Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20 for Acne-Prone, Combo & Oily Skin Types

Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20 for Acne-Prone, Combo & Oily Skin Types

Hey guys, it’s your greasy girl Fel! And to all my oily girls out there this one’s going to be a good one because today we’re going to be talking all about oiLy sKiN :O skin from what’s going on on the inside and out because from the outside it may seem like quite a troublesome type of skin to work with right? Because of all the oils in our pores which makes them look huge and then you sprinkle a bit of bacteria into the equation and then boom you got yourself some pimples, but it’s really not all bad. So today I’m going to lay out basically everything there is to know about oily skin To recap what our momma gave us AKA why we have oily skin, the top four reasons we might be triggering an overproduction of oil on top of what we already have and ingredients you need to look for when looking at products to add to your skincare routine, and most excitingly, what you probably all came here for: the top drugstore products. I found that have really worked wonders for my oily, combination, and breakout prone skin which allowed me to basically walk out of the house without a planet of pimples on my face Be prepared to nerd out with me on some things, alright? And also even though this video says it’s for oily skin, a lot of the effects that I’ll be talking about in the beginning apply to all of you! Anyone who has skin! And for the products they also work for people with combination skin types as well So there is definitely something for all of you. Enough talking, let’s get into it! 🙂 Genetics! First off oily skin is a skin type, which means it’s genetic and you’re born with it so there’s no changing it, and because it’s a skin type, typically your entire body will be more on the naturally nourished side. You won’t need to moisturize the body as much as a dry skin person does. Other obvious characteristics are large pores because this is where sebum oozes :/ out and with more sebum the pores get enlarged and because clogged pores leads to higher chances of bacteria and dead skin getting trapped in the pores, Oily skin people tend to often deal more with breakouts and acne problems. And makeup tends to just slip and slide all over your face and you tend to carry around, you know, either a blotting paper or some sort of powder so you can pat that in mid-day. Struggles are real there, right? I know, but remember it’s not all bad it’s a natural anti-ager because we get fine lines and wrinkles only when the skin gets dry and starts to like prematurely crease and age. The somewhat annoying thing is even though we already have a bunch of oozy oils on our face, our bodies can produce even more of it depending on four main things: hormones, diet, stress, and hydration. So let’s quickly go over these before jumping into some products because it’s much more important to control these four things and prevent large pores and breakouts rather than cure it with skin care products Which is like an aftermath, which also works, but less effectively because you want to kind of nip it at the butt, you know, before it actually comes out. Starting with the hormones, hormone fluctuations and imbalances are common contributions to the overproduction of oil, so if you’re like me and you get really irregular periods, sometimes like once every two or three months it just means breakouts are even worse for you. So what’s the culprit? Androgens. In our bodies, we have varying levels of hormones, right? Which includes both estrogen and testosterone. Women have more estrogen while men have more testosterone. For women the high levels of estrogen help to maintain the appearance of, like, smaller pore sizes on the skin and a smooth and bouncy surface because of its role in creating collagen and elastin and estrogen is also responsible for helping the skin heal and maintain all the moisture. So generally these two hormones rise and they fall but when it comes to the time of our period normally the testosterone or the androgen rises which then causes a spike in our sebum production in our pores which then leads to more breakouts and this is why you’ll often find that, like, leading up to your period that you get more breakouts, especially on this chin area It’s like nothing seems to help it because it’s actually all happening inside and it has to do with hormones. Did you know that? Because, you should. Alright, diet. This is a huge factor of breakouts, especially for me as I’ve like gotten older. What I eat I found really impacts my skin even more, especially dairy products, which I love so much like if there was an international cheese club or butter club, I would be the president. But actually it distorts and changes the hormones in our bodies and same with eating foods high in sugar and high glycemic index which is high GI because these all play back into hormones and how it affects different things in our bodies and the foods we eat and how it can cause breakouts is way overlooked and if you think about it, what goes in has to come out right? So let’s first start with dairy. tear 🙁 So dairy is loaded with hormones, about 60 different types because farmers actually give the cows