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– Welcome to TRULY HEAL and our Functional Medicine Training for Health Professionals. One subject that always struck a chord when working with health professionals is like how do we help cancer patients without interfering with
the treatment of cancer? How can we support cancer patients while they have conventional treatments or how can we guide them? Almost every health professional today is confronted with many cancer patients, one in two, one in three women. This is an overwhelming amount. And in modern day times we treat the disease and not the patient. And this is what’s gone wrong, and many of you have noticed that, so you would like to help but, well, schools tell you stay away from cancer, do not treat cancer. My children studied
naturopathy and nutrition, and every time the
subject cancer comes up, they say stay away, don’t get involved, send to an oncologist, you are not supposed to
treat cancer patients. And even MDs are required to send or refer to an oncologist or an internist with specialty training if they are confronted with cancer which leaves cancer
patients really isolated. They are isolated by education, you don’t learn how to help them, by insurances, you’re not allowed or you’re not paid for helping them, and by politics. And that makes it very isolated. Always just oncologists, three treatments and that’s it. So what would you like to do? How do you learn about treating cancer? Where do you find all the research? If it’s not taught in schools, if it’s not something
you can learn officially, you need to do your own research, you need to study, where
are we, next slide, you need to study your own
or find your own resources, and that is a very,
very difficult subject. Believe me, I’ve done that
now for the last 18 years. And it’s very misleading. Well, first of all, online there is a lot of
contradictory information. Whatever you find has an opposite. Research papers, conferences, seminars, it’s very time involving, and it’s also very misleading often because you feel like, oh that’s it and then it’s not, and then someone says something and then you realize it’s
connected to his tail. It’s a very complex subject. To filter hype and
hearsay from actual fact, proven fact is a massive undertaking. And then you’ve compiled all your research but how do you make that
into a workable plan? How do you implement
that into your practice? And all that in your own time and fueled by your own passion
to help is a massive job. I found when working
with many of the doctors that we learned from that
there was a lifetime of trying and testing and different
variations of treatment, and complementing this with this treatment to see what works best and what not, and that’s a long-term process. It’s not just something you do. And that’s why finding a
training program for cancer that really works is not an easy job. And you get easily lost
in a world of promise, like GcMAF cures cancer, sulforaphane, curcumin, DIM, like all the frankincense. Well, there is one big problem. When I visited Dr. Adem Gunes in Austria, he showed me a folder that thick with research papers for
over 100 of those remedies, and he said, “Marcus, the big problem is “they work in vitro, in a Petri dish, “and we used the two remedies, “and then, well, cancer dies off, “or it stops replicating
or it induces apoptosis, “but as soon as we tried
the same thing in a patient, “in vivo, it doesn’t work.” And the main problem that he contributed and many doctors do is that as long as the cause
that triggers the disease which is toxicity,
inflammation, infections, all of those, as long
as they keep pressing, the remedy will either have
only short-term results or will not work at all. And there is a big problem like in the way those cures are promoted. Oh, my client was in bed for two years, agony, pain, suffering, couldn’t stand up, was completely exhausted, and then I gave hilin, the next day she felt like newborn, she could stand up, she could go to work. If I’m sick in bed and feel really crap, I’m sold, give me 20 bottles, I’m in. And that’s the sale, but then the mortality rate doesn’t change because we haven’t removed
the root cause of the problem. So to get involved into this project, into this treatment of selling cures is actually quite, well, frustrating, and that’s why we’ve been
investing so much time. I’ve been misled in the same way. I’m not saying, I’m not pointing fingers to anyone, I’ve done the same thing. When the doctors told me this is a great program, this is a great thing, I was equally excited and I promoted. Black cumin extract, that’s it, that’s it, that kills cancer. Yeah, well, it didn’t. And then it was marijuana, and then it was CBD, and then it was this. So we have that belief, I call it the waves, the emotional waves of belief. We want to believe in those treatments and believe that they work because, well, it’s a very, very
difficult subject to treat, and so desperate for a cure makes you believe in many things. But what we found when working with all of those practitioners that there is a different way, a very different way. Not treating the disease, not trying to replace a chemical drug with a natural remedy and hoping it kills. We completely go away from that and this is where the
opportunity comes from treating the patient and not the disease which is completely legal
which is completely fine. And that has to do with
removing those things which trigger the disease
in the first place. Now we found that when you, let’s say, deal with oxygenation, which is a big problem in most patients, you reduce one problem, then you remove infections, then you remove pH balance, the simple things that
