Fasting and Nutrient Deficiencies with Loren

Fasting and Nutrient Deficiencies with Loren

hi I’m Loren Lockman in this short video I’m going to be talking a little about nutrient deficiencies and how you can meet them as well as possible and set your body up so that you never have these issues again you know many people today are finding that they’re winding up with problems with deficiencies whether it’s b12 or it’s iron or it’s one of the B vitamins other B vitamins or it could be anything else many people are winding up with issues that are created in the body as a result of a nutrient deficiency and the simple explanation this oblasts are for Muslim is take a supplement and that is certainly one possibility you can take a supplement and by taking a supplement ensure that you’re getting all of the b12 iron whatever it might be into your system point out to you though is that if there’s a nutrient deficiency it’s happening as a result of only one of two possible causes on the one hand your diet may not be completely sufficient if your diet is deficient in a particular nutrient it may wind up that you’ll wind up with the nutrient deficiencies in your body does that make sense it’s simple and in that case although you could take a supplement an alternative you might want to consider would be learning how to eat as well as possible that your body could get what it needed from the diet for treating it’s always best to get our nutrients from whole food when we take supplements we’re winding up you in most cases taking mega doses of something in order to ensure that some of it gets into the bloodstream and we’re far better off consuming things in the natural combinations that are found in produce in fruit and vegetables so always the best way to get our nutrients is by eating the foods that are actually going to give you those things as well as they possibly can there is a second reason though which I would suggest may be even more prevalent more likely to be the problem for the vast majority of people that have nutrient deficiencies and that problem is that the average person’s body after years of making less than optimal diet and lifestyle choices probably does not assimilate very efficiently what can we do about this well again you could take a supplement if you take mega doses of beta carotene or mega doses of b12 or mega doses of vitamin C or mega doses of anything chances are good you’ll wind up with enough of that stuff in your bloodstream and your body will get what it wants but are there potential problems that could result from doing it that way the answer is absolutely yes in fact in a surprising study in Finland men who took the beta carotene supplements up with a higher risk of lung cancers amendment 2 were they suggesting that beta-carotene causes lung cancer no absolutely not what they’re suggesting I think is that when you take this sub one you’re actually creating imbalances in the body there was a doctor many years ago video said that the only thing you’re insured is of getting with supplements is expensive journals that the majority of what you’re consuming for supplements is passing right through your body and forcing your body to work much harder because we have to work to process every single grams of every single nutrient we take in so the alternative way would be to get your body clean so it’s functioning as well and as efficiently as possible how do we do that well for the last 14 years I’ve been supervising water-only fast here at the Tanglewood Wellness Center we’re one of several centers in the world where you can do this kind of fast this kind of process that’s an amazing thing and although it probably sounds radical t if you’re going about this for the first time you know it sounds radical to me the fact is that every species on the planet is set up to safely if doing this problem properly means resting as completely as possible because the whole idea is to set aside as much of our energy as possible so that the body can use that energy for cleansing and healing the body when we do that amazing sing shift and although this may sound hard to believe I know it was hard for me to believe at first we frequently see people come too fast here with nutrient deficiencies and see those deficiencies disappear while someone’s consuming only pure waters c12 iron several other nutrients we’ve seen the same thing happen the point is that the nutrients that the body needs are virtually always in the body in ample quantity all the time if you’re not getting what you need into yourselves it’s probably not because you’re not consuming enough but probably instead because your body is not efficiently using what’s already there so if you’re willing to give your body a chance to cleanse and heal itself you’re likely to see that those deficiencies disappears and you never need to take supplements of any kind you never need to buy expensive urine right you can simply get your system clean eat whole foods as healthfully as you possibly can and you’ll find you’ll meet all of your body’s needs the result of this is you feel and function better than ever you live at the highest level you possibly can and you can continue doing this sir far more years than you probably would live if you don’t because supplementation isn’t likely to spend your lifetime and in fact because our bodies function according to the law of efficiency which says the organism always to get the most benefit for the least amount of effort when we give the body a crutch of some kind whether it’s a pair of glasses or an actual crutch when you break your leg or a supplement if we give the body a crutch the body will become dependent on that crutch so if you use supplements I think what you’ll find is that over time your body becomes less able to assimilate what it needs from real food what you want to do rather than address the symptom of the problem which is the deficiency is address the cause of the problem which again is often twofold one your body is unable to assimilate properly you can get it clean and that shifts completely and to your diet may not be providing you with everything you need if you can address both of those things and you can address them very easily you’re not gonna have any deficiency issues okay you’re gonna have an easy time meeting your body’s needs you’ll need to process less food you’ll need to spend no money on supplements and you’ll get everything you need no need for super foods no need for anything except whole food it’s worked for me it’s worked for thousands of people that I’ve coached over the last 20 years and then I fasted over the last 14 and if you want more information you can subscribe to our website and you’ll see that address coming up shortly and we’ll be sending you lots of great information absolutely no cost to you okay this is a free service and if we can help you in any way we’re glad to do it you can email us we’re available to you and if there’s anything we can do we’re happy to do it you just need to remember that if you want to function at the highest level possible you can do it it’s just a question of making some simple choices some simple changes to your lifestyle and diet routine and giving your body a chance to cleanse and heal itself let us know if we can help we’re here to help you in any way we can thanks for joining you

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  • Amritha Sellamuthu says:

    Hello sir, I'm anemic (hemoglobin count around 10 for years) 23years old female.. with 40% fat in my body. So I can take up prolonged fasting n I'm quite used to it now..(this is my 4th day of prolonged fast with just water n lil rock salt)..
    I want to improve my hemoglobin count to minimum 12. Can you help me

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