FDA Warns That Popular Arthritis Drug Linked To Blood Clots And Death

FDA Warns That Popular Arthritis Drug Linked To Blood Clots And Death

For anybody who’s spent any time watching
television within the last few years, you’ve probably heard the name Xeljanz. In case you’re not familiar with it, Xeljanz
is a medication used to treat arthritis, various different kinds of arthritis. But recently the FDA decided they had to stick
an extra warning label on boxes of Xeljanz after it was revealed in post-market studies
that this product might actually kill you. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions, and Scott, FDA always seems to do their best work after the
fact because they didn’t bother to do the studies that showed that this thing could
potentially kill people till after they had already approved it and given it to thousands
of people across this country. Tell us what’s happening here. Right. So you’ve got Xeljanz which as you said is,
is used to treat arthritis, two different types of, two different types of arthritis
because it helps reduce the inflammatory problems that you have that disease. It also is being prescribed now for ulcerative
colitis and ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation. So naturally Xeljanz helps with that inflammation. But the problem is that we’re finding through
a couple of different studies where people are dying that taking Xeljanz increases your
risk of a blood clot. It could be a blood clot in your lungs, like
pulmonary embolism. It could be a blood clot in your legs or your
arms, deep vein thrombosis and all of those can cause major, major problems for individuals. And so you want to be very aware and talk
to your doctor if you’re taking Xeljanz to find out if you are at risk for having a blood
clot, for having a pulmonary embolism because if you experienced that, you know, those things
can kill you. And unfortunately, that, that, that warning
was just added to those boxes. Otherwise people were prescribed this and
had no idea that that could happen. Right, and this is a drug that’s been on the
market for several years at this point. So there are thousands upon thousands of people
in this country alone who have been taking this medication. They didn’t know these risks were there because
I guess at the time, we may have found out later if there’s lawsuits, at the time though,
allegedly the FDA did not know that these problems were there. And to me that really highlights a problem
with our drug approval process here in the United States. You know, oh, we’ll let you do less testing
before we approve it. So long as after we approve it, you do some
post market studies, which basically turns the US population into the guinea pigs here. We didn’t sign up to be experimented on by
the drug companies, yet that seems to be exactly what the FDA is allowing to happen because
Big Pharma wants to push out as many drugs as quickly as possible so they can make billions
of dollars ripping us off on that front. Right. And we, we see this happen all the time where
Big Pharma comes out, they push out a drug like Xeljanz and they say, okay, we have this
drug out there. And then it goes from their test bed of a
few thousand people to hundreds of thousands of people and people start dying and they
go, oh wow. I had no idea that was going to happen, but
they still a few billion dollars worth of this drug. And then they, they, you know, a bunch of
attorneys come along, file lawsuits against them for these folks who were dying for these
folks that were hospitalized and they pay out $1 billion in, you know, in payments to
these lawsuits. Well, from the pharmaceutical company’s perspective,
that’s just the tax they have to pay. You know, they pulled in $2 billion, they
have to pay out a billion. Oh, they still made $1 billion in profits
on that drug. Sorry, not sorry. We’ll keep on, you know, keep on moving along
here. And so we want to know, you know, if, if anybody
has actually taken Xeljanz and a family member had a pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis
was hospitalized, you want to make sure to report that to, you know, into a lawyer to
see if there is a possibility for compensation in the end. Because that’s how all of these things start
is the attorneys find out about it and start working hard to represent all of these injured
folks who took this drug with no idea that they could have these dangerous medical side
effects. And you really hit a good point right there
in the fact that yeah, these companies, whenever they put out a drug turns out to be dangerous. We typically always find out in the documents
that they knew these were things that were going to happen and that’s why they end up
losing the lawsuits. So then they pay out, you know, maybe a couple
hundred million and some very rare cases, a billion or more, but they’ve already made
a couple of billion off the drug. So they don’t actually lose any money. They build that into the cost of doing business. If we have to pay out x amount in lawsuits,
it’s actually more profitable for us, for us to just leave this on there and cover up
the dangers than it is to warn people and potentially lose sales. And I’m not saying that that is what Xeljanz
has done. I’m just saying that is the typical playbook
and the, you know, modus operandi of what we’ve seen from Big Pharma over the last few
decades. Right, you know, we know that Big Pharma is
doing some good things for us, right? They’re coming out new medications and these
medications are helping people. But unfortunately a lot of times what we see
is that these medications aren’t thoroughly tested. They aren’t, you know, they’re, there aren’t
widespread tests until they get released out into the US populace. And then they find out that there are these
massive problems and these quite deadly side effects and they’ve got to go ahead and, and
then, then, you know, go, oops, sorry, here’s the new label. And I think one thing that consumers need
to be aware of is when your doctor prescribes you something, if it’s not something that
you’re familiar with or something that you know for a fact has been on the market for
a very long time, ask your doctor how long it’s been on the market. Ask him if there have been post-market studies. And if the answer to that question is no,
there have not been, ask for something else. You do as a patient, have that option. And in many cases, there are alternatives
available and your doctor would most likely be more than happy to give you one of those
rather than risk your health with something that has not been fully tested. For more information about this issue, follow
the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions and don’t
forget to sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with me today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.


