Eye floaters: how to get rid of black spots

Eye floaters: how to get rid of black spots

If you see a tiny worm shape floating across your eyes, you have floaters place both palms on your eyes and hold it for 5 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 now massage it outward 1 [if you are doing it correctly, You will feel the friction from your eyelids 4 5 place both thumbs on your temples and look up and blink your eyes 5 times [if you are doing it correctly. You will feel an aching sensation from your temples 5 now to the left side 1 2 3 4 5 into the right side 1 2 3 4 5 and back with your left thumb place in the middle of your eyes and to the left side again blink it 5 times 1 [if you are pushing correctly, you will feel the tension as you blink] with your right thumb onto your right side blink it 5 times 1 2 when you blink, follow my pace 5 repeat it, to the left side blink it 1 2 3 4 5 right side again 1 2 3 4 5 in the middle left thumb lift it up and blink it 5 times 1 2 3 4 5 and with your right thumb push it in 1 2 3 4 5 now with both thumbs in the middle of your eyes lift your head up and blink 5 times 1 2 3 4 5 let’s do 5 more 1 2 3 4 5 back to the middle just blink your eyes 1 2 3 4 5 5 more 1 2 3 4 5 and place your palms on top of your eyes and hold it for 5 seconds 1 [ place hands firmly on your eyes and tilt your head slightly back] and relax I now have a small bag of ice and I place it on top of my eyes place the ice on the eye with the floaters if it’s too cold use a cloth to cover it Hi You Tube I need your support Please give this a thumbs up if you find my video useful do this everyday for 4 weeks and let me know how you’re getting on and don’t forget to turn on the notifications when you click “like” and “subscribe” just click on the small bell I have circled in


  • Pain says:

    Does this work for transparent worms too

  • Rona Rose says:

    Excuse me sir my dad just did this n it made his floaters worse. He used to have just 2

  • joker hardy says:

    Sir can you suggest exercises to cure macular degeneration

  • Triglav says:

    this is one is helpful for me as well , for the black floaters , but the second video with no results , if i try only this one , its good for the transparents floaters too ?

  • You Can Heal says:

    When I pressed on eyes gently they popped. Maybe I had air in my eyes from being an air head😆 Thank you and glad I found this. Mine are either sinus related, fibromyalgia related or neck related. I have health problems due to trauma. Hope this helps me out.

  • GAXY SMAT says:

    Hello Austin I suddenly occurred floaters this month in one eye but now I seeing from other eye also I have myopia also iam on the way of reducing eye power I have reduced also my eye power but in between this floaters interrupted me I am doing ur exercise by past week I will let u know how I progress I will keep updating here

  • James Fairfield says:



    Hey Austin Iam from India having floaters in both eyes 3 months are passed can you help me,?????

  • hindustani boy says:

    Is there no permanent solution sir? Please tell me..I have black and white string

  • Sapir Zecharia says:

    Hey. I have it for a week and I really suffer from it. How many times should I do a day and what times?and for how long? Thanks a lot

  • Top fadu boyZ says:

    Sir, for 5 years, I have seen dot dot black spot in my eye, now it has been completely spread.

  • David Bridge says:

    Does anyone know the science behind this? The pressure points induce pulling/pushing of them out of the eye? due to, density or?

  • Jonus Matthew Pasta says:

    You the man!

  • Andriod gamer says:

    I wear spectacles I want do it

  • Eric Jackson says:

    Woke up one day with a bunch of floaters in my left eye. Trying these exercises for a month as recommended. will report back

  • Jai narayan Gupta says:

    I have one eye floater in my eye is there chance of their increse and how to stop

  • Droopy Bear says:

    My Docter told me that Eye Floaters are normal are they?

  • Mirac says:

    I can't believe this actually worked
    I've been having severe anxiety over this black spot in my vision for months and after two times of doing this, it's now barely noticeable.
    Thank you so much!

