Dr. Robert Morse [En, Fr] Q&A 316 / 1 — Spider veins, Parathyroid weakness

Dr. Robert Morse [En, Fr] Q&A 316 / 1 — Spider veins, Parathyroid weakness

Subtitles: [email protected] Hello my dear ones. Still hitting today… I wanna finish the video
that I started earlier. Now that was a short one. So hopefully we’ll make this
about an hour video as well. But you have so many
great questions and stuff! I’m so proud of you and I want to make
sure that I get to help as many as I can. What’s all this? Jaz ? You know the Jaz, who was on The Voice
or American Idol ? One of the two. Thanks sweetheart. “I’m a 33 year old female from Hawaii
who currently lives in Greece…” Wow… ! We have some friends in Greece. As a matter of fact we were going to go
there and do some lecturing, and try to get some healing centers
set up over there, but I’ve been told they are pretty
traditional over there as well. “Until I was 20, I ate
the typical american diet. While I always loved and ate plenty of
fruits and a fair amount of vegetables…” Excellent ! “I ate pork chops, stake and roast beef… … like it was my job.” (laughs) But you had fruits and vegetables too. I did too, because we were farm
people you know, but… That wasn’t the main focus. My consciousness began
to shift in my early 20s, and by the time I was 26 I had
left meat behind for good. 80% of the time I’ve been dairy free.” Oh ghee! “I have a weakness
for Indian food…” Oh, you too ? Well… We have a brand new… of course we didn’teven have one
and never had one, but there’s a brand new Indian
restaurant opening up in this town… That’s just going to be hard… Holy crap! And I peeked into the window… I mean… I was just walking by and… I mean… It looked like they had a buffet in there… Damn! “… for a few years in between
2007 and now, I ate fish/seafood but
those days are long gone. I’m grateful for the shift in consciousness
even when it took quite a while.” Yeah, I mean… Time is
a relative thing, isn’t it? It doesn’t really exist. “Despite leaving meat, fish,
dairy etc.. behind, I was like most vegetarians and vegans who consumed a high fat diet and
was addicted to pastas, grains and beans.” Typical… Absolutely! And those things can
tear you up! “Since my early 20s, my body
was always bloated… … and digestive problems,
malady, diarrhea, etc., even on a vegan diet, I also have had eczema
since I was born.” Wow! You know there’s
so much of this skin… But I think you can trace
that to the thyroid glands and people’s inability to get enough
body temperature to sweat… And after years of subcutaneous
building up of lymph, then it becomes even harder to sweat… So getting the thyroid up, where
your body temperature’s above 97.6… … would be helpful to sweat. But again, that shows that you have had
lymphatic problems out the shoe. Out the mother shoe,
you’d have lymphatic problems. But that’s how it is,
because we live in our mothers. And we are hooked to their
blood and lymph systems. So, what’s theirs is ours so to speak. “I was given steroid creams…
(Boy) and they just make it worse,
(Oh yeah) and always told by doctors I have to
live with it for the rest of my life. Additionally I’ve had sinus infections at least
once or twice a year, sometimes more.” I hate that… Well yeah I’ve lived on
dairy too and when winter times come: locked up, nose drops… I was addicted to nose drops
in a way I could breathe. And I couldn’t poop. But no one has focused
on the diet. Couldn’t have been what you ate…? It’s just like:
What else could it be? But you know you don’t think about those
things sometimes and some levels… “Lethargy, depression
from time to time excessive…” Here we can get back
to that parathyroid thing. “… and excessive bold sneezing.” Oh. Again, your body trying
to clean itself. Trying to get rid of things. When you sneeze, when you cough,
when you vomit. Obviously methods of elimination. Yeah, if your kidneys
or bowels don’t do it… Could be up for grabs. “And tears of pus
flowing out of my eye…” Oo-o-o-oh… Pus? Out of your eyes? Ow. Uh-uh-uh… I wonder what medical doctors would say
about pus coming out of the eyes. “Year in, year out”
You did. Oh my god… I know the stuff you’re talking about. I don’t think I’ve had it
that bad of course, and I never took steroids or
anything like that, cause… Farm people don’t do
that kind of crap as a rule. Maybe modern do,
but not the old days. You had to die to get carried off
to a medical doctor. Like my dad did have a piece
of wood from the powersaw, shoot right up his hand. Yeah. But, you know… My dad was strong.
