[ENG SUB] 건선 자연 치유/자연식물식을 통한 건선 치료/건선 과일식/psoriasis/psoriasis treatment

Hello, I’m Limi. This video shows you. Let me introduce you to some of the foods I ate while treating psoriasis. It’s called “natural plant-eating.” It’s literally eating plant food, just as it is. I’ve been doing it for almost two years. There were a lot of good things about health. However, when I was vegetarian, I got a psoriasis again. I couldn’t believe it. I was keeping a very clean diet. I was shocked because I thought too much oil and fat was the cause. If that’s the way it is, All my life, I’ll have a hard time getting out of the psoriasis. I decided to cheer up again. Except for the weekend in the bookstore for a month, I read a health book every day. Books are written by people, too. It’s not entirely credible, If you keep reading, you’ll accept the objectivity. If you don’t, you’ll have your own judgment. And the conclusions I’ve come up with are “proteinosis excessive,” “Leaky Gut Syndrome,” and “inflammatory reaction.” The Leaky Gut Syndrome and inflammatory reactions.. I’ll explain it in detail in the next video. Most grains, fruits, and vegetables also contain protein. There is only a small amount of fruit and vegetables, Grain contains a lot of protein. I’m a big eater. I’ve never seen anyone eat better than I do around me. Even if I eat alone in a restaurant, I get 15,000 won. If I want to eat all the grains like sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice and corn while I’m doing “natural plant food,”.. Do you have any idea? 8 to 9 bananas at a time. Nine pieces of corn sitting on the table. Three bowls of brown rice at a time will satisfy you. If you’re in good health, “Natural plant-eating” is not a problem. But if you have a disease called psoriasis, it’s a different story. After the psoriasis got better, The diet I showed you earlier, and the regular diet is fine with the regular diet. But we’re desperate. Do you really want to get rid of Psoriasis quickly? Then, I hope you eat only fruits and vegetables until it’s gone. The amount of fruits and vegetables is infinite. You can eat as much as you like. Fruits and vegetables don’t have much protein. If you have a lot of activity, it may be hard because you don’t have enough calories. Please eat a little bit of Korean corn or sweet potato. In the last video, I told you that the Psoriasis has disappeared in a month and a half. In fact, I think it could be gone in two weeks. Because when I was on a vegetarian diet, my psoriasis started to grow again. I had a high-fat, high-protein diet of two weeks with kitogenics. It was the worst. The gout grows worse and itches, and itches out from night to night. I washed the bedclothes every day. I barely slept. It’s a month and a half from a high-fat, high-protein diet to a period of high-protein. If I did the fruit right, I think it’ll be healed soon. In the next video, I’m going to tell you what I think about the Leaky Gut Syndrome and the inflammatory reaction. I’ll share my health care habits. Take care of yourself.

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