in the Soviet Union washed their
hair with egg yolks, raw egg yolks. Works beautifully. Better than any shampoo,
and it’s natural and detoxifies your scalp. It detoxifies your hair. Brush your teeth with olive oil. Have a dish of olive oil
in your bathroom, dip the brush in it, and brush. That is an Ayurvedic procedure
from the ancient Indian medicine. It detoxifies the mouth,
it removes dental materials, removes toxicity stored in your gums,
and everywhere else. It will make your mouth healthy. Altogether, if you brush
your teeth without – instead of tooth paste – with an olive oil. The human body must not be washed
with any chemicals at all, that is an anathema for the human body. Your skin works very hard to produce oily
secretions, to create a habitat for your skin flora. Your skin is richly populated
by its own flora. And this flora has to be
healthy and balanced, and in order to be healthy
and balanced, it needs a habitat. Every time you use a shower [gel],
or a soap on your skin, you are washing the habitat off. You are damaging your skin flora. And you are leaving your skin
open for invasion – by pathogens – and to drying out. That is the major cause of eczema, and psoriasis,
and all other skin conditions that people suffer from. Do not wash your body with any soaps. Just plain water is quite enough. That is very, very important. Juicing is an important part of
GAPS nutritional protocol. Juicing has been shown –
for the last 100 years – to be one of the most effective
things for removing all kinds of toxins out of the body. In order to remove 1 molecule
of mercury – safely – out of your body, without
causing damage on the way – shuttles have to be attached
to that molecule. Proteins, amino acids, enzymes,
minerals, vitamins – only in that form that molecule of
mercury can safely leave your body,
without damaging you. Juice provides substances,
which will wash out mercury, out of your brain,
out of your fat tissues – because it is a fat-soluble stuff. And then it’ll provide all the shuttles, to remove that molecule
out of your body safely. A lot of chelation protocols
on the planet just redeposit mercury
somewhere else in your body. Because they do not provide
enough shuttles for mercury to leave your body safely. We do baths – with Epsom salts, sea salts,
seaweeds and bicarbonate of soda every night. My patients have to take a bath
every single night. These things pull toxins out
into the water and contribute nutrition
through the skin. Remember – our skin absorbs everything. It’s a sponge. And you in Europe, you know
there are traditional spas, all over Europe, where people bathed
in mineral waters, and other special waters, and medicinal baths –
that is what we are basically copying, with these baths at home. Sunbathing is absolutely essential. We live in a world of sun-phobia. As other speakers will tell you –
we are solidified light. Every time we sunbathe in the sun,
we need the full spectrum of the sun. Wether we see it, or not. You are normalising healing
on the atomic level. On the molecular level
in your body. On the level of tiny energies
in every molecule, every atom. Vitamin D is a sunshine vitamin. The vast majority of western population
is severely deficient in this vitamin, because people are afraid of the sun. The sun is a major source of this vitamin. We have to sunbathe to get it,
because food actually provides very little of vitamin D. It’s hard to
get enough from food, we must be in the sun to get enough. Lots of other things the sunshine
does for us, but I haven’t got time to stop on it. But just take it – the idea, that the sun
causes cancer was proposed by some little dermatologist –
in America, of course – and you know who heard that idea? The chemical industry. They started producing
their lotions and potions, and they educated our western governments,
and the whole population, that sun causes skin cancer. There’s no proof that
sun causes skin cancer. It does not. It prevents it, and it heals it. What causes skin cancer – the same things,
that cause all other cancers – all the chemicals that we’ve filled
our bodies with, electromagnetic pollution, and other pollution. As the detoxification system recovers
in the person, toxic metals are removed naturally
without chelation. I have family after
family come in to me with autistic children, and the tests show that the child has
lead and mercury and other heavy things in the body. I tell the parents we do
nothing about it for a year. We will work on restoring your child’s
detox system. Because in all these patients, the
detox system is broken down, because of the sheer level of toxicity
coming from the gut into the liver, the detox system has broken down. It is not working. The person is accumulating toxins. Once the detox system recovers,
and starts working, it removes these thing out in ways
our scientists haven’t even discovered yet. It’s an extremely powerful system. In more than 85% of these children,
when we retest a year later – the metals are gone! And we did nothing about it. Lead is gone, mercury is gone
and we didn’t have to chelate, we didn’t have to do anything about it. This is my book, as I say, it’s been translated
into 15 languages, altogether. The Russian translation has just
come out, I’m happy to say, and the majority of the European languages
is covered, and there is one here in German. This book hadn’t been translated into
other languages – I have been receiving letter from people from all
over the world for years. People, who haven’t had any
consultations with me, or anybody else. They just bought the book,
they followed the book and they got the results. And these letters were so moving,
and so powerful, I published them as a book. I got permission from these people,
and I published it as a book. And all kinds of conditions
are covered there, where people recovered from them. If you speak English,
please read this book, it will give you inspiration,
and it will give you hope. From chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia,
multiple sclerosis, all the mental illnesses, to narcolepsy, to alcoholism –
people recovered with this protocol. Because all diseases begin in the gut. Once you put your digestive system right,
once you put the SOIL in your digestive
system right, your gut flora… All life on our planet begins from soil. Top soil is the beginning of all life. Our industrial agriculture is destroying it
on enormous scales. The very beginning of life is being destroyed,
the very basis of life. Our gut flora is the soil inside us. And the roots of your health are sitting
in that soil. You are the plant. And your roots are in that soil. So, once you take care of your soil,
everything will grow well, and your body will be healthy. This is my website, and my blog. I have been training health practitioners
for the last several years and we have more than 1,000 certified
GAPS practitioners around the world. So, if you need to work with a practitioner,
please go onto my website, you will find somebody local to you. Many people work via Skype and on the phone,
as well as in person, so these people will be able to help you
to implement the protocol. Thank you very much for listening.