No pain meds… A friend gave him a quart of whiskey
and said: “Start drinking!” And in he went. We had to go to his house. And in he went right up there
and picked up a piece of wood… … and rammed right up in the… Aahhh! I felt sorry for my dad. I knew he was in pain. That’s the old way. Give him his alcohol
and: “Go ahead baby!” “I discovered your videos
when I was living in Bali…” Oh wow!
Cool beans! “… from 2012 to 2014.” Boy, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been doing
these videos that long, does it? “… and I believe it’s the reason I started
incorporating more raw foods… … and vegetables in my diet. Now I live in Greece, and I finally shifted
from 50% of raw vegan diet… … to 100% of raw fruit
and veggie lifestyle.” Yeah!!! This is a cool woman right here! “The majority of my calorie
consumption is…” And I can tell with the way you word
your wording too by the way, my dear. “The majority of my calorie
consumption is from fresh fruits… or freshly pressed juices
I make at home. The first two weeks
I did all fresh fruits…” “Now I occasionally have a salad
every two days or so… … the oils, grains, beans, nuts,
soy or almond milk… … for 3 weeks and counting,
and I feel fantastic.” Of course you do! You know, you do get feeling fantastic
except for some healing crises… Okay. You know the body is going
to clean itself and fix itself, but… … man, coming off of beans
and grains and crap like that… Boy, do you feel good. You feel light. You feel meditative. You feel quiet. You just keep on going and
the benefits of how you feel. Some people like to feel gassy,
bloated, fat and things like that. I never did! “I can focus for longer periods of time, my energy levels are more
throughout the day, and my skin has already improved
in terms of hydration and clarity.” Excellent! Keep going, because it just gets
better, better, better, better. This isn’t where you just do a little
while until it gets better… No! You want to take this train of yours to
ride into Wellville. Get this done. No more skin problems. To where you can have something bad and
you don’t have any kickback from it. You are too clean! Absolutely. She’s absent of a lot of cravings and: “Since I’ve always had a sweet tooth,
you can imagine how freeing it feels…” Oh yeah, big time! You know, I went after the fungus
in me one time with Parasite M… … and I can’t tell you… I didn’t crave pastas, grains
or nothing like that anymore. I never really have been a big bread
person like that, but… Definitely now, nothing like that
even turns my baby on. You want… I like flavour. And fruits and berries and melons,
oh my god… I like my salad, but not near like I like
a fresh, ripe bowl of fruit. Organic fruit.
Ohh… Whooh! It’s just… You can’t help, but smile when
you eat a big bowl of ripe organic fruit. It’s like oh my god…
This is nectar! “I can remember craving hot drinks and
if possible, fluffy milky drinks.” Uhh… Well, I can’t say anything,
I used to like my malts. Vanilla malts and chocolate malts…
Love malts. No one told me growing up that… One of the biggest mucus formers there is. No one really said that. You drink the milkshake:
you gonna have to take nose drops. No one ever said that. “I haven’t had or craved one since day 3…” Well you are doing good, sweetheart. “My works requires me to dine at
restaurants and write about them…” No kidding… Cool job !
