FRIDAY Q&A | Microneedling | Cartridge types explanined | Speed settings to use | PIH/PIE

FRIDAY Q&A | Microneedling | Cartridge types explanined | Speed settings to use | PIH/PIE

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if this is your first time here, my name is penny I’m a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon and am excited that you’re here. Today. We are going to do the Q&A This is the video that I’m doing every single week where I take your questions and your comments and I answer as many of them as I can in one video So today I have a bunch of micro-needling questions because I just put out a micro-needling pen breakdown Video, so first things first, I really really want to recommend to you guys the book thermal needling by dr Lance Satterfield it is an invaluable resource if you are an Aesthetician or if you are a practitioner or if you’re somebody who is serious about micro needling and you’ve got all these questions I really cannot recommend enough this book. It is an invaluable reference I can easily say this is the number one book for me as a master aesthetician for referencing a Variety of treatments not just micro needling. I will be referencing this book today for a few of these questions first question that I’m going to address is one that have gotten from so many of you and that is how do You choose and what is the difference between the number of needles in? cartridges for micro needling so you get these kits and they come with a 12 they come with a nano and they come with a 36 what’s the difference? Why would you choose one over the other? Okay so clearly we’re gonna choose nano cartridges when we want to do a very very Superficial it’s not even needling a superficial treatment to our outermost layer of skin our stratum corneum That’s the Nano cartridge. I think most of us kind of get that Setting that aside When you get to the actual needle cartridges you have a 12 and you have a 36 How do you choose and what’s the difference? so I’m going to read to you quickly because it has something to do with an effect that is called the fakir effect, and it has to do with Comparing the needle cartridges to a bed of nails for example so that you get the idea about the force it takes to puncture the skin depending on the number of Needles and I’m going to read to you here It is the phenomenon where why someone can lay down on a bed of nails without Sustaining injury is referred to as the fakir effect When there are sufficient nails to distribute the person’s weight over multiple points The force is induced by gravity are spread out over a large area and become insufficient to allow puncturing of the skin The greater the number of nails the greater the weight distribution and support per square centimeter The less force is applied at each point of support So basically you’ve spread out your weight over a bunch of nails so in order for that bed of nails to Puncture your skin you’d have to have a bunch of force on top of that weight I hope that that makes sense really think about that So you take a bed of nails and you take away half the nails and then you lay down on that bed of nails well It would take less force because there’s less distribution over those nails For the nails to puncture at the skin the same applies to a needle cartridge So when you have a 36 pin cartridge versus a 12 pin cartridge it’s going to take a more powerful motor to use a 36 pin cartridge and Effectively puncture the skin that said there are more needles in that cartridge So you are definitely putting down more holes at a time So my go-to is always a 12 pin and that is for two reasons number one The faqir effect is is in play. You know that you are able to have a little bit less Motor power and you’re still going to effectively puncture the skin. You don’t have to worry as much about force Because there is less needles to distribute against the skin and also you have more control There are less needles which means they’re putting down less holes as you move along and so for me at home Certainly the control of how many needles how many holes I’m putting down is invaluable So across the board, I like the 12 now I will say that the 36 are definitely just fine You just need to know that that the cure effect is in play it Definitely isn’t going to be as effective if you have a weak pen now on the other side, there are Needle options where there’s literally one single needle. I don’t recommend that to anyone I think that that should be only in a professional setting and I think that it should be with a doctor somebody that is absolutely very very very skilled and proficient in needling and That can be used for scar revision and think about it one single needle with a with a pen and force Yeah, that can really just penetrate into the skin You add more needles to the cartridge the more and more and more needles that you add the more force. It’s going to take to penetrate the skin and The more holes it’s putting down That’s why I always prefer a 12. I used to prefer a 9 before the 12 The 12 seems to be a really great sweet spot this current micro needling pen the m8 has 16 I still really like that very much. I think once you get up to 36 42 you just have to make sure that your pen has a powerful enough motor and You have to be sure that you are Comfortable with your experience that you’re putting down that many holes at a time because obviously you have a lot more needles going in Every single time you’re gonna put more holes in your skin. I hope that that makes sense. I hope that that is helpful and For reference if you do have the dermal needling book that is on page 56 and 57. He literally says as Previously mentioned the greater the needle count the less the penetration due to the faqir effect so it’s right here in this dermal needling book and That’s the reference. I did get a question from Jilly Liang and she basically says that She points out that I mentioned not pouring acid down microchannel holes after You’ve needled I say don’t use glycolic acid don’t use, you know Mandelic or lactic and then she says but wait isn’t higher Ilana acid an acid and of course I recommend using high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid when you do microneedle, the difference is higher ilanic acid is a humectant The other acids are exfoliant So it’s very very different high ilanic acid is not going to exfoliate your skin It’s going to hydrate the skin and it’s good for slip So even though they both contain the word acid, they are two very different topicals So high erotic acid is okay because it is not an exfoliant So, I hope that that helps I want to reiterate that. I do recommend high molecular weight high erotic acid The reason for that is that it is anti-inflammatory And we’re trying to mitigate that inflammatory response that we kick off when we do microneedle It’s integral to the process that we have an inflammatory response. We don’t want to exacerbate it from our topicals So we use high molecular weight higher Mladic acid to