Evion 400 : Unbelievable Uses of “Vitamin E” Capsules

Evion  400 : Unbelievable  Uses of “Vitamin E” Capsules

Hi friends welcome back to my channe l In this video I am going to be talk about Vitamin E capsules. And I am also going to show you how you can use this vita in e capsules in 10 different ways. Which will help you to get rid off Hair, Skin, Lips, Nails and stretch marks problems. i Have made many other videos using vitamin E capsules, and I will be adding the link in the description box. If you want you can also check them out. So, Friends The capsule I’m using here is Evion 400 You can also use any other brand if you can’t get this. This capsules are quite cheap and easy to find in any pharmacy shop So, Let’s see how we can use this Vitamin E capsules in 10 different ways.. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCIRBE if you find this video useful. 🙂 Vitamin E is full of anti oxidant properties, which promotes Hair growth and also repairs Damage So whenever you Oil your hair, Dont forget to ad 2 Vitamin E capsules into it. And start Massaging your scalp. You can repeat this process twice a week to get desired result. Vitamin E is best to treat you Acne/ Scars You can directly apply the Vitamin E oil onto your scalp and let it sit there for half and hour. you can repeat this process on daily basis to get rid off the scars in next 7 days. to get rid off the scars in next 7 days. Vitamin E has anti ageing properties Which helps to reduce the ageing sign as well as it helps to cure Wrinkles, So mix this Vitamin E oil with your night cream and leave it for overnight. Try to massage your face in a circular motion Whenever you apply this oil with your night cream This will reduce the ageing process & will help you get healthy and glowing skin Winters makes our skin dry and dull So try to mix this vitamin E Capsules/Oil with your moisturizer & Apply all over your face and body. This will make your skin fully moisturized and will also make your skin hydrated. Pregnancy and sudden weight gain can cause Stretch marks to the skin To cure this Vitamin E capsules/Oil is very beneficial To cure Stretch marks you can add 2 Vitamin E capsules into coconut oil and mix this solution very well and use this mixture and apply this mixture directly to your stretch marks and start massaging in circular motion You will see the visible difference in a very first month with the daily application. As i Told before Vitamin E has Moisturizing properties in it. Which can help your Lips to stay moisturized and soft You can add 2 Vitamin E capsules into your regular Lip balm and with the daily application you will see that your lips are moisturized and are less pigmented then before. Vitamin E is very useful to grow your nail First of all take a Bowl and ad warm water into it, Now add few drops of Lemon and lastly add 2 Vitamin E capsules into it. Now dip your Nails into the solution for next 8 to 10 minutes This will increase the blood circulation into your nails and will also make them Strong and long. # If you wish you can directly apply the vitamin E oil onto you nails As I showed you earlier Vitamin E is very good for hair growth, which can be used to grow your Eye brows/Eye lashes. Apply this vitamin E oil on your Eyebrows/Lashes before going to bed, this overnight process will help you to grow your brows/lashes at the same time. Don’t forget to massage in circular motion and let it sit there for overnight. If you wish you can also check my previous video in which I have made one DIY Eyebrow/lashes serum using Vitamin E Oil I have post the Link in the description box below. As we all know hair coloring, curling and strengthening are the main causes of split ends, If you have the same problem then nothing is to worry You can simply mix coconut/Olive oil with 2 Vitamin E capsule now mix it up and apply it on your split ends and let it sit there for minimum 30 minutes and then rise it off Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a week you will see the desired results in 1 month If you like this video then Please Hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. THANK YOU! 🙂


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