Eight black women discuss the politics of skin tone

Eight black women discuss the politics of skin tone

Colorism conversations for me are always
really interesting because the way that I grew up was, ‘you need to be darker’. Really? Everyone in my family wants
to be darker. I’m all about being darker.
I didn’t realise this until my teens though. Like when I went to Grenada and
like I got a really nice, healthy, dark tan. I felt like my skin was glowing. Right, I just … Feeling beautiful. Yes! There was this picture of a couple of rappers,
it was like Jay-Z, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, somebody else, at a table and they were
talking about like what excellence looks like in all of their women. You had Beyoncé,
Alicia Keys, Cassie … All very light-skinned so clearly,
there’s an association with like being high-class and looking a certain way
and I know for me like, I was very urged to … This idea of like a messy bun, like
throwing your hair in a messy bun, and I used to have hair, like more than this. So like putting my hair in a messy bun
and putting on sweats and going outside, I couldn’t do that, because if I do that
as a darker skin woman with my hair like that,
then somebody might think I was homeless. Or somebody would think
like, oh sure she didn’t shower today or whatever. The lighter you are
and the more polished you look is definitely associated with, you know,
more money. My family c omes from an ethnicity call Garifuna and we’re a mixture of West African and Arawakan people. In our home country of Guatemala
there’s a lot of Indigenous folks and Garifuna folks together and
usually they get together they have mulatto like basically biracial
children and that was always seen as beautiful. Having that overall really
shaped the way I viewed myself and feeling that I was never really
beautiful in my skin. So I had to literally seek that out on
myself to love my melanin. My two best friends
are much lighter than me, right? So I’ve been standing next to my friends
and people have literally not said hello to me because they are not seeing me. People literally ignore dark-skinned women,
particularly fat dark-skinned women, particularly fat dark
women that don’t have no hair. Me! You know what
I am saying, like … I know that when I’m being called light-skinned,
there’s somebody’s tr ying to holler at me or whatever. It’s a compliment, but it’s uncomfortable
for me to be called light skinned because it’s like, you’re calling me …
Are you saying I’m different from you? You’re saying I am not …
You’re excluding me from a community. It’s more of like a dismissal? Yeah. And being black and white,
like I’m not gonna not tell you my mother is white but I am not white,
I am not halfway, I am a black woman. I don’t like that where it’s
separated by skin tones, when I could have had two black parents and been this skin tone. I am hearing a lot about this
European, or Eurocentric, standard of beauty but I’m also sometimes offended when people
on the colour spectrum would question my … Sort of commitment to the race. I think there’s a part of me that
also resents if someone said well, if you’re not natural, you didn’t do this
which I feel like I’m natural, I didn’t have any chemical in my hair but
I decided, yeah I want to blow dry my hair. And that doesn’t make me any less than
one of my sisters who’s deciding something else. My first memory of race,
I would say has been about colours in which i think is interesting because
I think it was me asking my mom if she was white which I thought was really
interesting and then she told me the first memory she remembers was when I
was at a park and I was playing with these kids and then like the older
sister came over and she was like, no, don’t play with her
because she’s brown. The colour spectrum is something that we have to deal
with if we want to move forward at all, it’s like, it hurts people. We have to understand that we didn’t
originally create this type of animosity we didn’t create this like kind of
intense relations with each other. It was brought upon us. So even if it was here
for African Americans in the US or if it is in, you know, Central or South America
or in the Caribbean is like this is something that
was structured to be able to divide and conquer. So are we saying
that it’s on lighter skinned people to open doors or make spaces? Like, are we saying that we don’t collectively
have a power to make our own space? I think it’s a joint effort. I guess as far as looking
towards the future, we have these examples
of what like Jordan Peele just released his film, he has Lupita Nyong’o
as a lead, you have people like even in these type of conversations, people talk
about Beyoncé but now people are like what about Kelly though? Like this idea
of like bringing darker women to the forefront like that is present,
like in the families we create, we have to make sure that we
enforce that self-love and then also make sure that we don’t ask people to
succumb to your centric standards of beauty or like influencing it. We are two black
women experiencing something together. My way of showing up
for you is if I need to put my body on the line, I am putting my body on the line. The way that you’re disrupting systems of oppression is making sure people
acknowledge my humanity, and we finna do this together.