keep that inflammatory response under control. Okay, the next question comes from Reina civet Tata, oh shoot. I’m sure I butchered that. I’m so sorry Rayna, okay The question is she says I own the a6 and love it. That is awesome. I have a question How do I determine what speed I should use the pin app as always? I love every one of your videos. Thank you That is really sweet of you to say okay as far as the speed settings on a micro needling pen I almost always use the top two speeds that said Speed is about control so you can lower the speed in areas that you want more control and you You just have to think about it the higher the speed the more holes that you’re putting down, you know The pen is moving more quickly. The needles are penetrating in and out at a faster rate You’re going to put down more holes. So the higher the speeds. There’s two things number one I feel like it gives me less potential for any kind of drag and I don’t usually experience any kind of drag but when the speed setting is higher I feel like those needles are going in and out at a more proficient speed So I’m not worried as much about as I’m moving that they are not getting in and out of the skin fast enough that said when you are new I think that using a lower speed is perfectly fine and moving. Your pen slower is also perfectly fine it’s all about control and It’s also all about the area where your needling when I needle around my eyes I usually turn my pen down just a little bit. I don’t want to overdo it. So I move slower I turned down my speed and I always make sure that I have a needle cartridge that doesn’t have a ton of Pins on it so that I can just control what I’m doing and not over needle an area, okay this question comes from Steven Simpson and This says I fell a few months ago and got severe abrasions on my right cheek and forehead It is all healed, but I’m left with red hyperpigmentation. I have been using derma stamp to try and help heal it is this safe And then they say that they’re scared that they’re going to be left with this redness for the rest of their life so first of all something for you to look into That’s redness is actually called post inflammatory erythema, now what that is is there is a pink or a redness that is left behind in the wake of Some influent inflammation so you can get something called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation That’s typically brown that is left behind after an inflammatory response A lot of people will see that when they have an acne mark that goes away It’s left a brown spot, especially if you are of a darker skin tone. You’ve probably experienced some PIH well P ie is post inflammatory erythema And that is that pink that is left behind after an inflammatory response from a trauma or an injury Now what I would really recommend to you, is that you go see someone you should have someone look at you I probably would not be doing any micro needling or any stamping to the area only because You may not want to add to that inflammatory response kind of causing a perpetuation of that erythema because that erythema is from inflammation so what I would say to you is that if this is enough of a concern To you that you’re scared that you may see this long-term this is that point when you need to go see someone have them look at it and determine a Treatment plan going forward the good news. Is that erythema means that there is blood coming to the area Which is a really really good thing It’s part of the healing process and it means that stuff is still getting healed by your body So that’s good before that goes away you might want to go see somebody get a plan in action so that you’re not left with a Hypopigmentation which means lack of pigment at all and a whitening because that’s actually a lot harder to address Down the line. So while you still have that pink, which is actually a good thing. It’s indicative of a healing response go see somebody go see somebody and have them look at you and Develop a treatment plan together, and I’m so sorry that you fell I really am that’s just terrible I have some old injuries from falling down and I also have some from burning myself with a curling iron and It’s just no fun. So I’m sorry that that happened to you But definitely go see somebody so one other thing that I do Want to just put out there so that people can kind of get an understanding is about Rpms and power with micro needling devices again. I’m gonna reference this book. Do you guys see why this book is so amazing. So Listen to this about the motor on a micro doodling pen because you will hear me talk about when I break down pins I’ll talk about their rpms. They run from 8,000 to 14,000 or it’s an 18,000 rpm. And so we get questions about Okay. Well, why does that even matter do you get a better pen if it has a better or higher rpm? You know, that kind of thing here is your answer high torque is critical for adequate and accurate needle penetration motor speeds ought to be 100 to 150 Hertz per second most on the market are plus or minus 9,000 rpms that equals 150 Hertz so he says the Hertz need to be between 100 and 150 Hertz and 9,000 rpm equal 150 Hertz, so these pens that are 8,000 rpm those those fall in that range of 100 to 150 rpms. So if you’ve got a pen that is 14,000 RPM if you’ve got a pen that is 16,000 18,000 you are clearly Above the required hertz that dr. Lance said our field is saying is necessary for a good treatment okay, you guys this has been a lot of information and as you can see like I said in the beginning of this video this book is it if you are even thinking about doing micro needling or if you are someone who is Often on YouTube looking for information about micro needling. I just I’m gonna lead and I’m gonna end with this this book is Your best friend everything is in here everything that you could think of I have read this book Cover to cover and I still refer to it all the time all the time even when it has nothing to do with micro needling I will refer to this book just to see What dr. Lance center-field has to say about a certain skin issue process etc? Because the information is invaluable. So especially if you’re an aesthetician, I can’t recommend this enough I hope that you guys are having a fantastic week. Thank you for joining me in this Friday, QA I hope you learned something. Please leave any other questions and comments in the comment section. I will address them next week I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you in my next care video that is going to be About the Victoria Beckham the new priming moisturiser We’re gonna do a little breakdown of that new moisturizer compared to the August eanes butter the cream and the rich cream Did a little showdown I’ve tested them both and we’re gonna break them down. See how they compare see which one is better See if they’re worth your money all that stuff that’s coming on Sunday. Talk to you guys then. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care


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