Facial Port wine stain treatment with the Gemini laser

Facial Port wine stain treatment with the Gemini laser


  • Victorian Cosmetic Institute says:

    The discomfort from the procedure is significantly decreased with the inhaled anaesthetic agent. Corneal shields are in place to completely occlude the eyes, so there should be no glowing spots.

  • frostie21 says:

    yeah i agree with CGkid333… ive had like almost a hundred treatments..and uhh it hurts alotttt maybe not right after but when you go home and the drugs wear off…yeah that hurts… but i dont get the flashing lights thing.

  • MysteriousDrella says:

    i had treatments with the pulsed dye laser … is this a newer one? how about the results? like to see a before and after …

  • MysteriousDrella says:

    also pain compared to pulsed dye? is it that bad? i only had a cream to apply on the stain, they recommended full anesthesia though at the end, but i didn't want that. then i quit: after 25 treatments, no results anymore. The only very painful times were on my eyelid. so is it wrth to try this after the pulsed dye?

  • Tyler Townsend says:

    yea i have one on my left cheek pretty much covers it but not really dark its pink but i had 47 treatments throught out my life im 14 and it sucks

  • CBB says:

    yeh you should

  • Obamacankissmyass says:

    i did this, hurts like a bitch after, skin gets hella sensitive and burns like a bitch to

  • princessdreamer100 says:

    I had a large portwone stain on one side of my face, my ear and my chest. they started to treat me when i was 18 months. im 16 now and its all gone! 🙂

  • princessdreamer100 says:

    dondonald hospital in belfast, northern ireland

  • cadaverock says:

    my wife has a huge bery red color on half of the face ..do you remove all of it or it will always be some spots ?

  • cadaverock says:

    @princessdreamer100 proof please ??

  • Jaqen H´Ghar says:

    Hi dr. Sarah ur hot

  • princessdreamer100 says:

    @cadaverock If you want me to do a video of what I looked like before and now I will

  • cadaverock says:

    @princessdreamer100 that be so good ,cause i want to know if its worth the surgery

  • عصام احمد says:

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  • niko pena says:

    I got the same and getting it done to.

  • animoller says:

    I've had 9 PDL treatments from 1998-2001 which I think faded my facial port wine stain some, but it started getting darker when about 6/7 years later when I was 27. I had 3 Gemini treatments last year which were GREAT, and just had another PDL treatment to try to remove underlying darkness (the Gemini removed all the discolouration near the surface).

    Gemini is sweet – hardly hurts and no bruising. PDL is a fucking bitch with pain, swelling and bruising and scabs for well over a week after.

  • Amy Dougan says:

    @GEMMI541 it's totally worth it! you can put on a ointment to numb your stain area, I did, and it wasn't too bad! I'm 18 and don't have to get laser anymore 🙂 no one notices it anymore

  • cadaverock says:

    question why do they take so many treatments? also how come sclerotherapy doesnt work ? you know the thing they inject on varicose veins

  • paige wolfe says:

    i have one under and around my eye would i be able to get that done since its on my eyelid?

  • Serious Sketches says:

    i had it its slowley fadeing away i hope is gone before im 20 lol

  • Katerina Stoikoska says:

    I’m mother of gorges girl . She is 10 years old and she have Port Vine stain on her arms ,legs ,beck ,chest ….. Pls. tell me how,or what is necessary to do,what kind of laser is the best,and is it good to do it with full anesthesia . Best wishes to all. Thanks.

  • Laura Lopez says:


  • MATT GOSLING says:

    Wow no eye protection!

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