Exercise for Arthritis & Aging : Aerobic Arthritis Conditioning

Exercise for Arthritis & Aging : Aerobic Arthritis Conditioning

Hi. My name is John Andraka. I am a physical
therapist and today I would like to discuss with you the importance of aerobic conditioning
for individuals with arthritis. The first thing we’re emphasizing low impact exercises
and biking is one of those exercises. So we just want to make sure that you have the correct
position when you get on your bike or your stationary bike. The one that I see frequently
is position of the seat is too high or too low. General rule is if you extend your knee
all the way down, you want a slight bend in your knee of approximately twenty-five or
thirty degrees. You’re not completely extended and you’re not bent more than that twenty-five
or thirty degrees or so. So that being said, one of the important parts of an aerobic conditioning
program is a weight loss management program. When we walk, we put two to three times our
body weight through our lower extremity joints. So obesity or being overweight is that much
more stress that’s being put through your lower extremities. Also the repetitive motion
of cycling, using an elliptical machine, swimming, is actually beneficial to the cartilage in
your joints. Your cartilage is vascular which means there is no blood flow to the cartilage.
So the way it is nourished is through motion and gentle joint compression. And those motions
are provided with biking and some of the low impact aerobic activities. We often prescribed
an aerobic program approximately twenty to thirty minutes anywhere from three to five
times per week for it to be most beneficial for you. So to recap we want to emphasize
the importance of controlling your weight to decrease joint stresses also emphasizing
a low impact aerobic conditioning program in order to minimize aggravating and also
benefit the cartilage and the health of your joints.
Thank you very much.


  • sandman 2013 says:

    Wow…another thing physiotherapists do not recommend….cycling…please dont listen to this guy

  • brousseaua says:

    obviously this if for someone who is quite advance with handling his knee pain. As i am now, there is no way I could do this exercise! OUCH!

  • mmkperez says:

    Thanks, great video. There are a lot of oorly done ones on YouTube. I DO have arthritis but am very active and want to do aerobic exercise. Everyone needs to check with their personal physician before starting these programs.

  • Mar Mar says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

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