FATTY Liver: 5 Things You MUST Avoid – NAFLD – 2019

FATTY Liver: 5 Things You MUST Avoid – NAFLD – 2019

hey I’m dr. ken berry family physician with almost 20 years of clinical experience and today I’d love to discuss with you fatty liver disease and five things you absolutely must avoid if you want to reverse it millions of people around the world are being diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis these are different kinds of fatty liver disease Nash is an inflammatory condition whereas NAFLD is more of just a fat accumulation without progressing to the inflammation yet now millions of people are suffering but there’s a way out there’s a way to reverse this that’s very natural very easy and very inexpensive and I want to go over the five things you should avoid and I think there’s actually a bonus thing but also in this video I want to talk to you about three myths that you may have heard about fatty liver that if you follow them they’re not gonna help you reverse your fatty liver at all so let’s talk about this so you’ve been you’ve been diagnosed with NAFLD or nash or fatty liver now what here we go so there is no fda-approved pill or injection for fatty liver although big pharma has spent billions of dollars trying to come up with one the reason for this is that fatty liver disease is caused by your diet and you will fix it by changing your diet permanently to a delicious healthy diet that’s that’s sustainable and full of good nutritious natural real foods that you can eat for the rest of your life as you reverse and get rid of your fatty liver and never get it again but now let’s first talk about the traditional advice you may get from your doctor so you know you’re diagnosed in your follow-up appointment your doctor says okay you need to avoid all alcohol and you need to avoid acetaminophen or Tylenol I totally agree with both of these recommendations you need to be a teetotaler if you’ve been diagnosed with fatty liver alcohol needs to not pass your lips again because alcohol is a poison that makes your liver work harder and if you’ve already been diagnosed with fatty liver you don’t need alcohol at all zero not red wine for the for the the good antioxidant that no no alcohol no tylenol no we’ll say to benefit because it is absolutely metabolized by the liver and your liver doesn’t need any extra duties while it’s trying to get rid of the fact that that’s been accumulated there now on to other traditional advice that you may get which can be very vague and very obtuse and leave you going okay so how do I do that stuff like eat a healthy low-fat diet what’s that mean exactly eat lots of fruit and veg is that good advice or is that actually bad advice perhaps drinks fruit smoothies perhaps do liver cleanses which either are things you buy from that provider or buy off the internet perhaps they tell you to drink more fresh squeezed fruit juices is that good advisor is that bad advice and then always the last two pieces of this traditional advice is to exercise more in lose weight okay thanks for that now let’s talk about the problem with that advice first of all that’s the same advice you’ve been getting for your entire life from your health care provider your dietitian is your nutritionist yeah we want to lose weight we want to exercise more we want to eat a healthy diet but let me give you now some very specific advice that I have seen people use to reverse their fatty liver disease hundreds of times and to not only make the fatty liver go away to make it stay away and that’s the things I’m going to talk to you about in this video non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis the fatty liver conditions they’re all about sugar they’re all about fructose they’re all about insulin and they’re all about inflammation that’s what causes them and when you get rid of those things that’s what’s going to reverse your fatty liver disease so I’m gonna tell you the five things plus a bonus thing that you need to avoid completely while you are reversing your fatty liver disease but first I want to tell you three myths and you’ll you might hear this from your health care provider or after you got home from your diagnosis you might have googled fatty liver disease and came up with these things you might have heard to eat a low-fat diet to avoid fats and so there’s really two different kinds of fat that I’m going to talk about more in a minute but the healthy good fats have nothing to do with storing fat in your liver eating fat does not make you fat and eating fat does not cause fatty liver that is a medical myth a nutrition superstition that’s just not true number two is that eating lots of protein is hard on your liver you should eat a low protein diet again there’s absolutely no meaningful research that backs this up nothing shows that at all that is a medical myth and a nutrition superstition number three is what’s number three Oh fried foods you should avoid fried foods there’s nothing magically good or magically bad about fried foods it all comes down in what did you bread the food with and what did you fry it in and we’re going to talk about that more down in the five things okay that’s three myths you can forget about those those are meaningless myths they don’t help you at all now let me talk about the five specific things that you can implement as soon as this video is over and start to immediately reverse your fatty liver disease number one is you need to avoid sugar in all of its forms obviously the bat the five-pound bag of sugar you buy at the store obviously any kind of pre sweetened sugar added anything you need to avoid sucrose which is sugar is made up of glucose and fructose when you eat sucrose or sugar and this can go further this is also applies to the natural sugar sources like honey and agave nectar when you eat those the glucose in that causes an insulin spike and the fructose in that does is not metabolize the way normal sugar is fructose is absorbed through the portal vein straight into your liver and when you’ve eaten the glucose along with it which is how you get fructose you can’t just get it by itself even in high fructose corn sir if you’re still getting glucose so with your insulin already spiked because of the glucose load then the fructose is immediately converted into a triglyceride which is stored in your liver so you got to stop the sugar in all forms and you may say well God that sounds like a lot of trouble that sounds like I love sugar yeah you’ve been diagnosed with fatty liver disease which will progress to steatohepatitis and will progress to cirrhosis and ultimately to liver failure this is