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    Excellent information. We have to digest the information and take action, because this is for all humans who are sick or not. Prepare a bone broth it is so easy. The mind is the one that we have to challenge to introduce simple diet….thanks a lot doctora Campbell!

  • Bozena Cverckova says:

    Thank you for all very important information. I have a your book.

  • Major Mayhem says:

    5 years ago, my digestion system was a total wreck. I got gas bloating so bad after each meal, my stomach looked like 5 months pregnant full of gas after meal.
    I did 1 full year of GAPS diet, and all problems GONE! My head feels lighter and can think clearer, better concentration, better sleep, better everything. I no longer have mood swings and headaches.

  • SciSci Toys says:

    Ive been on Paxil for 21yrs and never had gut problems until now and also taken prilosec for 20yrs, seems I need to start doing the GAPs diet? But can doing the GAPs cure depression, really??? Im skeptical.

  • SciSci Toys says:

    But doesnt meat cause inflammation in the first place? And how about the increased cancer risks of eating meat via increased IGF1, heme iron etc etc?

  • R says:

    I love this lady so much

  • maciej wrotek says:

    32:25 additionally body produces antimicrobial peptides in the skin i wonder how soap affects this barrier

  • Veronica Roach says:

    I am not specifically ON the GAPS diet, but looking at what it entails basically I almost have been on it for the past 3 years. So many lovely foods now easily available via online stores. I fixed my heartburn, which was progressively getting worse, with a nightly spoon or 2 of Apple cider vinegar (with 'mother') and I have always used yoghurt – now make my own. I use coconut sugar & milk & eat very small amounts of meat & eggs, and avoid gmo's – just found a source of non-gmo corn in cans – yeah ! Thank you so much for all your information, I will study & upgrade what I am doing. I suspect a lot of the problems specified are caused by the 80000+ unregulated chemicals allowed in the packaged foods now sold in grocery stores – how can our stomachs stay normal with that bombardment !

  • Ese Brown says:

    Did anybody hear what the natural shampoo is?

