Eye Floaters | What Causes Eye Floaters? How To Get Rid of Them

Eye Floaters | What Causes Eye Floaters? How To Get Rid of Them

What causes eye floaters and how to
get rid of them? That is what we are going to over today in The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler Let’s jump right in and go over what
you’re seeing and what causes eye floaters. If you have never experienced
an eye floater, what you are probably noticing or if you’ve never experienced
it, let me go over what it is and if you have experienced it you’ll probably be
familiar with what I’m going over. Floaters tend to occur mostly in a blue
sky or a bright sunny day or when you’re in a bright room that has a lot of white
walls. What you’re actually seeing is little tiny kind of particles and clumps
inside of your eye. There is a jelly in the back of your eye called vitreous and
that vitreous like I said as a jelly kind of like an egg white membrane and
what happens is proteins in college and start to clump up in there and they form
little clumps in the back of your eye Well when this jelly and these are
usually very harmless. There is nothing to really worry about
but as you move your eye this jelly tends to move around as well when
that jelly moves around it is going to float those little clumps of debris in the
back of your eye past your vision and what you’re actually seeing is a shadow
of these clumps and that’s why you see it on a bright sunny day when you see it
with a bright room with white walls because you’re more likely to see
shadows in those situations and so that’s essentially what a floater is now
with that being said you can also get a very big floater and a lot of people
claim that they’ve seen that as well and that’s very common when we get a little
older and it’s actually very common if you’re very nearsighted and so a big
floater is also called a posterior vitreous attachment and that’s where
that jelly it has a very strong attachment onto the back of your eye and
when it pulls off of that area it creates that big floater called a
posterior vitreous detachment. Now with that being said, floaters are usually
harmless like I said earlier but when you want to get it checked out as if you
see a sudden increase in floaters a sudden increase in flashes with your
floaters or if you see that big floater you always want to get things checked
out. Let us go over some treatments for floaters. I will throw it over
to you and how do you get rid of these eye floaters and how do you
treat them. I know floaters can be really annoying but truthfully
no treatment is recommended for those that have just your normal everyday
floaters. People that come in even with posterior vitreous detachment that aren’t too crazy we’re still not going to recommend treatment for
those because with time a PVD and other floaters will just float out
of your vision and sometimes you’ll see them when you move your eyes around but
they’re really not causing any harm most of the time. Now if you have
you trouble ignoring them or they’re just really driving you crazy
getting in the way of your vision they’ve started to do laser surgery for
some particular floaters mostly pvd’s or posterior vitreous detachments what this
is is it’s a YAG laser and it basically they will zap it into the back of your
eye into that floater and it’ll kind of break up that floater. It is not done very
often because it still does carry risks and their risks that
are you know can be more harmful than the floaters themselves. The
last thing that they will do for floaters it’s called the vitrectomy and
vitrectomy is the most invasive surgery for floaters basically they
don’t do vitrectomy ‘s unless you’ve got unless your eye is filled with blood or debris from a really bad diabetic retinopathy event or
something like that or if you have issues in your macula that are causing
vision changes then they might do a vitrectomy but other than that they’re
not going to do such an invasive surgery It’s a 3 hour surgery. I remember
watching one one time and it was intense It can cause things like
cataracts and retinal detachments and things like that, that are way worse than
the floaters that you have or that most people have. Sum up floaters just
debris in the back of your eye that is usually harmless if you see a sudden
increase in them go get it checked out by an eye doctor and then it’s
nothing to worry about though and usually it’s pretty harmless. It goes
away over time. What we usually hope happens is gravity just takes over and
moves it down in your eye which then takes it out of your vision. Sometimes
though it doesn’t go away and it can drive you crazy. Again this is The Dry
Eye Show I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and we’re coming at
you live from our new studio that we just set up the other day
We are settled in our new home in Columbus We’re going to do something fun for you
guys so if you are joining us and we have a question of the day in the winter.
We’re going pick randomly down in the comments below. The question of
