Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!

Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!

OUR WEBSITE : http://justhealthrelated.com/ Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Immediately
After Waking Up! Did you know that Japanese people have a habit
of drinking water immediately after getting up. It’s an ancient tradition for healing numerous
illness that became popular around World War 2 after being released in a Japanese newspaper. The benefits of drinking water on empty stomach
immediately after waking up have been also backed up by many studies. It is a treatment that is proven to provide
excellent results to fighting numerous serious diseases. Some of the problems this water treatment
can help with are: headache, body aches, cardiovascular system, accelerated heartbeat, epilepsy, cholesterol,
bronchitis, asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney illness and urinary tract infections, vomiting,
gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, diseases of the uterus,
menstrual conditions, diseases of the ear, nose and throat. THIS IS HOW THE WATER TREATMENT WORKS: As soon as you get up in the morning, before
brushing your teeth, drink 4 glasses (200 ml) of water. Wash your teeth, but do not eat nor drink
anything in the next 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, you can drink and eat as
you would every day. After your breakfast, lunch or dinner do not
eat or drink anything for the next 2 hours. Those that are old and sick and unable to
drink 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach, can start with drinking water as much as they
can, and after that, each day increase the amount till they reach the needed 4 glasses
of water. This approach will help with lots of illnesses,
and a healthy person will enjoy the new energy acquired from the water therapy. As the story goes, doing this technique has
the power to heal high blood pressure in 30 days, gastritis in 10 days, diabetes in 1
month, constipation in 10 days and will also make you feel a lot more energized and improve
your entire body function. This method should not only be used for helping
with some of the illness above, but should also be implemented as a part of your life. It has no side effects at all and it has the
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  • James Comer says:

    Another thumbs down for robovoice. JUST TALK.

  • ash hamnett says:

    Does this apply to tap water thats riddled with fluoride & other chemicals

  • DATONE GAMER says:

    Even if this is BS we should drink water in the morning regardless.

  • baggie slate says:

    Sponsored by Evian

  • Jimmy Johnson says:

    Who cares about japaneeze

  • Beer Brewer says:

    BS synth voice.

  • Kreemerz says:

    "Wash your teeth"? Who says that?

  • Bobby Linning says:

    Boxer Manny Pacquiao drank 4 cups of own piss on a empty stomach every morning and in 30 days he knocked a guy out in the first round. Though that same tactic didn't work on Floyd Mayweather.

  • Les Roberts says:


  • YUDAH WAN says:

    Talk cock

  • Tripple Falic says:

    Whats Bruce Lees favorite drink? WATER!

  • Wayman says:

    If I did this I would be strapped to the toilet peeing all day..

  • Carl P. says:

    Why can't you speak for real instead of having a computer do it for you? What are you afraid of. Unsubscribed. Can't listen to that shit.

  • Avri Vanbeuren says:

    hmm! I guess, it must depend on other factors. This is NOT a treatment or a wonder method. don't announce it like that; It is just maybe a good habit. I have used for more than 40 years and I still do, this custom the way you describe it, and I suffer several of the diseases and illnesses you mention it cures. so, it probably does not work for everyone. Sorry guys … 🙁

  • Richard Trevino says:

    I drink 4 cups of water every morning, and it has coffee in it good stuff.

  • Tom Walters says:

    I usually bosh one off straight after waking up. Horses for courses eh.

  • Sally Sally says:


  • Sally Sally says:

    Diabets? Asma?

  • TheFlowerOfLove says:

    My Man crush sent me this. I love him to life for even caring about my wellbeing. 💓
    I agree water first thing in the morning and before you eat. 🙌

  • Zed says:

    I'm gonna field test this one boys, will report three weeks from today.

  • More Vegan Than You says:

    Never trust robots.

  • Josh Mulholland says:

    How many oz do they consider is a glass cause I drink a 24 oz of water in morning and I feel great

  • Peťo D says:

    Thess videos are useless coz people are too primitive

  • zebooker says:

    Just Health Related: This video claims following its instructions improves health, but later states there are "no side effects." Those two claims contradict each other. BOO! HISS!

  • Yours First says:

    It's kind of funny how weed has some of the same healing effects as water ? It's grown with water it is a healing plant it is put on earth by God for specific reasons

  • Jake says:

    Cures Aids, cancer, death, stupidity *400 ml only, wait one hour, 300 ml additional. Must also never eat or breed again. Now you're doing a great service to yourself and the world!

