Fatty Liver Disease | Q&A

Fatty Liver Disease | Q&A

[MUSIC] Non-alcoholic fatty liver
disease is a condition in which the accumulation of
excess fat in the liver, not due to excessive
alcohol consumption. It’s a very common condition
in clinical practice. It’s affect about 20% of
the world population. [MUSIC] We care about fatty liver
disease because it is one of the problem which can cause
liver failure, liver cancer, and the need for
liver transplantation. The presence of extra
fat in the liver can cause chronic irritation
of the liver cells and subsequently can cause
further liver damage. [MUSIC] There are three common causes
of fatty liver disease, being overweight,
patient’s with diabetes and also patient’s with
high cholesterol. Keeping in mind some people
with normal body weight can have fatty liver disease. The increasing epidemic of fatty
liver disease has been recently attributed to overweight and
the high prevalence of diabetes. [MUSIC] Fatty liver disease used to be a
very rare condition in children. However, recently with the
increasing problem of obesity in children, fatty liver disease became
affecting about 10% of children. [MUSIC] Early in the course
of the disease, many patients have no symptoms. However, when the scaring and the inflammation of
the liver progress. Many patients start to
complain of problems related to enlargement
of the liver or fatigue. If complications happened from
fatty liver disease such as cirrhosis or complete scaring, patient can have problems with
bleeding and symptoms of other complications of liver
disease such as liver cancer. [MUSIC] When we do a blood test for
a patient with fatty liver disease, many patients will have
elevated liver function test. Imaging modalities can
be very helpful for diagnoses of fatty
liver disease, such as ultrasound,
CT scan, MRI, or fiber scan. Occasionally, patients might
need liver biopsy to assess the significance of
the damage in the liver. [MUSIC] Fatty liver disease in early
stage could be completely reversible. However, if patient continues
to have excess fat in the liver. This can lead to complete
scarring of the liver, or what we call sclerosis. And subsequently liver failure,
and its complications such as liver cancer, and the need for
liver transplantation. Fatty liver disease become
a more common indication for liver transplantation globally. [MUSIC] There is no specific treatment
for fatty liver disease. The most important step is
to control the risk factors to liver disease such as high
cholesterol and controlling the blood sugar, and lose
weight for obese individuals. [MUSIC] There are recent studies which
confirm clearly the benefit of coffee for
patients with liver disease. There have been some suggestions
that drinking two or three cups of coffee a day
will prevent liver cancer, and liver scarring in patients
with fatty liver disease. [MUSIC] The most important food to avoid
for patients with fatty liver disease, are food rich in
refined sugars, such as bread, rice, potatoes and corn. Also we recommend for patients
to consume lean meat and increase the amount
of vegetables and salads in their diet. [MUSIC] At Johns Hopkins Hospital we
are conducting several clinical trials. Looking for a novel therapy for
fatty liver disease. We’re using tablets form for
specific drugs that alter the pathophysiology
of fatty liver disease. What we are hoping is to
prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. To reduce the amount of scarring
in the liver from fatty liver disease. And eventually preventing liver
cancer and liver failure. [MUSIC]


  • musaed alshammari abufanr says:

    الله يوفقك دكتور صالح ،، بمثلك نفتخر ونرفع الرأس

  • Abdulmalik Mansour says:

    بالتوفيق د. صالح رفعت رأس العرب بتواجدك في هذا الصرح الطبي .

  • Walid Nouh says:

    Thank you Dr. Saleh for useful information… frequently I receive these questions from the Lab clients. All the best..

  • Reverend Al says:

    I would recommend different dietary treatment than what this doctor recommends. High in whole carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit. Low in protein, fat, and sodium. Avoid refined sugar.

  • FoodFavors says:

    I agree with allencrider.. Also the doctor contradicts himself by saying in the beginning that high cholesterol causes fatty liver disease. In the end he advises people to eat lean meats (high in cholesterol too).

  • PTX Dear 95 says:

    Great Information. Thank you ☺

  • debwall68 says:

    I have fatty liver disease. I don't drink and I have started eating much better. Is there blood work that I can have done to see if my liver is getting better?