the day is we have a lot of patients that come in and name their floaters.
What would you name your floater if you had one or what did you name your
floater? It’s funny because we have a lot of people that do that. Put the name
of your floater in the comments below We are going to pick one random person
to win our Dry Eye Relief Kit which is our cleanser, our spray, our omega-3 and our tea tree oil soap. That’s a month’s supply of each of them. You said
that wrong. Did I? You said our cleanser, and our spray. Our spray
cleanser, our omega, our soap and our mask is what you’ll get in that dry eye kit
Put it down below what you would name your floater. Elvis is good one. This
is a good one. Let’s jump over to the questions though
that we have from this Would love to get rid of my floaters
They’re severe also histo scars 44 and vision is a mess. That sounds terrible.
but floaters you just hopefully you can ignore them but that’s
about the best you can do is let gravity take over and learn to ignore them. I’d love
to know how to get rid of mine because I have two big clouds in my right eye and
my left eye after I went to see you eye doctors last year. I think eyes are due
to autoimmune because this is when I get mine. You can take this one.
I mean I was just going to say autoimmune conditions don’t typically
caused floaters. They can but some of the main causes are posterior vitreous detachment which is just age Most of the time floaters are
just an aging thing. It kind of happens to everybody but other things that can
cause floaters or retinal tears and detachments and things like that so those are really the big things to look out for but as far as doing
anything about them if they’re really bad and they’re affecting your
vision a ton and you really can’t see then it’s something that you
need to discuss with your doctor and they can possibly refer you somewhere
that will do laser surgery or something
like that if they’re really bugging you but most of the time they’re going to tell
you that you just have to ignore them truthfully. All right. I have terrible floaters. I have horrible floaters and high myopia which
I’ve been told as a risk factor sometimes a floater sticks in my
field of vision. I wish there was a practical treatment rather than
invasive procedures that risk your sight and retinal detachment so you hit a
spot on high myopia. High nearsightedness is a very big risk factor for floaters.
I have a large one that floats around sometimes. I do not see it other
times I do. I do always see it when I’m outside on bright sunny days is it
better than it was when it first happened mine looked like a web with a
mosquito stuck in it for the first when it first happened the web has gone but
the mosquito is still there and so yeah that’s very common for posterior
vitreous detachment that sounds exactly like what you have and
eventually you hope that it will take over and it will just kind of sink
in your vision so we got our name your floater contest going on. We are going to
pick one winner to win the dry eye relief kit from our store. Elvis is a
good one. Ozzy is another good one. Somebody’s stuck on the rock and roll. We
got Zig Zag and Blinky. So put your name of your floater in the comments below. What would you name your floater?
My floater? I’ve never thought about that I got to think about it. What’s yours?
I don’t know I was thinking Butch
We got Butch so Jenna’s floaters name is Butch. I don’t know
what I will name mine but if you have any questions regarding dry eye that’s what
we’re here for so don’t be afraid to put those below. We’re here to answer
your question so go ahead and put those below in the comments. Let’s go back
over to that you’ll find some other questions yeah you know I also wanted to
discuss with floaters how if you ever notice you know an increase in floaters
that you’ve never seen before or if they’re red or really dark black that’s
another time to get them looked at by an eye doctor. You don’t
want to just let those go and not have them looked at because floaters although
they’re mostly harmless can be a sign of something else going on in
your eyes. Let’s go grab some questions from the community. What are
your thoughts on Xiidra? You want to take it? You have to do that question? My
thoughts? Xiidra is a wonderful new medication
that’s come out for dry eyes we’ll see a lot of people on it now
because it is a medication that works much more quickly than what
Restasis does in most cases or Restasis can take 6 months for you to notice the
difference in your eyes Whereas Xiidra it’s as early as 2 weeks
that you’ll notice a change in your eyes I definitely think that
there’s promise there if Restasis didn’t work for you and you’re wanting to try
another pharmaceutical option then Xiidra would be the way to go but if you want to try more natural route than the things that we talked about with
diet and hydration and all of that are going to be a great place to start. How
