Eat Agave, Get Fat. Learn the shocking truth about Raw Agave Syrup Nectar

Eat Agave, Get Fat.  Learn the shocking truth about Raw Agave Syrup Nectar

Alright this is John Kohler with
Today what we’re going to talk about is the agave. Did you know that agave can make you
fat? So eat agave and get fat. Why are so many raw foodists literally fat and overweight?
Well one of the reasons may be that they eat too much agave.
Yes, agave can make you fat and here is the reason why. The reason why is that basically
it’s metabolized by your liver and not metabolized in your normal digestive process. So basically
you can get what it’s called fatty liver, it’s like what alcoholics get and it can cause
psoriasis and other problems. The reason why it does this, and yes even if it’s raw, just
because it’s raw doesn’t mean it’s healthy is actually a talk I give and not everything
that’s raw is healthy for us. So the reason why agave’s so bad is the fructose
content. It’s between seventy percent to ninety-seven percent fructose and that’s just whole extracted
fructose. So you might ask well hey fructose isn’t that just fruit sugar, you know fructose-fruit?
Well yes, it’s true that there’s fructose in fruit like an apple or an orange, banana.
It has fructose but guess what the percentage of fructose is in those kinds of fruits? They’re
usually in five, six percent range. Never as high as seventy to ninety-seven percent
and even high fructose corn syrup has fifty-five percent fructose, not seventy percent fructose.
So there’s a big sham going on and you are the guinea pigs you’re basically being taken,
your money’s being taken, you’re being fed a product that’s not good for you that’s going
to sabotage your health. While it is true that agave is low glycemic
it still does raise your blood sugar and I did do a test on that personally to check
it out. But the real problem is that it increases your insulin resistance which is probably
even worse than being low glycemic just because it’s low glycemic doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
So anti-freeze is low glycemic but if dog’s drink anti-freeze they’ll lose their lives.
So we need to be really aware. I can sit here and talk to you for a while
about agave and I do want to bring up one quick point before I forget. I learned about
agave, and I’ll tell you the history about how I learned about agave and my teachings
on agave. I first learned about agave in about the year 1999 or 2000 year at the natural
products expo. It’s a trade show for the health food industry that I attend every year to
keep up to date with all the new happenings. There was one company selling agave and when
I found it I’m like wow this could possibly be a new raw foods sweetener and I’ve discovered
it because I found it here at the trade show. But after further research I found that actually
it was made with high heat and actually it went through a really, I mean literally a
chemical process to make it and adding enzymes and charcoal and filtering and all these other
things. So as people enter into raw foods, into health,
we want to be eating, we want to be eating real foods and we want to get away from things
that have labels and ingredient lists and all that kind of stuff. My friend Paul Nisson
says if it has an ingredient list you shouldn’t be putting it into your body.
I’m sitting here in my garden with collards and kale and lettuce behind me, these things
we look at we know what it is, we need no ingredient labels. A non-descript bottle of
agave, I mean, what is this. This could be tequila if it was allowed, if this was allowed
to ferment more. So that being said agave doesn’t contain any enzymes because they have
to stop the enzymatic activity otherwise the tequila would ferment into agave. Just another
reason. So anyways, back to the story. I found the
agave in 1999 or 2000 and I determined it wasn’t a viable raw food. Then somebody else
found it and figured oh yeah we could market this as raw or even not as raw and it came
out for whatever reason. Because you know why the reason is the all mighty dollar that
so many companies and people selling you raw food products that may be labeled raw that
might not even be raw, that might not even really be healthy for you because they want
to make a buck. So you know what I’m teaching you? I have
a YouTube channel Growing Your Greens to teach you how to grow your own food at no charge.
There’s nothing in it for me, but what’s my goal? My goal’s to teach people how to grow
their own food and eat their own food and then they’ll be a lot healthier because they’re
eating whole foods that’s fresh picked. We want to be eating whole foods that are
fresh picked because there’s more life force parna, chi, whatever you want to call it as
well as enzymes, nutrients and you put rock dust minerals in the soil, it’s going to be
fully mineralized so we don’t need to take a mineral supplement and that’s the best food
in the world is the food that you could grow in your front yard.
So back to the story. So basically agave came out, I’d done a lot of research on it and