  • Malik Saad says:

    Sir I'm doing this exercise n feeling my flotters of right eye becoming faint thnku so much
    My left eye retina detached and no visions just little light drs put silicone oil in eye n done so many surgeries, kindly introduce some treatment to fix detached retina I'm so worried my age is 21

  • Manaz Mohan says:

    Sir I have improvements now! Thank you so much❤❤

  • Brutal Gaming Bg says:

    Can I watch TV or phone after this?

  • jherah 101 says:

    Owwwh my gosh I’m glad I found this video I will try to do this and I will be back in a few weeks and let you know how it goes.. thank you .

  • Brutal Gaming Bg says:

    It's normal after ice vision gets blurry?

  • siwar zouaoui says:

    I signed in in your website but didn't get anything on my email yet

  • StAyCoOl says:

    Sir can i do this 1 time in 4 weeks

  • Brutal Gaming Bg says:

    It is permanent method?

  • hindustani boy says:

    It not settle down it becomes a part of vitreous jel. ..I have done your exercise but they are present where they leave..I have done your exercise 6 weeks

  • Icca Kivanc says:

    do you have method for acne prone skin?

  • Rahul Garg says:

    Hi , is placing cold bag on eyes is mandatory after all these excercises?

  • Suraj Patel says:

    Ye karne se eye floater
    Sabhi khatm ho jayenge
    Many months sir…

  • Ana Verónica Reyes says:

    Thank you so much!!
    But there are 2 videos? Which one is better?

  • Andreas Theesfeld says:

    Hello. How long should the ice be used?

  • Kuro Sensie says:

    Sir I Have 2 Problem
    I Have Transparent Big Floaters And Small Black Floaters
    Advice Me Please Im Scared

  • Kuro Sensie says:

    Can U Put Picture Sir
    Sir Can iDo 2 Exercises
    The Other 1 Too

  • Apeksha Banodhiya says:

    Dear Austin,
    Kindly reply.
    My floaters size have increased from before after doing this for 3weeks. Pl help urgently as doctor is suspecting glaucoma. Pl do reply.

  • Vinay Rajput says:

    I am doing it for 4 months. Trust me or not it doesn't help in any way to reduce size of floater. Whoever comments positive feedback get some relief by getting floater in side of vision while you continue excercises. I did excercises for 4 months because I read positive comments.

  • Joanne Renaud says:

    I am confused. I see you on You tube with at least 3 different videos for eye floaters. Why the difference in each one as to exercises and which one is best?

  • Joanne Renaud says:

    I am confused. I see you have three videos on this subject. Which one is the best for eye floaters?

  • kaveri murugan says:

    Yellow in my eyes how can i remove could you please tell me the yellow spots excersise

  • gene .m says:

    Is eye floaters dangerous ?

  • d a r i n g says:

    Hi!! I tried this but i don't see diference,of course that i'm going to try again can you help me? Maybe i was doing it in a wrong way

  • KINADOE doe says:

    I see no floater in my right eye.

  • love jesus says:

    Thanks god bless u

  • Kostas says:

    Austin Goh do you have floaters ? how big are they? and home many? in both eyes?

  • Android Gaming says:

    I have no ice bag.so What I do now🤔

  • Marvin Menz says:

    How long I should do the ice on my eye?

  • Rodolfo Valadez says:

    Thank you for helping out . I will try these exercises to see if i get improved

  • Sunil Kumar says:

    Hello Master, cataract in both eyes i did not find any thing would you please help me???
    I have sent you request on
    The natural method.

  • Sunil Kumar says:

    Master still waiting for your help
    Sir i already sent you natural method request
    I have written on your other videos also

  • Kevin Xu says:

    Thanks for sharing this massage for getting rid of floaters. I have a couple of questions. 1,Should my head tile back when putting ice pack on my eyes? 2. How many times I should practice it per day? 3. I remember you have another video to get rid of floaters. Which one should I take? I have zagged thread and cobweb floaters. Also I notice you might remove another floater video as I couldn’t find it in your channel. Look forward to hear you back. Thanks Austin!

  • Vinay Rajput says:

    It doesn't work. I done for 4 months 2 times a day. I see positive reviews so tried it but sadly no improvement. So I advise to people don't try it. Simply except the fate & make habit to ignore them. In long term you become more tolerable to floaters.