many people suffer from dry eye? It’s kind of a random question but that it’s
predicted about 30 million Americans suffer from dry eye which is quite a bit
and so it is a pretty common condition I believe not even half of
those are diagnosed though so there are so many people out there in our group we always talk about how it’s just important
to have a support system around you and there are so many people out
there that have this condition so a lot of people don’t know what it’s called or
they don’t know that they have it but it is huge it is so
many millions of people that have this condition. This is actually a good
question. Let’s go over this one. Is taking an over-the-counter pain medicine
or dry eye a good or bad idea? It is both good and bad if you’re
having a bad eye day taking an anti-inflammatory medication like an
Advil or something like that it actually helps because it is an anti-inflammatory
it’s called a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and so it can help
reduce that inflammation temporarily and so if you’re having a very painful day
and Advil might help with that but the problem with that is you’re not
addressing the underlying inflammation and so figuring out the inflammation
what’s causing it most likely diet hormonal changes, what you’re eating, what you’re drinking things, like that are going to make a bigger impact than
something like taking an Advil for it If you’re just joining us we
talked about floaters at the beginning of the episode and we’re having a name
your floater contest so in the comments below name what you would name your
floater in your eye and we’re giving away a dry eye relief kit if you don’t
have a name for a floater you can just say hi tell us where you’re from and if
it’s your first time joining us. Let’s jump back over to live. We got hello dot to Dottie Miss Mess, Xiidra has helped their dry eye.
That’s good I started using Heyedrate omega-3
supplements along with Rhoto dry eye drops and I may be on to something is
taking only two of the supplements a day okay seems to be working. The question
is, is taking 2 Heyedrate omega-3 supplements a day okay instead of the
recommended dose of 3 on the container? Yes that is perfectly fine
Take whatever works for you. We actually recommend starting with a
loading dose when you first start taking it which is about 6 per day what that
does is it just helps get the healthier fats in your body and then we recommend
going down to that three a day after that month if you found that taking only
2 a day is working for you and that’s perfect that’s what matters is
whatever works for you This is a great question. Where do
the flashes of light come from? Is it the same as floaters? This is a great
question. We talked about earlier in the episode that floaters come from
clumps forming in this jelly and so this jelly what happens as we get older or if
we become more nearsighted is that jelly is attached to what’s called your retina
your retina is how you see light so when light comes into your eye it gets it
gets focused on the retina the retina captures the light sends it to your
brain that’s how you see so the retinas filled with what are called light
receptors and so what happens eventually is this jelly starts to pull away from
that retina and since its light receptors it causes flashes of light so
you can think of when you’re you have your hand and you’re pulling on your
hand trying to put that in the camera so you’re pulling on your skin when you
pull on your skin you have pain receptors and so you feel that pull
because of those pain receptors now with the eye with the retina being light
receptors it doesn’t have that pain receptor so when the jelly starts to
pull away from the retina it creates a flash of light and so the flashes are
just that tugging occuring and so that’s why we like you to get checked out if
you do have flashes that come with your floaters because that’s telling us that
there’s an active pulling going on on your retina and we want to make sure it
doesn’t pull the retina off and cause a retinal tear detachment. I was at the end of my rope with inflamed eyes that wouldn’t improve I finally
found a doctor who also suffers with MGD and he is a rock star
I had appointment last week and had a lipiflow treatment and he scraped off
the dry skin at the lashes it was amazing and the improvement is
unbelievable I no longer feel like there is no hope
Awesome, that’s great. It is good that you found somebody that
understands dry eye and I always recommend that if you’re looking for a
dry eye specialist in your area touch search dry eye specialists don’t just
search for an eye doctor because people that specialize in dry eye are going to be
a lot further along and I’d also look for somebody that either does Lipiflow
in your area because that means they have invested in dry eye
because Lipiflow is not an inexpensive piece of technology and it means they’re
really in it for the long term with dry eye Would you please explain Lipiflow Lipiflow is a thermal pulsation
