Ever Wondered What Do The Red Dots On Your Skin Mean

Subscribe Our Youtube Channel Ever Wondered What Do The Red Dots On Your
Skin Mean Have you ever noticed red dots on your skin,
and start panicking? Bewildered whether you’re supposed to ignore
them or be concerned? Start wondering if it is just a blotch that
will fade eventually or if it is some deadly skin cancer? If, yes, then don’t ignore it. Start taking care of it immediately. Have a look The red spots on your skin don’t
always mean the same thing. While some of them can be cleared up easily
with over-the-counter medicines from the drug store, There might be some for which you need to
consult a doctor. Confused? Don’t be! We are here to tell you what these different
types of red spots on your skin mean. Cherry-like harmless spots There are some spots which are the size of
a dot like an ink spot on a piece of paper. Then there are some which are hardly visible
to the naked eye. You might even have to use a magnifying glass
to see them! These red spots may not always be circular. Might not even be red! Sometimes they can be of irregular shapes
and a different colour such as pink. These spots are called “cherry angiomas”. They can be flat or may appear as a slight
bump on your skin. As per popular health website agein.com, they
are not something you should be worried about. They are caused by blood vessels on the skin
due to ageing. No reason to start panicking yet. Benign skin diseases Another harmless cause of these red spots
can be “leukocytoclastic vasculitis”. Now, this may sound like a life threatening
terrible disease. But, it is nothing but a bland inflammation
of the capillaries. According to health website scarysymptoms.com,
this inflammation is caused by either infections or some wrong medication. You can simply use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory
medicines to treat them. To Scratch Or Not To Scratch Health site agein.com says that some people
have such sensitive skin, that red spots are caused simply by scratching. 70-80% of the people who have a dry or sensitive
skin observe red spots on it. When you scratch your skin, damage can occur
in the capillaries causing tiny red spots. Sometimes these extravasations are caused
without you even realizing it. A simple bug bite! The causes of red spots can be as simple as
a bug bite or a mosquito bite. According to health site healthline.com, “in
80% of the cases, a mosquito bite or rash is the cause of red spots. These can be treated immediately using a calamine
lotion.” Fair and ageing If you have a very fair complexion
and are approaching your 40s, red spots start appearing on your skin. These spots disappear themselves in a week
or two. However, if these spots persist longer than
that, Don’t take a risk. See your dermatologist! While the above mentioned red spots are nothing
to be alarmed about, There are a few medical conditions that you
should be concerned about a bit. Acute Skin diseases According to Scarysymptoms.com,
“diseases like rubella, scarlet fever, Schamberg’s disease, etc. can cause these
red spots too. Other skin conditions that can cause spots
include psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. 90% of the cases of atopic dermatitis occur
in children.” If you have any of these, rush to your doctor! So, the next time you see a red dot on your
skin, don’t get perplexed. Now that you know what these red spots mean,
I hope you won’t panic out of anxiety! Subscribe Our Youtube Channel

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