  • kitty5750 says:

    OMG – I see a difference after going it once! I’ll continue everyday. Thank you!

  • Datu Langcap says:

    Can i do this exercise except putting the ice?

  • jayant sogani says:

    Hi Austin, I have 2 eye floaters one in right and one in left it irritates me a lot, and several small floaters which are some time visible. Doctor says just ignore them, but it is not possible to ignore it. I will try your methodology to cure it, my question is how many times in a day and upto how many days ?

  • kaifi ali says:

    Hello sir,
    My left eye start floater few month ago .thank god it disappear by self.
    But two weeks ago my right eye start floaters and a lot smal small many black spot appear and one is big kind no colour appear right side.if I do this exercise it will help me.plz soon give me answers.

  • Janhavi Joshi says:

    Hiii plz tell….. Floaters are created due to lactation???

  • Manushak Yagubyan says:

    I’ve had a cataract surgery of my right eye 3 years ago l am 70 now. Recently I noticed I have a float on that eye.l will try this ,I wish it helped me


    Sir I have tinnitus as well as floaters so..
    Can I do both exercises at same time?

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    I do your exercise but the new Floterbecame lot of in my eyes please guide me

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    For 1 week

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    For 1 week I exercise

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    I do your exercise but the new Floterbecame lot of in my eyes please guide me

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    I do your exercise for 1 week but new floter are became a lot of in my eyes

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    Which exercise video is useful for eyes floter

  • Versha sharma says:

    Starting it from today
    …I hope I will improve

  • Lori Garbacz says:

    Don’t do that!! Go to eye doctor!

  • R Roulette says:

    Thank you Austin and may God bless you

  • Azlina Baharuddin says:

    I thought i lost my mind or i have sixth sense…

  • Amani Hashim says:

    Thank you 💜

  • dondi ibnob says:

    Bullshit. Floaters are INSIDE your eyeball. And that’s from an eye doctor.

  • Alex Alex says:

    Ага все понял.

  • Pravin Lall says:

    Is the order of these exercises important? I can't remember the sequence.

  • zar bwe says:

    Thank you Sir

  • Susanne Perrin says:

    I have not tried it yet but I see he comments on every reply that's rare. Usually u dont get a reply from the person making the videos. U are a very nice responsive YouTuber!

  • ish sasha says:

    Is it work for third eye tio

  • Fareeda Khannam says:

    I had complain my this problem to many eye Doc's but no one had the cure I will definitely try it

  • Dermot Manning says:

    Every day for for 4 weeks 😟….fuck it I’ll keep the floaters

  • Star Man says:

    There is no way to get floaters out of the eyes.
    Look it up on Google.
    Don't put yourself through this bullshit.

  • Santa Monica says:

    That's races!!! Black spots can be anywhere they wannabe!!!!

  • Yolanda Rosado says:

    Awesome I love you man..you are so freaking cool,👍😎

  • Visalatchy Ramadasse says:

    Why do you have to turn right and left sides and blink? How is it different from looking forward and blinking?

  • Kannada Blisss says:

    Hello sir austin.. Recently I got floaters on both the eyes.. And when I see the street lights or vehicle lights I see halos.. Will halos will cure by doing this exercise.. Waiting for the answer thankyou sir!!!

  • Gohar Geghamyan says:

    Thank you!!!! Finally found the solution. Thanks man!

  • Kylie Loveless says:

    I tried this and it did make a little difference. I’m 22 and my floaters are really bad in both my eyes though. Idk what caused them bc I don’t have retinal tears or detachment. Is this supposed to make a permanent difference?

    PS, I’ll update for other viewers if it makes any more of a difference.

  • My Favourites says:

    I am so thankful to you for this video. I have very bad floaters , for the first time I did the exercises today and you know what it faded considerably. I am so excited. These floaters are with me since 1995.

  • Farhana Tamanna says:

    Can i apply normal water instead of ice?