device which means that it uses heat and pulsing to release the oils of your
meibomian glands so basically what happens is you go into your doctor’s
office this is a machine that your doctor’s office will have and you lie
down what I’ve had it done It is very interesting but what
they do is they put these little eye pieces on and the eye pieces go around your eyelids behind and in front on the top and the bottom and then there’s a
shield that goes over the actual front part of your eye or your cornea and
basically they turn the machine on and I believe they numb you as well
before they do all this but it’s really not painful at all they turn the machine
on and those little clamps around your eyelids heat up and they massage your
eyelids for 12 minutes during that 12 minutes you’ll feel that heat you’ll
feel that pulsing but like I said it shouldn’t hurt but what that’s doing is
its heating up the oils and your meibomian glands that might be stuck or
stagnant in there and full of bacteria and they just need to get it out Lipiflow is helping all that oil
come out of your meibomian glands and on to the front of your eyes which is
where you want it. Now the first few days after you have Lipiflow you might be put
on an antibiotic steroid combination eye drop or a steroid eye drop what that will do is just knock down any inflammation that’s in your eye because when those
stagnant oils are released on your eye they have bacteria in there and that’s
putting bacteria onto your eyes so your eyes can be a little inflamed
for a few days but after that you should really start to feel great in a couple
weeks and I had a good experience with it so I always recommend
it to people especially those with meibomian gland dysfunction. Anything else? I’m going to let you take this one too Now what is it? Our tears of laughter
different from tears that moisten your eyes? Yes if you want me to explain it I
don’t know if I can explain it as well as you want me to but tears of
laughter and crying tears are absolutely different than the tears that coat your
eyes. They are actually a different composition. They are more watery than the tears that coat your eyes. The tear layer on the front of your eye has three
distinct layers and when those layers aren’t functioning properly then you
might have watery eyes or super dry eyes parched eyes but when you cry or when
you laugh that’s an emotional tear and those tears are just more watery. They
don’t contain as many of those good elements is what we want so of
course you know you think of it like my eyes are watering that’s a great
thing but that can actually make your eyes more dry too depending on
the person. They are different. That is the bottom line. I was told to smile a little
bit. Sorry I’m in the reading zone That’s why. I’m checking out
all questions and everything so if you’re just joining us this is The Dry
Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and at the beginning of
the episode go back to the beginning and we went over what eye
floaters are and how you can treat them if you can treat them
we recommend against it of course and we also posted a link in this video that talks about a little bit more about it so you can head
over to our blog and read more about eye floaters and how they can or how you can
deal with them and just a little bit more information about them. We’re also
doing a name your floater contest. That is the question of the day. Put it
below what you’d name your floater or if you just want to say hi we’re just going to
pick somebody that commented below to win a dry eye relief kit on our website. You still have not said what you were going to name your floater It’s putting me on the spot and I just can’t think. Any, what I would have to go with Skeeter. That’s great That is a great name. Skeeter would be my
floaters name The office had nothing covered
by insurance. My visit was $2600 out-of-pocket. My result
was so remarkable. He video the procedure and put on his website. I am on Zylet. You would only see a smirk. I did smile right there. That is expensive. Yes it can be expensive and it lasts
varied by person. This is going back to Lipiflow it varies depending on how severe your MGD is. It varies on how severe your dry eye is. It
varies on just how much inflammation you have. It varies on where you live .It varies on a lot of things. Normally most people will need it at
least twice a year. That’s usually how much we recommend it. Yes twice a year
is what we recommend. Some people can go longer than that which is great
once a year or once every two years but most people it’s going to be twice a year
If we have no further questions we will see you guys next week
at our new time on Mondays at 7 p.m. right here in The Dry Eye Syndrome
Support Community for The Dry Eye Show and if you have any other questions
leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to comment below and we
will pick one random winner by tomorrow to win a dry eye relief kit so thanks
for joining us and we’ll see you guys later you


