*Eng) 미녹시딜 써도 효과가 없었다면? 미녹시딜부작용 & 성분뽀개기 ∥ 미녹시딜 사용방법 ∥TalmoSister 탈모언니TV

*Eng) 미녹시딜 써도 효과가 없었다면? 미녹시딜부작용 & 성분뽀개기 ∥ 미녹시딜 사용방법    ∥TalmoSister 탈모언니TV

Hello, Talmo Sister here Everyone’s been talking about Minoxidil so here I have it Personally, I don’t like Minoxidil I don’t know why everyone’s interested in this If you really want to use it, I won’t stop you but, in the comment section: Sister, is Minoxidil effective? Sister, can I use Minoxidil with MTS rollers? Sister, is Minoxidil better than hair tonics? Which one should I use? Everyone’s been asking about it and I think people continue to ask me So I got it myself to take a look at it To be honest, the pharmaceutical company that made the product will know more about it than any of us So, let’s just analyse what’s written at the back here Every hair-losers would’ve heard about Minoxidil What is Minoxidil? It’s an FDA approved OTC drug/ointment Minoxidil-based ointments are sold as: Minoxidil, Minoxil, Regaine, and etc under multiple different brand names Also, Minoxidil wasn’t first made to treat hair loss It was initially designed to treat hypertension but it made people grow hair as a side effect so it turned into a hair-loss treating medicine There are 5% and 3% ones for Minoxidil The 5% ones are for males and the 3% ones are for females Apparently some women use the 5% ones too but it’s a debatable topic Some people say it’s OK and some that it’s not OK There’s a lot of debate over it Personally, for me, I’m not very adventurous so I’d stick to 3% ones if I were you (female) So far, it’s straight forward Now, let’s dive into its ingredients Before we do that though, I’m not an expert at analysing ingredients/components So even though the info I’m sharing with you now is based on thorough research if anyone of you know more than me please correct me if I’ve said something wrong in the comments Its active ingredients: Minoxidil 3% Dexpanthenol (EWG1), which doesn’t really matter Butylated Hydroxyanisole I couldn’t find information about this online, so I’ve contacted the pharmaceutical company and asked them and they said it’s also called butyl-hydroxyanisole and when I searched that it said it’s used as an antioxidant/preservative for fragrance and when consumed, it can cause: difficulty in walking, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver bleeding, cancer, genetic disorder, and allergic reaction I’m quite worried now after reading this Tocopherol Acetate is also known as Vitamin E acetate and is used as an antioxidant Concentrated Glycerin Concentrated Glycerin is used as a moisturiser and it’s more concentrated than normal glycerin If you know more about this, please let me know Ethanol, that’s quite obvious PVP/VA Copolymer is a petroleum-based polymer, used in hair sprays and cosmetics and is harmful if it enters your lungs Citric acid it’s acidic, so it might damage your body if it enters your body distilled water, and etc are written at the back here Keep a note of if Minoxidil is effective against: Male alopecia (hair loss); Androgenic Hair Loss Female alopecia (hair loss); Androgenic Hair Loss that means it’s effective against genetic hair loss Minoxidil dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow and nourish the hair to treat hair loss Recent studies also said that Minoxidil produce new blood vessels around the scalp and activate hair follicle cells and suppresses DHT, aka hair-loss hormones so it’s known to be credible How to maximise the effect of Minoxidil 1: Apply it every 12 hours as it’s only effective for 12 hours 2: Apply the right dosage Applying too much won’t do anything good because it might accumulate in your scalp 3: The right dosage is different for male and female Males: 1. Apply twice a day, and apply it on the affected area for at least 4 months 2. Apply 0.5 – 1 mL every time you apply it Do not apply more than 2 mL a day 3. Hair loss might recur if you stop using it Females: 1. It’s the same; twice a day for at least 4 months on the affected area 2. But only apply 0.5 mL at a time Do not apply more than 1.3 mL a day Please follow that instruction 3. Same again, hair loss might recur if you stop using it If you look here Nearly 2/3 of this is about side effects It’s scary Here are some concerning ones: Following people shouldn’t use this: 1. Females shouldn’t use the 5% products 2. Anyone55 has not been evaluated If you have thyroid dysfunction, consult with a doctor before use It can cause side effects on skin, digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system autonomic and central nervous system, liver, and kidney so be careful And one more thing, when you use Minoxidil hair might grow on sideburns, under the eyes here, and etc but that doesn’t mean that you should apply it on your eyebrows or eyelashes Please don’t do that Got it? That’s not right That’s not right You might grow hair, but it’s not good for your body Let me summarise this Possible reasons why you found Minoxidil effectless 1. Your hair loss isn’t androgenic i.e. it’s not effective against genetic hair loss 2. Using it cause trouble on your scalp 3. You lack in sulfurtransferase that transport the ingredients into your scalp So, the conclusion; think that: if you gain hair after using it, it’s because Minoxidil is working for you and if you get side effects, it’s because Minoxidil doesn’t work for you I bought this myself to give it try Honestly, I was going to try this for 3 – 4 months but I don’t think it’ll work for me so I give up Please, I don’t want to try this anymore Please let me off this once


  • cs. Lee says:

    0:58 미녹시딜이란 무엇인가

    1:32 미녹시딜 여자도 5%써도 됨?