hormones so they produce more milk and when it comes to our skin the hormone igf-1 which is insulin growth factor one then gets consumed by us So when we drink a cup of milk or whatever it is you have with milk It causes a surge in this hormone in our own bodies so I highly suggest you try (to) like reduce or cut it out and see if your skin gets better And if it does you’ll know why. So personally I find that when I eat cheese, when I drink coffee with full cream milk, this actually causes a lot of breakouts on my lower portion of my face like Instantaneously, okay, not instantaneously but like the next day I will for sure have at least two pimples on my chin if I eat cheese. And this wasn’t always the case like I used to just be able to eat cheese platters, drink anything I want with milk and it didn’t do anything up until I was like 20s, maybe like 23 and it just got really bad so now I’m like making active decisions to swap out milk products with like oat milk, almond milk or soy milk in my coffee and it just doesn’t make me as bloated and it also clears up my skin. Alright, so before we jump into our product recommendations hydration And you guys might think that hydration is just for dry skin and it might not even be something you think about that has to do with oily skin because yes oily skin already does a bang-up job in keeping the skin like naturally soft and lubricated but this is one of the major issues for oily skin people. If you don’t feed your skin with enough hydration after cleansing, it will signal to the pores that there isn’t enough oil or sebum on the skin and so your pores will reproduce and overcompensate the amount of sebum that’s on it, right? So this is why sometimes we know we have oily skin but for some like mystical reason (it’s) still dry and flaky in some areas and this comes down to hydration! which means the water content in the skin itself is lacking. Make sure you hydrate it with toners and serums and moisturize so that you’re not a greasy mess, but still flaky, not too cute. Okay, so we’re almost at the product recommendations which I know you guys are all about because we finally mentioned drugstore alternatives. Yaayyy!! But before that I want to mention some ingredients that you really want to focus on when you’re trying to find products to add into your skincare routine for oily skin So the first one I really love using is tea tree oil and it’s natural, it’s anti-bacterial, it’s anti-inflammatory and it also helps to kill off the acne causing bacteria, which is like P acnes. You don’t typically like splash this all over the face. I like to actually use it as a spot treatment like a natural spot treatment But make sure when you do, you dilute it with a few drops of a low-comedogenic carrier oil like marula oil, grape seed, hemp seed, or even jojoba. So you just mix a few drops with maybe one drop of oil and then just like dab it on. Alright, so second, salicylic acid. Which is probably something you’ve all heard about if you guys do have like oily, acne-prone skin salicylic acid is a BHA and it works by softening the keratin in the skin. The skin is more easily turned over which means like new baby skin is like going to the surface which then reduces the potential of your pores getting clogged. Salicylic acid penetrates oily skin because it is oil soluble Compared to AHA’s which are water soluble which means it can’t go into like the deeper areas of the pores and help clean them out and kill the bacteria in them. Alright! So now that we got all the theory out of the way We can talk about products Alright, you know when we bring out the table, it means business. These are the products that I picked up from the drugstore or are drugstore prices because I wanted to kind of include a little bit of Body Shop as well as Cosrx because they are very affordable and sometimes like even cheaper than drugstore. So here I have some La Roche-Posay This is the Differin that I’ve been doing a lot of research about so I got that one. Cerave which is like really popular the Neutrogena gel cream, and I have a mask, so it will go from cleanser to serum moisturizers and mask, because I feel like in the drugstore they have a lot of great cleansers and moisturizers not so much serums and I feel like because serums are very concentrated for like specific concerns on your skin you have to pay a little bit extra for like go to Sephora or Ulta or something so let’s just move these aside and first start off with this one Okay. So this is the La Roche-Posay New Medicated Formula. It’s the medicated gel cleanser It has 2% salicylic acid and acne medication obviously because it has the active ingredient but it also has 0.05% micro exfoliating LHA So LHA stands for Lipohydroxy acid, kind of like a relative of salicylic acid and it works to fight acne by lifting out dead skin cells from the skin surface The only difference is it doesn’t penetrate as deeply as salicylic acid which also means on the good side that it’s better for those of you with sensitive skin or skin that’s like you know easily irritated so I think it’s really good for those of you who can’t use salicylic acid or you have like rosacea and things like that because it’s a little bit more gentle, but this one does have salicylic acid so, you know, it’s got both