Fatty Liver Grade 1 What Is Fatty Liver Grade One | Fatty Liver | HEALH1USA

Fatty Liver Grade 1 What Is Fatty Liver Grade One  | Fatty Liver | HEALH1USA

[Music] fatty liver grade 1 what does fatty liver grade 1 of all the organs situated in the GI tract the liver organ is more susceptible to developing problems at a rapid rate this is probably because of the functions that this organ performs what does the liver do the liver functions as a filtering system of the intestines the blood that leaves the stomach first needs to pass through the liver before its exit from the intestines the liver also secretes bile a fluid that is required to break down fats during the digestion process in a scenario where an individual has certain disease conditions that can compromise the health of the liver has excess abdominal weight again which can interfere with the proper functions of the liver or as a heavy drinker the person is more prone to developing fatty liver disease this is because the liver undergoes a decrease in the ability to break down and remove fats that reaches the liver the fats may either arrive at this organ from the person’s diet or be transferred from other parts of the body fatty liver this is an abnormal condition of the liver where there is excess fatty infiltration in the liver or in simpler words excess accumulation of fats in the liver cells this causes the liver to expand and adds more weight to the organ this type of liver disease because of its symptom-free nature is often detected during routine health check-ups blood tests that reveal an elevation in liver enzymes require further testings to be done which are imaging tests like an ultrasound or CT scanning an enlarged liver appearing less dense or unusually bright on imaging tests usually suggest the presence of a fatty liver stages of development the development of fatty liver disease like all other disease conditions occurs at different stages the initial stages of fatty liver development is leveled as grade one here the fat accumulation occurs only around the outside surface of the organ which really does not interfere with the functions of the liver at all grade two and grade 3 are more severe forms which require more intense efforts in helping the individual to recover fully fatty liver types it is important to identify the fatty liver type for proper treatment and management of this liver condition in the alcohol fatty liver type voluntarily abstaining from alcoholic beverages for the entire duration of the person’s existence is sufficient to prevent the progression of this disease in the non-alcoholic type though the disease is linked to obesity or other abnormal health conditions like diabetes tuberculosis or excess prescription drug use in a situation where the person is obese a change in the person’s diet and employing a healthy exercise routine are all that is needed to bring this liver situation under good control the person should minimize consumption of dairy rich food products should avoid deep fried and high-fat foods minimize meat consumption and drink more than the required amounts of water daily to minimize the chances of fat accumulation in the liver if it is drug induced then it becomes necessary to identify the drugs and to either remove or replace them with those that are not known to bring about this liver condition other disease conditions are found to be the causative factor than treating them first becomes important before proceeding to cure fatty liver conditions [Music] you

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