  • Serioussmile51 says:

    Good give it to Trump, save the effort of voting him out.

  • Saun Krystian says:

    Profits over People…dont be a communist👍👍👍

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  • Emre Veliu says:

    It seems like all the risks associated with any medication outweigh the benefits… TYPICAL COMMERCIAL If you have gas, talk to your doctor if (bullshitophon) is right for you! Warning: Don’t take Bullshitophon if you have a history of heartburn or other stomach related issues. Side effects include stomach cancer, throat cancer, bleeding of the stomach and rectum, seizures, blood clots, significant risk of brain aneurysms, Pneumonia, increased risk of Meningitis, and explosive bloody diarrhea. BUT IT CURES GAS! 😀

  • Timothy McCaskey says:

    I guess death is one way to deal with arthritis.

  • crash bandicoot says:

    Holy f**** s*** my guy I have ulcerative colitis thank God I was never given this drug

  • Idylchatter says:

    I almost wish naturally occurring substances were ownable, patentable, prescribed. Every time I read that CBD has not been evaluated by the FDA I move on.

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  • VenusRising says:

    remember Vioxx? stomach bleeds. take turmeric, ginger, etc.

  • Idylchatter says:

    If you guys really give a crap, shout this from the mountaintops. https://www.ldnscience.org/resources/interviews/interview-burton-berkson 

    About 18 years ago, a man walked into my office with a walker. He had prostate cancer that was metastatic (had spread) to his bones, and terrible rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and he was in horrible pain. The MD Anderson Cancer Hospital (in Texas) said he only had a few weeks to live and he wanted to know if I’d give him pain medication and I said, “Sure I would.” He asked me if I’d heard of Dr. Zagon at Penn State or Dr. Bihari in New York, and I said no. He said he heard they had a drug that might reverse cancer. So I asked why he didn’t go and see these people. 

    He said, “Well, Dr. Bihari is just in a little office- if he was any good, wouldn’t he be in a university?” I told him that if he could reverse cancer, he’d put these big institutions out of business. They treat cancer, but they don’t cure many cancers. I told him that, many years ago, when I was associated with a university in the mid-west I discovered an inexpensive way (with intravenous alpha lipoic acid) to regenerate livers of people who were on the liver transplant list but couldn’t get them due to insufficient numbers of available organs. They wanted to strangle me. They were interested in liver transplantation, not in the inexpensive reversal of liver disease.

    After he listened to my story, he went to go see Dr. Bihari, and didn’t come back, so I thought he died. But three years later, he walks in my office, and without his walker. He told me that Dr. Bihari had stopped the growth of the cancer and cured his rheumatoid arthritis- all with a drug that at that time cost $15 a month: low dose naltrexone. I was very skeptical. But I must have had 60-70 people with rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus in my practice at the time, and I asked them if they wanted to try it. Within 6 months or so, most of them were much improved. Many were completely free of their disease. So, I learned about LDN from that patient.

  • Bonnie Forman says:

    I wonder if doctors have and dispense this information. Thanks for this story.

  • GlenAbbey Farms says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that 95% of pharmaceuticals have tons of side-effects that are way worse than the actual conditions they're prescribed for…

  • J Smith says:

    Anything to get it to the market and make the money first. Worry about the side effects later.