I will talk about today, and then you reduce some
inflammation and repair the gut, and then you look at some
of their stress levels, all of a sudden those remedies of which there are hundreds can work, but they will not be able
to have a long-term effect as long as those triggers are still there. And this is what we came
to learn from doctors that, well, have a waiting list of two years, have recommendations by
hundreds of patients, who are not hoping to get another client, they can’t save themselves from clients. And this is a completely
different approach. I think we all want to help and we all want to make a difference and we all want to earn some money, but by doing it in the way
of treating the disease, first of all, we move into illegal space, secondary, we don’t
have long-term results, plus we become kind of like, we always call it the quacks which is a word that you shouldn’t say, but if you don’t have
results, you become a quack, whereas if you provide
results to your clients, you improve their quality of life, you improve and change how
they feel about themselves, how they can reduce the pain
and suffering and enjoy life, you move into a medical field. And this is what this
kind of medicine does, and that’s what we call TRULY
HEAL Functional Medicine. It’s not just functional medicine, there’s a lot more to it, and I will cover that in a moment as we go to the next slide. Health is not an event. You cannot buy it. You cannot go to a doctor and say I would like to have five pounds of health in form of pills or ointments or whatever. It’s a process. It’s a process actually of elimination, eliminating the true triggers
that in the first place caused the disease
which is very important. Carcinogens are toxins that cause cancer. Very clear and there’s many
carcinogens that we absorb. We’re usually born with
already 150 to 200 carcinogens already inherited from mom
plus we add a lot more. So that’s number one. The second part is things that prevent a recovery. See, if your immune system needs to repair tissue, needs to repair your body, it needs to have the nutrients, it needs to have the right environment, it needs to have the right DNA functions. So if that’s not supported, the recovery, the repair cannot happen. So combining those two is what functional medicine actually is. So today I would like to take you through a little bit of a process, because when you come,
well, you have a new client, and you explain, well, we
need to look at your hormones and then we need to
look at your infections, and then we look at toxins, and your gut health is important too. They go like, oh my God, this is gonna be a five-year process and until then I’m dead. It can be overwhelming if you
present it in the wrong way. So what do we want to do
when a client comes in first? Fastest immediate results to bind them, to show that you’re a credible resource, that you have valuable information that makes a big difference
right from start. And that’s what we look at
today, immediate results. In the next video we look
at analyzing a client. What makes them sick? Where does the problem come from? How do we build a timeline? How do we look at their
originating causes, weaknesses, organ, system weakness. That is next video and then
we move into gut health which is probably
clarifying what we do today. So let’s just move into immediate results. I’ve been to a practitioner and he was giving me pain relief within a matter of two weeks. And I was like, yep, that’s the one. I’m gonna go back and I
send everybody else there because his recommendations are great, and I believed that’s the
normal thing that always works. So what is the first immediate result when you have any kind of disease especially cancer? Like over here. Well, think about the seesaw, immune system versus cancer, or immune system versus pathogens, bacteria, fungi, mold,
all of those infections. So let’s go the other way, the other way, here we go, one back. So let’s leave it at cancer. If I support my immune system and give my immune system
everything it needs, I lift it up and empower it, well, then my tumor load goes down. It’s a very normal thing. If I on the other side support my cancer and I give them heavy metals and toxins and infections and drugs and high acidity. I reduce the oxygen level in my body, make it very anaerobic, cancer loves it and it thrives. I give it high inflammation which breeds more and more cancer cells. And I add chronic stress
which is pro-inflammatory and completely debilitating
to everything else, well, then I breed more
cancer cells so they go up and my immune system is
completely knocked down. So who do I support? Very simple principle. Fever is a very simple program that your body is using it as a self-healing response. You have high infectious load, you have something wrong in your body, the body produces fever to produce more white blood cells, all of a sudden you have tripled, quadrupled your army of soldiers. How great is that? I have more defense after a fever. So that’s why fever is
one of those miracle cures that a lot of people have observed. They have two, three-day fevers, very intense fever, and the tumors shrink, they feel fantastic, everything goes away. Fever is not something
you should suppress. Oxygen, they need oxygen. I’ll cover that. They need alkalinity. I’ll cover that as well in a moment. Sleep, well, we all do
need to relax and sleep especially because those
fellows work while you sleep. And an anti-inflammatory
nutrient rich diet, we’ll talk about that too. And immune modulators