  • The Family Garden says:

    Can the coffee be decaf or half caff?

  • Majeed Qazi says:

    liver function test

  • jeremy encarnation says:

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  • Daisy Guzman says:

    Great I found, thanx doc

  • samra ikram says:

    sir my father have fatty liver diseases hp is very low plz give me advice for heath

  • chantel price says:

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  • Shawna Thomas says:

    Hi! Can someone from John Hopkins answer some ?'s here… My blood is normal, ultrasound said fatty liver.. My liver area is tight and uncomfortable so I'm worried more is going on. Would an mri be better at detection?

  • Shawna Thomas says:

    Also should I take cholesterol meds with fatty liver?

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  • sharalou Ponciano says:

    Thanks for the info..i have fatty liver and i have consulted a dr.. he gave me livolin and normix..after taking it for about 20days accompanied with healthy diet and exercise . I rechecked my liver enzyme it goes more higher than previous one..why is it like that😱😱😱he just advised me to continue mu medication and recheck it again after 1 month..

  • Donna Davis says:

    It is NOT caused by being over weight!!!

  • Donna Davis says:

    I have several friends who fine a day, they are thin and they have NASH!

  • Donna Davis says:

    My friends run 5 miles a day, they are thin!!

  • Carmine Lewis says:

    I had fatty liver for five years. And last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as well. I dreaded the thought of taking a lot of meds which may lead to negative effects, which was why I searched alternative ways. Eventually I discovered this fatty liver treatment solution “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it) and it right away made sense! Since I started out utilizing it, my health has not been better.

  • Robin Garrett says:

    We are at a loss. My step daughter was diagnosed and already has scarring. She does not drink, cholesterol is great, has low blood sugar and eats a healthy diet. We can't seem to find guidance for what she should do! They act like they have never seen a case like her before. Any thoughts? The doctors sure don't have any.

  • Citizenthirteen says:

    Nothing wrong with grains and corn whatsoever. Fatty liver is caused by the fat you eat , mostly in animal products but vegetable oils as well. Eliminate these and you will cure your fatty liver. Why does this guy not know this ? This is a specialist and he doesn't know this ? He recommends eating lean meats ? Thats both laughable and scary at the same time. Take a fucking nutrition course ! You are harming people with your misinformation !

  • juju mikec says:

    What food I should eat ???….because I have been suffering from fatty liver

  • azaz z says:

    no rice or potatoes?

  • rj Ibrahim says:

    which medican use for liver best?

  • Sir jabir Khan says:

    Fatty liver ke Mareez ko coffee spina chahye ke nahi agar pina chahiye to konsi coffee milky ya sada sir I don't know good English please give me answer

  • Leslie from Morning Mist Gardens says:

    Does anyone have digestive issues with this? I was diagnosed with fatty liver , it was found during ultra sound trying to figure out why I have upper stomach pain, it’s a burning pain , not Gerd. My upper abdomen right under ribs will swell out. On omperzole with no relief Seems to be when I eat fatty foods. I don’t have a gallbladder . Just wondering

  • Ernesto Caamano says:

    Studies indicate that STATINS cause fatty liver. Facts indicate that Statins cause high blood sugar and possibly type 2 diabetes. This information is available online. Research and stay healthy.

  • vistagraphsnet says:

    The liver processes fructose but cannot process too much. It has to convert the excess to fat and send it through the arteries causing heart disease. The food industry is the cause of fatty liver by adding High Fructose Corn Syrup into everything we eat, just like the tobacco industry caused cancer and lung disease with its nicotine.. By the way, it is the sugar that makes one obese. John Hopkins is a recipient of funding from the sugar industry so take what this fellow says with a grain of salt.

  • shriram chalwadi says:

    Mildly liver enlarged Kam hoga??? Plsss tell me

  • vj1980 says:

    Thank you, so concise but still very valuable.

  • Moon God says:

    Shut up… you child rapist worshipper..

