Emergency Prepping For Rabbits 😷

Emergency Prepping For Rabbits 😷

hey guys this is Haley from 101Rabbits.com and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about preparing for emergency
situations with rabbits obviously this topic is very heavy in
the news right now and all over social media
so I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people asking what they should do with
their rabbits should they be concerned should they be stocking up things like
that so in today’s video I am just gonna be showing you guys what I personally am
doing in this situation I am NOT an expert I’ve never been through this no
one in the world has been through this who’s alive so yeah I’m just gonna be
showing you what I’m doing you guys can take some tips if you find it
interesting so yeah and I also want to point out that I’m not gonna say what’s
going on because I can get demonetised on youtube for it but everyone knows
what I’m talking about the current sickness in the world
currently so the first thing I would be talking about is food a lot of people
have been asking me what do they do about food what if we run out of food
for the bunnies what are we gonna do so the first thing I want to say is stock
up on hay rabbit diets are 80 to 90 percent hay
so obviously the biggest thing you should be concerned about is hay in this
situation so make sure you are ordering large quantities of hay and because
vegetables might be limited depending on where you live or like how bad the
stores are sold out of things you might want to get multiple varieties of hay
just to be sure that during this time where your rabbit has limited vegetables
they are getting what they really need which is like 80 to 90% hay of their
diet so I personally would recommend having at least three different types of
hay on hand I personally have timothy hay orchard grass hay and oat hay that’s
just what I always have on hand so that’s what I’m using I’ve thought about
maybe ordering you know a couple more as well just to have on hand but I will
say places like chewy.com they are very backordered right now not
necessarily backorder but because so many people are ordering from them it
does take a lot longer for you to get your purchases than it used to so
definitely definitely order your hay right now because it’s gonna take a
while to get to you that’s my first tip is order your hay now
so the next thing everyone is asking me about is vegetables so yes vegetables
are gonna be scarce depending on you know where you live what’s going on
things like that so because of that I’m gonna be showing you some things that I
am doing personally during this time at the moment I haven’t run out of veggies
yet in my store just keep in mind that during this time if you are not able to
get three different varieties of vegetables or you aren’t able to get you
know one cup of veggies for every two pounds of body weight like is
recommended please know that just do the best you can you don’t have to do
exactly what you know is ultimately the goal but we’re just you know trying to
figure things out and I’ll give you some tips on how to get some extra stuff in
their diet so yes it’s totally fine for a little short period of time for your
rabbit to have less vegetables than normal obviously that’s not what you
want to have long term but we’re just trying to get by at this point another
thing is it’s fine if you can only find you know green leaf lettuce and that’s
all you can find just do with what you can find feed what you can things like
that you might have to branch out and try things that you’ve never tried
before so go online I’ll link a link in the description on some really good
sites that recommend like all the veggies that are safe for bunnies so you
can go ahead and check out that link and see what veggies are safe to give and
try some new things if that’s the only things you can buy I will say do not
substitute leafy greens for hard based vegetables I don’t know if I’m saying
they’re right like don’t substitute it for like
carrots and broccoli and things like that those are not necessities in a rabbit’s diet and if you were adding those in during this time
especially very suddenly that’s gonna cause a lot of abdominal distress things
you do not want during this time also rabbit should never have more than a
tablespoon of those types of veggies per day so you do not want to be like
shoving those in their diet or anything like that right now yeah those types of
veggies are not required in a rabbits diet they’re considered treats so
definitely do not replace their leafy veggies with things like that okay
now that I’ve done talking I’m gonna go ahead and show you some things that I’ve
been doing the past week to kind of prepares alright so the first thing I