    2:02 미녹시딜 성분 뽀개기

    4:26 미녹시딜 정확한 사용방법 (더 쓰면안됨)

    5:41 미녹시딜 부작용 뽀개기

    7:24 눈썹 ,속눈썹 쓰지마세요?

    7:52 미녹시딜 써서 효과없었던 이유 3가지

  • 용닥터 says:

    컨텐츠 좋네요. 엄청 집중해서 봤습니다ㅎㅎ다만, 어떤 약이든 부작용은 항상 있습니다. 그 빈도와 심한 정도가 다를 뿐이죠. 임상시험 단계에서 1000명당 1명꼴로 발생하는 드문 부작용이라도, 그 정도가 심하지 않더라도 인과성이 있으면 명시를 해야해요. 그래서 보통은 대표적인 부작용만 알아두시는 게 사용을 함에 있어서 더 마음이 편하답니다 🙂
    저도 이렇게 세세하게 부작용을 본 적은 처음인데 꼭 염두에 두어야겠습니다ㅎㅎ

  • Annie Lee says:

    탈모언니! 질문 하나 더요! 제가 지금 당장 딱히 재생크림 등 제품을 구입 할수있는 상황이 아니라.. mts만 하고 냅둬도 될꺼요? 아님…. 알로에베라? 같은건 바르는건 안좋을까요?

  • 봄나무방송국 says:

    목소리 역시나 좋으십니다 !!
    쏙쏙 들어오네요
    요새는 여자분들도 탈모로 고생하시는 분들 많더라구요
    너무 유익한 영상임니다!! 추천 꾸욱

  • 김형중 says:

    안녕하세요~!! 영상 재미있게 잘보고있습니다:)ㅎㅎㅎ 저도 지금 탈모진행중인데ㅠㅜ 친구가 아나게인을 추천하더라구요 혹시 나중에 어떤상품인지 리뷰 한번 부탁드려도 될까요??

  • Clear Jason says:

    와 목소리듣고 소름돋긴 처음이에요;;; 진짜 그목소리로 돈벌어도 평생 엄청엄청 벌거같아요…

  • 이신영 says:

    누님 유전아닌 탈모 관리방법 알려주세요ㅠㅠ

  • Cotmy코미 says:

    영상 잘봤어요 ㅎㅎ 궁금한게 있는데 답변해주시면 감사하겠습니다! 유전아닌 탈모가 쓰게되면 효과가 없기때문에 쓰지말라고 돼있는건가요? 아니면 혹시 더 악화되거나 그럴 수도 있나요? 그거까진 탈모언니도 알수없으려나요 ㅠㅠ

  • 시원한물 says:

    유전인지 아닌지는 어디서 확인하는건가요..? 저는 충북대병원에서 힘들게 예약해서 처방받았는데 딱히 어떠한 검사도 하지않고 상담도 그냥 종이에 적혀있는데 주의사항? 그런것만 상담받고 바로 바르믄약 샴푸 먹는약을 받았어요 바르는약은 미녹시딜5프로고 하루에 한 번 바르고요 ㅠㅠ 근데 제가 지금 바른지 반년이 지났는데 아직도 효과를 못봤어요.. 그래서 탈모유전이 아니라서 ㅠㅠ 혀과가 없는건가 싶어서요.. 미녹시딜 바르고 헤어라인에 여듦만 났어여..

  • Hera ! says:

    먹는 약~마이녹실s 대해서도 분석 해 주세요🙏

  • nine days says:

    로게인폼 5% 남성제품 5개월 정도 하루 두번씩 m자와 (숱이 살짝 부족한) 앞머리 중앙 부분에 사용했었습니다. 환부에서 분명히 자라나긴 하지만 모발이라고 할수없는 잔털 수준에 그치더군요 (시각적으로 두피가 살색이 아닌 살짝 거무스름하게 보이는 정도;;) 부작용은 따로 없었습니다ㅎㅎ

  • war says:

    전 첨에 쓸떄는 머리가렵고 뽀도락지 나서 중단했었는데 다시쓸때부턴 그런게없더라구요;..지금은 잘쓰고있는데 쓰면서도 이게 효과가있겠나..했는데 지금은 엠자도 다채워지고 제일 스트레스였던 앞머리부분도 다채워져서 만족중이네용….계속 써야한다는데 귀찮지만 ㅠ 어쩌겠어요 ㅠㅠ 머리카락 잃는것보단 나으니 꾸준히써보려고요

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