Dry fasting explained – benefits of dry fast and intermittent fasting

Dry fasting explained – benefits of dry fast and intermittent fasting

– Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel. My name is Ray Maor and this channel is dedicated for those that are working on
raising their vibration. Today is a very very
unique and special topic. And I’m going to talk about the dry fasts that I’m doing, the extended dry fasts not just the one and two days. I know that you know that science doesn’t necessarily
know everything right? And science tells us
that a person should die after three days or four days without food and without water. If not die, then at least
completely dehydrated. They should be suffering, they
should be dying in some way. Their blood tests should change. In the last 10 to 20
years, we are beginning to take more alternative
medicine than we do normal western scientific medicine. And we do this because we stop believing. All right, we understand
that the medicine companies, we understand that people
are doing more for money and for ego than they are for our benefit, for our healing. So we can’t really trust a
system that continually tells us that there’s something wrong and we should always visit the doctor, and we should always visit the dentist, and blah blah blah. Because that is not how things should be. A person is born healthy. In other words, we are in some way creating an illness within ourself. Society and the system
is helping us create that by bombarding us with
low-vibration information, belief systems, and by
trying to manipulate and control us. Now when I do these extended dry fasts there are realizations,
there are epiphanies, there are aha moments that
you don’t have otherwise. You don’t have it because
your body is not really clean because you’re busy, because the digestive
system actually takes a lot of the energy of the
body while you’re eating. That’s why after lunchtime
everybody feels tired and their productivity
descends drastically. You can see this in an
office if you’re working, if you’re above 25 you probably notice that the productivity
increases in the morning when everybody’s highly motivated and then it goes down. Same thing by the way
with the days of the week. If you don’t really enjoy your job, Monday and Tuesday will be
the best productive days and then everybody’s
kind of like reaching out and aiming to reach the weekend (laughs). So, I would like to share with you about this specific dry
fast that I did on TV. I did another one that
was 10 days by myself. I did another one that was a
part of my Pranic initiation, my breatharian initiation,
which was about in 2013, that was seven days. So I was playing around with it. And I can tell you,
beyond the biology itself that actually tells us
that after three days the liver is completely cleansed, that most of the toxins
are out of your system, most of the poisonous, you can say viruses that were in your system. Some people have worms,
some people have different you can say entities
that are living inside us that make us feel that
we are actually craving. Makes us addicted to different sugars and they actually decide for us what we actually want to have, what we actually want to eat. So when you have a craving
you suddenly understand that it wasn’t really you,
it was something else. A lot of people by the way
they take out those worms because those worms actually die because you’re not feeding them anymore. And then you realize that
you don’t have those cravings that you had before. So the biology actually
says that in three days the body transforms itself. What happens to the immune system is that the body starts
eating the blood cells, the white blood cells,
the protection cells in other words, the immune system cells that are half alive. In other words a cell, just like a person, has a birth, has a life, and has a death. So the body actually
creates energy from them and it forces the body to
create new white blood cells. Meaning the immune
system becomes stronger. And this is of course scientific research that has been done. This also explains why so
many Holocaust survivors from different countries
survived for so long. Because what they endured for a few years is near starvation experiences. And that actually created
a very strong body. So some of them lived
to be 90, 100 years old. You will probably notice by the way when they research people
who live very long lives and very healthy lives, you will probably notice that
they fast once in awhile. Or they significantly
reduce their caloric intake. The really difficult part in
a dry fast, at least for me, is everything that has to do
with emotion, with boredom. Anything that has to do with staying tuned and being in the moment. Usually when I dry fast, I will
not do it while I’m working, I will not do it while I’m with my family. I will try to do it secluded, by myself. And I know it’s difficult for
some people with a family. I will do it without my
cellphone, which is very important because what I want to
reach is a higher vibration, and a higher understanding. So if I seclude myself from society it also means that I’m