have our lettuce stumps I don’t know you would call it basically these are just
heads of lettuce that I’ve been able to purchase at the store and you can
actually regrow your lettuce that you’ve purchased from the store but you cut the
head of lettuce off to inches below the stump or above the stone and then you
place it in a small amount of water like this put it near a window that gets lots
of sunlight even though it’s raining currently here milo can you get off please
and over time it does start to grow new leaves from the center of the head of
lettuce just keep in mind that you want to change the water often and also check
the bottom of your lettuce because this can get rotten because obviously this
isn’t the ideal way to grow lettuce it does work but sometimes it can get
rotten in here so you want to make sure you’re changing the water and that
you’re checking that so basically all you do is you take your lettuce and this
one is kind of not ideal I should have cut it off right when I bought it not
after I’d plucked all the leaves off of it but it still could work so you want
to go two inches above where the end of the stalk is but because I’ve peeled so
much like leaves off I’m actually probably gonna go more like three inches
up and you just cut across like that and then you’re gonna find a little dish and
put you know just a little bit of water on it
and set it by window and that’s basically what you do so the next thing
I personally decided to do is start a garden
obviously Gardens will take months before they’re even that usable but
again we have no idea how long this thing is gonna last and I just wanted to
be extra prepared so I just went on Amazon and grabbed a couple of items
that I thought would be useful since I am currently quarantined I’m considered
at a slight risk for complications for this current illness so I’m not allowed
to leave my house so I went on Amazon and I got some peat pot trays which are
just like seed starter trays I’ve never used these but figured I’d
give them a try and then I went and I purchased I already opened this but I
have some seeds in here I got all organic seeds then I went ahead and
bought some dirt and I didn’t even know Amazon sold dirt but apparently, they do
and I got this stuff called black gold oh it’s a product of Canada
if you guys saw last year’s video of me gardening you’ll know that this is gonna
be a disaster so I’m gonna tilt the camera down and kind of show you guys
how I’m gonna be planting all this again this might not work
I might completely fail and kill everything but you know I am trying my
best okay now that I finished that I’m gonna
go ahead and look at my seed packet the ones that I got were kale green leaf
lettuce red leaf lettuce we’ve got thyme basil sage oregano and
cilantro these all came in like a packet it came in this thing if you are unable to get the proper
amount of veggies a lot of people are wondering what do they do
do they supplement with pellets even though their rabbits don’t normally eat
pellets or will they be fine without it so this is the main question I’ve been
getting asked because a lot of my followers do feed pellet free diets
which is something i strongly recommend so please please please please do not
put your rabbits on pellets during this time the reason for that is one pellets
cause a ton of gut issues on their own so if you are drastically adding them
back into their diet during this time when vets are limited and emergency vets
are limited that is a disaster waiting to happen
diet changes in themselves cause a lot of GI issues and pellets or processed
food especially because if your rabbit is not used to eating that and all of the sudden you
throw that into their diet all of a sudden they have these pellets that move
twice as slow through their GI system as veggies or hay would and that’s gonna
cause a lot of GI slowdown which is why I don’t recommend feeding pellets in the
first place but especially if you add it back in drastically that is gonna cause
a big shock to your rabbit system it could cause them to have GI slowed down
causing GI stasis or GI upset that is the last thing you’re gonna want during
this time of limited vets and things like that so no do not add pellets
back into your abets diet the thing you’re gonna want to do is think about
rabbits in the wild during the winter they are very limited to fresh greens
but they still survive and that is because rabbits survive on roughage
that’s why 85 to 90% of their diet is hay hay is considered a roughage which
is what keeps their GI system moving and they get 90% of their nutrients from hay
so it’s not like there’s much else that they really need things you can add in
