Furs, Feathers, Scales or Skin

hello my name is Kylie and welcome to
fur feathers scales or skin all living things have different types of things
covering their bodies let’s learn about the different kinds ready to go
undercover to find out more let’s get started do you know what the covering or outside
of your body is called it’s not a sweater t-shirt dress or pants its skin
humans have skin covering our bodies take a look at the skin on your
arm what do you notice what are some words you can use to describe your skin
did you say smooth our skin is smooth most of the time because it is not bumpy
it can be a little bumpy if you get goosebumps goosebumps happen when we get
a chill or get excited we call them goose bumps because they look like the
skin of a goose without their feathers we have skin to protect our bodies from
the outside world and to keep us from getting sick our skin also helps us to
keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer what about the skin of different
kinds of animals let’s take a look at a rabbit what do you notice
rabbits yes have fur covering their skin fur is made up of a lot of hair we have
hair on our bodies too but not as much as a rabbit rabbit fur
is soft and cuddly they have this fur to keep them warm in the winter and
protected from rain and bugs in the summer here is an antelope they have
hair covering the skin on their bodies but their hair is not very soft if you
were to rub it it would feel rough then not cuddly at all this rough hair helps
the antelope keep dry and cool in the summer like a sunshade and warm in the
winter like a warm coat they don’t have to change clothes like us neat let’s see
hmm what has feathers did you say birds
right good job birds have covering feathers all over them their feathers
grow out of their skin and are made out of the same stuff as
fingernails feathers do a lot of different things most birds like this
blue jay use their feathers to fly I bet you know the name of this bird that uses
its feathers to swim and not fly yes you’re right it’s a penguin
penguins also use their feathers to stay warm and dry too ducks use their
feathers to fly and to help them stay afloat on top of the water lizards
snakes and fish have very different coverings and humans rabbits birds and
other animals they have scales scales are also made up of the same thing our
fingernails are made up of snake scales are not slimy like most people think
they’re smooth and can be made of very beautiful colors snake skin has scales
to help protect the snake if it were to get attacked or rub up against something
rough their scales are like armor on a knight
lizards also use their skin in this way as lizards and snakes grow they must
shed their skin and grow new skin their scales cannot grow bigger and that is
why they must grow new ones fish also have scales they do not shed their skin
like snakes and lizards their scales grow as they get bigger look at this
fish called a tarpon in an older tarpon scales can be as big as your hand insects do not have skin feathers fur
or scales as a covering they wear their skeletons on the outside wow they’re
covering is called an exoskeleton EXO means outside so the next time you see a
cricket like this one you are seeing her skeleton insects use their exoskeleton
to stay safe they shed or moult’s this outer skeleton
like snakes because it doesn’t grow bigger than the insect learning about
the different types of animal coverings sure is interesting what kinds of living
things are near you do you know what type of coverings they have fur feathers
scales or skin practice what you learned using our fun online games and quizzes
remember to always be clever

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