not sharing the frequency of their thoughts and their emotions, and it doesn’t influence me that much. But what I do get because I’m very active, I’m even hyperactive, and my
CPU keeps working so much. I had a lot of thoughts, I
used to be an over-thinker. And in that time, that was my
main problem, my main issue. Boredom, you go through
10 days without food and without water. And you start thinking all these thoughts, mind games we call them, in
the processes that we teach. What happens is that you start thinking, why the hell am I doing this? What do I have to prove? Is this coming from my spiritual ego? My body’s already healthy enough. And all these kind of mind games come up and they’re putting you down, why? Because sometimes people break their fast exactly because of that. They start visualizing the food that they’re gonna have in the end. Especially if it’s a dry fast because we’re really not
used to not having water on a day-to-day basis. I know that in my country
we have one day a year that everybody fasts. And it’s like a forgiveness type of practice that we fast. They tell us that it is to abuse the body, and to make us suffer a
little bit because of our, it’s a religious, an ancient
religious type of thing. Sort of like Jesus died
for everybody’s sins. But in truth, we fast
because it clears the body to become more spiritual
awakened when we are meeting God and when we are
apologizing to other people for the bad deeds we did in the last year. There’s something very very
important in understanding that a dry fast that is done by yourself doesn’t have the energy of the group, doesn’t have the experience of guides and stuff like that. So usually it’s better to
do it a few people together or in larger groups. Like what we do in the different workshops and the different breatharian
initiations around the world. Is we’re having a lot of
people coming together with a common intention of
experience something unique, something that they’ve never done before. And that’s why it’s much easier
than we do it by ourself. Because it’s sort of like when you’re completely out of practice and you starting to exercise and it’s really difficult
in the beginning. ‘Cause you don’t have someone, you don’t have a coach or a trainer to come and tell you. So, it’s better to do
it physically together, but it’s also okay to do
it when you have someone that is doing it with you far away, as long as you have that energy. But I can tell you that we
don’t have the same type of attitude, we don’t have
the same type of strength and motivation when
somebody’s far away from us. It’s better to do it
when everybody’s together because we’re kind of
like come with intention and we understand that
we came to do something. To do a four-day dry
fast together as a group and it turns out to be amazing every time. In addition to that, I would
love to hear your comments about your experience with dry fasting. Why you haven’t done it so far, you know? Or why you have done it and stopped. Why you did one day and where
you’re going to see yourself? Because I believe that
everybody should do, at least once a year,
a three day dry fast. Just to reset the immune system, just to reset the mind
and all the belief systems we have about food,
about emotional eating, about the needs of the body. Because it really, it profoundly changed the
way I perceive our existence. As a dependency and a
non-dependency as well. And really it brought me to
this amazing type of lifestyle that I had no idea existed 10 years ago, when I was much younger. That eight day experiment
that I volunteered to, they gave me a really hard time. I never really (laughs), I
never really shared my thoughts about what I did there, but they really wanted me to fail. I don’t know if any of us
are familiar with this, you can go to my website
and you can check out under video, watch one
of the documentaries that I did, or they did
upon me when they tested me. And I actually got $100,000 for that, and it was a bet, it wasn’t
actually from the television. It was a guy that didn’t
believe that it was possible. So it was a bonus. And it kind of told me also that spirit is sending me
this abundance in that way so I can give some of that. And I gave and I donated some of that and I used some of that
for free energy research and stuff like that because I believe that abundance should be shared. Abundantly, as one might say. So in that specific dry fast,
it was a little bit harder because not only the
emotional stuff that came up. And again, you can watch
the whole thing it’s online. It was mostly because they
harassed me every day, and they took blood tests. And nobody is supposed to take blood tests from a person that’s dry fasting. Especially with me because
I have a blood test phobia. So first time they did
it I almost fainted. And every day after it
was much easier for me because I understood how
much it is in my mind. It’s just that I never get sick so I don’t actually need
any blood taken from me. So many many years I didn’t
need any blood tests. So that was the hard part,
they came every evening, they were mocking me a lot, they were making me feel like a fool. After four days something changed in them. They were like, okay this is the point where the doctors should
