Fasting for weight loss or to cure eczema and psoriasis? My experience..

Fasting for weight loss or to cure eczema and psoriasis? My experience..

HI guys, it’s Adelle. Now many of you currently know me as someone
who likes to share my life on the internet and inspire other would be YouTube entrepreneurs. But back in the day I was the water fast chick! The video I uploaded about my 10 day water
fast has been seen worldwide by over a million people. And it’s still the most popular video in it’s
category. So I went and dug out the same shirt that
I had on in that video which was shot almost exactly three years ago. And I thought I would answer some of the most
burning questions that I received about water fasting: How much weight did Iose by just
drinking water for ten days straight? How much weight did I gain after the water
fast? Was I able to exercise? And did the water fast clear up my eczema? All that is coming up in this video so stay
tuned. So the first question I’m going to answer
is was I able to exercise during this water fast? Now the answer is absolutely not. My body was rather fatigued for the first
little while. You get a bit of energy after you go for the
first couple of days so you can use that for going on light walks or doing a bit of housework. But generally, you want to keep your brain
occupied with something that’s fun, distracting and easy so that you’re not thinking about
food and you’re not building up an appetite. So I watched a lot of old movies, I read books,
I played cute mobile app games like Best fiends. Best fiends is a free puzzle adventure game
where you collect and upgrade characters, you can match same colored objects and you
can actually connect to facebook to compete against your friends. This was like the perfect game to kind of
unwind your brain and just have a bit of challenge and a bit of fun. I thought the characters were pretty cute
and best fiends actually sponsored this video, so thanks so much to them. This month there is a free Valentine’s day
heart challenge so, make sure you click the link below this video to download the game
and you’ll get five dollars worth of gold and diamonds to use in the game for free. Now the next question was did I lose weight
while drinking only water for ten days straight? And the answer of course is yes! Eleven pounds in ten days. And the thing about losing weight that way
is it comes back really quickly. So to bring me to the next question, did I
gain weight after the fast, yes, I gained back those eleven pounds plus more. You know I gained about fifteen, sixteen pounds
back and that was just a consequence of returning to a normal diet but also a consequence of
this psychological thing that the fast that kind of messed me up where I was just really
hungry for a super long time. And in the video I talked about how we had
a party, we had like friends over and we just like had like a bunch of food and I cooked
everything and I went and bought all kinds of food I wanted to eat and stuff. And like that continued for a good couple
of months. So I’ve said it before, I will say it again,
if you are interested in doing a water fast for long term weight loss, I do not recommend
it. I know there are some fitness professionals
for will do things like this so that they will look good for competitions or a photo
shoot. But just in general, water fasting for weight
loss is a bad idea. Which brings us to the next question, which
is the reason why I did the water fast in the first place. I was really sick. I was experiencing a number of skin ailments
which is for me the first place where illness will show up. And I had eczema and psoriasis and you know
the water fast had been recommended by the naturopath. They tell you about detoxing and your skin
and gluten allergies and all kinds of crazy things. So this water fast was supposed to fix my
skin condition. It didn’t. It didn’t even help it, really. Things just kinda stayed the same. And all these years later, I am mostly eczema
and psoriasis free for the most part. I have a pretty normal diet. I try to eat healthy and well but I still
eat out, I still eat gluten, I still have dairy, I don’t eat 100% organic like I did
back then. And yet my skin condition is perfectly fine,
wonderful, healthy and I feel great. And I have a little bit of insight on that
that I’m going to share. The first one is like a random thing that
I kind of figured out and noticed. One time we got these probiotics from the
vitamin store that were supposed to be really good for skin conditions. And I had moderate eczema and it was itchy
and rashy all over my body. And I thought oh okay let me take a good dose
of these probiotics and go to bed and I’m sure it’ll be great. So I took a good hit of these probiotics,
washed it down with a bunch of water and when I woke up in the morning, I had weeping eczema
so badly that I could barely move. So my eczema had gone overnight gotten a whole
lot worse. Now there can be a few theories behind this. You could say that well maybe the probiotics
were doing a good thing and I was getting an intense detox or you could look at that
and say ok it seems that the eczema is related to something that would be affected by probiotics
so I can’t help but wonder if that is the underlying cause. And sometimes it’s not necessarily affected
by the food we eat so much as it is the bacterial balance. Eczema is still a mystery that science has
yet to figure out and the thing that seemed to cure it for me was leaving a unhealthy
relationship and doing the things I loved. My YouTube career allowed me to move to the
mountains and live the life of my dreams. I was so happy, I was breathing beautiful
air, I was feeling good emotionally and when I made that transition from being miserable,
living in the city and to just going and being where I wanted to be and doing what felt right
to me, almost all of my health issues went away. And as some of you know, I did have a major
health issue or two while I was out there and my body was recuperating from all the
stress I had been under previously but all the skin conditions were gone. I didn’t stop using makeup, I didn’t stop
using certain creams, I didn’t switch my laundry detergent, I didn’t do any of those things. Those are the basic questions if you have
any more you can leave them below for me in the comments and please share your experiences. If you see questions that you know answers
to please by all means answer them, community is what makes YouTube great. Make sure to subscribe to my channel for more
interesting videos. Follow me on twitter, add me on facebook and
check out my pictures on Instagram. I love hearing back from you guys. Thanks so much and I’ll see you again soon. Bye for now.


