[ENG SUB] 1달반만에 약없이 건선자연치료/건선원인/자가면역질환/Psoriasis/autoimmune disease

Hello, I’m Limi. This video is about psoriasis, an autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed in the hospital with water droplets. It’s already been 10 years. When it first appeared, it was so hard psychologically, I never thought about taking a picture. So there is no picture. The scalp, the face, the palms, the soles of the feet, the whole body. It was so bad that there was no clean skin. The hardest thing about psoriasis is that it’s psychologically bad. There’s a combination of aphrodisiac and depression. When I was first diagnosed, Psoriasis was recognized as an incurable It is now recognized as an incurable disease, such as diabetes. At that time, I went to Psoriasis Association and many Internet cafes. I got the information. I’ve done everything I can on my own terms. Limi’s efforts! First, body lotion and oil! I’ve tried everything good. Second, phototherapy at the hospital! ultraviolet therapy machine Third, take medicine and apply medicine! There’s always a prescription for steroids and vitamin D derivatives. Types vary slightly from hospital to hospital. Fourth, reduce workload! I tried to reduce my work to avoid stress. Fifth, eating the type of tea and food that is helpful for psoriasis. I’ve tried everything I’ve heard. But I didn’t see any improvement at all. Rather, I got side effects. Steroid side effects! First, I couldn’t donate blood. The blood donation center said, If you take steroids, I can’t donate blood for a long time. For example, If a pregnant woman received blood from a person who ate steroids, There is a very high chance of giving birth to a deformed child. I think steroids are drugs that can have a bad effect on our body. Second, weakened bone density! The knee-like joint has weakened. Third, I get bruises easily! It’s bruised well and it’s not gone very well. Fourth, skin aging is weakened! I’m artificially exposed to ultraviolet light, and my skin gets dark. It feels like my skin is aging fast? The skin is less elastic, I felt my skin thinning. I think there were more, It’s been a long time since I haven’t used any medicine, so I don’t remember much. In the meantime, I’ve done a lot of experiments. As a result, Now, it’s been months since the psoriasis disappeared. I’m not afraid of getting psoriasis again. Of course, it’s important to take good care of the psoriasis so they don’t show up. I think psoriasis is not a simple skin disease. I think it’s a disease that keeps on taking care of like diabetes. Of course, now is the time, and so is the medical community. There are many new discoveries about psoriasis. Self-immune disease! Psoriasis literally means bad living habits, The toxins like food pile up and pile up, the cells in the body get damaged. Hormone disturbance. We can’t get normal cell activity. in contact with the body It’s all about the attack. It appears to be the weakest and most sensitive skin. In a word, we’re so tired. It’s like I can’t do it anymore. My body tells me it’s hard. If you ignore it and keep repeating the same routine, My body is getting sicker and sicker. I’ll tell you how to heal naturally. First, No oil! I don’t eat it. It’s not. Fried food with sesame oil! Bread, cookies. Especially, there’s no oil for japchae or bibimbap. bread and cookies also have shortening vegetable cream. Second, no meat! It’s not limited. It’s off. Meat, fish, and, Even if it’s chicken breast, it’s got oil. It’s better not to eat. Third, eat fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Fourth, limit protein intake! Bob, sweet potato. Potatoes and beans also have a lot of protein, so I ate the right amount. Every fruit we eat, There’s a small amount of protein in vegetables. It’s been amazing since I found out. Fifth, get some sunshine during the day! Without sunscreen, Without a hat, I showed my skin as much as I could, so I did photosynthesis. The sunlight I received today will work in two weeks. Sixth, exercise two to three times a week. Exercise doesn’t take long enough to sweat. I’ve been doing this for a long time. to put it simply, Eat only grain, fruit, and vegetables. Just a little bit of the sun. Here’s the key point! Protein restriction! Too much protein in my body can be poisonous. The athletes want to eat protein powder. Athletes eat a lot of protein in their food. Athletes are worried that their liver might go up. You’ve probably heard that athletes have been tested for blood. Protein comes into the body. And finally, the liver’s gonna clean it up. Too much will make your liver very tired. The liver that decodes our body’s toxins. What happens when too much protein becomes too much work to do? The liver can’t decode the toxins, the hormones can’t do that, right? That doesn’t help with psoriasis. I’m not asking you to quit. We need to reduce it as much as possible. I’ve told you the way I’ve been doing it, I’ve been doing it for years. One year ->six months->four months ->two months.
It’s been a month and a half lately. I learned how to get rid of the psoriasis. If you don’t experience it yourself, It’s a difficult disease that’s hard to understand. For those of you who suffer alone in pain like me, I’d like to be of some help. In the next video, I’m going to show you the food that I ate during my natural treatment. Before and after natural treatment, we will visit you in the video clip. Take care of yourself.

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