  • Brad Latimore says:

    I'm Gonna Try This Because I'm Trying To Lose More Weight!🐯

  • juan Guerra says:

    Why can't they get a real voice voice

  • Mark Hebbe says:

    I dont know about the studies on it or any of that,but an old buddy of mine I worked with a couple of years ago told me about this,I tried it and it actually does really help.I don't take in any caffeine but the water if you drink a bottle or two of 16oz.ea.(approximately)of refrigerator temp.water in the morning upon waking it has the same effect as drinking a 16-32ozs.cup of coffee with none of the jitters or unhealthy side effects coffee has on your body.I think coffee is ok for some people as my Grandmother drank coffee all day long every day and even a small cup before bed and she lived ro be 94yrs.old and was still very aware and coherent up until close to the time she passed.
    If you stop taking in caffeine for 60days and you drink just one 16ozs.cup of coffee after being caffeine free for 60days it will amaze you how much it actually does affect you however. Try replacing it with water,replace soft drinks with 100% real fruit juices and don't drink to much of it.Drink green tea or white tea using stevia for sweetner during those 60 days,&you'll be amazed how much your health and energy will improve just from doing these things.
    You need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day minimum. So if you weigh 200lbs.,you should drink at least 100ozs.of water throughout each day.
    I dont care if anyone tries any of this or not,Im just sharing what I know and have tried myself in case you want to feel better,have more energy,&improve your health.

  • Dave Hibbs says:

    And make me piss every 5 minutes!my in group model did nothing wrong, my in group model did nothing wrong my in group model did nothing wrong my in group model did nothing wrong my in group model did nothing wrong my in group model did nothing wrong

  • Paul Grimm says:

    I start doing this three days ago. I crapped three times this money

  • Mermaid Tears says:

    This video is just here to deliver the information…if you don't believe it and want proof do the damn research yourself! I don't understand why people are acting like this most people will not put references in videos they just deliver the information stop being annoying and lazy and just do the research yourself if you don't believe it 🙄

  • James Msellee says:

    Can I be told any scientific study done to support this please.

  • James Msellee says:

    Mechanism of action please

  • Alain Gawan says:

    When prophet tb Joshua said this some years ago I started it and since then my health is stable that is why we called him senior prophet TB JOSHUA

  • billy bear says:

    It's good for thirst
    Morning Dry Mouth

  • Deepika Jain says:

    this is recommended in Ayurveda thousands of years ago

  • Francis Dillinger says:


    It only takes a simple 5 second Google search people…

  • Healthy Grove says:

    water is more important for our life …without water no one can stay in this world
    so thanks for sharing your ideas to us.

  • Healthy Grove says:

    website: https://healthygrove185264900.wordpress.com/

  • Binu Lama says:

    Hot or cold

  • Alicia Celestine says:

    Thanks for sharing 😁😁

  • Tui2 ratdecha says:

    Thank you!

  • Being Greatest says:

    Too much to believe…😅😅
    I don't believe this… follow your daily routine…take a heavy breakfast after waking up💪💪

  • Bill L says:

    Do 4 cups of coffee count?

  • Shifani Passap says:

    How is 200ml 4 glasses of water? LOOOOL……

  • ferdinand awn says:

    Justin bullshit

  • Zack Lim says:

    Lol I want that 2min of my life back!! Omg can't believe I watched this with such seriousness… until I read/heard "heal diabetes in 1 month"!! I suspect the writer is hinting us these are all BS because instead of healing the body it wants to heal the disease which means making the disease better and more potent… anyway, ask any doctor or sane person with a bit of knowledge about diabetes. I am no expert but I don't think you can CURE diabetes just by doing this. (Maybe the writer-joker would clarify: "Oh I mean doing this after a kidney transplant and you can cure diabetes." Duh!! But P.S. Please DO share to me and the world if THIS really CURE your diabetes and other diseases. We will all be very grateful. But if you just heard about this from someone else, pls remember, sometimes people LIE/JOKE.

  • Tom Tom says:

    I drink water all day long. Spend the whole day drinking and peeing.

  • libertyn jeopardy says:

    A glass of 30 wt is also good, lubes the joints

  • bobby williams says:

    Another magical cure, what a crock

  • cmscms123456 says:

    Drinking too much water can kill you
    Never talk health disease from the internet

  • Dan Van Hoose says:

    Too much water is bad for food digestion.

  • 1left2theright 4Jc says:

    And trump says exercise is bad for you bc it runs the charge on your life battery down ..

  • dan wells says:

    this was done by americans that were in japanese prison camps were there was no food at all. countless died from starvation

  • victoria palmer says:

    I looked it up 200 mL equals not even 7 oz in the United States and they say to drink 4 cups equaling 200 mL those are really small cops LOL

  • john walker says:

    Drinking water on an empty stomach.
    What next?
    Open your eyes when you wake up and go to the tap for the water or you may trip over the device you discarded when you click baited this SHITE

  • Ginger Edwards says:

    gives me a horrible stomach ache.