  • Terry Gascay says:

    Just as I thought, grains & rice in diet increase chance of fatty liver. But I still will do KETO diet and keep CLEAN red meats and cold water fatty fish

  • Amarjeet Nirankari says:

    यदि कोई भाई fatty liver ya liver ki किसी भी समस्या से परेशान है तो बो Amarparivar का liv strong tablet ka use Kare ya contect Kare 9412571828 liver ki 15 days ki madicine only 150 rupees Mr

  • Sutter Family Films says:

    Great information, short and to the point.

  • Occams Razor says:

    Sugar and carbohydrates are the cause of NAFLD and CAD. Take the food pyramid and turn it upside down.

  • Jer Berus says:

    I was diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis last year.  My liver was inflamed (liver enzymes were up).  I have a very fatty liver, too.  I gained 30 lbs last year because of the HH as I had zero energy from winter 2017 to Summer 2018.  I sat on the couch because  I could not move due to that lack of energy.  After several phlebotomies, my liver enzymes are down (thank God), and I feel so much better.  Now, I just need to lose that weight that I gained last year.  FYI, the liver biopsy hurt like hell because of that inflammation.  The anesthesia didn't help at all. That was the worst pain that I've ever felt.

  • Glory of the Messiah says:

    The voice is low😞

  • AES says:

    just do Keto diet and no more fatty liver

  • david cho says:

    I dont drink alcohol… But i have grade 1 fatty liver…

  • Lluvia Torres says:

    I'm 13 and I have fatty liver disease

  • kevbroughton says:

    https://www.herbalbiotech.com/herbalbiotech-liver-defense Cracking supplement for anyone with liver issues.


    what are its symptoms

  • Sakhawat Hossain says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Sakhawat Hossain (Sumon) , Statistical officer at Chittagong Port Authority, from Bangladesh .

    For the last two months, my urine was getting yellow. Then I was tasted my blood the result is

    S. Bilirubin , S.G.P.T/ALT, S. Creatinine was 1.60mg/dl, 92.0 U/L & 0.90 mg/dl respectively . Then Port doctor advised me to admit in to hospital , Then I was admitted in to hospital. Doctor told me to take Ursodeoxycholic acid-300mg twice daily. I was doing it. afrer 3 days Then Doctor further examine my blood and found the result is S.Birilubin 1.50mg/dl, S.G.P.T./ALT-94.0U/L, S.G.O.T./A.S.T.-62.0 U/L, HCV-Negative, HB%-15.0 gm/dl, ESR-08mm, T.C-7800/cu.mm, D.C-54/40/03/03 , PI.Count-150000 cu/mm, HBsAg(s)-Negative. After 2 days doctor tasted again S. Birilubin -1.0mg/dl, S. S.G.P.T./ALT-154.0 U/L, S.Alk.Phosphate-164.0 U/L, S.Albumin-4.8gm/dl. Hb-15.0gm/dl, E.S.R.-08 mm fall in 1st hour, Whit blood cells -7500 per cu. mm, Red blood cells 5.0 per cu. mm, I have no Diabetes. and USG of whole Abdomen was done the result is “1.Liver midly enlarged (14.1 cm) with homogeneously echogenic in parenchymal echo-texture. 2. Gallbladder is normal in size , there is a blight echogenic structure in the lumen (11mm) casting posterior acoustic shadow., Spleen is prominent (10.8cm) & uniform’’ then doct. commented that 1. cholelithiasis,2. Modarate fatty change in the liver with mild hepatomegaly, 3. Prominent Spleen

    In the above circumstances, What should I do?,

  • ALI EJAZ says:

    what is liver sickness and How to control complete guide


  • Pranjit Basumatary says:

    How much I can eat rice in a day..

  • Matthew Zhang says:

    So basically you need to have a low-carb diet to reverse the NAFLD

  • Juliana Rodriguez says:

    In so much pain right now

  • Dimitris Panagiotakopoulos says:

    The cause of fatty liver is hyperinsulinemia due to consumption of refined carbohydrates. Eat good fat and cut carbs. This is the solution.

  • Ray Mak says:

    I need my coffee now

  • Bazza porter says:

    Does Choline remove fat from the Liver? or is it BS. If so how much Choline would be recommend for the average male. What about complications on iron overload in the blood.