  • brandi covey says:

    Bi racial people need our own discuss about being a minority with in a minority we're put with the black community an y'all don't want us it's ok cause we're waking up an making our own places like it should have been from the start coming soon bi racial community near you 🤷😂😂

  • KIWI BERRY says:

    I love the fact that we are beautiful in all shades. I personally want to get a tan im brown skin.

  • KIWI BERRY says:

    I didnt think about this until now but long time ago I went to an amusement park with my grandmother, it was these two light skin or mixed girls I tried to befriend they acted as though they didnt want to hang with me. I felt like an outsider. This never occurred to me that maybe it coulda been my skintone.

  • Vinny Bruce says:

    I fed in the colorism category it's a shame that the way people do and think about how people are this is not America for that

  • Felix the Cat says:

    Y'all are all black. Nobody is going to mistaken any of you for another race. Just deal, with it. Get a new mindset. Please don't carry, this non sense. To the next generation.

  • Torian Wilson says:

    Naomi Campbell speaks about Linda and Christy standing in solidarity with her when they would pass her, the black girl, over to give the modeling jobs to white girls. We need to stand together

  • alona love says:

    Truth b told we live in a world where beauty speaks regardless of ones skin tone.. i am very dark and striking my skin is so smooth i am always asked what do i put on my skin. I would love to assembly women like myself that have positive experience so such discussions wont be so one sided

  • Jennifer K says:

    Something that can be done needs to be done by the the white community at large. Some serious self reflection and edification on what it means to to foist a “white” beauty standard on a person of color. It’s absurd. I love that I’m seeing more and more women embracing their natural hair, it’s beautiful. It’s really sad that in 2019 employers and schools are still trying to say that black hairstyles are not natural or clean or acceptable or whatever their BS reasoning is.

  • Shaheen yah says:

    Thank you devil and EVE

  • Roses in the Winter time says:

    I’m black no I’m not mixed with one black parent or one white parent, or one black parent and one Mexican parent
    I’m born from two black parents that are mixed with black,white and Mexican
    My mom is BLACK and Mexican
    My dad is BLACK and white
    BUT I AM BLACK people want to quickly call me mixed because I’m light skinned yes I am black,white and Mexican but I was born from two black people that were mixed with other races like my sister is Darker than me yes we have the same parents
    That doesn’t make my older sister different from me she and I have the same equal amounts of black,white and Mexican in our blood but WE ARE BLACK here born from two black beautiful people
    And yes before anyone rades my mom and dad are light skin black people and my sister is darker but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same parents because her melanin is darker than mine we come from the same parents

  • great vengeance says:

    Yeah you darkskin sista's cry about darkskin but act stuck up when brothers that actually like dark skin women try to engage with you!!!!!!

  • Rentman TV says:

    I’m black af 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tracey Wingfield says:

    We need to have a broader conversation on colorism which should include men and women.

  • Sean Livingston says:

    These woman are beautiful. However, someway most kids are taught by media not to like darker skin tone.

  • Nu Tech says:


  • LILIE ROSE says:


  • phantasm 3678 says:

    Awesome ladies

  • TheVoice Of A Young BlackMan says:

    Yaw exclude dark skin men though…. so what about that the world just ain’t about yaw😑

  • Chingy Changy says:

    It’s the dark skin and kinky hair.

  • Kitcat_007 says:

    Colorism very prevelent in India, and in (East) Asian countries. Darker skinned asians are discriminated against. Latino culture also discriminates against the native brown skinned people. This is a multi cultural international virus.

  • Why Bother says:

    I keep telling people it’s a bunch foreigners coming here perpetuating these stereotypes. The first thing I noticed when I saw the video is these are not N Americans… lol

  • Hanifah Shabazz says:

    This is beautiful queens👸🏿👸🏿👸🏿

  • YugotSwaqedd says:

    No colorism in the Kingdom of Heaven!