  • Nat says:

    As a graphic and web designer who is 26 years old, and has spent the last 8 years stressed studying/doing badly payed jobs just to gain experience, and only has 1 of myopia on each eye, my heart is shattered. I don't see one or two of these (mostly black spots, but also floaters); they can be 25 at a time, moving wherever I try to avoid the eye, looking at someone's face, in the sidewalk, while setting the table and looking to a plate. I am super depressed because everything I love revolves around computers, either working or having fun, and it scares me to think about changing my whole life by avoiding anything white, specially screen. Like a vampire, sun scares me. Literally throwing these years to the dustbin and starting fresh.

    I installed dark reader for chrome which is fantastic, and try to avoid white screen when avoidable or else I see spots. Oftalmologist says it is normal, no retina problem, and that it will only get worse if I think of it, and there is no solution, so to act normal. Oftalmologist has no idea if natural methods like in this video work, and assured me tech like mobile or computer is not the problem (is it safe to believe?); hasn't heard of them. But oftalmologist said it is also a natural decaying problem of the eye, and will get worse with time, like age. Also that changing job won't help since I'll see white somewhere else and that the problem will persist. I am trying to avoid thinking of the little bastards and doing these exercises over 2 months, 1rst thing in the morning, and coming back home, to avoid suspicion at work since they just hired me, a graphic designer, with eye problems. I don't know if it improved or, like the oftalmologist said, my brain is starting to get used to it, but often I feel like many of these spots fused to create a veil of sorts and that I can't see properly focused, like having my glasses dirty. Not always but enough times a day to have me sad. But with time, I stopped having constant headaches and my own nervousness (aka me feeling like puking) has decrased to once or twice a day.

    Overall, I'm scared because only 18 months ago my eyes were perfectly fine (aside myopia since me being 10 years old). Only last year I avoided looking at the sky due starting to have eye problems. And these increment has been 4 months ago. How is anyone sane supposed to go through this until age of retirement 65-67?! It's already starting to affect my work now (me being slower and annoyed/depressed while trying to discreetly rest the eye every so often)

    Just sharing my concerns and answers from 3 different oftalmologists. Back to the video, I've been doing these over 2 months, at least once a day, and with a cold wet towel instead of ice, since I honestly don't think the ice is a good idea. They felt very cold, so my solution was to lift the weight of the ice cubes every one in a while.

  • Omar Bouhbou says:

    هل هذه التمارين تفتت العوامات بالعين أم تخرجها من سائل العين؟؟؟

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    Hi Austin. I sent you a request on the natural method please see and replay. Sajid saayed.

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    Hi Austin. I sent you a email yesterday about exercises and details please check and reply. Sajid sayyed.

  • מנחם זגורי says:

    It is really halpful and you exlain it very clearly. Thank you for it.
    To improve this, *I would suggest to combine*:
    A. 1 glass of carrot juice (which give you a lot of Vit.A).
    B. Eating balance food.
    C. Sport and meditaion.
    D. Taking Lutein supplement*.
    E. Taking Vit. A,D,C.
    F. Reduce the amount of caffine in your blood by consuming less coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, fast food etc. I suggest to ignore them completely at least the time you make the treatment.

    * It depends on ypur condition and you should console your doctor before.

  • Steve Pan says:

    Hi, everyone, I just have floaters for 1 month, today is 2019.7.27 I'll try it for a month of this exercise and see how it goes!

  • gene .m says:

    well its actually worked 🙂

  • mehul rathi says:

    Hello sir.I have two dark floaters which keep moving in my eyes.i am facing very difficulty
    It's been almost a year.sir what to do?

  • Stuart Harrison says:

    I'd advise against rubbing the eye. You're more than likely going to cause some kind of trauma

  • ARES GAMING says:

    Hey is there any natural cure for flashes in side vision

  • Sajid Sayyed says:

    What are the different between dark black spots floter and transpirant eye floter please explain

  • kabir makwana says:

    Loved this technique.. thanks a lotttt♥️ finally relaxed💎

  • saihemanth mandala says:

    Does it work Really … Someone pls tell me sir

  • The Time Lapse Factory says:

    Thank you! I will try that!

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