not a joke this is a very serious diagnosis you’ve got that’s the bad news the good news is is if you avoid these five things and do the other things I tell you about on my other youtube videos you’ll get rid of the fatty liver and you’ll keep it gone forever you’ve got to get rid of the sugar number two it’s soft drinks whether they’re sweetened with just sucrose table sugar or whether they’re sweetened with high fructose corn sweetener or sugar either one of those is terrible for your liver the high fructose version is probably worse but there’s not a lot of research about this and there’s also billions of big food dollars out there trying to keep that quiet so but you need to avoid all sweet and soft drinks whatsoever I would also minimize sugar-free or artificially sweetened soft drinks as well we’re grown-ups here you don’t need to drink your your soft drink your soda every day anymore you’ve been diagnosed with a liver medical condition so you gotta stop the soft drinks number three fruit juices now wait a minute I thought I thought he I should eat lots of fruits and vegetables why do they always say that way with fruit in the front I’m not sure no you don’t need to eat lots of fruits definitely not eating an occasional piece of raw fruit is not a big deal there’s a lot of fiber in there that slows down the absorption of the glucose and fructose so it’s probably not a big thing I would not make fruit a big part of your diet that might be your dessert since you’re avoiding all sugars you might have a little cup of berries or an apple or something as dessert but that’s that’s the that needs to be the extent of the fruit that you eat but fruit juices are just concentrated forms of the with sugar that’s in fruit if you drink a glass of orange juice that’s you’re getting the fructose from four or five oranges that’s way too much fructose you you have to stop the fruit juices and that includes the fruit fruit juice smoothies and maybe the liver cleanses out there you need to understand there’s no research that shows that any kind of liver cleanse that you buy on the Internet is going to help your liver at all what you’ve got to do is stop doing these five things and then do the other things I talked about that’s what’s going to reverse your fatty liver number four is you have to avoid grains this includes wheat corn oats rice amaranth millet quinoa all of them you got to avoid all these because they are full of carbohydrates and you can do a quick search on the internet and say what are carbohydrates made of carbohydrates are long chains of sugar that’s what they are there’s no argument about that grains do not have anything in them that will help your liver at all there’s no meaningful nutrition in grains that you can’t get more of from better sources okay number four grains have got to go and and so when I say that I’m talking about from the cheapest white bread that you can buy at the discount store to the most expensive stone-ground non-gmo ancient wheat bread that costs 42 dollars a loaf they’re equally as bad for your fatty liver they have to go number 5 is industrial seed oils remember I said before they said stop eating fried foods if you’re frying that food in these oils then you need to stop that immediately and start frying your your good quality whole food in real fat which we’ll talk about but what are the industrial seed oils they are canola soybean oil peanut oil corn oil cottonseed oil safflower oil sunflower oil those are the major ones stop cooking in those stop adding those to your food if you want to use a plant-based oil then some coconut oil is great olive oil is great if you I prefer the the the animal oils like lard bacon grease tallow butter those are the fats that I use in my diet none of those good fats will increase your risk of fatty liver or make it worse but the industrial seed oils have a very high omega-6 to omega-3 ratio which is very very inflammatory for your liver and your other body parts it’s not that all omega sixes are bad that’s not the case it’s if you’re getting too much omega-6 versus omega-3s that’s where the problem arises and so now the bonus tip is you’ve got to stop snacking you need to eat either two or three discrete meals during the day in an eight-hour feeding window and otherwise you’ve got to stop the snacking in between meals because that’s going to keep your insulin level elevated which remember we talked about earlier is going to cause any amount of fructose you’ve got in there any amount of sugar to break down into fructose and then you’re going to store that as fat your liver so there you go now I’ve got two other videos about fatty liver disease and I’m gonna post them here and here you can click on those and watch them right now and then also down in the comment section or down in my description I’m gonna post the diet that once you’ve gotten these six things out of your diet you can follow even more a real whole food ketogenic diet is the only diet I’ve ever seen reverse fatty liver disease and I’m gonna post a link to my playlist which has over 50 videos about the ketogenic way of eating that you can watch at your liberty and learn all about this now if you know anyone with fatty liver disease NAFLD na Sh cirrhosis or even liver failure please share this video with them sharing videos like this is how we’re going to reach the world they’re never gonna hear about this from their primary care health provider maybe they need to hear about it from somebody and you can help me be that somebody if my videos have helped you improve your health in some way then please consider clicking on the patreon link it’s right down below it’s a quick sign up you can throw a buck or two my way so that I have more time and more resources to make videos just like this if you like this video click subscribe button and the bell right beside it so that every time I get a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first to know this is dr. berry I’ll see you next time


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    I love lemon or ACV in my water. Does this spike sugars?

  • The Luko Show says:

    Hey Dr B.
    Have you seen the show on Netflix, “Gamechangers”?!
    I would love to get your thoughts on it.

  • dorkchop46 says:

    Dr Berry, in one of these fatty liver videos, I believe you said you said avoid acetaminophens. So what can I substitute in the place of pain relievers? BTW, I can't take Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen( those pills make my heart race).

  • Kim Van Note says:

    Thanks A lot! Dr. Berry

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