  • JR Ramos says:

    LOL.. can't speak in english. use robotic voice 😂😂😂

  • Lara Moras says:

    This is an article you can find on Internet put in the Google translate and recorded. Pisses me off.

  • weston led says:

    Please don't give any information, with out knowing,
    We were watching your video seriously,
    Now we've dough of your knowledge,
    I used to tell everybody to watch your video, before making any video please confirm,
    Everybody won't give up

  • Kris says:

    makes me vomit

  • Ronnie Owens says:

    Does it mean not to drink or eat anything for 2 hrs every time I eat during the day or just the next meal after I wake up ?????

  • Vladimir Putin says:

    This is true,i am 200 years old now and still active.

  • Franc Marte says:

    Who can drink 4 glasses of water that's crazy it will take me the whole day to drink all that water

  • Meghan Herrera says:

    Uh when i wake up and drink a sip of water my stomach feels like absolute shit

  • RockinProfessor says:

    Will it help heal a Nation being systematically being destroyed by Trump and his criminally conspiratorial Russian cohorts ?

  • Nathan says:

    This is great but with all the chemicals in our tap water now days and the chemicals in the water bottles as well this probably doesn't work as well as it should.

  • Fred 1260 says:

    Stomach is not empty as soon as you wake up!!!😁

  • Sunil S says:

    Thanku for yours explanation

  • Maldo Gabriel says:

    This is true people can expeculate even tho I don't drink 4 glasses of water just one first thing in the morning and yes it help alot. So much so that a could quit drinking Coffee because for some reason it really makes me feel more energetic and loose.

  • John Mathew says:

    For the past 31 years I am doing this. I don't know if I am benefited from this. Yet, I will not discontinue this practice. No news is good news in love, war & water therapy.

  • Damma Barredo says:

    not bad,,,

  • GhostShard 95 says:

    This doesnt work japanese people dont know anything about the body

  • Christine Awuor says:

    Amazing water is an antitode for curing many diseases. Just follow the simple routine ❤🎡🎢💈🎠

  • Salome Asubop says:

    Hey goodday..I love this and will definitely try.but does it mean that 4glasses taken in the morning is enough for the whole day??

  • Lex T says:

    Thanks for the detailed outline.

  • angels are in heaven says:

    I have to brush my teeth 1st thing in the morning…….i feel like my breath smells bad in the morning

  • angels are in heaven says:

    But why cant you brush your teeth 1st & then drink water after……..i feel like alll that nasty breath & saliva i cant swallow yuck

  • James Corea says:

    not practical.

  • Harshit Vashisth says:

    Copied bright side video

  • JON Cunningham says:

    PERFECT ! And drink distilled water. And maybe a touch of lemon. (2 liters really works for me. But I add a touch of salt, lemon. IMO

  • Bruce Leroy says:

    I did this for a week and I went from a 4 inch penis to 19 inches. Thank you water!

  • angels are in heaven says:

    Why cant you brush your teeth…….

  • Kevin McEdward says:

    lol, not to be a Know it all, but drinking too much water can cause a few problems. Usually only if you literally binge on it all day.

  • 8dannie says:

    Side effects???? I’m 27 years old and I used to do this all the time, until recently where water is actually making me sick 😖😑

  • JMR JMR says:

    What studies?

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Cures diabetes in 1 month well fck me . Save hospitals and doctors a fortune on metmorpin tabs and insulin injections lol .. 👍

  • estellia‘ says:

    im no Japanese but I Korean 🌚

  • angels are in heaven says:

    i have to brush my teeth in the morning im (sorry) i don't like stank breath

  • angels are in heaven says:

    the comments man are cracking me up

  • K.J. Chary says:

    After wakeup means with out brushing??

  • kranthi mudiraj says:

    Warm water is more better

  • Girlfriends 4Life says:

    I drink water like 2 minutes after i wake up,it used to make my stomach hurt but it stopped. Like if you do this 2 i know I'm not alone

  • Niver The Designer says:

    Do it with tap water = live extra 35 years

    Do it with bottled water = live extra 80 years

    Do it with boiled and filtered water from remote mountain = live extra 150 years

  • Awtee Sait says:

    I drink 4 shots of tequila as soon as a wake up and I’m healthy

  • TheFlawlessGaming says:

    Thanks so much.i woke up in the middle of the night and i was really thirsty. When i finished i felt really nauseous and i also had a little asthma and when i tried to calm myself down to make my heart stop beating, it was still really fast. I got really scaredand sirched this up and thank god im ok.

  • Stop it, Get some help. says:

    I’ve done this when I had health anxiety for two months straight and it does really help.

  • Melody _ says:

    I take 400ml every morning, and this lessen my asthma attack from 2-3 times a month to 3-4times a year.

  • Ruchi Sapehia says:


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