bring the ambulance and they should carry
this guy away from here. And they started respecting, they started respecting spirituality. And they started seeing that I’m not in any way
reflecting back their negativity, I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining my
point of view on things. And again, you can watch
this whole thing online it’s kind of cool. Now that I watch it and I
see how my younger self dealt with all those things, I
learned a lot from him (laughs). Plus I learned how my hair
looks much better this way. (laughing) Anyway, when you are
decided to do a dry fast make it safe. In other words, don’t go for the three,
four days immediately. We are full of toxins and these toxins have been
accumulating ever since we were very very young children. This doesn’t necessarily
mean that you ate bad. It means that there
were suppressed emotions that need to come out, it
means that there’s a lot of carbon dioxide emissions from trucks and from wherever it is
that you used to live. It means that there’s a lot of things that don’t really have to do with you so don’t feel bad about it. But, this will change your life. Do this, one day a week
dry fast for 24 hours. My recommendation is to
take the first business day. In other words, after the weekend where everybody kind of lets go and there’s a lot more sinning going on, whether it have to do with
food and neglecting the body and stuff like that. So 24 hours
(hands smacking) from the evening, for
you guys for most of you it will be from the evening of Sunday until the evening of Monday.
(hands smacking) Depends on your religion,
or depends on your country. I know that most people of the world they have Saturday and Sunday off. Muslims it’s Friday, for
Jews it’s the Saturday. So the first day. Just try it one time, no strings attached in other words. Try it one time, see how you feel. Maybe it will be difficult
the fist time, first 24 hours. Maybe it will be super easy. And with time, when you get
used to it after about a month, see if you want to play just
a little bit more than that. In the beginning you don’t have to stop your regular schedule. In other words, continue doing everything, except for exercising, maybe
you don’t wanna go to the gym or whatever it is that you’re
doing in the first times. After awhile your body will get used to it and you’ll start getting
the benefits themselves. In other words, the clean, the toxins, the clarity of mind, you know? Meditations are going to be deeper, you will not feel hungry. All this benefits are going to come. And just think about it, if
you’re doing this once a week you’re actually reducing
everything you take by 15%, right? 15% from seven day in other words, so 100 divided by seven is
about 14 point something. So these are all the benefits, there’s a lot of biology behind it. I don’t want to go into the details, it’s too mental right now. I want you to really intuitively feel and ask your guides, is this something that I can learn from? Is this something that I can benefit from. For me, it was a life-changing experience. In other words I started doing this stuff when I was about 25, way way way before my
breatharian initiations. I started fasting once a week and because it was
recommended by a movement that I was involved in
back in the day called the Raelian movement. And after I left I decided to continue because I felt it’s doing
something really really good and positive in my mind and in my body. And I highly recommend
that when you do decide to take the next step for yourself consider doing it in a group environment. Like what we are doing in
the different processes and initiations in the world. When a lot of people come
together to do a dry fast, the intention itself really helps. Now the intention it’s better
physically located together but the intention can also be from afar. But the thing is that
a lot of people think that it is going to be easy for them and then they kind of fail and then the mind games come up and all these types of things. Those are the difficulties. Now if you have any
experience in dry fasting, please comment right here. I’d love to hear about it. I’d love to hear about people
that went more than me, more than the 10 days that
is right now is my record. And I’m not talking about the people who are actually somewhere
in India and stuff like that. Person you know, I’d like
to hear your experience, if you had any difficulties
and if you took the time and not jumped into the three, four days, even longer dry fasts. And how you decided to deal
with those difficulties. So this is some of my
experience with dry fasting. Of course, I did three very long ones. Today occasionally I do two, three days. I mostly stay on liquids
but occasionally I also eat because I’m not as extreme
as I as in the beginning of my breatharian path (laughs). So thank you very very much guys for giving me your time
and your attention, and for watching my content. You can subscribe to the
rest of my content of course and you can find more of
my stuff on raymaor.com. Namaste, and I will see
you in my next video. (calming music)