  • Mike Louis says:

    Fuck that! Stupid ass Advil gave me eight ischemic strokes. I'll live with the arthritis pain. I'll also live with, for the rest of my life, impared balance, complete loss of interest in sex, unending tingling on the right side of my body and complete inability to cope with cool or especially cold weather. Advil. Yay.

  • Steven Moomaw-Tupper says:

    it's beyond deplorable that any of these thing happen and I finde it hard to believe making money after they pull the drug is not a driven facter to to keep doing this! Any profit even small one can lead to a long turm bonuses!💯😔🇺🇸

  • Eva Sartorius says:

    For arthritis it might be worth trying high CBD cannabis, and the IBS. I know two women who decided to try ground up nuts.  They experienced an improvement and the one got backed up.  1/4 to 1/2 cup a day.   I am not making money off this just trying to help.

  • Rob Grant says:

    Yeaaaaa. You Report Actual Newssssssssss.

  • Twostones00 says:

    Pot hasn’t killed anyone that I know of. Does it help arthritis.

  • William Mosso says:

    Another reason to hate big pharma. But let's face it. The high cost of R/R has always been off set by the hopeful but hapless in vivo clinical trials. It's only when the wonder drug makes billions and is then found to have noisome side effects does big pharma begrudgingly pull it from the market and settle for pennies on the dollar making the law firm of Dewey Cheatem and Howe skip a de do all the way to the bank.

  • Autumn Blues says:

    Good to know, I have RA and lupus and my Dr. was going to give it to me glad I said no, because it was too new for me.

  • Debbie Rudi says:

    Adequate TESTING is needed & Honest FEEDBACK given WITHOUT Doctor Cover Up. Some Doctors like to CLAIM that the effects patients experience are from their conditions…this IS NOT always true! I have personally dealt with this with my children as some Doctors think that because they OWN their degree, that others who have some skills to trail make can not come to an informed conclusion…I have read my own sinus X-rays in the 90's & was asked if I was a nurse-NO…I advised another doctor that my one child had Strep but because his symptoms did not follow the "Norm" they told me it was not Strep & I was asked if I was a Dr., I said call me Dr. Mom…It turned out to be Strep, I had a GIANT oval hive reaction to Losartan with an increase in Liver Enzymes & Glucose along with a cough…the ONLY new med was Losartan, went to the Immediate Care…do you think the doctor asked if I was on any new medication…NO. Was advised by another it was not Losartan, I asked how do we tell, was told need to go off med., guess what? You guessed it-Lorsartan which has that rare side effect. I am also Chemically Sensitive. Everyone is not stupid & if the side effects were reported like they should be, it would likely show that some of the side effects of many medicines are NOT so RARE!

  • Charlynne Hansen says:

    Hemp works wonders for arthritis

  • Ryvale Remixes & Gaming says:

    Omg I'm on this. Have been for years! WTF

  • Sandra Buckett says:

    I'm glad you talked about this as I am arthritic, I'll know to stay clear of it.

  • Paula Johnson says:

    All arthritis drugs are deadly, especially the biologicals. They're also obscenely expensive. No one should take them. A 40-year-old friend with psoriatic arthritis was painfully killed by one of the drugs a few years ago.

    My neighbor has rheumatoid arthritis and whatever she takes for it costs $200 per bottle. I forgot the name of the popular drug, but it's advertised as causing cancer and TB among other killer conditions.

    The FDA can never be trusted. They're just a negligent rubber stamp for insatiably greedy Big Pharma criminals. They have to approve everything they receive to avoid being put out of business.

    Also bear in mind that there are no FDA controls on OTC drugs, cosmetics and personal care products. Ban brand deodorant burned my skin off and they refused to do anything about it.

  • Kathryn Savage says:

    Pulmonary embolisms are very dangerous! DVTs are dangerous too, especially if they decide to go on a roadtrip through the veins.

  • Captain Tennille says:

    Too bad people have been lied to about the benefits of boron. 🤦🏻‍♀️ it does so much for the body!!


  • Lexy Swope says:

    It's called a business model.

  • crimsonblade25 says:

    I recommend watching John Oliver’s segment about medical devices to compliment this segment. He goes into how something might not be FDA approved but a different classification. Wonder if this drug fell under that other classification as well.

  • christine horan says:

    I was prescribed an opioid after all else failed. Now being denied in my 60 because of young ppl who never needed these meds I suffer in my bed not sleeping stop these new drugs that kill. Stop abusing older patients by dr s fear of DEA.

