Fungal/Fangal Infections, Itching in Head/Scalp & Beard – Treatment || Dr Vijaylaxmi Singh

Fungal/Fangal Infections, Itching in Head/Scalp & Beard – Treatment || Dr Vijaylaxmi Singh

hi friends today we are going to talk about the fungal infection of head and of the beard. The fungal infection of head is called tinea capitis and the fungal infection of beard is called tinea barbae this we can get from each other by close contact that is why it is common in families and in schools in family we use each other’s towel brushes combs pillows etc and pass on the infection from one person to another similarly at school children are in close contact with each other and they pick up infection from each other the fungus infection of the scalp is more common amongst the school-going children and there are sometimes outbreak of this infection in the school similarly the fungal infection of beard is more common amongst young men what does a fungal infection of scalp and beard look like generally there are patches in which there is a complete or partial hair loss. The hair in that area if there are any become brittle and break off and also there is inflammation and itching in those patches in the infection of the beard there is generally a superimposed bacterial infection and there there are small boils and a lot of oozing also. Both these infection caused a considerable amount of itching. There can be just one or two patches of this infection or there can be many patches in the scalp or beard of such a fungal infection at the outset let me tell you that fungal infection of the scalp and beard require oral antifungal treatment. This does not get completely healed with local antifungal cream. The oral antifungal medicines that you take for scalp and beard infection are GRISEOFULVIN FLUCONAZOLE or TERBINAFINE tablets let your doctor decide the dosage and duration of this treatment. The treatment has to be taken at least for four to six weeks non-stop along with oral antifungal medicines you can always use antifungal creams which will help a lot the way to use them is again apply them twice a day onto the affected area for at least two to four weeks or till the infection heals completely and the hair start regrowing. The antifungal creams that you can use is MICONAZOLE or CLOTRIMAZOLE cream. Along with these creams you can also wash your hair and beard with 2% ketoconazole lotion. The way to use it is that wet your beard or your scalp and apply the 2% ketoconazole lotion generously into it. Leave it for five minutes and then wash it off with warm water thoroughly. This should be done daily for at least two weeks thereafter twice a week for another two weeks and then once a week for two to three months. This will prevent recurrence of the infection another thing that you must do when you have such an infection is to keep your hair well trimmed and your beard also very well trimmed but do not shave because shaving scrapes the skin and can help in spreading the infection. So friends I hope my videos helped you. If you have any questions please put it in the comment box thank you


  • Dr. Vijay Laxmi says:

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  • Suraj Singh says:

    kya ya medicine kaam karaga

  • sam says:

    Hello Mam,
    I have a hair loss problem from last 2months because of dead skin on my scalp am getting itches too.
    Dandruff falling like snow on my shoulders I am using conditioners and shampoo.
    Could you please suggest me a medicine for this problem
    Thanks in Advance..

  • Mukesh Kumar says:

    Medicine ko kab or kaise khana hai

  • Lashonah Tia says:

    and also from the barber shop

  • Nikita Shukla says:

    Mam aapne daily jo sampoo lagane ko bola hai mam bal bahut jhar rahe hain daily sampoo karne se kya karun

  • deepak das nawadih indarwa says:

    Madam ji Dawai kaise Lena hai please bataiye and lotion and cream ka name bataiye

  • Farha Naaz says:

    Mre back neck p fungal infection ho rha h mam sab se acchhi tube bataiye plz

  • Sweety Singh says:

    Mam plezz 7 year hair prob se jhujh rhi hu aur dhire dhire scalp dikhte hi ja rha h koi v shampo ya koi treatment bal jharne se nhi rok pa rha mam plez sugest me bhut kripa hogi mam plez

  • India First says:

    Can I use clotrimaxole lotion on face? Please reply me ASAP. 🙏

  • VIKASH KUMAR says:

    mam, along with eatching, i also see sand like grains coming out from infected area…..please suggest

  • Bintu Rathore says:

    mam fungal infection se wet b loss ho jata h kya or skin me jalan hoti h kya pls reply

  • Bintu Rathore says:

    mam kya agar koi dad na dikhe or jalan ho to kya fungal infection ho sakta h

  • Be Alone says:

    Hello mam my nephew is about 5 years old he got infected by dandruff his entire scalp is with puss bubles docter said that will happen commonly no need to worry , but it is getting more day by day is there a chance to damage inside pleas sujest what to do is it curable or to should we take any further treatment and which doctor to consult please any one sujjest

  • saubhagya suman says:

    Thank you ma'am for the help..