which you probably know all the chaga mushrooms and
all the things that we add as a cancer remedy to the program, they’re just the clubs, they
are the guns, the bullets, they are the ammunition
your immune system needs to actually deal with
those fellows over there. So let’s end like I said same
value for your pathogens. So look at two things that
you can do straightaway to improve your patient’s overall energy and your overall support. Number one, you give them alkalinity
and reduce acidity. I am not easy to be convinced, so the very first thing I tried out when somebody explained that to me, I bought a dark-field microscope. I looked like a diabetic, I pricked my finger every two minutes and take blood under the microscope. First, I powered it all up with oxygen and PMF and everything. And my immune system, those white macrophages, those big ones, they were squeezing
through the blood cells and were fully active. It always took them about
30 seconds to get started and then they move all over the slide. Then I added a cup of coffee with one spoon of sugar and drank that, and waited five minutes and then added my slide, blood,
underneath the microscope, and those immune cells
sat still, three minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, no movement. Well, that’s not what you want. This is exactly what you do
when you acidify your body. Sugar, sodas, coffee,
alcohol, wheat, grains, dairy, processed food, dot dot
dot, you know the list. All of that adds to acidity. Now if I do one or two or
three things at the same time and I had some alcohol and
then I have some wheat, my acidity levels go through the roof, and that’s when your immune
system stops working. Just showing that to a
client will make them a lot more compliant
to work along with you and get them on the right track. Fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables completely reverse that process so you can boost your immune
system in a massive way. Lack of oxygen. Another really important subject. We need oxygen not only for
your immune systems to be alive, you also need 100 times more oxygen for the respiratory burst. The respiratory burst is chase and catch floating cancer stem cells and pathogens. So if somebody steals your purse and you run behind them
and you run out of breath, well, they can run away and you lose. That’s what happens in the body too. So your immune cells for
the respiratory burst need 100 times more oxygen. Where do they get that from? They get that from the red blood cells where they squeeze through. They take from every red blood cell some of the oxygen from the hemoglobin. That’s why they are in
symbiosis working together. It’s like an oxygen supply. When they catch an invader,
they need to kill it, which means they need to
convert oxygen and glucose into hydrogen peroxide which
is then the killing effect. So again 50 times more oxygen for killing those pathogens and cancer stem cells. And that’s again if you don’t have enough oxygen in your system, all of that won’t work. And that’s why very simple things which you can implement
into any form of practice, whether you’re a chiropractor, a nurse, a massage practitioner, an
MD or any kind of physician, simply add oxygen into
your treatment protocol, and once you do that, Ardenne, very easy exercise on the bicycle while breathing oxygen intervals. Ozone, super fast five effects in one three-minute treatment. Exercise as we said, you have to chase them up the stairs up and down in your clinic. And then you have hyperbaric
oxygen which is that chamber, you put them in and you
squeeze with pressure. A really good treatment but
it takes a lot of space. It’s very expensive to install. Or an EWOT machine which
is that altitude training, which means you need to
convince them to sit with mask on a bicycle and do some exercise which is not quite as an easy sell than a rectal insufflation and their system is primed. Now the next thing is nutrient, feeding my immune system with
everything it needs to work. Again very short, easy supplementation. Recommendation if you don’t
prescribe supplements, just tell them this is a sheet, look, that’s what I would take, or go to your nutritionist, or they can buy it outright in any supplement store, but it’s very easy. Oxygen, we already said that. You can supply that yourself. Zinc, selenium are mandatory. They are the guns, the weapons. Without them, your
immune system is not able to kill off cancer cells
or cancer stem cells and not even most of the pathogens. Iron and copper, they
need to replicate to help, especially to take up oxygen
from the red blood cells. Probiotics, vitamin D3, and not only in a pill, from sunshine too. B6, C, E, and A, very important
supplementation and folate. Now think about you just make
this basic simple adjustment and they feel better in a very short time, well, you’re already on a winner. And now let’s look at one of the biggest treatment recommendations you can give. I always say what is the biggest result? And for me and for many patients, this was the breakthrough. Actually in fact it’s
sometimes so powerful that you go like, oh my God,
it’s resolved not only this, it’s resolved a whole host of problems, and I’ll share with you one in a moment. Leaky gut. Now your mouth starts
here and then it ends one tube all the way down to your butt, and this tube can have little holes. And as bacteria, pathogens,
undigested foods, undigested proteins squeeze through that into your bloodstream, into your body, your alarm system goes red alert. Life-threatening problem so they stop whatever
else they were doing, dealing with infections,