of them in them. So those are the two active ingredients so what you’ll find is it’s basically a clear gel that’s quite runny and then it like foams up really nicely on the face and what I always am intrigued with, with cleansers is when I wash it off if it’s really like sticky and dry or if it smells really medicated or anything like that but once I like worked it into the skin and patted the water off like it was still very comfortable and it was very smooth and actually why I know this really works for me anyway is because I had a bunch of like these little pimples on my chin They were just like little pustule type things and after using this the next day they had already gone! It wasn’t peeling, it wasn’t dry, it was just flat. I really like this one. And this was $15 ($14.99). So I really highly recommend this and a lot of you ask if you can use salicylic acid in a cleanser and you know also maybe something else in your skincare after you wash your face. You definitely can because cleansers you wash off So just make sure you cleanse your face for you know a good amount of time Give it like 2 minutes so that the ingredients can really seep in and do their job in your pores and then you wash it off Now moving on to let’s go on to this one because it’s like the serum. This is The Ordinary AHA 30%, BHA 2% (bing bing!) this is a buffet of different AHA’s it’s got lactic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, and all of these, as the title suggests, are AHA’s which helps to decongest the pores, it helps to break down dead skin, so this is a highly potent AHA and it’s a 10-minute exfoliating facial. So you apply a thin layer to dry but clean skin while avoiding the eye and the mouth areas, wait for 10 minutes and then you just rinse it off completely and keep going with your skincare routine and it’s best used at night because, like these things are best used at night really. It also has Tasmanian pepperberry, which is super high in antioxidant and also helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. So, I mean I wouldn’t recommend you jump into this if you haven’t used any chemical exfoliants but this is definitely okay for those of you who are you know moderate in it. So this is very inexpensive as well So I use this maybe once a week. Alright, so moving on to moisturizers, which is actually my favourite section of the drugstore. So first, let’s start off with… let’s start off with this one This is the CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion and it says for normal to dry skin, but here’s the thing like I said, I can use this, and it’s very lightweight it absorbs so quickly into the skin it has three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid and it says here lightweight. So I think those of you with dry skin You might need to like put something else on afterwards maybe especially in the winter and I use this when I broke out in a rash and so for the week I had to just like go back to basics and this is what I used. You know, you don’t want anything with fragrance when your skin is inflamed and this was just really good So it’s just like white doesn’t smell like anything. It’s like very, you know watery, comfortable Perfect for oily skin I’m telling you guys it’s perfect. I just feel like you could also use this on the body So I really like it and then make sure you go down the neck as well Alright, so this is the one I was really interested in trying. This is the Differin moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30 It’s the oil control moisturizer with sunscreen and it’s for acne prone skin. I’m not sure if all Differin products have adapalene in it, but that is their key ingredient. Adapalene is a derivative of vitamin A, a.k.a. retinol, so the first day I used this, I use this during the day because it has sunscreen and this is actually one of the only drugstore moisturizers with sunscreen that I’ve used and I’m like in love with it because it says here absorbs excess oil and won’t clog pores and it has UVA and UVB protection So it has all the things that you really want in a day moisturizer, right? So I tried it and you know I use this at night use this in the morning and then followed with a toner and then just use the moisturizer so that I could really tell if it worked or not and it really does absorb excess oils like when you apply it, it does have that kind of sunscreen-y look but it doesn’t stay there it’s not like that weird pearl kind of sunscreen where it doesn’t go away and it feels really greasy And I really really love it I think this is probably for any of you guys who have oily skin and acne prone who need a sunscreen moisturizer. And this was $15 guys. So next is this Centella blemish cream by Cosrx. I’ve mentioned this in a bunch of other videos, our moisturizer video. I just have like nothing but great things to say about this because it is this like cream, right? It’s definitely thicker it’s not gel but it is so good for hyperpigmentation My mind is still trying to process this after like months of first getting it the key ingredient is Centella Asiatica Which is one of those anti-inflammatory, anti-like everything ingredients and it’s used in a lot of Korean skincare brands So the first time I used it I put it all over my face, which is wrong