Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential Oils for Sleep

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine, and founder of Today I want to talk to you about essential oils
for sleep, and essential oils that can help you get a better night sleep, and even help
with things like insomnia. If you’re a person who really at night is looking to relax, and
just sleep deeply throughout the entire night, you’re going to want to learn about these
specific essential oils. So there are three main essential oils I’ll
talk about, and then a few others that can help support the body in sleep. And those
three oils are lavender essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, and vetiver essential
oil. Lavender oil is one of the most and popular
essential oils. It’s been used now for thousands upon thousands of years. It’s referenced in
Egyptian medicine, Chinese medicine. It’s also referenced in the Bible, and Jewish medicine.
So again, we know lavender oil contains certain types of compounds that actually help really
relax the body. So if you’re looking to get a good night sleep, lavender essential oil
is probably the number one essential oil that can really help your body start to relax and
wind down at night. So I recommend lavender. Number two, probably my favorite essential
oil for helping the body relax is roman chamomile. Now roman chamomile works in a very interesting
way to where it not only helps the brain relax, but it also causes your digestive system to
relax. There are studies done on women that during times of their menstrual cycle, it
actually helps with abdominal cramping. Also studies have been done on patients with
IBS syndrome. They found that it helped calm the digestive track, and reduce symptoms of
leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease. So chamomile helps relax the brain, but also
your muscles and even your organs. So chamomile essential oil is absolutely incredible, probably
my number one essential oil that can help you sleep at night. Jumping back to lavender, there’s some great
studies on that as well. In fact it was shown to be the number one essential oil for helping
people that were struggling with insomnia. So again, if you’re having trouble sleeping
at night, doing that combination of lavender, plus roman chamomile, plus my next oil, vetiver
oil. Now vetiver oil of all oils works most directly
on the nervous system. If you’re having issues with your brain constantly going and you can’t
turn it off, vetiver oil really helps calm the nerve system. This is why vetiver oil
is also very good for those struggling with neurological conditions, whether it’s be dementia,
also like ADHD and autism. It really helps again, calm the body and calm the nerves.
So when you think of wanting to calm your body down, if you’re worked up at all, vetiver
oil is one of the absolute best oils for that. So again, if you want to get a good night
sleep tonight, number one should be lavender oil, roman chamomile oil, and then vetiver
oil. What I would do is take about two drops of lavender, two drops of chamomile, one drop
of vetiver, and rub that on your neck, and on your forehead, and sometimes I even take
just a little drop, and rub it right below my nose, so I’m breathing in those vapors. Now another thing my wife Dr. Chelsea likes
to do at night is we actually have a diffuser by our bed, so she diffuses a blend that goes
for about the first three hours of sleeping of those essential oils. We’ve absolutely
noticed we sleep a lot deeper, we fall asleep faster by using these essential oils. So again
you can simply buy a diffuser on and have those oils diffusing even while you’re
sleeping at night. And then a few other essential oils that can
help with sleep, one of my favorites is ylang-ylang. Ylang-ylang is a floral oil, and it’s been
shown to be a natural aphrodisiac. It’s been shown to help your body improve your mood,
and it’s also been shown to help your body in practicing forgiveness. So if you’re a
person who, that’s part of the reason you’re not sleeping is you’re struggling with some
sort of emotion bound up inside of you, ylang-ylang is one of those essential oils that helps
your body release those locked up, and bounded up emotions. So ylang-ylang is great for that. Two other oils that are also good for releasing
tension stress, orange essential oil is fantastic. In fact in clinical studies at Vanderbilt
University it was shown to actually help patients reduce fear and anxiety. Also vanilla essential
oil is another great one. It also was shown to improve and boost moods. So again, if you want to get a better night
sleep lavender, roman chamomile, and vetiver essential oil are fantastic, and then adding
another essential oil to that like a ylang-ylang is the ideal combo for you to get a better
night sleep. Hey guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.
By the way if you want to learn more about essential oils, make sure you subscribe here
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go to my website, that’s, I’ve got a free essential oils guide that
I think you’d absolutely love. It goes over a bunch of essential oil recipes, how to make
your own homemade sleep serum at home that you can use for a better night sleep. So again, this has been myself Dr. Josh Axe
talking about the best essential oils for a great night sleep.


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  • aaron medina says:

    I wanna try some oils, but can't find any pretty single women to take me shopping

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  • Patricia Scott says:

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