  • Maija Maltais says:

    I love your videos Ray, thank you for connecting us 🙂 In my early twenties I became a vegan raw foodist as I felt the higher frequency food suited my mind better. I experimented with juice fasting for 55 days, and 3 days water fasts a few times a year. I became fascinated by the amount of 'things' I could 'know' or learn while I was fasting. My mind was so incredibly sharp. I could access information that my regular consciousness wouldn't have been able to. I'm 39 now, still 100% vegan raw foodist and I eat once a day at night. My energy is always high. I'm an hyper-active over-thinker. I swim in the ocean daily, I train, I hike, I farm and I do quite a bit of mental work as well in neurobiochemistry, programming, and fine arts. I'm not skinny but I'm strong and healthy. Recently my 62 yo father (who had just crossed Canada solo on his bike 7444km) was diagnosed with brain cancer and it turned out to be very aggressive. Over the course of a few months he paralyzed until he could only feel his head, and then died. In the last few weeks of his life I found the youtube video you did about the 8 day fast you did as a bet. Seeing you made me remember about fasting. And I did a 4 day dry fast. To my surprise dry fasting is easier for me that water fasting. This dry fast helped me tremendously to rejuvenate my physical and spiritual energy to be there for my dad. I was feeling at peace and grounded when he passed. It was sad and very beautiful, all our family was there sending him so much love. Fasting clears the body and it also clears the mind and the emotional body. Clearing the emotional body is quite liberating but many people are attached to their emotional pain so letting go can be challenging. Fasting itself is not challenging, especially if you start by small 24h fasts here and there. 
    Thank you for your inspiration. 
    I would like to mention something about what you shared, about being ridiculed when you started the 8 day fast challenge. I truly understand the pressure they put on you. I was asked to go on a tv show in paris when I was 30. I don't have a tv ( since I'm 18 ) but I accepted the adventure and went. The show was watched by 3 million people and we were on tv one hour every day for 3 months. A raw foodist woman that doesn't have plastic surgery, doesn't eat bread or cheese or anything else that French people eat, that doesn't wear 500$ dresses, that never wore stilettos before, that doesn't like drama, that meditates and does yoga every day. Can you imagine what it was like to be so different? I was ridiculed on a daily basis for 3 months. The producers wanted me out of the show and they tried everything they could to get me out.
    Being different and having different believes is always a challenge. These days yoga is trendy in Paris but it wasn't 10 years ago. The people in the show with me were laughing at me, calling me a witch. You know what saved me? The one way mirrors. There were invisible cameras behind the mirrors and there were mirror everywhere. I knew that behind the walls of the house I was secluded in for 3 month ( no phone, calendar, watch, paper, pencils etc ) there may be one or two people that could see why I was different. That could relate to my decision of being simple, and loving, and caring, and humble even when I was surrounded by divas and specialness. Being ridiculed didn't bother me, as long as I kept imagining that one person behind the confines of the house understood.
    Which leads me to thank you for connecting us, light workers, together. Being different is not easy but if there is one other person that sees who we truly are and that gets moved by our beauty just the way we are, it's worth staying true to ourselves. Most light workers feel isolated and alone in their journey because we came here with a job to do. We can't just spend all our time on a beach with the other light workers enjoying the sun and enjoying being light workers. lol. We have to go to isolated place, we have to go where there is not a single light worker in sight. And when we find ourselves there, isolated, laughed at, ridiculed or treated with superiority, just knowing that there are other light workers like us in the world makes a big difference. There is strength in numbers. Thank you for bringing us together.  