because they said that you should just use it over affected areas Which is like where you have scars or you have like you’re healing from breakouts But I just put it all over my face and it was still fine, like it doesn’t sting or anything, but that’s the thing It’s so gentle and then in the morning your face is like, bright. So after using this for like a week, your scars are gone, especially, you know, just the light browning of like an old pimple or things like that. This is only like $15 as well, super affordable, highly recommended. So the next is the Neutrogena Hydro-Boost gel cream so they have a cream and they also have a gel version. This cream probably works for oily skin people this is designed for extra dry skin right and it’s laden with hyaluronic acid. It’s still like a gel texture It’s just a very thick gel and then when you put it on Compared to the gel version of this is a little bit tackier and a little bit stickier which means that for dry skin people it works. So I would recommend if you guys aren’t too sensitive in the winter you can definitely try this one. I find it’s really similar to like Laneige Gel Bank cream or the Origina Ginzing Boost one, the orange one that I have. It’s that gel consistency and it just absorbs so quickly It’s great under makeup, you know you use it after a toner, a serum and then lock it in with this and it’s just like a really affordable thing only thing is one of our team members tried this on her hand and liked it made her a little like itchy or something So once again, it does work for like maybe Rowena and I but you have to try it on yourself. So now moving on to my last kind of two picks, Body Shop tea tree skin clearing clay mud This is the one that Rowena gave to me because like it was for oily skin So this mask has two key ingredients Tamanu oil as well as Kaolin clay So Tamanu oil has recently been picking up a lot of traffic in the like beauty-skincare industry over its magical properties because it helps with reducing inflammation as well as acne scars, hyperpigmentation and like other skin conditions while also simultaneously destroying acne-causing bacteria and just helping with the pain. So it’s like this ultimate healing ingredient that helps even heal like burns and cuts so as an oil that’s what it’s really good for but it’s also inside this as well and kaolin clay is one of those really good clays for oily skin because it helps to absorb all the excess oils while, like, without being too stripping on the face so I just love this and it’s got tea tree so it smells good and yeah, it’s like the perfect consistency, really. What you do is you just after cleansing your face I like to do this after my shower I just put this straight on leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off and I just feel like you know decongested straight away. And then my like holy grail of mask is the Indian Aztec clay Which you can get anywhere now on Amazon It’s 100% bentonite clay and bentonite clay is like the best if you have super oily skin because it really just pulls out all the toxins, all the oils if I’m really feeling gross, you know Like hormonally on my skin then I’ll just put it on the lower half Wherever I need it and then it will be gone after like three days It’s seriously a miracle and it’s so cheap for what it is because it’s kind of like a no-fuss. I like to mix it with apple cider vinegar So however much powder you have, you mix it with apple cider vinegar mix it around and then you’ll see that it like starts bubbling and then you just apply it to the face and it smells kind of gross but you get over it because you know it’s good for you. When that dries, it’s like really tight it’s really pulling because it really is soaking up everything you wash it off and it might be a little bit red afterwards if you do it all over your face, but that dissipates. It’s actually fine. And then you just proceed with skincare. SO (he-he-he) That is our oily skin video guys I hope you guys now know the entire scope, kind of, about oily skin what you should use the drugstore products and you know We always want to tell you guys a little bit more about what’s actually happening below the surface You know in the body which will then lead like better lifestyle decisions more than just picking products and spending money to buy even if it is drugstore and cheaper you’re saving yourself a lot of money by like controlling what you eat and things like that, right? That is actually like the biggest factors in to breakouts and oily skin Yeah, so I just wanted to kind of nerd out with you guys on that I could keep talking about all this stuff because there’s so much information on it And we’re going to be doing a whole video on how food affects acne and breakouts and all of that like in depth so make sure you stay tuned for that if you’re combination/dry make sure you checkout Rowena’s video because she talks all about her kind of dupes. Drugstore dupes for certain skincare products that you’re interested in and make sure you have caught up on all our skincare series we go from cleansers all the way through to facial oils and we’re starting to do like vitamin A, B3 and C. So yeah, there’s a lot for you guys to watch if you are just joining us, so we’ll see you in the next one! Bye! 🙂