actually updated my research and in 2006, yes year 2006 I started educating people in
the raw foods community that agave was not good for us. So it’s now been four years and
finally some people are listening and now people like Brian Clement and Joseph Mercola,
Kevin Gianni and a whole bunch of other people are now finally saying don’t eat agave. I’m
like duh I’ve been telling you guys, I’ve been telling everybody since 2006. Finally,
they believe me. So this agave incident and other incidents
has spawned me to make a, give a talk I give called “Just because it’s raw doesn’t mean
it’s healthy.” I can sum that a few sentences. Basically, we want to be eating whole, fresh
fruits and vegetables. There’s a lot of things being sold to us as raw such as agave’s one
of them and cacao’s another big one and there’s other things that maybe aren’t so
good for us. So now the question is John so if agave’s
not that good for us what do I use for sweetener? Okay, well that’s definitely a good question,
so here’s the answer. The answer is this. So when we come from a standard American diet
we come from a culture based on eating foods that are really high in sugar with, used to
be like sugar from sugar cane which they processed down and they fed that to us.
Then it was like high fructose corn syrup and most standard Americans eat a diet really
high in high fructose corn syrup and it’s causing the obesity, one of the causes of
the obesity and a lot of the other health challenges in today’s society. So you could
basically substitute the high fructose corn syrup with high fructose agave syrup. Why
we don’t call that, why don’t we call agave syrup high fructose agave syrup. Actually,
I picked up an agave at the last trade show and it says high fructose agave syrup on it.
I should have that out for a prop here. But I will use that for a prop at some of my talks
I give. But so just because it’s raw it doesn’t mean
it’s healthy. So just because agave’s raw, high fructose corn syrup or I mean raw high
fructose agave syrup doesn’t make it any healthier for us. It could cause liver damage, increases
your insulin resistance, it’s really high in fructose, it’s highly processed, it’ll
make you fat, has no enzymes and guess what, it’s also addictive. So you’ll go back and
buy more and those companies will keep making the money off you at the expense of your health.
That’s not cool. So let’s get down to alternatives. So alternatives
basically, if you’re not a true vegan and you’re not concerned about that stuff, which
I’m not going to talk about I think honey is a much better alternative to agave. At
least it naturally occurs in nature. Bears, there’s honey hives and you could stick your
hand in a honey hive and get stung to hell but you’d be able to get the honey and there’s
no factories, enzyme inhibitors or in actually I even heard that there’s genetically modified
things in the agave that they use to ferment it to make it happen. So that’s, we don’t
want to be eating that stuff. So honey’s a good viable alternative if you’re
not a true vegan. Although, honey’s also really high in fructose. It’s about seventy percent
fructose but it’s in a little bit different form, so it’s not quite as bad plus honey
has a lot of other benefits. So that’s probably a better alternative, but that being said
we really, really, really want to get away from eating those high sweet, sugar foods.
As I said before we’ve been brought over from a standard American diet which is really high
in sugar and that’s what you’re used to. So once you start eating nature’s sugars and
the natural sugars that are in naturally occurring and fresh whole fruits for example, then once
you start eating more fresh fruits you’re going to get to know that that is the sweetest
things that we should be eating and you’re going to be more happy with that.
So the best sweetener in my opinion is fresh fruits, the next best after that would be
something like dried fruits. So that’s fresh fruit less only the water. Then after that
maybe something like stevia and I grow actually stevia over there in my garden, in my herb
bed. So fresh stevia leaves are the best followed by the dried green powdered and then I’d probably
go down to the more highly processed stevias. Then I’d maybe say something like honey and
then the rest, we could go down the line from there and most things down the list wouldn’t
be raw. So another question’s going to be well John
what about yucca syrup or Jerusalem artichoke syrup or whatever other syrup they’re going
to making next year. You know what, once again it’s all being made in a factory and let’s
not use those kinds of things because there haven’t been any research problems with those
now, but you know what always when we’re messing with mother nature there’s always going to
be some problems and repercussions. Don’t mess with Mother Nature.
So hopefully you’ve learned more about agave and some of the alternatives today and hopefully
you will no longer be eating agave so you will no longer be fat and be able to live
healthfully on a raw foods diet. So this is John Kohler with We’ll see you
next time.