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    We Muslims so it every year. Dry fast sunrise to sunset for one month. And it's the most spiritual month. We pray 5 times a day. Special 1 to 2 hour prayers in the mosque. And you have to be at your best behavior. Can't lie, can't get angry, can't hurt someone physically or emotionally. Can't gossip. Can't do any sins because we believe that the reward is high and the punishment for sins is also high this month

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    Thank you for this video! My first experience went very wrong. I had a constipation and thought maybe one day not eating will help. After one day I felt no hunger. So I kept on fasting. I felt also no thirst. After some days I forced myself to drink something as in the background of my mind I thought that there is a saying one has to drink. After 6 days my mind had become very clear. This felt great. On the 7th day I wanted to break the fast but I could not. I was no more able to eat. This created strange thoughts. I worried that people would come and treat me as a saint who is not eating. So I forced myself to eat. After one day I got a counter reaction. I started eating and eating and could not stop. By then I thought I will never fast again. Later I found an old book of nuns who were fasting even 40 to 60 days. They explained one has to first cleans the intestine. Then one can start fasting. They also said that if one is not thirsty one has not to drink. After this I was no more fasting on purpose. I don‘t eat up to one week when I am ill. Then I also sleep a lot. Every animal is doing this and it is a cheap way to fight the illness. Yet the benefit of a clear mind is not going along with this. Now I am not eating and drinking for 24 hours every week. This for cleansing the body. I don’t call this fasting. Just eating once a day. Once my pancreas shut down. I could not eat and drink. So I did not eat and drink for 3 days and got cured by this.

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  • cris chan says:

    I just passed my 2nd-day mark of dry fast, still continuing.
    This year, I did two 5-day water fasts before, three 3-day water fasts, some OMAD and almost adopted an intermittent fasting lifestyle. This month I decided to try the extended water fast (longer, to what I can handle) with Snake Juice if you're familiar with it (water with salts to aid the extended water fast). So I did a 2-day fast with that and then ate again for 2 days, then I recalled someone who has done the water fast -that it is easier or rather it's impossible to do a dry fast at the end of your extended water fast, so do it at the beginning, and so I tried it, thinking 1 day would be fine but I feel fine and just completed a 2-day dry fast. I don't feel hungry at all in the last two days, I don't even salivate at food (I'm thinking that all that worm you mentioned are gone -yes to that) My energy is still in the normal range, I don't exercise at all and I have no work currently, so all is good. I'll try to extend this dry fast as long as I feel fine (listening to the body) and then continue with the extended water fast on Snake Juice. The extended fast is one time only, at least after I used up all the fat storage. But I will definitely incorporate fasting into my lifestyle.
    Thanks for the reminder, to raise my vibration, to meditate and to look inwardly, to know thyself. I also planned to improve my focus and increase productivity and ask for added guidance in the direction of my life.

  • Ds S says:

    Am your new subscriber. Plus help me understand how can I dry fast for fibromyalagia chronic muscle pain

  • Fong Ponto says:

    ray, i think we met in samothraki, greece, a couple of years ago, you carried only a bottle of tahini with you?

  • sokies d says:

    2 months ago I got Tendonitis in my foot. Do you think dry fasting will help get rid of this because it takes long to heal as it does get very inflamed also

  • Get.Grounded says:

    My first dry fast was 105.5 hours, it was bad, I was severely dehydrated, and I had a bunch of issue's that came up, and almost had a heart attack – I was 30. I still have some of those issue's, some healed, some were made worse, some are still here. I am currently dry fasting, sitting at 25 hours. I water fasted yesterday. I am breaking the dry with water tomorrow morning. I am water fasting tomorrow, than repeat. I felt a bit off today, and I have stayed at home. I was really upset earlier, because I am going through some things right now, than laid down for quite a bit, and when I got up (slept a bit) I felt TEN FOLD BETTER. I had energy, I was happy, my eyes were clean, and felt clear (throughout my mind and body). I have done many water fasts, and juice fasts. I know what I did the first time was not healthy. I don't really like water fasting, the longest I've done was a 23 day, and 21 day. Juicing has brought me AMAZING benefits. I absolutely love it. Once I decide by my bodies standards whether I'd like to continue with water & dry, I will go into a juice fast. I'm without a job once more, and a bit of savings, and really needed down time, and wanted to connect spiritually, undo blockages within, fasting always helps me calm down, make me feel better. I am thankful for your channel, because 4 years ago is when I experimented with this, and there was NOONE to reach out to when I was going through the pain I was in after the dry fasting. Most turned me away because they thought I was negatively harping on the dry fast, and or putting them down. I was scared and alone, and didn't know where to go for help.