to supplement during this time of limited veggies are more roughage that
they can eat this would include things like sticks willow dried grasses like
seagrass mats hay mats things like that these are toys
that your rabbits can use to eat rabbits in the wild eat a lot of bark they eat a
lot of stick things like that in the winter so this is not an unnatural thing
to happen to your rabbit if they were in the wild to not have greens for a
little bit of time but obviously of course still try your hardest to find
greens at the store but if you are having limited amounts these are things
that you can use to supplement so I’m gonna go ahead and show you a couple of
products that I am using in case you guys are interested so I’ll be right
back so a couple of roughage items that you could add in our toys and a lot of
the toys found on my shop 101rabbits.com are extremely natural they’re all
natural I don’t put anything on there that I would not feed my rabbits so
everything is completely edible for your bunny to eat and they’re very roughage
based so this is a willow ball it’s made out of willow so rabbits love to eat the
bark of this and so it’s very nutritious and it adds roughage to their diet so
that’s a good choice I’ve got a ton of different willow toys
willow rings willow cubes little balls things like that I also have these cute
little willow baskets that you can fill with hay and herbs herbs are another
good thing you can do during this time if you have dried or herbs I’m gonna try
to get some dried herbs back up on my shop I am out of them currently but I do
have more that I can make up for you guys so I’m gonna try to get those out
very soon but willow baskets are great you can add like little hay in there
with treats or like herbs things like that so those are a couple good willow
items that you rabbit could chew on some other things that rabbits really like
are grass mats these are made out of sea grass which is a completely edible
material for your rabbit it has a bunch of texture on it that your rabbit can
chew and destroy this provides a lot of enrichment as well as you know roughage
to their diet I also have like sea grass bowls these are the mini ones you can
fill them with hay herbs treats things like that that can be super fun for your
bunnies there’s times in the past where you know I’ve
run out of veggies and I didn’t have a nightly salad for my bunnies because I
needed to go out and purchase them the next morning so on those rare occasions
where I ran out of veggies and didn’t have one for one of their feedings I
would fill a little bowl like this or like a little basket full of treat hay
which is like hay they don’t get very often and then I would sprinkle it with
herbs and then like a tiny little bit of dried fruit and the rabbits go crazy
over it so that is a really good like thing to do especially if you normally
feed veggies more often and you kind of can’t for a little bit that’s a really
great option I have a lot more toys that I haven’t even shown here on my online
shop 101rabbits.com that you can check out so you can go ahead and check
out that if these things are interesting to you or if it’s something you want to
do during this time so that’s basically it for this diet portion I honestly
think that now that it’s springtime we’re not gonna have a ton of issues
with veggies because a lot of local farms are gonna start growing things and
either they’ll be available in stores or possibly you could go to local farms and
purchase things so the next thing I am doing to prepare is getting medication
on hand so for those of you guys who have rabbits who take medication you’re
gonna want to go ahead and refill those at this time just in case you know I
don’t know if pharmacies will shut down or whatever you just want to make sure
that you have enough on hand so I went ahead and picked up some adequan that
cat behind me is on a adequan as well as my rabbit Lulu so I wanted to go ahead
and stock up so this is a 2 pack of adequan so that should last me a little
bit and then I didn’t actually mean to purchase this because I already have
another bottle but this is meloxicam so meloxicam is really great to have on
hand because it’s a really good pain medication if your rabbit was to go into
GI stasis so I have this on hand because Lulu has arthritis so I am prescribed
metacam to give to her whenever I feel like she needs it so I accidentally
had this on like repeat shipping which is like where they send you it once a
month and I didn’t need it this month because I was like a full bottle so I
have two bottles of metacam now the other thing I have is a bag of sub-q
fluids so it’s a bag of lactated ringers that you can use to give your rabbit