  • g sun says:

    not just the Black community Asia community is the same still to this day. I'm from Sri Lanka and I see girls and boys also older generations trying to make their skin light.
    It took some time for me to understand and love my skin and I'm happy and feel so liberated.

  • Chico DePuertoRico says:

    Colorism exists in Puerto Rico too… We are all Puerto Ricans here but I'm very European in my features and grew up hearing my aunts and cousins Dismissing women and men with African features. Its sad because we all represent and love the same nation.

  • Anta Thiam says:

    All you Women are all Beautiful😍😘🙌

  • Magic9053 says:

    I think Kelly is prettier than Beyonce and a better singer

  • Alexus Bell says:


  • Julissa Alvarez says:

    Yasss somos garifunas

  • J SMITH says:

    She's not denying her mom is white, but she's identifying as 100% Black? Sis, you received 23 chromosomes from your Black dad and 23 from your white mom. How do you CHOOSE to delete her genetic contribution to you? Socially, in the USA, one drop of Black blood makes you Black. However, GENETICALLY speaking , you are biracial. Embrace your authentic self.

  • Bianca Bee says:


  • Lidya Solomon says:

    This is very interesting. I love hearing this conversation!!!

  • Bill Smlth says:

    When you can pass for black like me you get plenty of pity pu$$y from white and black girls….They fall for that stupid media black crybaby [email protected] every time!!!

  • FARK GOOGLE says:


  • Lovely Ishername says:

    I'm light and not mixed. At the end of the day, we're all Black and need to stick together. Period. This divide and conquer bs is played out.

  • Rachel Monét says:

    The girl at 3:47 sounds dead inside

  • ChristinaQueenHeart says:

    The people being disrespectful in the comments are part of the larger issue. The hate is so unreal.

  • Sassy girls says:

    I love dark people my moma grandma great grandma are jet black sooooo beautiful my favorite color

  • Tionna Johnson says:

    The light skin girl is delusional you are different from fully black people and that's ok but you have to accept that

  • Sonia Ndukwe says:

    They all sound so sad and defeated sheesh

  • RootsReclaimed says:

    That bald chick with the blonde hair was so pretty!

  • Daniella Suarez says:

    the mixed girl who said she was black… sweetie you are mixed

  • Nigredo Channel says:


  • Ravenlife 1372 says:

    They picked the most unattractive women they could find……it’s not because of their skinned tone. It’s because you are overweight, dressed masculine, have ugly hairstyles, have bullnose piercings.

  • kiesha bello says:

    I am very how I have happy how I have turn out now no regrets now

  • Kane B says:

    8 overweight lesbians with mental issues. got damn its their own fault period

  • Brandon Drawde says:

    I’ll lick her mouf Nyasa

  • Joann Kennedy says:

    More and more black people dating outside their race. Time to put this stupid issue to bed forever.

  • Hello sunshine says:

    Being black isnt a ethnicity its a skin color so if your black your black but when people ask about your ethnicity you say like your African American or Caribbean or jamaican whatever tf you are.👌🏾

  • Hilary Bromley says:

    instead of talking about skin colour why not talk about love and kindness about being a decent human being after all we all bleed red blood

  • cinnamonstar808 says:

    STOP CALLING IT COLORISM it is "white supremacy theory" colorism would not exist without it. LOOK AROUND THE PLANET there is no evidence in DNA that whiter or lighter color is preferred. this was created artificially like the concept of race. And the tension inside of that is the "looting' game of economic prosperity.
    the same box that makes me + Oprah = [ black women ] not poor vs wealth like it was prior to the creation of racism. Wealth paid off all bigotry (fat, ugly, bad dancer, horrible cook)

  • Iesha Moore says:

    It still baffles me the way they only talk about lightskin or darkskin like it isn't plenty shades in between🤦🏾🤦🏾 never understood it

  • Denise S says:

    👏🏾👏🏾Beautifully said ladies 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Winnie says:

    I get why she said I'm not half White. Because she is all Black regardless of her mother she is Black and looks Black.

