Foods for: Psoriasis (Treatment)

Foods for: Psoriasis (Treatment)

A list of healthy foods for psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which causes
red, crusty, flaky patches of skin on the body. Psoriasis is actually caused by having poor
gut health. The small intestines become damaged and toxins from foods begin to leak into the
blood. This triggers psoriasis of the skin. The good news is that by eating the right foods, you can heal the gut and get rid of
psoriasis in a short amount of time. Let’s take a look at some of these foods. 1. Sauerkraut This is a form of fermented cabbage which
is rich in probiotics. These heal the lining of the gut and help your body to digest foods.
It also supports a healthy immune system. 2. Spinach Spinach is a healthy cruciferous vegetable
which is rich in soluble fibre. This will help to feed the friendly bacteria in your
intestines and cure psoriasis. 3. Blueberries Some of nature’s best healers, blueberries
reduce inflammation in the skin and gut. This helps the flaky skin to heal quickly whilst
working internally to cure the root problem. 4. Avocado These delicious fruits are rich in natural
omega 3 fatty acids. This helps to heal the skin both inside and outside the body. They
also boost healing of the gut tissue. 5. Bone Broth Chicken bone broth is loaded with collagen.
This naturally repairs the lining of the gut and prevents more toxins from leaking into
the blood and skin. 6. Flax Seeds Another source of healthy fats and soluble
fibre which helps the gut to heal. This will prevent toxins leaking into the blood and
prevent psoriasis. 7. Milk Thistle This is a herb that you can purchase dried
and helps to detoxify and cleanse the liver and body of toxins. 8. Blackberries
These delicious fruits improve the health of the colon and supply vitamin C which aids
in healing damaged skin. 9. Almonds Almonds are some of the healthiest nuts on
the planet and are rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin is important for rejuvenating and
hydrating the dry skin tissues. 10. Turmeric
An ancient spice used for thousands of years which helps to lower inflammation. This helps
the gut and skin to heal naturally. 11. L-Glutamine Take 10-30g of L-Glutamine powder per day.
This is the best natural remedy for healing the lining of the gut and completely curing
psoriasis. This boosts the growth of colon cells and lines the gut with healthy protective
mucus. Start with 10g once a day and then after a week take 10g, 3x per day. 12. Tamanu Oil
Tamanu oil has been used by Polynesians for centuries to prevent aging skin. This can
be applied to dry scaly skin to help soothe and heal it very quickly. This is for topical
use only. 13. Probiotic Supplement Purchase a good quality probiotic supplement
to boost the friendly bacteria in the gut. This rapidly speeds up the curing process
of psoriasis. 14. Salmon Wild caught salmon, mackerel and other oily
fish supply healthy omega 3. These natural fatty acids will aid in treating psoriasis
and improve gut health. 15. Shea Butter You can apply this to the skin to soothe problem
areas. Try mixing this with a little tamanu oil or tea tree oil before applying to skin. As you can see, there are many foods and supplements
you can use to cure psoriasis. You do not have to suffer with this irritating skin condition. Simply by healing the lower
digestive system, you can get rid of psoriasis. We highly recommend taking L-Glutamine powder daily, this is sure to solve the problem in
no time. You should also cut out sugar from the diet and reduce your intake of grains such as bread,
crackers, biscuits, pancakes etc… Grains and gluten irritate the lining of the gut and will slow down the healing process. Switch unhealthy cooking oils for extra virgin
olive oil, as this does not cause irritation to the gut lining. To learn more about nutrition and natural
remedies, please see our other videos.


  • Howbites says:

    Great advice for psoriasis sufferers. Having a family member with this condition, I’ve seen how important it is to continually try finding the right formula to greatly minimize this condition. It can be done!

  • Kara Hamil says:

    I need something topical for my scalp… anyone ?

  • traptncage says:

    Dear Ryan, would you be kind to make videos of diet for kidney damage and failure? There are five categories and each requires a different diet, maybe each category separate, please, cat 3a and cat 3b,moderate to severe kidney damage, 4 and 5 are dialysis. Thank you!!. I like your very pleasanr voice, excellent videos , and information.

  • mark says:

    Except its not curable !

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