Oh my god, how do you do that ? “My work requires me to dine at
restaurants and write about them, so I have to start eating one cooked
vegan always meal per week… … starting later this month.” Well… you know, I guess It could
be worse. If that’s your job. Of course, when it comes down
to the final analysis, once you get your body healthy,
then it’s all about the flavors. “Once it’s worked, the project
wraps up in the end of August, I intend to do a full fruit detox
using your herbs and shift the focus on my work, so that I may maintain this wonderful
new diet lifestyle you turned me on.” Thanks sweetheart. Cool stuff. “I wanted to share my story
with you and to say…” Oh, what’s that? “M-A-H-A-L-O” Mahalo. “For the inspiration and education.” Oh, great love to you from me,
my dear… any day! We’re all in this together. It’s just a natural rythm
to put your hand out and say: “Cmon! Let’s go have some fun.” “Before I sign off, I have a
couple of questions to ask.” You got it! “Ordering some of your herbal formulas when
I make a trip to U.S in a couple of weeks: Lymphatic I, Parasite M, Adrenals, Kidneys,
GI Broom, Upper Circulation, Brain & Nerve. Are there any of these that
I should not take concurrently? Should I order some of them
as tinctures and some as capsules? If so, which ones? I would do your 14-week program,
but need to save more money first.” Well you always want to do… I would say do two Kidneys
if you aren’t filtering. Do two kidneys, one lymphatic
formula, make that a capsule, because that will help clean
the bowels with it. So move yourself from Lymphatic I
capsules to Lymphatic V capsules back to Lymphatic I capsules, because you want to take
a break off of number V capsules, because they are super strong. That’s your Poke Root, Chaparral…
Those are your strong babies. But they will help super
clean the bowel too. I’d definitely do a GI Broom. I definitely would do a Stomach & Bowel
for short period of time. And then move to say…
Heal All capsules. If you really want to save money,
you could do the GI Broom — as long as you are
moving your bowels well, Lymphatic I capsules,
two Kidney formulas… and if you want to do a Glandular, if your blood pressure is really low, then I’d do a Glandular. If your blood pressure isn’t that low,
maintaining a 60-70 diastolic… then I would say: do the Adrenal herbal formula…
or Endocrine Gland. Get picture of your eyes, take a look
where you got the ups and downs here… But yeah…
You got it right on. Upper Circulation and Brain & Nerve,
that is just good stuff. That… I need to get back on that.
That’ll turn on my hair. And when I do that, you’ll start seeing
my hair turn color again. It’s just the way…
It does it to everyone. It’s just that I haven’t been taking them.
You know, sometimes you just don’t… You get away from that stuff… And they are right there with me, it’s just… you can’t take things
all the time with that… “Are there any of these that…”
Yeah, no they all work good together. They are good together. I’ve not seen too many of my herbs pulling
on each other to tell you the truth. Sometimes I feel things like that,
but I don’t feel anything like that yet. “I watched the video
about that spider vein…” Oh yeah… That was just out.
I just put that out. “But it only brushes over the toppy.
Could you explain how we get spider…” Oh, but that’s on the video I just did. “How we get spider veins, please? And whether or not an intense fruit diet
and water fasting regime can eliminate them? I’ve had them since I was a teenager.” Well you know, I was kind of thinking
when you said something back here… I was kind of thinking of
parathyroid at the time. Now I’ve been doing iris analysis and
14-week protocols so much that… Sometimes I forget whose case is who. Just for lunch I did two protocols for
people and an iris analysis, and you know, sometimes I… But.. You get spider veins and varicose veins,
when you are eating proteins. Bottom line. When you bring acid forming
foods into the body, and this would be true for nuts
and proteins and beans as well. Anytime you dump a more acid diet
into the bloodstream, a more acid base diet
instead of a base diet, then you are going to have
that pH change or shift of the blood, which can’t happen
without serious consequences. So the blood obviously has
the ability to steal, and it has to steal electrolytes, because that’s the only thing
that neutralizes as acids, it’s bases. So what’s the most predominant
base in the human body? Calcium! Hands down. And it’s used in everything
from nerve transmission, to skeletal systems obviously, to connective tissue
which holds everything in place, holds you firm and tight,
holds the organs and glands tight, holds the vasculars in and tight. When you start borrowing calcium out of
this connective tissue system to fight acids, you lose connective tissue
just like you would bone. So what happens is
you develop bone spurs, because in the presence of phosphorus,
or nitrogen, or acids, your calcium ionizes,
it turns like a rock… and so this is how you get bone matrix
as mixing calcium and phosphorus. So, again, calcium is leached out of
the vascular walls weakening the walls. And you could have this
even in the genetic stance, where your walls are weakened, because somebody weakened them
by high acidic diet. But to straighten them up
is to reverse that process. In other words, eat a high
electrolyte, high calcium diet, which comes naturally in fruits,
berries, melons and vegetables, particularly in your vegetables. But it’s not about
how much you consume, it’s how much you digest,