  • khadija haider says:

    Hi ma'am mere head ma pura saal dandruff rehta ha and baht itching hoti ha bht jadh juke ha. Plz help

  • Sanju Attri says:

    fungus on my face and chest

  • Rahul singh says:

    Wah! Mam, this is what I was looking for long time for my hair fungal infection. It looks this videos and your advises will work on my head. Whenever I itch my head something comes out like white white little hard in my nails. Could you also please advise where I can get these medicines. Thank you

  • Kaustubh Jambhale says:

    Mam I have heavy hairfall due to fungal infection on scalp from 1 year pls suggest me something …. I'm 19 yrs old

  • Nikita Shukla says:

    Mam aapne jo course bataya tha terbinafine tab for 21 day's, sternon lotion rat ko laga k subah sir scalpe sampoo se dhone k baad miconazole gel lagane ko 2 hafte tak lagane ko 3 hfte daily sampoo karne ko aur 2 month tak multivitamin tab lene ko mam mere ek month ka course pura ho gaya hai sirf multi vitamin ki cap le ri hun aage to dandruff kam hai lekin piche k side balon m abhi bhi bahot hai plzz bataiye ab mai kya karu plzzz mam???

  • Bhupendra Kumar says:

    Mam mere shir me five years se bal jhad rahe hei chote chote akar me to mai kya lagau ki bal phir se ug aye
    please help me mam

  • Mohamad Reza Ramezani says:

    Dear doctor thank you for your helpful video. I have a question I would be happy if you answer. I already have skin fungal infections for a long time. I wanted to know if it is possible for the fungal infections to also infect interior parts of body such as lungs, blood stream, liver and other organs? And if it is no longer only a skin infection, what should I do? How to cure that? Any medicine?

  • Priyanka Sharma says:

    I am 23 years old & I have been suffering from scalp fungal infection since 2008 and I have been taking the treatment since 2016 and my doctor told me this can not be cured. Is it really incurable?
    The medicines you have recommended in your video he doesn't prescribed any of them
    Instead the oral medicine s he prescribed is:
    Zocon 400mg
    Ntfung 200 mg
    The problem is….it is spreading all over my forehead and eyebrows and he told me in winter season it will spread he gave me the cream:
    & Lotions:
    Onabet lotion
    Ultitar CS lotion
    All of them are ineffective & also my scalp is oily and hair is dry he made me stop using any kind of oil .
    Please help me out I have tried everything to cure it and before I have long curly hair and my hair has volume now my hairs are brittle and weak and it breaks very easily and now I lost my volume I changed my diet but that also doesn't help much..
    I am in depression due to this I don't know what to do… I can't style my hair I have to tie my hair all the time and I am missing all the stuff I have planned for…
    Also I am using shampoo

  • RAJPUT ABHI says:

    Mam maine 3 doctor se contact kiya
    Ek ne kha ki scalp captise hai
    Ek boli scalp psoriasm hai
    Ek bole seborric hai
    I m totally confused mam help me

  • nikhil jaat says:

    mam mere head m 4-5 jgeh se hair lose ho gye hai or pute sir m chote chote pimples b ho gye h jinme se papdi type niklta hai it is fungal infection may be plz m description likh do plz konsi dvayi lu or kaise kaise leni h plz mam plz i am suffering from lots of pain mam because of this ingection swelling b aayi hui h 4-5 jgeh head m or bo portion plain ho gya hai hair ni h vha pe mam. plz help me ouz plz fescription likh k dedo konsi fvayi lu or kse lu plz mam

  • Ayush Raj says:

    Mam meri sclap me kahi kahi hair khatm hogye h or wash krne k baad v sclap clear Nahi hota dust jaisa aata h comb me and
    Kya oral medicine ki need h ya fir lotion shampoo se thk ho Jayega ( as u suggested in ur video)

  • Sameer Saifi says:

    Dear mam mere head me 2 years se mera scalp oily rhta hai and dandruff rhta hai jo kafi oily dandruff hota jo rub karne par pr nahi dikhta but jb itch krta hu to nails m ata h dandruff jiski vajah se mere bht zda hair jhar chuke hai so plzz mam give me solution am suffering last 2 years for this disease oily scalp oily dandruff and heavy hairfall..plzz do something for me mam.

  • Arun Justin says:

    I have a fungal infection on private it's cannot be cure..pls give me any solution i need a solution pls.. reply

  • Radhika Dighade says:

    mam lacto calamine ye cream use kr sakte kya fes ke liye

  • Ramesh G says:

    Mam when I do shampoo to hair white layer like dandruff will appears on only top head not sides or backside head ,what treatement can take for permanent solution

  • Dipak Chauhan says:

    Mam i have also a fungal infection on my bread n also some what in scalf of my hairs what should i do n also itching problem around my beard n hair im 27 yrs old my hairs on the forehead side has also fallen i m becoming ugly as what should i do

  • Ridam Sidak says:

    How can we contact you, Dr mam

  • Shital Morghade says:

    Mam scalp me muhaso ke bare me bataye

  • AnwarAM says:

    Mam I got fungal infection of the genital area, please suggest oral anti fungal tablet. Thank you so much.

  • Just think 123 says:

    How to apply medsten cream on head…..any side effects to the cream? Like hair fall…

  • Dhrmendra Kumar says:

    hlw mam mai shiva alex grsofolwin 250 terbenaforce ka dose kya hi fluconazole plzzz mam jald he riplie dena

  • Animation store says:

    mam…. ape jeisa bola wisa treatment lia avi dandruff bohot komti ho giya….liken thora tohra heair fall hoti ho…. heair growth k liya koi medicine use kar cakta….please reply me…

  • P.C. I says:

    Hi doctor I have a white patches in my back head and today I made 0 cutting,after cutting only I found this white patches, so really I scared give me the suggestion for this and tell me what kind of Cream and tablet I can purchase and also it is itching

  • Pooja Sahu says:

    hlo maim mere head me itching bahut hoti h aur 2 years se bahut hairfall bhi ho rha h plzz maim suggest me what to do

  • R. Dinu Fernando says:

    Dr. My beard goin madam ples howeto any medicin sent me name medicin thanx madam

  • Swagger Boys says:

    Dear mam may i use this for sourices..i have sourices in heads and other parts of the body please advice me…its a humble req.

  • John Thauri says:

    Hi mum I have fungal infection for quite long time. It usually stop for a while after medication then come out again. Is there any specialist who deals with this kind of infection here in Oman muscat. Please recommend me any hospital where they offer this kind of treatment

  • Chuck Spencer says:

    I wish Americans doctors were this straight forward. Thanks Dr. Singh!

  • satish more says:

    Skin Fungal infection se aakho ki roshni pe bhi aasar hota he kya ?

  • Panchanan Budek says:

    Mam me cosilc ka coal tar or salicysc acit ka soap online lia hun osko khujli dendrop kelia use kar sakta hun please mam batayo

  • Krishan Sharma says:

    Plzzz dad or khujli ka ilaj btao

  • Arun Gupta says:

    How to remove tinea captius

  • Promila Kagra says:

    Hello doctor
    Mera naam promila hai. Meri beti 12 yrs ki hai. Pehle uske baal hips tak the, jiski wajah se usko problem hoti thi, to Maine January first week me uska haircut karaya. Par uske baad se uske balo fungal infection ho gya hai. Pehle mujhe laga ki sirf dandruff ka problem hai par problem badh gai hai.iska asar uske face par bhi dikh rha hai.treatmet bhi chal rha hai par improvement nhi dikh rha hai. Doctor ne shampoo,cream, lotion aur body wash diya hai. Koi asar nhi hai.bto plz suggest kijiye ki kya Karu. Abhi usko mensuration start nhi hua hai.

