[ENG SUB] 건선/자연식물식/ 외식할때? 외출할때? 현명하게 대처방법/when eating out of psoriasis

Hello! I’m Limi. If you’re a natural plant-eating plant, Depending on when and where you are, you’ll often run into difficult difficulties. We have to live in society. When you’re at work or with your friends, It’s full of temptations, such as important seats. Even if you can beat temptation, Because of the way people look at me. I’m sure you’ll have a time to hesitate. I’ve been through a lot of trial and error, and you’re not going to suffer more than I am. I want you to be healthy, and I want you to share the ways I’ve done it. Actually, it can be troublesome and cumbersome. But a hard-boiled diet doesn’t require effort. It’s never gonna change. It would be great if you could do it perfectly. Sometimes things don’t hold up. You can make the best choice for the situation and put it into practice. When I go out, I put the cleaned fruit in a plastic or box. So I went around, ate, worked, and ate in the car. I can cut down on buying snacks or drinks outside. When going out in a car, I always carry out a small ice box. I ate in the car and I arrived. I eat instead of meals or snacks. I carry most of the folding small knives and plastic spoons. It’s not big. When I went to a restaurant, I used a Korean food buffet. Korean food buffet has raw vegetables everywhere. In the sandwich shop, only salad without dressing! You know that bread has flour and gluten, right? For those of you who have psoriasis or atopy, It’s not good to be allergic. when eating outside the home, Prepare a dish of macerated rice and vegetables and eat it in a disposable dish. Mushrooms! Vegetables! Germinated brown rice sold in convenience stores! when there is an out-of-night stay, I sometimes stop by a fruit stand on the street and buy some fruit. I’m passing by. I bought a melon at the mart. I ate while watching the movie. I always prepare my lunch box when I go on a picnic. Sweet potato steamed, paprika, tofu steak! brown rice wolnam ssam with only vegetables! bananas, tomatoes, and plums. These days, you can buy a salad or a small piece of fruit at a supermarket or convenience store. The vending machine in subway station! This vending machine was introduced to me on TV program. It’s a good thing we’re not ready for anything. There are many different kinds. There’s salad-cleaning apples and bananas that are just fruit. They also sell steamed sweet pumpkin in a vacuum package. Scrape the inserts or magnetic strips on the card. Just touch the transportation card. Press the product number you want. The lamp lights up when I buy it. Just make sure the lights are on, and then we’ll take them out. In meeting with friends, there are a lot of things that give me consideration. I often go to Shabu Shabu restaurant or buffet. When I eat shabu shabu, I quickly put in what I want to eat and take it out as if it’s cooked a little I didn’t eat it when other people put meat in it, when the stock got oil. This is a ice flakes with syrup shop. I only picked half a melon out of my stomach. If there’s a will to do, I don’t think it’s impossible. It’s not that we can’t. We can’t because we don’t. I hope you can take this opportunity to change your diet to healthy ones by treating psoriasis naturally. That’s what the person I love left behind. Health is the best. Take care of yourself.

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