Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Hip & Knee Stretches for Arthritis Pain Relief

Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Hip & Knee Stretches for Arthritis Pain Relief

Hi! I am Monica and I am going to show you
a stretch you can actually do for your hip and your knee if you are having arthritis
problems either on the floor or lying on your stomach on the bed. I will show you on the
floor here, so go ahead and lie on your stomach. I will show you on the left leg and what you
are going to do is just grab your heel and slowly pull it towards your butt. So you should
feel a nice stretch all over the front of your leg right here. You should be holding
from anywhere from 30-60 seconds. If this is kind of awkward for you, what you can do
is grab a belt and put it around your foot and then just pull on the belt so it is not
quite as awkward as reaching far back. You can also see variations of this exercise or
stretch standing. You can see people standing and pulling the heels to your butt, which
is fine too and whatever is more comfortable for you. So again a nice stretch for your


  • Blinx56 says:

    Thanks im 16 and i get really bad knee, back, neck and nuckle pains. I have treatment but in between visits i need some relief thanks. 5 stars for you. BTW the women in this video is one of the hottest i have ever seen.

  • DesertHobo says:

    i love it when she wraps that belt around her ankle. so freaking hot. makes me wanna just tie her up.

  • peanut says:

    hi my name is monica and i am hot

  • adonnelly1956 says:

    Wow! Thanks, After just doing this once, it made my knees feel so much better.

  • whatisarthritis says:

    Amazing this has now given me more confidance exercise

  • sherry gypsy S says:

    lady you are nuts..my arthritic knee doesnt bend much the normal way much less like this and my hips would go minto spasms =paroxysms of pain if i would try to do this

  • The Quan says:

    @dougsgirl716 that's why they have words for people who cant hear what their saying or if you are deff

  • kitoto8 says:

    Miss, your video is excellent but the volume is very low. Maybe use extra powerful mics next you record such useful info.

  • bruceleeyourface says:

    Great Video! Amazing Audio Quality! Almost TOO loud. WTF!?

  • KassperT says:

    @SongofEve Sometimes knees feel like they will blow apart but if that's so then take it easy until swelling decreases enough to be comfortable. The muscles need to be stretched! Feels so much better- but some days you can't just stretch all day. Nice video. =)

  • Meital James says:

    There is a good article about arthritis pain treatment without medication that is very helpful also. You can find it here, hope it helps:

  • Madden PT says:

    One of the most informative videos on pain management. This will surely help people to deal with knee pains.

  • Richmond Sim says:

    Maybe that's why the channel/video producer put annotations or interactive transcript below because he/she understands that the audio is not that great. Well, you may read these transcript while watching the video. It won't be that difficult. It's what we call MULTITASKING 🙂

  • Pilar Celina Cama Chamorro says:

    It didn´t work for me. My Dr. said it is wrong because this type of exercise depends on how serious is the arthritis, it is not good for every patient. It is better that the joint rotates. Also, nutrition facts are important ARTHRITIS PATIENTS: do not eat wheat and dairy, this will produce less pain. I don´t take glucosamine anymore because I modified my diet

  • El Barbas says:

    @Afsoon2009 hey i have a question how did you found out you had arthritis?

    does all joints hurt or just some my left wrist joint hurts including the muscle attaching the elbow and wrist sometimes my knees hurt but maybe its due to at my job most of the time im moving my legs alot.
    also my finger joints pop alot when i do a fist i already have an appoinment for the begining of march but i really wish to know if these are the symptoms to an arthritis problem as i know it could happen to anyone

  • GHOSTSXIST says:

    i bought the iyashi wand from iyashiwand.co.uk for my wife who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, i hope this helps anyone who suffers from this condition

  • lewisf18 says:


    If you have arthritis in your knee, I think that prone knee flexion exercise works only if it's done for 5 secs rather than 15 secs with that belt.

  • bemtikru says:

    @jouk45 first i thought it was some shit from harry potter but no… its just a metal dildo

  • sam altalhi says:

    i bet she likes to be BELTed.

  • Wilfred Richard says:

    Get some Tips & infos about how to treat arthritis with mangosteen . ServeMangosteendotcom

  • El Barbas says:

    @Afsoon2009 i went to the doctor also she just gave me some pills for inflammation.
    can it be stopped or controlled i think i just have a couple of months doing this idk if its 2 late

  • Holly Stallings says:


    I had that same problem of not hearing it. So I clicked the captions on/off button in the lower right–its CC w/red background.