  • JahangirVlog says:

    My ultrasound result shows " Fatty change in liver " what does it mean? And my blood ALT range is 67, is ALT responsible for fatty liver. Well, I am 27, non-alcoholic person but I have 12 kg over weight . Can anyone help me giving this information?

  • MrGoblin60 says:

    Look, I like booze and junk food and can't be bothered exercising. Can't you just develop a pill to take once a day?

  • United we stand 777 says:

    what about hepatitis C?

  • Linda McNeil says:

    Based on the functionality of metabolic pathways, I would think that diabetes and obesity would be a symptom of NAFLD not the cause. The cause would be what what causes high blood sugar and overweight… which would be excess carbohydrates , sugars, and processed foods.

  • Morisejko Moriss says:

    what about limit your fructose, sugar and alcohol sir, no treatment ?

  • medhu k says:

    Nice video, you may also want to checkout the review of The Fatty Liver Solution on my blog here at gohonestreviews. com/the-fatty-liver-solution-review/ Thanks, Berchtold.

  • Pamela Bastin says:

    please explain I have fatty liver since 10 years and now diagnosed with b12 deficiency, is it correlated

  • Sunil says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this nice video with us. In Ayurveda, liver damage can be treated successfully without the need of undergoing liver transplantation. Planet Ayurveda offers Yakrit Plihantak Churna and Liver Detox Formula Capsules which are quite effective for the treatment.

  • shivani balram says:


  • Dr ranjana kaushal says:

    Fatty liver can occur due
    to lifestyle and change in diet nowadays. My friend also suffered from this
    problem from last 6 months. He took planet Ayurveda liver detox along with
    Phyllanthus niruri. Now he is fully cured.

  • susant sahu says:

    I have fatty liver can I use multivitamin tablets

  • john saddler says:


  • jon pall says:

    md's do not have nutritional training, this is a homeopathic problem, check to see if a naturopathic physician is licensed in your state,
    stay far away from rockefeller medicine.

  • Hoodo Somalilander says:

    Thank you so much for your advice Dr My liver fat just started now and I’m pregnant 6 months what can I do I am so worried please give me some advice thank you very much Doctor

  • Kumiho says:

    this dude a robot.

  • Solidus says:

    I actually had a lot of symptoms concerning the fatty liver disease, such as being tired ALL the time, had pain in my abdomen, my weight shifted a lot and my skin was really, really bad. My friend recommended me to try a detox.
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  • loveasmr53 says:

    I enjoyed your video and thanks for sharing. Can medications cause fatty liver or working with many gallons of Xylene daily for years. I have heard it can be absorbed through the skin and distort fat.?

  • Manish Arora says:

    Fatty liver has an accumulation of triglycerides and other fats in the liver cells characterized by the enlarged and swollen liver with fat. My uncle had a fatty liver. He used Ayurvedic treatment of "Planet Ayurveda". They offer the best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Fatty Liver Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of fatty liver. You can also use these remedies if you have Fatty liver

  • Vic Farago says:

    This guy is a bit behind, a ketogenic high fat ultra low carb diet will reduce fatty liver quickly

  • Kevin Joe says:

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  • DK viking KD says:

    come on, we all know it's sugar (especially fructose) and corn oils/transfat that cause problems in the liver (apart from being fat)

  • Jazmyn Forrest says:

    He’s so stupid

  • Vazcular says:

    Milk Thistle……..

  • Yatra Munk says:

    This edition of this Book is really helpful a must read book https://www.amazon.com/dp/1980644373

  • Ruby Sharma says:

    How we can recover the alchohlic liver diseas is there any treatment or any way to recover it

  • Dev Rifter says:

    yeah, Listen to doctors and you will endup in grave, you need proetins and a bit of fat and very little carbs, doctors are scmarers, they lead people into livertransplants because there is big money in it!!! just how insane this dude is

  • Dev Rifter says:

    doctors want their patiens to have expensive prodedures like liver transpants 😉 so they will lead you to it


    Sir how to remove fatty liver. Immediatily pls reply

  • David says:

    this had me worried … I thought I was going to give up coffee….

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