  • Saige Lofton says:

    For the light skin woman , I feel like if she was to identify as a black woman it’s okay because she wouldn’t be lying . It’s not that she’s completely disowning her white side , sometimes the world will make you choose . I feel like a white person would look at her as more black than a black person would regardless of her genotype and that tells you something right there. Black is black.

  • Judi Grace says:

    I loved when the Acapulco sun kissed my body, and accented my beautiful brown

  • I CROSS says:

    This society has spent decades programming black men to associate success and equality to having a white partner. That is why most black celebrities marry white women or the closest sister that they can find to that. Many black women lighten or surgically alter their features to look more european in order to compete. In many non U.S. countries in central & south america and the Islands it is a silent coercion to try to improve by making the gene pool lighter from generation to generation. Black people need to stop letting other peoples racial values control our lives and learn to love our selves and people who look like us.

  • Samuel Ramzie says:

    We just need our mothers the black women in power politically to unite and end money poverty as a race… this is what we are campaign for now in Ghana and Africa….. Power to our mothers party

  • Juan Wine says:

    they bring up color but not attitude lol
    most these chick probably have no man or not married lol

  • Xastur Speaks says:

    That black girl with blonde hair is guilty of cultural appropriation.

  • Xastur Speaks says:

    2:52 No you are not a black woman. You identify as a black woman but actually are a colored woman, a mixed race woman which is a distinct group lumped into by mostly self-identifying by the person themselves, such as yourself.

  • Hatshepsut Ma'at Re says:

    Colonialism has made all people of color hate their beautiful features : India…Africa…USA…South America….Philipines…

  • faith Awuor says:

    light skinned and Dark skinned Black people should know one thing…no one will ever give you dark skin or textured hair …you have to be born with it…but you can have white skin whenever you want and even straight hair…Black pple have something that only nature can give ..love it , embrace it and defend it with your life!!

  • Martin Stu says:

    why are you trying to be white?

  • cookie crumbs says:

    None of these women are light skinned period. Y'all dark skin women and delusional when it comes to lightskin women.

  • Eric Bowers says:

    it's kinda different ig 'blackness' for diff places eg: in the usa when you put down your race it's white black or latinx, but in the uk you have a lot more options than that so you can check a box of both your parents' ethnicities.

    because race being so varied it would seem that its a cultural thing first, bc at the end of the day it's how people see you and not who you rlly are

  • Saint Ivy says:

    Both my parents are dark but my sister is light skinned and everyone is colorist between us expect for close family

  • Glamorous Taee says:

    I think it has little to do with skin tone and more to do with beauty and being physically attractive. None of those women on that panel are physically attractive. Fat, bald head and unattractive.
    If they’d interviewed beautiful fit women with the same skin tones, the conversation would be drastically different!

  • Allegra Ruhl says:

    At this point I dont think people see how bad colorism has gotten I have a black dad and a white mom and a lot of the time my treatment is worse than those of darker skin and white people…..I'm told a lot that I cant call myself black because of my lighter skin tone and obviously I cant call myself white…..Men both white and black seem to avoid light skins and are attracted to dark skins and white girls……I love my skin color and I'd love to be able to call myself black without someone correcting me ….so in my opinion mixed race woman when it comes to colorism have it harder

  • Jabari James says:

    I rather be Darker pitch black dark like Batman – it don’t feel right being light skin or brown skin I love darkness too much light for me make me feel week fragil untrusted scamed out my complexion betrayed out my complexion took and stolen from my dark skin complexion everybody black is mixed I don’t like it brown is sooo ugly I look like polished brown wood furniture 😞😭

  • Oumou says:

    This video sucked lol

  • Russ Fontanilla says:

    I'm a white Asian (moderately pale) and I feel so bad whenever my friends mock another friend of mine who's black. I'd shut em down and they'd invalidate me, they'd say he wouldn't know about it. And I'm like, fr? Sometimes I would look at myself in the mirror and I would be ashamed of my own skin just because my friend's constantly mocked because of his own. I feel so bad because of being white. I think that friend of mine is incredibly gorgeous. Personally, I'd prefer to be around black people.