  • Lo Kee says:

    Thanks for covering this. Hope you can get to benzodiazepines someday.

  • Waldemar Rognes says:


  • Darlene Mchugh says:

    Ever since I took vioxx and had an extremely bad reaction, I'm afraid to take any kind of medication for my arthritis! They don't want to give you pain medication because it's been abused! I don't know what's left to help! The pharmaceutical companies need to research a drug much more than they're doing before they give it to the public they use the people as guinea pigs for their drugs!

  • Daniel Kruger says:

    Really this is a surprise to anyone the FDA is new name has been around a while now and it's still the FDA it's just meaning to FUCK DOSE AMERICANS

  • Daniel Kruger says:


  • BeatlesFanSonia says:

    There are many medicines that have the possibility of death as part of the side effects! I tell my doctor that I won’t take any medication for which the side effects are worse then what is being treated! Check out the list for Cholesterol medicines! It’s terrifying! And those aren’t even proven to prevent anything but you might end up with some deadly or life altering side effects!

  • T Tagg says:

    This was a new off label drug for Alopecia,,, there is or was a trial n people were already using it and growing hair! Holy crap 💩

  • Elsbith Rumble says:

    Another is the Auto Industry. Law suits are projected in the costs. It's always been this way, believe it or not.

  • Marcelline Choisne says:

    we have it in France too, but no warning..i just looked a it,they say "it can be dangerous"not "it is"and class actions arent allowed here…You have to fight alone.then you never win, the opponent is too strong

  • Betty Boo says:

    It’s all about the money,don’t care about.the consumer and the people who have died or became sick from taking it.I also blame the GP who has written the scrips without warning the patients.

  • GreenIdLady 1 says:

    From the first day Xeljanz went on the market, it had a Black Box warning mandated by the FDA, which is the strongest kind of warning the FDA can give. Maybe that should have been part of this story.

  • Annie says:

    With all of these new medications coming on the market, you can't trust taking em'.
    When you take a pill for one ailment it causes other ailments, then you have to take another to combat that one.

    That's big pharma's way to make money on consumers. Look stop trusting this new shit they're trying to push out by using mice and people as guinea pigs in these test trials.

    Then you have your doctor trying to prescribe all the medications on you as soon as they notice an elevation in your blood pressure or something. I don't believe in taking anything these pushers are concocting. I go the old school route and use what mother's and Grandma used.

  • Roy Alvarez says:

    But Americans believe their doctors. And pills are easy like fast food.

  • Gary LeFevers says:

    Just another bullcrap "medication." Anything to give Chronic Pain patients…of course with the exception of what actually does help…opioids. They will give anything, including antidepressants. The problem with that is that I am not depressed when it am not in 24/7 365 chronic horrible pain. I am a diabetic amputee and literally get NOTHING for pain or nerves. Now my wife and I are literally forced to claim that we are drug addicts in order to get Suboxone. We both worked very hard and are now suffering the consequences. We have arthritis in our spine. I can not describe the pain. I would not wish it on anybody. Thank God we discovered Suboxone. Now, thanks to the government who think that they know more than physians, many of those who are suffering are being forced to commit suicide. Of course, for the government, it is a win win. They no longer have to pay medical bills and they save money for those of us who are disabled. This matter is the ONLY thing that will sway not only my vote but the vote of many of us. There are several Facebook paged devoted to the topic of suicide in pain patients. If you are thinking about suicide PLEASE get help. Contact your local emergency room or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-(800)723-8255. Please do not give up. People are speaking out and some lawmakers are paying attention. Things can and will change for the better for us. God bless. ✌

  • die hard 3 says:

    f d a is being paid off by these pharmaceuticals company to let this shit go on,and this being going on for years

  • ChefMimsy says:

    Capitalism does not motivate the healthcare system to cure or even mitigate illness. All it does is motivate companies to make more money. It's most blatant in the pharma sector. Best case scenario is to turn acute illness into drug-dependent chronic illness. Gotta keep up the cash flow. Apparently, killing patients is also perfectly acceptable. As long as we don't cure anything.

  • Antionette Wilson says:


  • Krazy Cool says:

    FDA is a criminal organisation.

  • Greg Contolini says:


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