Enerflex Step Up for MS – Shannon’s Story

What first inspired me to do the MS Run was,
because I got diagnosed with MS on the first of May. I decided four days later to actually
sign up for it because I thought it’d be a good thing to raise money for a good cause. I’ve raised $6000, or around about. A bit
more. I was inspired to do the Step Up for MS because
Shannon was doing it and I just wanted to be supportive of her. Just rally behind her I suppose. Family members are all going to do it. My sister. Shannon’s cousin. My son. Shannon’s boyfriend. I think her whole netball team is going to do it as well, and there could be more. I’m nervous a little bit because, with the
dizziness I have to face, it’ll probably be a bit of a challenge, and then also with fitness
as well, trying to get up them might be a bit of a tackle. My strategy so far was doing netball and then also I’ve been doing a lot of crossfit, just to keep up my fitness. What I wish more people knew about MS is that
it’s not as bad as it seems now. My family and friends have been really supportive
all the way through it, giving me good feedback, heaps of people are going to do it with me,
just to give me the support I need. Um, help me out here guys? Young people should participate in Step Up
for MS because #1 it’s a fun way to raise money for a good cause, and #2 it’s helping
West Australians who are living with MS and and #3 it’s because of the great view. For more information go to stepuforMS.org.au

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