dealing with cancer, lower priority. First we need to deal
with that main problem, bacteria and pathogens in our system. Undigested proteins are breeding grounds so they will immediately
attack that first. Well, that happens for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner,
snack, late-night snack. I realized when you have leaky
gut, it’s an ongoing process. And most patients don’t correlate the signs of leaky gut
with an actual problem, and then they have all
sorts of secondary problems like brain fog, like
tiredness, like low energy, like concentration
problems, like psoriasis, like skin eczema, like
all sorts of things, arthritis, tendinitis, many, many things and only triggered by leaky gut. And they don’t correlate
because, let’s face it, food sensitivity comes
with a two-day delay or one-day delay. You eat something and then two days later
you get the response. Well, nobody thinks back,
what did I eat two days ago? And that’s why the
correlation is really bad. Healing leaky gut will bring you massive changes in a
very, very short time. I’ve seen patients after two weeks, two weeks of being on
a leaky gut protocol, their arthritis is gone,
their joint problems are gone, all of a sudden they don’t
have the shoulder stiffness, they don’t have this and this
and this and this and all gone just from healing leaky gut. Now that was one of my
main problems that I had, and it was pro-inflammatory
and it was just a deadly cycle, it was getting worse and worse. So I had to face it and I
went on to Dr. Axe program, I went to Dr. Mercola,
I went to Dr. Hyman. I went through all the different protocols and they all give a short-term result. They all help a little bit, but as soon as you go a little
bit astray, it’s all back. And I was interviewing a clinic in Germany where they treat children with autism and on the spectrum with ADHD,
with all sorts of problems, and they used rectal ozone
insufflations to repair the gut. There’s super research that the main factor of
ozone is tissue repair. So if I do rectal insufflations, I trigger tissue repair in the colon. And you can see this in this chart, this is the mucous membrane. So the mucous membrane is complete, this is where your immune system lives. Everything is outside and
this is inside the blood. So all the nutrients should go through and all the bacteria and undigested food should stay outside, right? So that’s where your immune system works and cleans up and repairs. Well, after four weeks
of rectal insufflations, on a low gamma with medium
amount and that was adults, with children they used 60 to
100 milliliters, tiny amount, the gut membrane repaired, and not temporary, not
short-term, long-term. If you didn’t add the right nutrients, the right supplementation, which we all add in our coaching program, you’ll learn about all those
things in great detail, but as soon as you have that repaired, a host of problems goes away, and that’s what will bring
you immediate results. Your patients will feel so much better. And by doing so, you not
only repair your leaky gut, you also repair infectious
diseases in the gut where bacteria overgrowth. Bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, any of the Klebsiella, pseudomonas, pathogenic, anerobic bacteria
overgrow in your gut. They are all treated at the same time with the same treatment, and therefore a complete restoration and recovery is so much faster. And again infections are
priority treated over cancer. They are more dangerous to your system, to your overall survival
rate than cancer is. So your immune system will
always focus on that first, and that’s why dealing with infections, dealing with a dysbiosis in
the gut, dealing with leaky gut will give you such dramatic
results in such a short time that your clients are hooked for life. A friend of mine went to a doctor who, well, just pointed out
dairy making him tired and developed a program how to learn how to observe what happens. So he was four days on a nondairy protocol and then consciously had to eat cheese to see what his energy levels would do. And that was so overwhelming that he switched off brain, couldn’t focus, was ready to lay down in
the restaurant on the bench, and he was so knocked out. And that’s when you, it’s kind of an exclusion diet. You try it out, if you
don’t do it for a while, and then you add it to
the program, to your diet, and then you see the results. But it’s a phenomenal response, and that’s something you can build into your patient’s protocol to give them very, very fast effects. Now reduce the workload is in many forms, whether that’s toxins, inflammation, high stress, dental problems. A lot of people say I’m not a dentist, I shouldn’t look into the mouth of people. Yeah, you should. If there is everything
filled with mercury, if they have infections, if they have inflamed gum, if they have receding gum, if there is mini bacteria overloads, that’s a problem. Treating the patient and not the disease. If I reduce that problem, again I help the patient
to feel much better. And it’s a completely
normal and legal process. So you don’t treat cancer,
you treat the patient. Now let’s recap very short. Do not promote cures. It will bite you in your butt. You might make some money
but you lose credibility. I’ve seen so many doctors who
promoted vegan vegetarian, and then they stopped doing it. Others went back to eating meat because they realized they
lost all the amino acids. And there is a lot more
than a single sided program. It might be good for a short
time as a healing program, as a counter effect to
what you did before, but it’s certainly not a
