Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria – TED – Documentary, Lecture, Talk NUTRITION

Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria – TED – Documentary, Lecture, Talk NUTRITION



  • dswetty says:

    @ Steve Bergman
    what are you smoking bro??? I agree that book promos are a dcrag—but you missed this whole video. She didn't mention a book, hardly mentioned her serious plight—it was about food and diet.  She didn't sensationalize her situation, NEVER mentioned a book. Your sweeping generalization was totally off base, and didn't have anything to do with this TED talk….(back under the rock with you!!)

  • Feride Gursoy says:

    @ Steve Bergman Thanks to you I realized she'd written a book. Might as well buy it 🙂

  • Steve Ruble says:

    To those who are claiming benefits from Dr Wahls dietary recommendations,
    what specifically have you eliminated from what you were previously eating?

  • Richard Esquivel says:

    Remarkable woman and a remarkable story. As a functional medicine doctor, I know very well how the nutrients in food (and supplements) can change people's lives dramatically. Terry Wahls' story continues to be an inspiration to millions of people and thousands of FM doctors like me who are trying to spread this message and the awareness of the limitations (and adverse effects) of pharmaceutical drugs. There is a better way…

  • Vanessa Malandrin says:

    Mitocondria are the energy power house of every cell in our body.Mitochondria ancestrally derive from bacteria, have their own circular DNA (just like bacteria) and actually still behave somewhat like bacteria inside the host cell ( which has helitical DNA), so when people are put on long term antibiotics not only do they kill off most of their precious gut bacteria but also the antibiotics drastically damage the mitichondria in every cell of their body. Where most energy is required eg. brain, heart and liver, each cell can have up to 2 thousand mitochondria! I 've seen a friend of mine end up in a wheel chair with symptoms similar to parkinsons disease thanks to all the antibiotic therapy prescribed to fight a hosptal aquired microbial infection 3 years ago.There are foods which contain a substance called PQQ which can help the biogenisis of the mitochondria inside each cell.Check out "is the mitochondria still a microbe? —Jon Lieff MD and Helsinki study by neuroligist Dr.Filip Scheperjanson "is there a link between gut microbes and parkinsons disease. Thankyou Dr.Whals for this talk. Thank God the internert exists.

  • Unseenseer says:


  • Unseenseer says:


  • akakaka says:

    coming here to learn how to better manage my health and promote healing after suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity. in july 2018, only four 500 mg ciprofloxacin pills completely destroyed me. i've lived every day in varying types of pain: bone, nerve, muscle, joint. i struggle to keep my life going, because i'm a nursing student soon to graduate in about a year. i'm in my 20s, but my body feels 90 years old. i've never had any health issues prior to taking ciprofloxacin. unfortunately, there isn't a cure or accessible treatment. i've exhausted PCPs and the ones who do believe me don't have the education or resources to help me. the specialists i've seen want to diagnose me with common ailments that benefit them (less work), or prescribe opioids to put a bandaid on my issues.

    if i remember, i'll update as time goes on. hopefully i get my life back.

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