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    White Sugar
    Calories: 60
    GI: 64
    Fructose: 13.13 g

    Calories: 60
    GI: 30
    Fructose: 17.85g (@85%) or 15.75g (@75%)

    Coconut sugar
    Calories: 56
    GI: 35
    Fructose: 11.81g

    The pretty clear winner appears to be coconut sugar, but they are all close and coconut sugar is expensive. From what I have researched online, as long as you stay under 50g of fructose a day there are no proven ill effects though most places say to stay under 25g. If all you have a day is 2 tablespoons of agave you will probably be ok. For each person it probably hinges mostly on cost and whether or not glycemic index is important to you.

  • TruthInjector says:

    The TRUTH is way more COMPLEX than the group-think of the healthy lifestyle community.  Because a few or a great many people say something is one way does not mean it is true.  Agave is perfectly healthy and safe used in moderation. Used in moderation it will not make you fat. The info in this video is not accurate regardless of his insistent hand gestures 🙂 This is the one time in a million John is not perfectly correct.. John is fantastic and organic food gardeners know it all around the world. He is literally helping to save the world with his efforts to promote food growing.

    People on raw food diets commonly get FAT because they EAT TOO MUCH. There is this notion that is FALSE that you can eat as much as you like.  There are researchers who just pulled out all the stops and at as they willed and they got FAT eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.  Just like with cooked food you have to watch your total calories and activities you engage in to consume those calories. 

    Agave is a very high fructose sweetener.  THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY GOOD FOR YOU. With sucrose the blood sugar rises to very high levels then plummets.  The problem is when people overdose on agave or high fructose corn sweetener, you are pushing too much of a good thing. Fructose eaten in moderation, we should not be drinking 16 sodas a day. Maybe one to three tops. If you drink and consume fructose in moderation you won't have any problems. The problem arises when people overdo a good thing. Fructose is low hypoglycemic so it does not wake up insulin production so you end up with excess sugars. The easy way to fix it is to simply add a boost of sucrose to the mix. A level teaspoon in a drink is ok. Even less will probably work. The sucrose will activate insulin production and prevent this adverse consequence of excess usage of a good thing.  It is much better to drink soda or beverages or pies sweetened with agave or enzymatically extracted fructose(high fructose) than it is to eat them sweetened with a high sucrose sugar which.  If you do OD on agave add a little sucrose. But it's best to use a moderate amount of a very good thing. AND YES HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SWEETENER IS WAY BETTER FOR YOU THAN TABLE SUGAR– just not if you want to guzzle down 16 sodas a day- then add some sucrose.  You will get FAT whether you consume too much sugars or too much fruits and vegetables(even with no agave). It's the total calories that matter.

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    Please, please do not let this video discourage you from using agave! Try watching the Netflix documentary "omg" We could feed the world with this stuff. Instead of two spoons of honey in your tea for example, use one spoon of Agave. It is delicious, AND your body digests it better. Sorry cute guy, who means well. But give Agave a chance!!!

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    i'm pretty sure you have an eating disorder…

  • BroccoliQueefed says:

    John, excuse me, but the test you did….1. You drank agave that was almost clear, not raw. 2. You drank 35 teaspoons of it in one sitting! Who does that? OMg!

  • BroccoliQueefed says:

    Dates, fresh stevia from the plant, maple syrup, coconut sugar. Those are healthy sweeteners if used in moderation.

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