  • Asakura Tetsuo Folco says:

    Awesome way of explain.
    Super Clear.

  • dEvOUr mE says:

    What nationality are you ? 🤔

  • The Daily Digestion says:

    I just finished my first dry fast it was for 16 hours, it just makes me want to do a longer one now. Also, It made my urine very dark with sediment, I thought that was interesting since, I am curious about the kidney filtration. Great video! Thank you so much🙏🏻😻😘❤️🍌🚴🚣

  • Kristina S says:

    I just started a dry fast this evening.

    To me dry fasting isn't hard. I'm not hungry. I don't experience anything negative really. I never had to graduate into 3 days either. I did it the very first time. I just find that it's easier if I precede it with a day or two of water fasting. I also find that I do have to occupy my time with something though. I also nnoticed that because water becomes a primary 'probelm' (not that it's a problem).. food becomes a completely secondary idea. Btw I find 24 hours negligible in terms of difficulty. For me it's at 36 to 48 hour mark that I start being thirsty but I find that I can do it just fine. The longest I've done is 3 days. I'd like to eventually go longer it just seems very impractical (life). Some of the benefits I noticed very quickly was a sudden absence of some mild allergies, I was insulin resistant .. I'm not any more, I obviously lose excess weight every time, I feel like my metabolism is a lot more flexible, if I had any cravings they're negligible or completely gone…

    Hey, can you find me a genius with money that will bet me a 100K that I can't go 5 days dry fasting,, lol 😉 I'd take him on.

  • J N says:

    Longest dry fast was almost 4 days, stopped due to pain in my side.

    I’m wanting to do another for at least 2-3 days. Just gotta find the time.

  • Suzan Do Rosario says:

    Fuck the police.

    Fuck big pharma.

  • Tonya Koceja says:

    I'm just curious ~ Are you still doing YOU TUBE VIDEOS ? I can see this was your last one ? So , I'm praying you can help me PLZZZZZZZ
    Im about to embark on my first dry fast at 4p.m today and go till 4.pm tomorrow ( or maybe 8a.m Wednesday) … I like to drink WAY to much and I'm hoping this will help with getting it under control also along with healing my ADHD and IBS ( I have a lot inner energy and if I could push all that outwards I would be unstoppable ) also wanna heal my horrible lack of energy and motivation 🙏.
    I did a 21 day juice fast 7yrs ago and I do a lot of 3-5 day water fast but the last 6mths I have been dealing with a lot depression and racing thoughts .. I feel lost in this world at the present and have been feeling like I'm just taking up space and have no idea what I'm suppose to be doing and have lost all desires ? ☹️.

  • Christy Smith says:

    Currently on hour 70 water fast. I’m ready to try dry fasting tomorrow for a day. Even though talking about it makes me thirsty 😅

  • Esraa Hasan says:

    I started when I was in early young ages as a Muslim, so that is super easy for me.. but when I shifted into more suger food in daily basic way, I lost my ability to fast and I struggled a bit. Since 2016 I left all suger in my life and I feel more into fasting with a high energy and clearer mind as I used to before. Now I'm doing intermediate fasting with keto for 2 days and then dry fasting for next day for 24 hour at least till the main meal in my intermediate fasting day.
    Well, automatically I lose unnecessary weight and my skin is perfect as usual and My stress levels go down and I became calmer and happier I can say!
    For 3 days of continues dry fasting, to be honest, this is my first time to fast 70+ hours ( today is my first day of fasting, starting at 11 PM yesterday). Eventhough I tried 36hours water fasting this week, I am looking forward to see how my body will react to 70+ dry.f .
    The most important thing I gained is the mindset and the freedom from food and other harmful craving system that we are in these days and age!
    But also, some muslims do the whole thing so wrong! They break their fasting with high Suger foods like sweets! Come on! You destroy all the benefits! What the point of fasting should be if you shocked your body with unhealthy suger and sweets! You must begin with vegetables and greens.. or a cup of water with a small amount of food for the first 3 hours of your fasting break! Not a ton of unnatural sweetness.