fluids under the skin and this is really really helpful if your rabbit was to go
into GI stasis basically when you go to the vet they’re gonna give you sub-q
fluids for your bunny metacam for pain sometimes they’ll give
you a pain injection if your rabbits really in pain which I don’t have pain
injections on hand and some sort of gut motility drug which I am going to be
using cisapride but I just ordered it from the pharmacy so it hasn’t shipped
to my house yet but it should be here in the next couple of days cisapride is a
medication that helps stimulate the gut keep the gut moving and get it moving
when your rabbits in stasis not every vet uses cisapride my vet personally
does some vets use other medications or don’t use it at all I find that’s really
helpful with my rabbits so that’s what I use so the reason I am preparing so much
for a GI stasis episode is because my rabbit emergency vet closed I believe
they’re back open now but only for life-threatening cases so I’m not sure
you know if GI stasis would necessarily be life-threatening depending on how
severe the case was but because my emergency vet shut down that means if
any of my rabbits get gi stasis on a weekend or at night I can’t take them to
the vet because they’re closed because there was a lot of sicknesses or illness
going around that it’s at a vet school so it was going around the vet school so
they had to close the entire school down so
yeah I have no emergency vet so I called my vet and I said hey I need to be
prepared for an emergency and I have a good enough relationship with my vet
where she feels comfortable giving me medication to give to my bunnies because
my rabbits have had stasis so many times and she trusts that I know what I’m
doing so that’s a really important thing is to have a vet that knows you really
well go to your yearly exams go in when your rabbit is sick go to the same vet
if your rabbit vet remembers you they’re gonna trust you in situations
like this and give you the supplies you need to keep your rabbits safe so the
other thing that I have on hand is critical care I keep this in my freezer
and I actually already had this like I didn’t stock up for any reason last time
i rabbits had gi stasis I just bought a bunch because I was going through it
really fast and yeah so now I have these think they’re like almost one pound bags
of critical care I have three of them so that would definitely last me quite a
while you can buy these on Amazon hopefully they’re not out of stock but
I’ll leave a link in the description this is a forced feeding medication that
you can give your rabbits if they stop eating food in the case of GI stasis so
I have that on hand and I keep it in my freezer because it doesn’t go out of
date then so I just go ahead put it back in the freezer so that’s what I’m doing
for medication wise I just refilled them all so that I have them all on hand if
something were to happen obviously I mean I hope nothing happens but I want
to be prepared if something you know emergent comes on I want to be able to
have the tools that I need to treat my rabbits until my regular vet opens up
during the week so my current vet is still open and still taking
patients which is great they are taking precautions and you know
keeping I think they’re practicing social distancing things like that but
I’m really glad that my vet is still open so that during the week if
something goes on I can always call them and they can help me out so that is
really good one thing I do want to touch on
because I know a lot of people are gonna wonder this is if rabbits can get this
illness that is going around the answer is no rabbits aren’t known to contract
human illnesses I believe they can get like maybe bacterial type based things
but obviously this is viral so it’s not something that they’re gonna get the CDC
has also come out saying there is no evidence based that it can be contracted
to any household pets cats dogs rabbits I’ve never been known to catch any sort
of viral illness from humans this is not something you need to be concerned about
so I just wanted to put that in there because I know a lot of people would
probably be freaking out and wondering if their rabbits can get it so don’t
worry no they’re not gonna get it practice social distancing stay home
don’t allow friends to come over don’t allow anyone to come over stay six feet
apart from people no physical contact and you’ll be fine yeah I hope this
video was helpful I don’t know what I’m doing no one knows what they’re doing
but these are just some things I personally have done to prepare leave
your tips down below on what you guys are doing and yeah that’s basically it
for this video thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys very
soon on a new video bye