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    – cerave am moisturizer with spf
    – neutrogena hydroboost non perfumed on face and body, if this is in your price range
    – lotion (Shea butter & coconut oil mixture diy or cerave daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin on neck, chest, hands, legs, etc.)
    – use Vaseline for lips & dry spots

    – coconut oil and water w reusable cotton rounds to remove heavy makeup
    – cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
    – try vitamin C & E oil to under eyes and on sunspots/wrinkles, also try rose hip & jojoba oil
    – use jade roller and guasha to massage oils into skin and promote blood flow and anti aging
    – equate beauty ceramide moisturizing facial lotion
    – castor oil lashes and hairline every 2-3 days
    – lotion & lip balm (same as morning)

    *use Jergen’s moisturizer morning and night on face and body for slight tan, if preferred *

    – drink enough water!!!! (At least half your body weight in ounces)
    – birth control pill/patch (drastically changed my skin, if this is something you believe in/have access to)
    – exfoliate lips 1-2 times a week with coconut oil & sugar if needed
    – lip mask when needed (honey & coconut oil)
    – silk pillowcase to avoid wrinkles and hair loss
    – cerave facial sunscreen spf 50 (can use regular high strength sunscreen, not recommended for sensitive skin, healthier for skin to use face specific sunscreen)
    – aloe vera (sunburns, mask if need extra moisture)
    – other masks seem unnecessary to me, but research what works for you
    – biotin supplement daily to improve brows/hair/nails growth
    – shave upper lip/chin with razor used for legs/armpits or use face razor for all over face for even finish to skin/get rid of slight mustache
    – Dr. Dray’s YouTube videos helped me research helpful products/routines from a certified dermatologist

  • Georgina Marie1992 says:

    I cut sugar, dairy, anything that causes oily skin you name it, I'm a very very clean person, I changed my pillow sheets regularly, I sleep well, I do skincare routine, I almost use every brand that people call it it will heal your acne, nothing works, because it's already in my blood, it's my genes. Except I drain my bloods out and change it

  • K K says:

    I use a tea tree face wash from the body shop (you can literally buy it online for pretty cheap), and it helps SO much with hydrating the skin and removing excess oils and it has helped so much with acne…I literally get no pimples now

  • Unicorn magic says:

    Would this work for textured/bumpy skin

  • CloudyBeans says:

    I am more oily than a bag of chips but my cheeks are as dry as a desert 😆 i have the worst possible version of combination skin

  • Morgan McClelland says:

    Me, washes face

    20 minutes later

    Is an oil slick

  • Joanna says:

    Ooph I have oily skin + eczema…. so that's fun…

  • Yourgrandpa Loves you says:

    So what does she use at night and what does she use in the morning

  • - HeyItsRihoko- says:

    She’s like one of the most white asian I’ve ever seen lol

  • Ami Hinglokwala says:

    Great video! Thank you! I am struggling with dry skin & acne,; I was wondering how often should you use the tea tree oil mask?

  • cantwaitforthis meh says:

    When does ceraVe cream come out, i am only watching because i have very dry skin was thinking to get this then i see this recommended for acne oily skin ?!?!

  • Ella Barnett says:

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  • w0ndergrlss _i says:

    She sounds a bit like Rośe

  • Ella Barnett says:

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  • ariba rahman says:

    Is benzoyl peroxide good for oily skin?

  • manuel I says:

    Damn cat fishing

  • Blue Em says:

    Please make a video of drugstore/affordable sunscreens please☹️

  • paintlikewater says:

    Love the neutrogenia and cosrx centella blemish cream. When i first bought the blemish cream I placed it all over my face as well 😂

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