  • Mbali Pambo says:

    Thank you for this video. ❤️🙏

    Fasting isn't easy but God expects us to do it and therefore we must obey.

    When you fast please make sure you are burying yourself in the word and continuous prayer those two things will sustain you every time you feel hungry and dehydrated because THE FLESH IS WEAK, BUT THE SPIRIT IS WILLING 🙌😇❤️

    Do it, it'll change your life!!!!!

    Love from South Africa 🇿🇦 ❤️

  • Anm Chavez says:

    16 dry fast completed in ten minutes. : )

  • Queen Ma'at NegonYah says:

    I'm on Day 17 of my Water Fast. I am a brand new Queen 👑 but I want to go deeper into higher levels of consciousness which brought me here. I'm thinking of dry fasting for 3 days to see the benefits?

  • Ellen B says:

    I love what you say about a fasting group. The only group I can find is long distance. I saw your movie, you were so strong and amazing through all the tests and skepticism around you. I still haven’t dry fasted beyond 20 hours. I do 16 hours daily but am having trouble increasing.

  • Fibre optic Nomad says:

    I’ve recently done a two day dry fast and continued fasting for another day with water. As a result I’ve noticed I can take a full breath without having to open my mouth. I’m breathing through my nose even when weight training in the gym. Inflammation has definitely been reduced as In my yoga practice I’m much more flexible and supple. Now I’m eating raw foods and I’ll be doing a 36 hour dry fast once a week. I’m amazed by the healing results. It certainly did unlock some emotions too.

  • My Life As Christie says:

    I’m pacing myself! My max is 3 days at a time and I eat 2 days then dry fast again 3 days! I work our on the days that I’m feeding! I feel great! I’ll try 4 days soon! You are correct though the emotional dependency on food is very real! But once I saw how my body changes in just hours I went right back on! I’m on another 3 days fasting interval! I want to live like this forever. One day I’ll make it to 7 days, then 10 🙏🏽

  • Ajay Sharma says:


  • Naiym1 says:

    I ended my hard dry fast this morning. I felt so disgusting avoiding water but I lost 7lbs and I feel renewed. I will continue my dry (soft) Fast until Friday….I'll be farting on water and electrolyte minerals till the 21 of Oct. I want to get pregnant in Nov and need to a quick and deep cleanse

  • Mind Body Soul Spirit Coach says:

    Hi ray, Great channel!

    So here is what I have done so far

    7×7 days hard dry no food water or contact

    1×14 days no food or water but body baths in water + pink Himalayan salt

    20 days no food with water,lemon juice. Pink Himalayan salt

    Going for 40 days no food next month and going to aim for 365 days next year.

    Would live to chat sometime have some theories that I would live to run past you.


    Elliott 🙏

  • Niroshima Dedunu says:

    Im doing my first 24 hours dry fasting now.. and Hunger pains didnt come like water fasting .. Im wonder of that … Love This way…

  • dazhon Jones says:

    I just started a couple of months ago and im struggling. I first jumped into the water fasting and then to dry fast fairly quickly. I did three days water and three days dry my first time. I was highly motivated. and here lately I can only seem to do a day or two. I was at home for a break for two weeks and I couldn't seem to get through an entire day. so I decided to start working out and eating at the end of the day just to get out of being bored. now im back to eating daily not so great things ive gained the weight back that I lost .. 31 lbs lost and then 10 or 12 I gained back. I'm struggling to get through today.

  • Monica C says:

    I did 60 hours for the first time. Day 2 was the hardest, but I just laid around and it helped me push through. My goal is to get rid of inflammation

  • DoctorGeri says:

    I believe that a person should first do water fasts before progressing to a dry fast.
    Most people consume foods with chemicals and may take prescription drugs.
    Water can help to flush out the junk.
    😊 Thank you for your videos.