  • Muneer Sharieff says:

    Mam , ketaconazole shampoo use karke mere baal safed hone lage.Kya karu

  • Hamid Saffia says:

    Hi doc if kids hv the fungal on scalp what are the medicines

  • adnan Syed says:

    Mm meri maa ko lift eieburo. Aur SAR Mai kujili hai please

  • Asif Ibrahim says:

    my beard hair and eyebrows are falling due to flaky skin…what should I Do to overcome it

  • Annie Murmu says:

    Hello…my husband was suffering with this infection 3 years .. now he using medicine suggested by you… really happy to tell you that his disease has been cured more than 85% … thank you

  • Nibir Sharma says:

    Is their any homemade remedies for this

  • Samriddhi Tiwari says:

    mam I have dandruff since 1-2 year but I don't think that I have such type of diseases

  • Arun Singh says:


  • Aqsamurtaza Aqsamurtaza says:

    Seborenil shapoo is effective for this???

  • Aqsamurtaza Aqsamurtaza says:

    Dr plz told me ..I have take many treatment for scalp infection but no solution

  • technical kunu says:

    Mam please hindi language

  • Suresh Kumar says:

    Mam Hume Bhi ye hi problem hai .10 saal ho chuke hai . kai dawaiyan kari koi result nahi mila .hamare pure sar mai gol -2 brown daag hai sar bilkul cheekna hai . jade nahi dikhti h. Mam koi solution batayen hum kis tarha aur kaisi dawai use karain. .please mam reply me .ty

  • Martha Sanchez says:

    Is this curable or not? The fungus in the face.

  • Shankar San says:

    Gud evening madam i am suffering from scalp nd inner thigh fungus infection how can aviod ? Madam

  • christina N says:

    Excellent video, very informative. If a young girl had a fungal infection in her scalp & took the required medicines ; Is it possible for a fungus to live in the hair follicle after many years, & damage the hair in those areas? Hair in the two areas where the fungus once were are very weak. The hair breaks off consistently no matter how well the hair is cared for. The hair is dry & brittle & a different texture from the other hair on the head. My daughter is desperate to find out what is causing this. She has been to trichologists, several dermatologists& other physicians to no avail. She has tried diet, vitamin supplements, hair & scalp preparations, you name it & she has tried it. I hope you can shed some light on what this may be. Thank you in advance.

  • Surendra Vishwakarma says:

    can you share what's app number which i send image or pic on the infection head skin..

  • Kashyap Abhi36 says:

    मुझे लगभग 5 साल से फंगल ईन्फेक्सन है चेहरे पर! कोई भी डॉक्टर ठिक नही कर पा रहा मै क्या करू ?

  • Shubham Mishra says:

    Mam i m suffering from fungous on my scalp from many days like as years.
    M also consulted a doctor nd he provided an antiseptic cream (Luliconazole)
    During using it my all fungus ends. But again it produced on all over scalp.
    Please advice me what I have to do. For removing it. Permanently

  • Pranesh Subbu says:

    Mam it has been almost a year since my dandruff problem started…I had small powderish type to big flakes like until now……now I have a oily scalp with itching problem also….But the main issue is my hairfall…I'm losing 20 to 30 hairs daily for almost an year….my hair density is getting worse day by day….i had that fungal like issue on my scalp and in my beard too……please mam give me a solution for my problem

  • Mujahid Raj says:

    Mam I want your gmail
    M ap ko apna infection dekhana chahta hn pl


    Mam i am having this infection in my scalp from last 6 months and i am using Scaple shampoo(ketaconazole+zinc pyrithone)continously my hair grows and they falll what the solution

  • rose maverick hunters says:

    I like to scratch that head on thumbnail rashes feel good when u scratch em

  • Ramesh Kumar says:

    Is it safe for 5 year old kid?

  • apurupa das says:

    When I used hair colour horribly itching swelling.pls help me how to cure.