absorb, utilize… remember? We have numbers of fantasies sometimes,
which is way too much, because everybody treats
everybody the same. It’s true in one level, but physically everyone has
different level of absorption, different levels of digestion determined
on their genetic family trees. So yeah, there’s a lot of variables in
individuals and yet we are all the same. You just have to understand on
what level are we all the same. But you definitely want to work on those
spider veins… I don’t like that. So work on your parathyroid, cause somewhere I picked up the sense
of thyroid and parathyroid here, but anyway… That’s what you would want to do. But whenever you dump a predominantly
acid forming diet into your body, the blood hits first. So naturally, that’s not going to exist. That’s not good. Because that’s how people
kill themselves of course is bringing in acids faster than the blood
can steal bases to neutralize, to keep that proper pH balance. So the Superfood Blend…
I’d say this: if you want to fix like scoliosis
and spider veins and things fast, get yourself detoxed a little bit, get your kidneys filtering,
get your bowels cleaned up. Then hit the Parathyroid Glandular. I’m sorry if you are a vegan, but you know, when you are going after the
parathyroid and you have serious things, this is the one you might have
to just stretch on a little bit, because it’s hard in herbal world to find
anything for the parathyroid gland and anything what’s going to make the
difference or any type of speedy thing. So remember, the depression is
another parathyroid issue. It’s another calcium issue. This is why you see postpartum
depression in females. Because their babies just suck
the calcium out of them. You know… a lot of calcium
and they can’t put it back. Postpartum depression occurs in females
with parathyroid weaknesses. And you can look at Andrea Yates,
I talk about her a lot, because I never forget that poor thing. She drowned all five of her babies. And if you look at her on the news,
she is real gaunt. And she said that god told her if she
didn’t drown them, the devil would get em. When you get to that level of extreme
calcium deprivation, you’re going to have hallucinations. When you don’t utilize calcium,
?nervous parts? are involved, your connective tissues. You can see your skin is
very wrincke and very gaunt. You can tell she misjudged parathyroid. So what’s the psychiatrists
have her on? Antidepressants… And here we go! Those antidepressants have
a tendency to kill people. And yet this system can’t
get out the way itself, it knows that! No one, notice this! All these deaths in america: the colombine deaths, all these schools, the kid within the kindergarten,
and killed these little babies, and all these kinds of craps,
and the theater’s guy, the other guy in California that’s
said a famous director’s son. Everyone of these, they found
they were on antidepressants. You think you’re gonna
hear in the news? I’m sure pharmaceuticals
?accomplice? to go : “I hope they ll never find out… … they were the cause of these stains.” We’re the actual link to why all
these kids were killing kids. Oh no we put it off.” And this is the sickening part
of our society right now. The pharmaceutical companies seat
at a major criminal activity and yet no (one) oberves…
Think about it. That’s cause big deal
with the money… bocks! If you sell your mother for a bock… You know, that’s just
about where we are. So you know you can
abbreviate with that. “Upper circulation”, “Brain & nerve”.
If you need to save money, then you don’t have to use those two unless you think you got cholesterol
plaque in your “lymph”. If you got cataracts, you’re gonna use “Upper
Circulation” and “Brain and Nerve” because that cholesterol and that means
your also plaques in the brain, and if you have a client like that, you want
to keep him from stroking your heart attacks you’re gonna use “Upper” and
“Lower Circulation” on him, keep on until you clean all this lymphatic
and cholesterol build up out and all this stuff. You want to fix your
parathyroid gland honey. You have to determine wether
it’s the parathyroid or the pituitary. That’s where you guys would
have to coming in help. One way, you get a picture of your eyes, and take a look at that twelve o’clock,
each side of twelve o’clock… … depending on which eye,
remember. I think probably thursday
you’re gonna go with your eyes. And we gonna do one last eyes thing there
helping guys up with that sort of tings, that way of kidneys, good with
all the… good everything. Appreciate this understanding with that. “I included some fun fruits […]”
(Oh! I saw that.) “[…] in greece, i’m also
a producer local…” (Waouh!) “[…] and it has the best watermelon
at anywhere the world.” Don’t do that to me! That’s torture! Jaz you’re torturing me! You’re torturing me bad! … tonch of the calorie,
look at this guys. I love you too, a lot of you too. And that’s a seedy watermelon baby. Oh you have no idea…
That plate will last me 2 seconds. This is how our refrigerators should look! That’s how your refrigerator should look! Well… I love it. Cool pictures. And… look at this! Oh my god! And that you got: Of course, toilet tissue
by the watermelon… Interesting! Oh men… You guys are great. And it feels good. And it feels good to feel good. That s all the risk to it.
?not the view? that don’t feel good: it feels good to feel good. Don’t let anything stop you. Looking on yourself, we’re
working on your body there. Don’t let anything stop you.


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