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    Hello, I am from Italy and we are in a very bad and critical situation due to virus 🙁 My first thought went to my bunny, since all vets and pet stores are closed! I was so worried since she has teeth issues and she must eat good quality hay otherwise her teeth would overgrow! I stocked up on GI stasis meds and on hay from amazon and now I'm hoping everything goes well. She couldn't even get her vaccine since the vet is shut down. I'm so afraid for my poor baby in these hard times! Thank you so much for this video, your tips are very helpful! Stay safe dear, virtual hugs to you and your family and your lovely bunnies! x

  • An Dagda says:

    Like rodents they might live twice as long if you only feed them every second day, something to consider.

  • Alena16 20 says:

    Wait YouTube is demonetizing videos that talks about “it” aka the current situation happening? God I hate how some people act as though suppressing information about problems will make the problems go away. It doesn’t it just means no one is prepared for when it gets to them and that when many people learn of it all at once they’ll freak out and start acting irrationally out of fear (as we’ve all seen/heard about) and in the process raising the chances of spreading it and limiting the supplies needed for the people trying to actually help. People are hoarding face masks while our healthcare providers are running out of them. If all of the people that could treat and heal us are sick we’re screwed and suppressing information from people puts everyone at risk.

  • Just Lovely Crafting says:

    You should try doing a fodder system it faster and easer to grow. Use oat grass, feed it to your cats and rabbits.

  • Lauren Oscanoa says:

    I went on a walk yesterday with my family and my mom can i guess identify plants and we saw this grass plant that looked like hay but freshly green. My mom said that we could take some home and feed it to my rabbit bcuz she said that when she was little she raised guinea pigs and rabbits and said thats what they ate and nothing happened to them. So i trusted my mom and took it home for my bunny to eat(of course i washed it first) and he loved it! Nothong happened to him and i saw him a bit better. So i guess that its ok for him to eat. I also made a ring toy out of it and he loved it! 😊

  • Angel Martin says:

    If i may make a suggestion. Dont over water and put one rabbit poo in each square just off to the side. They are the best ph balanced fertilizer. Thank you for this. Also kale grows good in cold ground even after frost

  • Nayson West says:

    U look good

  • ezza nz says:

    1. Im not mowing the lawns for grass n weeds for my bun kids..thank u for your video 💜 🐰

  • oliwiq ` says:

    Our hay is running out and the place i get it from literally closed today so we might go to the local farm and stock up on it

  • Kaitlyn Guy says:

    I'm lucky I have a decent size garden, so I've got access to dandelion, daisy (mine loves the leaves), strawberry, lavender and mint to supplement veg. We've also got coriander in the kitchen, and hopefully the raspberry plants will grow back soon

  • Lily Weeks says:

    I've been thinking of ordering some toys for my buns from your shop! Do you ship out to Canada?

  • Lagioso says:

    When will u have the 5 mini willow rings back in stock? I wanna order but I wanna order at least 5 anyways so why not get the deal. But it’s not in stock with the deal so I was wondering if the deal is gone forever during this whole thing and should just order 5 separate or if the deal will be back soon.

  • Maria Sampaio says:

    I have a big question! I know that is the states everyone gives lettuce to their bunnies!! Here in Europe we don't!! Because it's said to provoque diarrea and it doesn't have any nutritional value whatsoever. Can anyone explain why you all give lettuce?? Thank you so much

  • Spicy Nachos says:


  • Spicy Nachos says:

    I have lots of hay

  • Laney Peters says:

    Can rabbit eat cow hay?

  • Addison Stone says:

    awsome video thank you so much

  • Stephanie Valentina Montgomery says:

    For a week we could not find fresh food for my little girls pigs so we foraged for fresh grass and dandilions and just brought what hay we could find and thankfully it was enough managed to find some bell peppers and roman lettuce today and will be getting as much more hay as we can possible find we also used dried herbs as it's a favourite snack for the boys

  • Bianca Reyesestrada says:

    What if you’re a new bunny mom… and it’s your first bunny 🥺. I don’t want anything bad happening to her 😭.

  • Melissa G says:

    I started planting some lettuce seeds, super easy to do and they can be grown in containers 😄 stocked up on big bags of hay and quality pellets

  • Prerana Das says:

    I am from India and I am not getting any grass or hay currently where I am right now . What do I do

  • Kindhearted FlowerPail says:

    Hi! So I was going to go purchase some nibble sicks today and realized they are out! I'm sure you are aware but just letting you know because I am very interested in ordering them. Thank you!

  • Karra Kov says:

    Another tip on veggies. Start weening down the amount you’re giving each day in case you run out completely so your rabbits gi system doesn’t freak out with a sudden absence of veggies

  • Ashley Cyril says:

    Me: Attentively watching without a rabbit

    Take care everybody!

  • His Love Never Fails says:

    Going to start a veggie garden not just for now but permanently they will never run out

  • Crisp Lover says:

    I’m really scared because I woke up to one of my bunnies eye all closed and looked wet. And as the vets are closed because we are in lockdown and we don’t know what to do . If you know anything of what to do we would really really appreciate it

  • Ams Frazier says:

    I'm glad I ordered as much hay as I did yesterday. I ordered from Chewy and bought TONS of hay (6 big bags of different kinds).

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