  • melissafearless says:

    🤔She said being black and white but she’s not have white

  • Nazgul OvHell says:

    1:26 garifuna people are just west African and have little to no mixture and there's some but not alot of indigenous/garifuna intermarrying to make a big zambo community that woman still needs to accept herself

  • ravi sara says:

    why worrying if you wear diamond it reallly glitters brightly on your skn tone if u got any marks created by pimples on your face it will get hide by your skin tone so dont worry so black color is also a great skin tone

  • Nonso Okonkwo says:

    Nature is Utilitarian, beauty is baseless and Dark skin is a protection

  • Nonso Okonkwo says:

    Light Skin insinuates how often your ancestors were raped

  • Sober Sherpa says:

    Victim mentality cripples and debilitates people. This has been proven by world-class black leaders around the world. For example; Lisa Nichols, Nicole Walters – from poverty to success by believing, not believing the lies, and embodying work ethic.

  • Sober Sherpa says:

    Straight up – making the color of other people's skin, or the color of your skin an issue is shallow mentality.

    One black looking down on another black because of skin color embodies lack of decorum. F-ing prejudice against your own people your own neighborhood. Petty as F!

  • Sober Sherpa says:

    These panelist are being exploited by The Guardian – very disappointing seeing people accepting prejudice against her own race.

    Color of skin matters zero – the quality of your character discussion trump's petty bs/ useless / meaningless discussions of skin.

  • S White says:

    these are ugly women though. They just need to accept the fact that most of these women are just not cute. PERIOD. Darkskinned or whatever

  • Mara-ci.x W says:

    As long as you dont allow colourism to make you treat your own people a way.. …. which alot of black women do lightskined and dark skinned ….*lightskined women talking*.

  • Blacka Đøn says:

    I hate it when black women hair dye there hair in these ridiculous colours. 0:12 pink hair dark skin metal in between her nose is this so-called black woman trying to look White she does hideous. Light skin woman at 3:02 is she not black she is mixed race you cannot be considered as black if you have one parent that is a non black person This Is Not America where you have a stupid one drop rule that considers mixed-race people as black as someone who has two black parents.

  • Maria Rodgers says:

    why is everyone here obese?

  • darkstepwarrior88 says:

    Lookig at all these beautiful sister i feel proud we can handle this challenge together as man, women and people

  • Foxy Boop says:

    2:54 You are a biracial woman.. you could've been that complexion with two Black parents, but you'll never know.

  • Dany Fox says:

    You are fat… That why men are not interested… period.

  • Dany Fox says:

    XD I bet these women don't date dark skinned black men…

  • Lndin Galle says:

    Oh waaaa, nobody likes my skin color. while most treat light skin or mixed women badly.

  • bella bella says:

    I'm not dark skinned but I'm not light skinned either. I definitely feel like I've experienced being unacknowledged while standing next to a lighter skinned woman though, but I never understood why until the recent years. I was always quiet and reserved so it didn't bother me until I began to be aware and question

  • EDDIE RUTH says:

    it also could be their weight. Most men don't like big women.

  • soul sessions tv Bdhrh says:

    You can look polished and Also be Dark -skinned! . …Hello Lupita!!!

  • soul sessions tv Bdhrh says:

    The one thing I notice. They all look depressed and run down in life! (Put your body on the line???? Really? ) No!

  • Alex Segu says:

    Where are the jet black sisters in this conversation? They would really challenge these women assumptions on beauty.

  • Lafonzio u says:

    Complaining, mean minded, arrogant and goofy, bunch of angry black women

    No thank you✋

  • chocolaterain says:

    Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

  • Jonathan Francis says:

    “I have a dream that one day… the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”
    Drom these comments, I am starting to feel like he was speaking about mulattos+

  • Damani Scott says:

    Why are they talking so politically correct. They need to stop lying, especially the light skinned girls are.

  • Arsh Leey says:

    I'm confused when she said she ain't white nor half white…but your mom is white?

  • Kelsey Chester says:

    Saying you are not black or mixed is great but if you look black that is his you will be treated unfortunately.

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