*Eng) 내 두피유형에 맞는 두피스케일링 주기 찾는 요령 알려드릴께요! #두피스켈링 #탈모언니TV

*Eng) 내 두피유형에 맞는 두피스케일링 주기 찾는 요령 알려드릴께요! #두피스켈링  #탈모언니TV

Now you know how dandruffy, itchy or smelly scalps can be treated by scalp exfoliation But how often should you do it? Hello, Talmo Sister here Finding the right frequency for scalp exfoliation that suits your scalp isn’t that hard It’s normal for you to not know how often you should exfoliate your scalp even though you know that it’s necessary (because) No one talks about it! That’s why Talmo Sister’s here to talk about it People often ask: “Won’t my scalp get irritated if I exfoliate it too often?” Using exfoliating agents that are full of harmful chemicals and rubbing it too hard and too often will cause troubles, right? I saw this advertisement on TV and on Youtube where a man scrubbing his head super hard with a shampoo brush saying how refreshing it is But won’t those pointy tips on the shampoo brush irritate your scalp more (than exfoliation)? So, get an agent that is free from harmful chemicals and that suits your scalp’s type and your scalp’s symptom And do it often if you get a lot of dead skin, and do it less often if you don’t get a lot of dead skin It’s like how you exfoliate your skin or how you scrub your skin when in you are in a shower You don’t really ask or research about it before doing it, right? There’s no right answer to this There’s no right answer to it, but it’s still confusing on how to find the right frequency So I’ll tell you what I do to find my frequency I’ll tell you two different methods: The first method:
Decrease the frequency over time For this method, you exfoliate your scalp once a week, then once every fortnight, and so on, exfoliating your scalp less and less often over time The second method:
Increase the frequency over time For example, you start by exfoliating your scalp once a month, Then once every 3 weeks, then once every 2 weeks… like this I recommend the first method to those with oily scalps (For scalps that’s overly oily, flaky, or smelly) However, if your scalp has purulent acne, hurts whenever you touch it, or has drainage, or other similar problems, I don’t recommend you to exfoliate your scalp by yourself If your scalp has that much of a problem visit a specialised clinic and consult with a professional so you can get an exfoliating agent that suits your scalp and exfoliate your scalp that suits your scalp The second method works for those with dry body with dry skin but have a bit of oiliness, dandruff, and flakes building up on the scalp People with this kind of dry scalp needs exfoliation People with this type of scalps should try the second method over the first method to find their right frequency of scalp exfoliation Q) How do I find the right frequency then? You really have to find it yourself, by increasing or decreasing the frequency If you can’t feel any symptoms or problems on your scalp it means that that’s the right frequency for your scalp Your scalp won’t cause you any distraction once you’ve gotten rid of all those symptoms It might not be so clear for you at this point So let me elaborate on it so I can help you to understand how to find the right frequency for scalp exfoliation for you The first method:
Decreasing the frequency over time When you first start exfoliating your scalp, Do it once every week, for a month so for four times Try exfoliating your scalp like that first If you think your scalp is getting better, Exfoliate once every 2 weeks, for four times That’ll take you 2 months And after that 2 months if your scalp is getting better and not worse, Then exfoliate your scalp once every 3 weeks, for four times That’ll take you 3 months And if your scalp is still in a good status after exfoliating your scalp every 3 months, then do it once every month, for four times That’ll take you 4 months, right? Like this, decrease the frequency by 1 week each time Until you find the sweet spot and have no symptoms on your scalp Got it? But the right frequency isn’t really permanent due to changing seasons & weathers perms and dyes you do on the hair, and your lifestyle, causing your scalp’s oil/water balance to break down In that case, go back to exfoliating once every 3 weeks for four times and if it hasn’t gotten better, then go back to exfoliating your scalp once every 2 weeks And if your scalp’s condition has gotten better, then go back up to once every 3 weeks Adjust it like this Like this, increase or decrease the frequency for the rest of your life It’s exactly the same as scaling your teeth or exfoliating your skin The important thing here is to exfoliate in a constant cycle That is, exfoliating your scalp four times in the same frequency before increasing or decreasing the frequency Got it? The second method:
Finding the right exfoliation frequency for dry scalps Do the exact opposite of the first method Start from the back; Exfoliate your scalp once every month for four times And if your scalp still has symptoms, then do it every 3 weeks for four times And you still have the symptoms? Then, do it every 2 weeks for four times Like this, increase the frequency over time Once your scalp has gotten better, then again, go back up to 3 weeks for four times And if your scalp’s maintaining its good status, go back up again to once every month for four weeks Still doing good? Then go up to once every 5 weeks for four times Like this, increase or decrease the frequency that it suits your scalp But there’s something more important than finding the right frequency for scalp exfoliation Here are 5 precautions As I’ve mentioned before 1.
scalps with purulent acne, scalps that hurt whenever you touch it sensitive scalps, scalps with discharge or scabs, scalp ringworm, or scalp psoriasis If you’ve been diagnosed with things like this, never try to solve the issue by yourself But there might be some people out there that have serious problems with their scalps but they are overseas, or can’t afford to visit a clinic/hospital If that’s the case, let me know in the comments section and let’s discuss it together 2. Moisturising your scalp after exfoliation is a must Your scalp is oily and flaky because your scalp’s water/oil balance is broken So removing the flakes itself won’t really solve the problem The problem will persist unless you fix the root cause That’s why the symptoms recur So the most important things are; Managing your scalp on a daily basis is very very important and moisturising your scalp after you’ve exfoliated it These two are super important and have the same level of importance You’ll only be able to get your desired outcome by doing both of these 3. The exfoliating agent shouldn’t have any harmful chemicals in it Exfoliating your scalp using an exfoliating agent that’s full of harmful chemicals and that doesn’t suit your scalp’s type, can dry out and irritate your scalp and break your scalp’s water/oil balance even further 4. Follow the instructions Follow the time written on the instruction Having the agent applied on the scalp won’t make it more effective 5. Don’t rub it too hard
(with your hand nor a stick) Rubbing it too hard to exfoliate your scalp thoroughly won’t do any good There’s no need for you to push it down in first place You just need to remove any dead skin cells that are ready to fall off by gently rubbing it like this All you need to do is to do it repeatedly in the right frequency to exfoliate your scalp Of course, it’s best to get your scalp exfoliated by a professional but if you can’t afford it, You should at least do it by yourself It’s not that hard, right? No matter what everyone else says, It won’t cause you any trouble if you do it right and in the right frequency Got it? Manage your own scalp in a way it suits your scalp