  • Charløtte R says:

    I started to question my vegetarian/pescatarian diet and I arrived here.
    I’m no longer vegetarian. 👌🏻


    Oh wow thank you very much Dr. Natasha McBride. This is very powerful information that should be taught in schools. It should also be made public and Doctor's should stop treating symptoms and treat the disorder.

  • Naseem Naz Khan says:

    Dear Doctor Natasha, With the help of Israelis, Indians only started growing Olives since 2007. There is no history of Olive Trees in India, therefore, Ayurwedas couldn't have used Olives Oil on teeth thousands of years ago. It could have been coconut oil.

  • The Layman says:

    How about some studies that show that healing is faster when animal sources of cholesterol are eaten.

  • Ron Reis says:

    I am completely in love with this woman.

  • Oscar Vassallo says:

    hello madam you are a godsend to mankind.

  • Ann Cetin says:

    3:57 "Almost 100% of serotonin is produced in the gut!" Speak lady, speak!

  • slamberger says:

    was vegan. no more, meat has everything

  • Marsha Dawkins says:

    Not sure how I feel about the animal fat piece but everything else seems spot on. I am definitely getting this book. Awesome talk. Thank you.

  • Cliff Lind Hjulskov says:

    Natasha, You are an excellent lecture, and it feels honest when you speak. I'm so glad to have found your talk on GAPS; your health depends on your gut! Keep up, your excellent work.

  • Toshani Gabgoub says:

    Thank you very much for this information

  • wael al mazloum says:

    thank you very much

  • KootenayOrganics says:

    I would add one more healthy wonderful fat – goat fat! Similar to lamb fat or beef fat. We raise our own, and because we feed them quite a bit of high quality alfalfa and grass hay it is mild, and the meat tastes closer to a mild beef then a potential slightly gamey lamb/sheep meat. But we also do buy a whole lamb from a grass based farmer for healthy variety. The fat I saved last time from roasting goat bones for making soup stock/broth was so amazingly delicious for cooking vegetables and soups with. <3

  • Isaac Malown says:

    It's never Lupus.

  • Abseiduk says:

    @ 22:45 foods to avoid and foods that are recommended on the GAPS diet.

    @ 31:31 juicing very important in detoxing.

    @ 32:50 detoxification and lifestyle changes. Epsom salt bath, sunbathing etc. "Sun does not cause skin cancer."

  • echtalion says:

    What about olive oil? Dr Gundry is a big proponent.

  • British Pippa says:

    I arrived here from watching skincare vlogger @GinAmber . I have suffered (truly suffered) with clinically diagnosed Major Depressive Disorder, I am also afflicted with osteoarthritis, tinnitus, high cholesterol, digestive bloating, periodontal disease (it seems it stems from race genetics as both parents had a full set of dentures from early adulthood) although I have a very good regime; it is a battle.
    Although having what I thought was a very healthy lifestyle ( I'm a UK size 10) and very little processed foods, I have always had a poor digestive system, I had recurring laryngitis in my early 20's. Relentless psoriasis mid 20's – early 30's and now, at 53 i have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which in fact has reared it's head and caused flare ups several times in the past (hindsight) but retreated. It has however moved in… (to my body) full time. This Doctor – I'm certain – will change my life. Thank God for you and your work!

  • Michael Schulz says:

    It's all about Probiotics (and PreBiotics) to heal your gut.

  • Nina V says:


  • Mamma Mia! says:

    That's crazy. You don't need to go to such extremes! You don't need to brush your teeth with olive oil. You don't need to have dirty clothes and hair because you remove all cosmetics…. remember the lady is doing business on your naivity.

  • M Alam says:

    Love you Dr. Natasha

  • Deana Eve says:

    Дорогая др. Наташа, можно ли вам задать вопросы или где то вам написать?

  • Jada Lee says:

    Thats part of Gods chosen right there. Please keep her safe from harm from the hands of evil. This i pray…❤

  • Stef Diaz Diaz says:

    Fermented liver is interesring

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