Food Combining Basics (2017) | Dr Mona Vand

Food Combining Basics (2017) | Dr Mona Vand

So maybe you’ve heard about food
combining and it’s something you really want to experiment with but it seems way
too overwhelming and confusing if this sounds like you then watch this video
and I’m gonna go over some really basic guidelines to help make this transition
a little easier hey guys I’m Dr. Vand I am making this video today all about
food combining and you know there’s a lot to know about food combining it you
know there’s details I could go into but I think this would be like a really good
intro video just to give you some of the basics you know I post a lot of this
content in my Instagram stories or little tips that I think you guys really
want something a little more substantial you can refer back to at least that’s
the feedback you’ve been giving me so let’s talk food combining and just kind
of go over the basics so when we’re talking about food combining there are
different food categories we’ve got fruits
we’ve got fat we’ve got protein and we’ve got starches now some foods
obviously have both protein and fat or some foods you know our starch but they
also contain little bit of protein that’s okay when we’re
talking about these different food categories what I want you to remember
is we’re thinking about how they’re digest sit in your stomach I want you to
picture your GI tract kind of like a conveyor belt or like train tracks so if
there’s one thing in front nothing else behind it can pass so the order in which
you eat your food let’s say your food has all the different little cars or
trains on it really matters so for example if you eat something that’s
digested really slowly let’s let’s say takes hours to digest just and then right
after it you eat something that’s digested really quickly this one’s gonna
be taking its time through your GI tract and this food is just gonna like speed up
they’re gonna interact they’re gonna just kind of cause chaos in your
stomach you’re gonna feel that bloating those bubbles and that gas
and that popping just all the bad stuff and that’s when you’re gonna feel really
tired like that feeling can really drop your energy so it’s really important to
eat food that digests the most quickly first and then you know and follow it in
order of what what else takes you know longer to digest if you’ve ever watched
my content you’ve heard me always say eat fruit in the morning on an empty
stomach and that’s because fruit is digested so quickly it takes about 20
minutes to digest and you really shouldn’t eat fruit after any other me
because it suggested so quickly if you eat it after like a starch or a protein
it’s gonna get backed up in your stomach and it’s gonna cause a lot of bloating
this is why I always stress have fruit in the morning for breakfast before you
eat anything else because we’re trying to simplify it for you you know I don’t
want you guys to have to go through your day especially if you’re starting out
and think like how many hours has it been since I’ve eaten this can I have
fruit so just as a good easy rule have fruit in the morning you know that way
you’ll limit your sugar intake anyway this is also a good tip to think about
when you’re out at restaurants or even at home and you think that fruit for a
healthy dessert is healthy it’s actually not which breaks my heart a little because I
love fruit and I don’t want to make it difficult for you but I would really
avoid fruit after meals stick with it in the morning and like a green smoothie
and you’re good to go so now let’s talk about what else is
digested after that so now we’ve got starches so I’m talking about
pastas rice quinoa bread all that starchy stuff you can look it up and
even starchy vegetables like potatoes these take about two hours to digest so
I would really recommend having theses is like your middle meal of the day I
like to break it up as like one food group for breakfast one for lunch and
one for dinner so you can combine all different starches together they combine
well together so you could have like you know potatoes and some quinoa or you
could have some cut-up squash with some brown rice vegetables go with anything
that’s another thing to keep in mind vegetables are free-for-all so you could
have you know steamed veggies with rice you could have some toast anything you
can have like in the *starch category just make sure you have and I’ll make sure I
like post a link or something under this video to give you like little categories
of what’s a *strach so you can mix any of those so *starches take about two hours to
digest now when you want to have protein protein takes about four hours digest
the biggest no, NO is combining a starch and a protein okay I want to just give
you this little example when you eat a protein your body releases certain
gastric enzymes that make it acidic that’s what you need to break down
protein you can look this up this is a fact you know you need an acidic
environment for protein when you eat starches they release a different kind
of enzyme which makes the environment alkaline so think about when you have a
positive and a negative and they combined obviously it becomes
neutral this is the same thing for you have an acid environment in an alkaline
environment they neutralize each other out then all this food just doesn’t get
digested at all so the protein doesn’t get digested the starch doesn’t get
digested it starts to putrefy in your stomach which basically means rots and
then it just ends up causing you know a bacterial environment this is where more
yeast and fungus and bacteria can grow this makes the whole environment more
acidic and this can lead to like even like lead to toxins and cancer and you
know lead you to get bloated so I know it seems like oh it’s not the end of the
world if I have you know protein with the starch but I really highly recommend
looking into this this is like years and years of research and study of medicine
definitely separate these food groups so after you have your *starch when you go
to dinner this is when you want to have your protein so really what you’re doing
is when you wake up you’re starting light and moving to heavy um
so you’ve got your *strach for lunch and you’re gonna have your protein and this
can this is included an animal or plant based protein whether or not you’re
vegan so if you’re having like a piece of fish if you’re having tofu if you’re
having beans if you’re having lentils all of that falls under the protein
category now fruit obviously doesn’t combine with anything vegetables combine
with everything so if you want to have a smoothie in the morning with some fruit
like an apple you want to have some celery some spinach greens perfect
that’s great if you want to have some vegetables with your lunch let’s say you
have like a stir-fried veggie with rice or pasta with vegetables on top or you
know a butternut squash and you want to have some quinoa on the side like
anything you want all the veggies go with everything and that’s also a great
idea for dinner if you have like a protein with a mixed green salad or some
steamed vegetables it’s just good to have like a good you know food that
pairs well with everything now last let’s talk about fats so fats again
nothing with fruit remember we’re gonna leave fruit alone they combined okay with
protein but very very well with starches so this is also gonna give you some more
options here so an amazing meal would be like an avocado on toast because you’ve
got avocado which is the fat even though it’s technically a fruit it’s a
when it comes to food combining so you’ve got a fat on top of a starch or
if you want to put an avocado into like a brown rice bowl with a bunch of
vegetables it’s an amazing dish highly recommend it
you can add coconut oil to different fats when you’re like you know let’s say
you’re cooking rice and you want to like even fry it a little bit you could add
some coconut oil fats are okay with protein you know if you want to have a
little bit of oil with your salad when you’re having like you know a piece of
fish or some tofu or some tempeh that’s okay but try to avoid mixing it too much
this might get a little confusing throughout the day when you don’t know
what to eat what time to eat it so what I recommend you could stick to all
grains all day and then all proteins the next day just have your fruit in the
morning and just you know maybe one day you could do a lot of beans and you
could do like some tempeh and tofu or some fish or another day you could do
like some brown rice for lunch some pasta for dinner or just stick with your
starches for lunch and your proteins for dinner now if in that middle time you
get hungry between you know eating a starch and a protein there’s some food
that’s just combined well with everything and you can have so you could
have a fat so something like chia seed pudding which is so easy to make you
just add almond milk to chia seeds put it in the fridge overnight and you’ve
got pudding in the morning it’s pretty amazing you could have a smoothie with
some chia seeds in coconut oil and like some spinach and ice you could have a
green juice or green salad remember vegetables are like your free-for-all so
you can have them at any time of day veggie sticks salad like obviously you
need to eat more than just vegetables but I just mean as your transition in
between meals those are the basics that’s what I would stick with at first
if it ever gets too confusing don’t beat yourself up over it but these are just
kind of basics to go by if you like this video please comment like let me know
how you feel I’d love to hear from you and I would
love if you’d subscribe to my page let me know what also you guys want me to
post content on and I hope you enjoyed