  • River Dale says:

    your vibration is busting out my eardrums

  • Idk Idk says:

    It wasn’t me , it was Patricia

  • Noble Wolf says:

    Fuck your hot . 🤤

  • Ben Sumner says:

    I have been fasting quite regularly, but with water. I will try this.

  • Lori Patton says:

    I began a dry fast last year while in the midst of a 30 day water fast. It was surprisingly easier than I expected. However it did end at 2 days, although I cannot recall why.

    I would like to include either a weekly 1 day dry fast or a 3day dry fast once a month, but not sure which way to go.

  • Y Erasmus says:

    I am on day 3 of a hard dry fast. I have not had any headaches or uncomfortable symptoms except for hunger. I feel so so hungry, all 3 days and it has not become better, I think possibly worse. I am not much bothered by thirst. Just hunger. I have lots of fat to lose, I am probably about 20 to 30 kg overweight, so it should be easy for my body to burn that fat without complaining. But it seems it is not. Even when I do intermittant fasting it seems my body struggle really to burn fat because I feel so very drained of energy if I skip breakfast and then it is really hard to do my dayjob. At least now I am doing this over a week-end. Any advise?

  • sanabam max says:

    Thank you for the video. But I had been doing water fasting every Friday preceding second Saturday and Sunday of every month. I felt amazing. I stopped it and having only one meal a day for the last about one year or so. But still continuing with one day water fast every Friday. I haven't looked into dry fasting. That's interesting. But will you please tell the benefits of water fasting also. And how is it different from dry fasting

  • Ganesh SSL says:

    Love you from India, Namaste

  • Dayana Zahari says:

    I did dry fasting for 11 days, on 3th day my joints/ calves and my left shoulder hurt really bad (I used to have pain on that area but the pain on that day,it just like I never felt before). On day 6th onwards, it didn't hurt anymore and now even after 2 months my body feel great. Also I lost 31 lbs and gained back 7 lbs for the past 2 months. So total lost 24lbs

  • Te Toka says:

    What about medical conditions that maybe hereditary?

  • deckstare says:

    fantastic video



  • Rose Raa says:

    I think it gets worse before it gets better. I fasted two days ago and when I woke up the next day my skin had broken out pretty badly. I’ve been eating again for two days and I’m gonna start another fast tomorrow.

    I actually don’t know what this comment is about but yeah..

  • Damien Bee says:

    Let's not always believe science. Here's some scientific evidence fasting works.

  • Aleksandra Becagul says:

    I started fasting 39h ago…and after 18h of water fasting…I jumped in a dry fast for the first time…21h in the dry fast and I feel good. But I am doing the soft version. Tomorrow I am going to work.. So… Can I continue doing the dry fast, I am aiming for 48h dry, then to go back to water fasting. But, I have to put makeup when I work… Well I am doing the soft version, so I will take it off after work… Sometimes we have to adjust. It is what it is.

  • Miledy Trujillo says:

    The boredom is real…. 😭 the boredom makes me super thirsty. 3rd day of dry fast (:

  • Slapdash Productions says:

    so much truth in this video

  • The perfect health teacher says:

    Absolutely briliant!

  • The perfect health teacher says:

    I water fasted for a week TWICE (2006 and 2007) and it saved my life because I WAS FEELING VERY DEPRESSED and I wanted to kill myself! LONG LIVE FASTING!

  • C says:

    I don't usually subscribe to youtube channels, but I subscribed to yours. this is the first video I've seen of your channel and I plan on watching many more. thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am planning on doing Dr. Robert Morse 14 week detox/fast protocol in a couple of weeks. for now, I am on 100% fruit juice and green juices to prep for it. now I won't feel alone when I incorporate water fasts and dry fasts in between. thank you thank you thank you 🙏

  • Ramakrishnan Prithivirajan says:

    Forget about dry fast. My wife never let me skip one meal. Three meal is a must in my life… 🤔

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