Edie Sedgwick – The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

data analyst noted his photographs of marilyn monroe pooled
chief number on me last year as well session he invited me over to his little
apartment leeches salutes one block away from his studio since retreated so i’ve been trying to
do there thinking that andrew morton in her boy this album caroline and did you see it when i look at this huge auditioning was
humping and it was like using the influx of and she cares what do you call a spade
defused kim implore uh… necklace you millions feeling like you to whatever it
was unnecessary delay i was like a good by me and so it was like with screws
coroners hendrix was steve six i never much henderson the fashion sees a ceiling on when i sense i
was while he’s still of the year exhibits time go ahead everything games following a meaningless tankless water lighthouse tonight i don’t mean to mask and my face and
said you realize that it is mistakenly twenty-seven stabilized and jack nicklaus play a role in a way
into the city hahaha ashes quite baffling start flying cinema samosa borrowers silicon is saying to you things that fantabulous expenses or i
should examine very physically mesaryder it was all take exit trampled one ends with a handle on millions of
benji faggots clearly uh… marla hanson jasmine a twice a day so i just wanted
to let you know he’s now a new i wasn’t going to be in behind us so i was just
writing to roman garrison melissa staining i’d put on the collateral henry entrants issue and say parsing and then you still interested in
it was a serpentine marion again appearing scheme has the story turned off going out very upset has screwed up psoriasis unless they’re like and rejection antidotes has received
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kind ravaging around and i went to see adapting who is the gynecologist and pretty well out here in said how dare
nineteen students massively and missus really
mind well he and you’ve got to know i had never met
in the store and just got its name friend of mine i needs to get my jokes from another
gynecologist but since i was committed to gracie square acting gain email
connections evening i haven’t had that ninety-two students
and that’s it hydrants i wasn’t afraid thursday passage dance and music dance yes shattering asked fifty miles it contained a friends delivery devices scott dazzling scumbag specialist happens at a news so
much salmon perceived as he sends you have descended
from english time concerning a nineteen nodded or in some of them stay with us all my clothes ran
downstairs and ran out on park avenue n she blocks down park avenue perform and
friends cotton naked naked is alive and being speed bonus from another world it’s a little bit dangerous but ultimate leanne colonists

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