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    I would recommend a diet that focuses on Anti-Inflammatory foods and Antioxidant rich foods. This means lots of blackberries, raspberries, bilberry, dark leafy greens.

    Sardines, Oysters, Kipper/Herring for Omega-3s DHA EPA, Vitamin A, Potassium, Magnesium

    Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vit A, E, C and Zinc are crucial for getting rid of floaters

    Also, Liquid MSM, Ginkgo Biloba, Eyebright, Turmeric, Ginger

    AVOID High Carb, High Sugar, Processed/Refined foods, gluten, wheat, etc.

    I have got rid of so many eye floaters by doing this :))

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  • TANMOY DAS says:

    I have eye floaters in my left eye

  • Hasan Segana says:

    I would name it as yeflo

  • Perfectious YT says:

    Is this eye floate i see dots dots everywhere if its dark when im going to sleep i see like a tv that lost signal lol

  • Allan i have too its safe? Franco says:

    I have little dot in my eye it not bad or bad? And what can i eat to remove that

  • Search4Truth says:

    I can personally attest to the effectiveness of daily oral doses of Sodium Ascorbate (for me 6 grams) taken to bowel tolerance and an effective amount of MSM (for me 4 grams). Cleared up the Eye Floaters in my right eye within weeks. Not at bedtime. It keeps me awake. So the MSM also provides a sutlel and comfortable level of energy.

    The MSM with Kratom has also helped my Fibromyalgia pain. I mix them together in water and drink quickly. It is not too unpleasant. But you will want to drink it as quickly as possible.

  • Karen Sorrentino says:

    For me, It seems to be age relates. A month ago I experienced my first floater in my left eye. Dr. Told me the same thing as you. Now, I have one in the right eye. IF they are indeed due to age, is there any eye health/preventative routines to do? Left eye name would be “inch worm” cuz that’s what it looks like. Rt eye its’ looking like a single “sperm” Hope I don’t start having eye babies, haha.

  • PS4 Trolling says:

    I have them i got sooo scared I couldn’t see i felt blind

  • Mad Castro says:

    what is eye floaters looks like, cause i don't know or never heard of it.

  • B S Hancock says:

    I never had a floater until I had high velocity neck manipulation. I was overtreated. Chiropractors are dangerous. High velocity neck manipulation should be outlawed. Nothing funny about eye floaters. I have become severely depressed and no longer care about engaging in life.

  • Eyth says:

    Mine is ghostbuster!

  • Iona Edwards says:

    My annoying dot

  • Michael Evans says:

    Had cataract surgery and iStent inserted about 6 months ago and since I have had dry eye. What is the best "stuff" for dry eye?

  • hindustani boy says:

    What are u saying basted

  • francob911 says:

    Tarantula and I cant stand it anymore I wish one day they could be a cure . The YAG laser doesn't work because it's not floaters its astroid hylosis

  • MrBananaboss says:

    I thought this was normal but it happens all the time for me

  • von Hauerland says:

    Guys I have an advice, use sunglasses, it helps me a lot.

  • aaylex says:

    been having floaters since 6

  • Vircxii says:

    I’m 17 I’ve gotten them about 4 times since I was 13 and I just got real bad blurred vision and spots a few minutes ago. You can’t ignore this stuff , I tried and it was just making me feel sick. Its actually horrible to go thru this.

  • Matilda Percival says:

    Hi, great video.  My eye floater is named Pac Man.  My question is, do antihistamines cause floaters or aggravate them.  Mine popped up suddenly after taking an antihistamine.  Are antihistamines bad for eyes?

  • Robert Morri says:

    My floater I call Fatima . Sometimes it is brownish .

  • Albert Miranda says:

    I got hit with a ball and I see a dot on the top of my eye lmao

  • Melissa Dyas says:


  • TVB Fans says:

    I experience floaters. I am just 11 years old. You are correct whenever I move my eyes there is something moving with it. At night when I wake up, I see a lot of dots after looking around, its back to normal. Its very hard to see.

  • Swati Singh says:

    I'll name my floater as Gian . That fat ugly guy in doraemon 😂😂😂😂

  • Swati Singh says:

    Do intermittent fasting helps in curing floaters?

  • Esther Slays says:

    Hey, I just now seen my eye doctor and I ignored the floaters until now, I cant stand them especially when I am driving home after a night shift. Now i completely understand why it only shows up when I get off shift, the mornings are bright when I drive home. My eye doc told me that i could possibly have a tear, and may need surgery, so here I am sacred to death and had to do some research. Thank you for making it more understandable!! my floaters are called birds, cause they appear more on my top vision.

  • Maihin Tamano says:

    My floaters name is rainbow

  • Manash Saha says:

    I've been facing eye floaters since 2015 and they are increasing day by day. At the very beginning, there was just a simple dot like floater which could be ignored. But within this long time since 2015 to 2019, this simple dot has developed into a giant realm of floaters including dot, net & cobweb like shapes. But the doctors I've consulted with are just saying that everything is normal but there is a risk of glaucoma and so they advised me to visit them at least once a year.
    Nowadays, these floaters are interfering a lot with my vision & I'm in trouble with my study because I can't read properly as these floaters continuously hide the letters of the page I read.
    Is there any permanent solution??