  • Vjosë Beqiri says:

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  • MaliaLynn says:

    What's the best way for athletes to structure the timing of when we eat fats, proteins, starches, and fruit in a day if we need to hit a greater amount of protein in comparison to other individual?

  • W. S. says:

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  • Alexandre Sayman says:

    Lentils are packed with both protein AND starch.
    By this logic lentils will always rot in your GI tract. Huh.

  • Sienna V says:

    agreeing but also very greatly disagreeing with your theories here. It's all about portioning ! Don't be afraid to have a little starch with your protein at dinner. Can't believe your advising other wise because lets be honest, it's not realistic for most. I would agree in the sense to maybe have your larger serving of starch earlier in the day (like at lunch) but otherwise I am a firm believer in balancing foods throughout the day. Although I did not move on to become a RD, I do have a degree in nutrition and dietetics. For a healthy individual, limiting certain food groups to certain times of the day is unnecessary, although like I previously stated, if eating in bulkier portions (which is never recommended), then I would agree with you. I feel like this video should be more targeted toward those without a healthy gut.

  • Rosemberg Duarte says:

    I love it! And you are gourgeous!

  • Liann Ramirez says:

    Thank you for a very good video on food combining. I've been trying to explain this to my girlfriend for a long time and everything you say is 100% accurate. Once you start food combining you unleash a lot more energy because most of our energy is taken up with digestion.
    Why put a brick into it CONSTANTLY😂

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    My gut was in trouble. Now I ll try this food combination. It seems more manageable, not a diet. I hope it ll help my tummy. I tried Keto, didnt work for me.

    Cheers. 🙏🙏

  • OSimona COLUCCI says:

    Be careful with the vegetable oils though because cooked they are very dangerous since they are unsaturated fat and are harder to digest for us. It's always better to avoid cooking cocunut or palm oil (in fact it's better to stay away from those snacks that contain it) and also frying with olive oil. For frying sunflower, soy and corn oil,. On salads a bit of crude olive oil and maybe some vinegar but just a bit of olive oil and a spritz of salt is awesome. (italian dressing 😉 ) Crude olive oil has amazing properties and it is also used not to fry but to toast.

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    I'm confused, in this video you said that beans and lentils are proteins but in your cheat sheet for food combining they are categorized under starches…please clarify!

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  • Joseph Rzeczycki says:

    According to Jack Tips ND PhD, legumes are in the starch category, not protein.
    Legumes combine well with vegetables, so does animal protein, but not legumes with animal protein.

    LC + HF = a good match.
    HC + HF = poor food combining.
    HC + LF = good.

    This is why Dr McDougall's Starch Diet works, bc it's low in fat.
    Case closed. I think you're confused or not realizing what optimal digestion is all about.
    Avocado on toast might taste good but it's poor food combining.

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    Very worthwhile info. I’m starting out and really need some simplification. Thank you 🙂

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    Hi Dr. Mona I absolutely <3 you but I’m confused. In this video you consider beans & lentils proteins, but on your cheat sheet they are considered starches. Could we please get some clarification? I love your content so much & I just want to make sure I am doing this the right way if I’m being so intentional about everything. Thank you 🙂

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    Food takes minimum 16 hrs to pass from our mouths to the end of the large intestine. When you say it takes 2 hrs to ‘digest’ certain foods, it’s misleading. Unless a person is having diarrhea, any food will take min. 16 hrs. to pass out of the system.

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