  • Joanna Shares says:

    Nice update, thanks Adele!

  • Oindrilla Deb says:

    Even I'm thinking of going on a water fast for about a week. Let me know if it has worked for anyone over here. 🙂

  • infinitea says:

    dry fasting is superior to water fasting..just saying but prudence is needed because its risky

  • Iron Fire Horse says:

    I remember that video 🙂

  • The Pooch Granny - Margaret Mimi Bond says:

    Yup yours was stress related. I get skin breakouts from stress too. On my upper arms and shoulders. Glad yours is better!!!

  • The Pooch Granny - Margaret Mimi Bond says:

    I believe water fasting is just unhealthy all around. We need a balance. The only way to lose weight period. …
    That's it PERIOD 😉

  • Linda Magorno says:

    I went on a water fast for 18 days, many years ago. Was not too difficult. Did lose weight. BUT! The weight came back – and much more. And, as the days passed, I became obsessed with thinking about food. Recently, I did a "potato only" diet. Soooooo much easier. Never hungry. Always satisfied. Lost 30 pounds in two months, and have kept it off. Would definitely do again.

  • LovedHappy says:

    That's amazing that that video has had so many views! Also you are getting so close to 100k!! Wahoo!😊💖💖

  • 077 Di says:

    Causes of eczema is holistic

  • Ms D. says:

    @Adelle Ramcharan read Louise Hay “ heal your body” .

    Probale cause of exczema:
    Breath-taking antagonism. Mental eruptions

    Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and indwell me. I am safe and secure

  • Victoria Stewart-Meyers says:

    I wish that I could help you, because I feel like your missing the basics you need. you talked about did the water diet fix my eczema, did the probiotics fix my excema. you try to use an allopathic question for a holistic answer. not gonna work, health doesn't work that way. Excema and psoriasis are auto immune conditions often caused iatrogenically. meaning modern medicine causes and exacerbates these problems, then gluten and stress and other dietary toxins, and allergies make it worse, causing flare ups. when you took the probiotics it did cause a detox prices to begin, setting your excema on fast forward. I wonder what other dietary changes you had made at the time to support the detox and probiotics? anyway, I hope you will do more research into your diet to help you overcome heath issues I have heard you mention. <3

  • Tim Steele says:

    Maybe you were allergic to red flannel, lol. Nice video, great message. So much of our health is related to stress, and most people are unwilling or unable to make big changes. I've watched friends health go downhill quickly when they start working night shifts, and also have seen people whose problems disappear quickly when they go on vacation. Nobody wants to admit that the cause of their problems is "their life."

  • Sofia Habity says:

    I have suffered from something different: low back pain and inflammation and it's been going on for 3 years after graduation and taking a new job. Then I booked a trip to Cuba to unwind and be in the environment I loved and it was like a mystery. Almost everything went away I had no pain during all that stay and I felt so healthy and alive. As soon AS I got back I started feeling sick again and this winter I had another episode of low back pain. Thank you for this video!

  • Daniella Michelle says:

    My grandma had to go to the hospital after doing this diet a couple years ago. I think it was her fourth or third day on it, and she suddenly just passed out. Thankfully, my grandpa was home (he almost never is) and was able to call 911 and get her an ambulance. So, to anyone thinking about doing this, please, PLEASE, contact your doctor to make sure you're fine to do it. My grandma almost died after doing this, and she would have, if my grandpa wasn't home.

  • Paris Davis Dean's DAMP MEDIA says:

    I watched closely to see what I was putting in my body some years ago; and found out the dairy flared my eczema up. I would have milk in my cereal…OMG, it was horrible. Couldn’t figure out what it was until I asked my self “what are you putting in your body the MOST”? Only when I use dairy is what gets mine going crazy! Nice video Adelle. Thanks

  • Nancy Lane says:

    sorry about troubles just for info, had a brother that told he was diagnosed as having psoriasis found out was allergic to vinyl in chairs, got a cloth chair went away, Dr had him on 3 medicines, none were good. if you have open wounds Madka honey cure it even helps with flesh eating bacteria but is expensive. Glad you got out of situation you were in.

  • Dianne_M_ Kartes says:

    where did you go for your water fast and what was the expense for all 14 days? Did you drive to the location -Lot's of money I will assume.

  • Easy Solutions says:

    great job

  • Easy Solutions says:


  • Kiara says:

    urine therapy will work. read water of life

  • Carrie Cook says:

    Was your probiotic dairy-based?

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