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    하지만,,두피스케일링제는 구매했는데
    탈언니께서 완전 초반에 영상 올려주신 두피크림 성분이 안좋다하셔서 아직 크림을 구매하지 못해 스케일링 하지 못하는 1인입니댜😂 두피크림도 얼른 추천해주시길 기다릴게요오♥

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    뻣뻣한 탈모샴푸 하면 혹시 머리 더 빠지는건 아니죠 ? 아웅 자꾸 뻣뻣해서 더 빠지는 느낌이에요 슬프다요 ㅜㅜ

  • ss lovely says:

    두피가 좋아졌는지 안좋아졌눈지 어떻게 알 수 있나요? 그냥 간지러운지 안간지러운지로 판단하는건가요? 두피현미경? 뭐 이런게 없어서 어떻게 확인할 수 있는지 알려주세요~~

  • 이쩡 says:

    매일 바르는 두피수분크림 대신에 알로에겔을 스케일링 후에 발라도 무방하나용??? 그냥 바르고 아침에 씻어내면 될까여? 더 건조해지진 않을까요ㅠ?!

  • 한빵족 says:

    탈모언니 혹시 두피문신 관련된 컨텐츠는 없을까요? 제가 한의원에서 두피관리도 받아보고 대학병원 가서 마이녹실, 엘크라넬 처방도 받아보고 했지만 여전히 탈모가 심해서 모발이식까지 상담 받아봤는데 정수리쪽 탈모는 모발이식을 해도 효과가 크기 않고 있는 모발까지 탈락될 우려가 있다고 회의적이더라구요. 차라리 두피문신을 말씀하시던데 아는 것도 없고 두피문신이 병원뿐만 아니라 샵에서두 두피문신을 하는데 어디가 잘하는지도 모르겠고ㅜㅜ 아무데나 가기엔 무섭고ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 도와주세요

  • 박moung hun says:

    오늘 우연히 두피센타가 눈에 보여서
    무료로 진단했는데 제 두피가 각질이
    심하게 쌓여 있고 빨갛게 딱지도
    져 있고 모공이 꽉 막혀 있더라고요
    관리실은 6회에 33만원 이래요
    미용실은 10회에 20만원 이고
    그래서 미용실 다녀 왔어요
    언니 모공이 깨끗해지면
    머리카락 진짜 덜 빠지고
    머리카락 다시 날까요?
    그리고 저 지성 두피 라는데
    미용실 에서는 중건성 쓰라고 하는데
    어떤걸 써야 될까요

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