“Food Does Not Cause Acne” – Response to your comments!!

I heard a lot of comments on my Acne video that were disputing my assertions that food in general does not cause Acne Food does not cause Acne! In general! Let me clarify a little bit about what I said in my Acne video I was saying this as a generality I think that there are a lot of hormones in foods such as milk products, and hormones we do know help to promote the worsening of Acne So, yes, there are certain foods that I think you should avoid because of the hormones that are added to it But it’s still important to know that if you eat a greasy piece of pizza, this oil that you ingest is not suddenly coming out of your pores. Have you ever eaten pizza and then sat back, and you’re really full and you also said: “Oh, I can just feel the grease coming out of my pores” That doesn’t happen! Because that oil does not transfer to your skin. I don’t think that it’s directly the food’s fault that causes your Acne It really has to do with additives that might be in it. such as hormones. Hormones we do know play a big role in the worsening of our Acne.

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