  • Archana Bansal says:

    Iam suffering from severe hair loss, early female pattern hair loss along with S.Capatis.. what should I do.. what medical treatment can be used? Plz reply

  • Amaan Ahmed says:

    Mam the hair which has been lost from the Scalp during infection would come back or not?

  • Lion Heart says:

    Winner of a video, I have been researching "tinea versicolor pictures" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Levijarntly Easy Improvement Blaster – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  • Alamgir Gazi says:

    Mam 5saalse mujhe fungal infection hai mere friend se hua hai aur mujse mere paribaarko mam please help kijia main bahut paresaan hoon sir pain dandruff hota hai Baal bahut patle hochuke hai face pe white sa hota hai aur baalbhi jharta hai maam please help us

  • Navya Rani says:

    Meam meri bati sat sal ki hai use fungal infections hai sir me aapki vedeo dekhi to aapne Jo dear bhai wh dwa kha multi hai kese khani hai please tell me member please

  • Mohan. m mohan99 says:

    Medam same problem with me please madam all medicine name cream name send me 9900244349

  • karthik kumar says:

    Very clear and crisp explanation mam..thank you

  • Mirza Sharique beg says:

    Madam jo 3 khane wali dawaiya aap ne batayi hai wo kaise khani hai

  • Broken Hearts says:

    I have some marks on my skull where hair does not grow ……i feel very bad when i cut my hair becoz these ugly marks gets visible…..plzzzzzzzzzz maam help me…….how can i cure themm ….

  • Varun Varry says:

    Mam how many minutes we must keep the micozonole cream on the scalp

  • Gulshan Ansari says:

    Hi .
    Mam ..ketoconazole kese apply krna h or ham issay kis fungal infection m use kr saktay h .is Kay side effects.

  • Saajib Zaman says:

    Perfect: she definitely has great knowledge. I have scalp dermatitis and I had to figure out my way. Usually most of the doctors don’t prescribe oral medicines but she covered 360 degree. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • disneyhour90s cartoons serials intros films n ads says:

    thnk q so so much madam im suffering from 5 mnths now i relief itching n hairfalprblm after watch thiz ur so useful information……..mai but pareshn tha thnks god blessd you …
    3 thousnd waste from dromalojislit ……specialists…..thnkso much bottom from my heart

  • rajoo yadav says:

    Mom mere hair aur beard me papdi nikalti hai sirf hair aur dadhi me jaha baal hai
    3 saal se offset hu isko kya bolte hai, sibborike dramatic
    Bahut dawa keya jo aap dawa boli thi apne youtube channel me 3 se 5 mahina tak dawa liya fir bhi thik nahi ho raha plz reply me mom
    Sahi ho jata hai fhir hone lagta hai

  • Pravat Sahoo says:

    Mam ap Medicine ko kis time me khaya jae app bataye nahi plz Mam reply


    Mam please hindi me btaye

  • Fase Fas says:

    Much helpful video thankyou so much maim

  • Ranjan Khatua says:

    Treatment karna aata hai aap ulta sidha medicine ka naam kyu batare hai wrong treatment karta hai bakwas kahi ka

  • Kathy Myers says:

    Can this occur INSIDE of the head?

  • Geet Gupta says:

    Kids ke fungal infections ke bare me bataye?

  • Jyoti Nagar says:

    Mam mujhe bhut Saal se h scalp infection Kuch bta do bhut paresaan hu m

  • prateek singh says:

    Thankyou mam for such a good video
    After the treatment of scalp infection does the hair regrowth starts on the infected area

  • Ayaan Siddiqui says:

    Mam plzzzz mujhy kch beard k liye batayn meri beard puri nai aarhi 1 cheek per hy or ek par bhhht kam hy

  • Parth Patel says:

    Hello Madam how to treat so many small white bumps on lip. So I request you to make video on it.

  • Puja Sharma says:

    Hi Doctor, Can you please let us know how to treat Alopecia, it is spreading on the entire scalp.

  • Arka Das says:

    If I have fungal infection on scalp can I use hair color or keratin treatment?

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