wise decision to go fanatic, and certainly not one size fits all. In the same ways you say, well,
laetrile cures, GcMAF cures, all of those things you will find that many doctors have tried and they do it for a while and then they drop away, they don’t do it anymore, or they promoted it very big and then they become more
and more silent about it until it’s completely vanished. All of those treatments
have a very short lifetime, yet the memory stays and you
were the one who sold it. Rather support what helps
the client in the long run. See, boosting the immune system, cancer is often called an
immune system deficiency, well, let’s boost it, let’s support it, let’s give it everything it
needs to do an optimal job, and at the same time reduce everything that makes the patients sick. Reduce their infections,
reduce their toxicity, repair their gut, give
them all the nutrients so that their deficiencies
are replenished. There is so much to do on this level that will make a patient feel great, that you will always get word
of mouth, good referrals, he actually deals with me,
not with the general subject, he knows what I need to
feel good, great. (laughs) Health is not an event. You can’t buy five pounds of health and expect it to work. It’s a process. And to accompany your
clients through the process is what I will share with
you over the next few days. In the next video we’ll
discover organ health, very important, systemic health, finding out what’s wrong, analyzing your client, and that will give you a clear pathway. See, if I know this is
triggering the disease, this is contributing to the disease, and this prevents recovery, they now have a treatment plan. And the patient will go like, thanks God, I know now what to do. So they will work with you alongside if you give them a clear understanding, and that’s what I’ll try to give you in those next few videos so that we make it into a process and have long lasting results. And that’s what functional medicine is. Now I have to be a bit arrogant here because we call it TRULY
HEAL Functional Medicine because we’ve taken that
whole process a step further. Normally when you learn
functional medicine, it’s like case studies and case studies and you find out what works. We’ve taken that to a whole new level. And that was because
we had the opportunity to learn with many different practitioners who developed a protocol, for example, to heal the gut, to reduce toxicity, to deal with hormones. See, if I’m a hormone doctor, I know I need to work with the liver and I need to support the liver because that’s where all
my hormones are activated. I also need to know that
my nutritional values are very important because
otherwise my hormones don’t work. So we’ve taken everything
that is related to hormones, everything related to systemic health, your renal system, your hormonal system, your hepatic system, the liver, detox, or your lymphatic system, all of those have a lot
to understand around them and that’s all in those long lines. That’s what’s in the app. So as you learn through, you learn first the questionnaire, giving you all the
clues, all the symptoms, all the insights so
you already know, okay, this is the system we need to look at, you flag it with red. You actually can then
check up what kind of tests are for this symptom most relevant, and then you order the test, or you don’t need the test
’cause it’s very obvious. And then you see the supplements,
you see the treatments, you see the remedies,
everything in one glimpse because it’s all nicely broken down. And then we interrelate in the next step deficiencies with hormones or
hormones with liver health. And as you do that, you
become very proficient in finding out what’s
wrong with the client, and that’s why I call it TRULY
HEAL Functional Medicine. It starts with a questionnaire and it’s a streamline process
right to the treatment. And it doesn’t treat cancer,
it treats the patient and improves their vitality and health, effective, fast, and with lasting results. See, if you promote a cure, well, the disease reason is still there, so it will always come back
and bite you in your butt, whereas here we remove the cause and then we add one of those remedies and all of a sudden we
have real lasting results. And with the app, it
makes it so much easier. This is quite a lot of knowledge that you should keep in here and then you have some
extra space for free time. Well, I needed the app
because after a while, you learn about something, you’re all excited about it, and it’s all so fascinating, and then you don’t use it for four or five months and it’s gone. So instead of losing my repertoire and allowing it to fade
into a minimal protocol, I rather here have it
triggered by the questions, shows me, oh this and these tests, oh these and these treatments, oh these and these supplements, and it’s back there and it becomes totally normal to be able to respond to my client’s need because I have it right at hand, okay. Now if you would like to
join our professional team either as a health coach or as a functional medicine
certified practitioner who has a license to treat, simply find the button or the
link underneath this video, and fill out the form
and get in touch with me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. And if you just want
a little bit more help or have something to share, please post it underneath this video. You can do so here on the website or on our TRULY HEAL channel. I’m dedicated to answer them all, alright. And I’ll see you in our next video where we talk about analyzing a client and finding out what drives their disease.

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