  • ExposerDanTv says:

    Hi I’m 15 years of age and sometimes I randomly see a lot of coloured dots moving I’ve had it for 3 years. The move and then disappear and then reappear they’re kind of like shooting stars in dot form. It’s happened like 10 times, so it doesn’t happen all the time. When I look outside my eyes hurt for like 2 seconds but then will stop and also when I look side to side it hurts, moreover I get quite a headache like everyday now. I’ve got an appointment with the optician tomorrow, but it would be very much appreciated if u could give me an insight to what’s wrong because I’m really concerned and scared.

  • peter ryan says:

    i am 71 and have had floaters for approx 5/6 years, they are just a nuisance and a little bit scary, Also do have dry eye but from time to time it does just go away, What i have found especially for driving is clip-on sun glasses, the fold up type would be even better. Firstly i had them in one eye and yes it did scare the hell out of me ,Now i have them in both eyes and it is just a flaming nuisance, But you do learn to live with them.MYname for floaters is a nuisance.

  • Michael NJ Beatlefest says:

    The Strobe Light! Floaters I get them once a year very annoying it comes and it goes in 10 minutes it looks like I'm looking through a crystal ball.

  • REAL MIZIC830 says:

    Eye floaters are very satisfy'ing i have always had flaoters

  • Betty Anderson says:

    Is the lazer surgery ok to get rid of the floaters ? Cause my older son has it and im trying to help him find out what are the side effects if he get the treatment done.

  • coldvibe says:

    I thought that i have worm in my eye lolll

  • Dean Ali says:

    I've had them since i was 7 . I have alot l, like more than 20 sometimes long ones & short ones

  • Gloria Lucas says:

    I just got,a big black floater hour ago its buging me big time Gloria BLACKIE.. I WILL GET IT CHECK OUT

  • John lane Planes says:

    Hi ,im john lane from philippines i dont know what to call on my floaters but its every where around my vision ,i can see this gold,black and red dots and also when i try to look directly to something/someone my 1 eye look the other way

  • Ernest Lane says:


  • Lily Jones says:


  • Roxanne Rivera says:

    Hi! Thank you for your tutorial. Hoping you both are doing very well. Ok, I just got my floaters, as of two weeks; ago. I looked up into the sun one afternoon. The sun was very bright and sharp that afternoon and soon after that, I got my floaters. I'm 57 years old. I went to see an eye doctor, soon after that and he said, basically, everything you mentioned in your video. So, therefore, I will name my floater. My floater's name is, spiders, looks like spider webs.-Ha ha. Actually, more like roach antenas-Ha ha.

  • Roxanne Rivera says:

    Can I Inquire? Can we use dry eyes solution for floaters? Also, is there eye pressure, that can come along with floaters. Because, since I've got my floaters, I'm feeling pressure on the eye with the floaters. Thank you for your time and Info.

  • PETTIE.M says:

    I name my floaters dancing dots. I have dry eyes too. South Africa.saw flashes of light if looking sideways sometimes. Went to a eyespecialist and it was not retina problems. My right eye is blind.

  • Pugs309 says:

    I noticed about 3 weeks ago flashes in my perennial vision of my right eye. I'm 28 and farsided and wear glasses. Is this something I should be worried about and get checked right away. And do I go to an eye store or a doctor? Ty

  • Shihara Riyaaz says:

    im 16 years and i do see a floater in my vision plss im just so worried and hope u reply me abt what i shud do pls, is this a big problem since i see some very small kinda floaters too

  • nikhat fatima says:

    My right eye is very weak and I was standing in rain and all of a sudden I saw a black spot in my right eye I got so scared i thought I am going blind but after some time it come to normal thank god..

  • Kareem Scott says:

    I thought it was a worm

  • Random Videos says:

    I saw them since I was 5/4

  • KyRamblingGranny says:

    horrible just horrible , i see them all time when awake .wish Drs would focus on a cure

  • YT_Paradox says:

    I have colorless spots in front of the eyes, are this dangerous? Can you help me?

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