  • onewapani says:

    Two problems. One, i cant hear it and two, there is no way in hell that I can bend my knees like that. If I'm having a really bad arthrities day, especially in my knees, I wouldn't even be able to get up off the floor! lol

  • lisareidmitchell says:

    cant hear U my volume is all the way up !!

  • zihuetlachtli says:

    @SongofEve ´cause you are a lazy sissy and won't even dare to exercise even if your life depends on it?

  • zihuetlachtli says:

    @SongofEve i have arthritis too…. just waiting for the artificial hip here, and still doing streches. and besides i juts wanted you to react. i´m sure if you put all that stubbornness in not let pain tell you what you can or can´t do. you'll achieve greater things than those that you have achieved already. and besides one such still be able to laugh at pain…take the power away from it.

  • Newt Begin says:

    there is one problem with this damn video. You can't hear a damn word this bitch is saying.She needs to get a microphone, shout the instructions out loud, get someone who knows sign language or as a last resort, take this damn video the hell off the youtube.

  • thudson99 says:

    audio is low

  • Newt Begin says:

    @AmericanPowerBase :have you actually listened to your own videos. It is amazing that you actually are not ashamed to appear on YouTube sounding so incredibly unintelligent and just plain dumb. Check yourself, brotha.

  • 09sasuke06 says:

    @SongofEve Shit XD I Wonder why my left leg hurts now shit

  • Number1aloegirl says:

    Another natural way to help arthritis is with aloe vera as it's a natural anti-inflammatory.

  • YurGuatemalanMami says:

    I'm only 17 I broke my left hip when I was 15 years old it's obvious that my whole left leg is full of arthritis I was stupid my mom warned me but I hopped on my right leg a lot when I broke my left hip and I limped really bad to compensate and now my right leg is even worse and it's so painful I want to cry its in both my legs I tried this and it didn't really work 🙁

  • Caroline Levine says:

    Please fix the audio on your videosa thing!!r videos.. I can't hear what moica is saying

  • tunnel tunnel says:


  • Muriel Schnierow says:

    i had the same experience after being hit by a car at SEVENTY SIX.i broke my hit knee, and there are much less extreme excercizes. i too hopped and got 2 sore knees. everything has to be gentle. i have worse case scenario other than being killed but find ice helpful, mild very mild pain medication,stretching,very careful weights like 1 pound after some healing has occurred. Physiatrists are rehab specialists and i should have done that right away.

  • Thurman Davis says:

    Can't hear commentary.

  • Johnny Blackhart says:

    Really – if I could do this , I would not need to do this .

  • Colin _ says:

    I want to see someone with arthritis do this without screaming.

  • Nancy Butler says:

    I would have more faith in this if the instructor were in her 60's or 70's!!!

  • Bonnie Dibble says:

    really if she had arthritis, she would realize you cant do this,, age has no bearing… for those of you trying this and cant, use a sheet or similar tie around your ankle hold onto the other end go on your belly and use the sheet to assist in pulling your leg back, and use some tension on the sheet when doing this,, good luck

  • Susan Stewart says:

    I use this exercise and find it helpful. It was a chiropractor who made me aware of the need to soften up, and relax, the muscles of the thigh. These muscles are so tense and taut when you have hip arthritis. He worked intensively just using his thumbs to press and stretch the muscles. The MUSCLE pain I felt whilst he was doing this was a severe burning sensation. But the flexibility and suppleness I experienced after was brilliant.

  • diane manville says:


  • Stryker Hip Recall says:

    These are some excellent exercises that should relieve some of the pain in the hip and knee.

  • John Smith says:

    I tried different exercises for arthritis that I saw on Youtube, but only this worked. Thanks for the help!

  • Laurel Rancitelli says:

    IF you have the problem, you either cannot OR should not bend your knee in this way!  Fine for the young lady in the video who obviously does not have this issue. Pls be careful!

  • Harriette Connell says:

    Seriously? If I could do that, I wouldn't need exercises!

  • Alberto Butone says:


  • Matt Luker says:


  • Abdul Wahid says:


  • Afonso Carlos says:


  • Don Duch says:

    I`ve got disintegrating disc`s in my back, & and allot of neck pain. I have also arthritis. Iutilize this arthritis treatment method “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) in my neck, back and sides of my body, and the pain disappears. I could function for the day. It also helps when you eat foods that don`t cause inflammation. .

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