Essential Oils For Hair Growth & Edges Hair Growth

Essential Oils For Hair Growth & Edges Hair Growth

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author
of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of
and for these videos I love to answer the questions you all send me via email so any
of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description
box below for additional information so we are going to get right on into the video and
recently of course I received an email from a woman named Trinice emailed me because she
wants to know how essential oils would help her grow her hedges back is not sure if essential
oils are helpful or which ones do you so yes essential oils can drastically promote hair
growth and help your hair grow so I’m glad you sent me an email and today I have for
you three things that I want you to keep in mind when going about using essential oils
to help grow those edges back so the very first thing I’m going to mention is that you
want to make sure to use these three essential oils that’s peppermint spearmint and rosemary
essential oil now peppermint and spearmint is responsible for stimulating blood flow
to the scalp so the tingly feeling that you get when you using essential oils is perfectly
normal and that’s exactly what you want if you have more blood been delivered to your
scalp you’re therefore having more nutrients delivered to your hair which of course is
to help grow your hair now the other essential oil is rosemary oil in this is solely responsible
for stimulating hair growth in your follicles so the other two oils essential oils are used
to stimulate flow blood flow while rosemary is used to actually stimulate hair growth
than other second thing I’m going to mention is that when you’re using it oils you have
to use a carrier oil a carrier oil is an oil that you’re going to be using as the base
so that way when you’re applying essential with your scalp and not burning yourself essential
oils are highly flammable and are so potent that even can cause burns or scars that’s
why you only need a few drops to use per amount of oil in this depends on the person so I
highly suggest is that you try about two drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil
and a carrier oil is coconut oil almond oil grapeseed oil plant oils are carrier oils
you have to make sure that you only use a little bit of essential oil with your carrier
oil to help apply to your scalp to help with your edges so depending on the potency depending
on how much it feels to her scalp just add a few drops at a time and increase depending
on how comfortable oils feel when you’re applying it to your scalp now the very last thing I’m
going to mention which doesn’t really going to play with growing back your edges but this
is very important for helping the process of what as well and that’s if you suffer from
any fungus build up our dandruff and you make you want to make sure to keep these at bay
when you are growing your edges so in order to do that essential oil that I suggest that
is tea tree oil tea tree oil is responsible for killing fungus and cutting down or eliminating
dandruff completely so just make sure to go in there is as you grow your edges and when
you are noticing dandruff I highly suggest that you just go ahead and try little bit
of tea tree oil as well so thanks for sending me that email and I hope this video is helping
everyone else was watching who have ever wondered how to grow the edges back or what is essential
oils or what’s a carrier oil I just want to make sure the jam pack this video is all
the information you’ll need to go on your way so thanks for watching and until next
time I’ll see you all in my next video


  • Channel Daniel says:

    Great info!

  • LiLoEsq says:

    Can you use jamaican black castor oil as a carrier oil? Do you like jamaican black castor oil?

  • Sandra Agyei says: your New subcriber .so that means i can use Almond oil and Mix it Jamaican castro oil for ma edges .and ma scalp .right??

  • Michelle Stars says:

    Great video!!! Also sulfur 8 n ja blk castor oil n take biotin n silica all natural vitamins!!! N eat healthy n exercise!!!!

  • Linda Maxwell says:

    Love your videos, very informative, I love to use rosemary and lavender oil with Jamaican Black Castor Oil as my base. I have no idea that essential oils are flammable!!! Thanks for sharing that . 

  • michelle moore says:

    What about Jamaican black caster oil? I always heard it was good for growing edges. Is it still a good choice?

  • Tonika Clemons says:

    What about lavender oil to help re grow edges ? Thanks for sharing..

  • Crystal IslandGirl says:

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  • BlessedGemini says:

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  • Brenda Bridges says:

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  • kashmeade03 says:

    This is my issue. When I'm stressed my temple hair suffers. My hair at that location becomes broken off and I've tried Jamaican castor oil with minimal success. I will try these. How often should you apply them?

  • Pascale says:

    100% Haitian natural Castor oil is great for your hair growth especially using the inversion method (please search in YouTube if you don't know what it is)

  • beautxpain says:

    Probably a stupid qu but how much of the carrier oil should be used each time?

  • Suger doll says:

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  • Alliyah Michelle Tv says:

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  • keke235011 says:

    ugh breanna if only you read all our comments lol I just went natural I have absolutely NO clue where to go from here.. I just stuck with the same products I had when I was relaxed and switched the moisturizer from ors hair moisturizing lotion to cantu. help anyone ? 😩

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  • Melanie Jenkins says:

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  • DRIC4u says:

    I use the castor oil as my carrier  with the rosemary. really need help with my edges

  • 7Maurice77 says:

    Do you know either yourself or if anyone else has used these oils to grow back damaged hair ? Briefly, Ive had braids,twists,coils, for a while and relatively recently back in May this year when I cut my hair and got a fade(I'm a guy) I know to brush my hair when it's short. But I think for my scalp I was using a brush that was too hard; a hard bristle brush that you can find in most stores, even Walt-Mart.

    What happen that I dint realize at the time was that hard brush I think was damaging or stripping my hair, essentially thinning it. So I have a couple bald spots or appear to be bald cause the hair is so short there now and it doesn't seem to be growing regularly. The rest of my scalp the hair is growing normal as expected; but  theese two spots in the front where I tended to bring the brush downward on are either bare or appear to be cause I think I unintentionally damaged the that area. it's basically the corners of my scalp in the front, one side slightly further back, it looks receding when I'm actually not going bald. Thus my question:

    Do you know either from experience or testimony if the oils you mentioned will help heal my scalp in the affected areas I mentioned and grow the hair back in normal ?

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    Another question, you stated that these oils can cause burns on your scalp ? Is this when you do a hot oil treatment or you warm the oils up ? Or can they burn your scalp from just applying it ?

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    Pleeeease tell me…I am so desperate here. I am a 30 year old woman and I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is a metabolic and hormonal imbalance in the body caused by cysts on the ovaries. More importantly, I have male pattern hair thinning on the top of my scalp and I am very very very depressed about this. I am using supplements and specific shampoos for this but was wondering if you think Rosemary and Peppermint oil could help even though this is an internal medical issue. Please let me know. So sad here : (

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    Thank you for this advise. Have been trying to grow my bald spots out for almost 6 months now 🙂
    I have a question. When you say using some carrier oils as a base, Do you mean that before applying the essential oils I have to apply the carrier oil on my scalp first or can I just mix it all?

  • Breanna Rutter says:

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