Dr Debunks: Is Micellar Water Really Worth The Hype?

Dr Debunks: Is Micellar Water Really Worth The Hype?

Back in the 19th century the French
woman in Paris were famed throughout the globe for their amazing skin. However its
industrialization occurred the water became not so great, it led to impurities
the skin suffered and it became dull. Out of this mess came micellar water! the
greatest invention for skincare possibly of all time, and I’m here today ladies
and gentlemen to talk to you about the great invention that is micellar water! Hello I hope you enjoyed my snazzy intro
there welcome to my new series Dr Debunks. In this series we’re going to be
talking about beauty myths and misconceptions and exploring whether or
not things are always what they seem. If you don’t know my name is dr. Sarah
Tonks I work in medical esthetics and I’m a genuine bonified ER doctor
you’ll find me on the medical register should you wish to do so I also have a
diploma in cosmetic science from the Society of cosmetic scientists and one
in dermatology as well. So I guess you could say that most of the time I know
what I’m talking about. Usually Micellar water is basically micelles which are this, its a bit sciencey so sorry, It’s something which has got a
hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail which kind of aggregate round in like a
globule like this. So they’ll have all their hydrophobic tails pointing inwards
and all the hydrophilic heads around the outside we will do a graphic about this
because it’s a little bit complicated but they look basically look like these
little spheres and these micelles they act as surfactants. Surfactants are
things which lower the surface tension between two surfaces which means that
you need to use less energy basically to transfer something from one place to
another. Let’s not get too technical with the micellar water but
that’s essentially what they do. And it’s a mixture of oil in water. Now normally
if you traditionally try to mix those two things together they’ll end up
separating so you’ll have your oil at the top and then your water at the
bottom, but these micelles with the fancy way that they have the bit that loves
oil in the center and the bit that loves water around the outside means that they
can cohabit and exist peacefully together for the benefit of your
skincare. First thing, is micellar water good or bad for your skin?
I think speaking very very generally it’s good for your skin and here’s why.
So if we’re using products which contain a lot of alcohol or we’re destroying our
skin’s barrier function by using a lot of water and maybe soap for example, if
you’re someone like me who used to have acne or sometimes I get dermatitis. So I
do suffer with perioral dermatitis when you use something like in micellar
water because you’re not having these negative impacts on the barrier function.
I found that I’ve had a lot fewer flare-ups, so from that point of view I
think definitely good. From a practical point of view with micellar water you
have to put it onto a cotton pad so it is a bit of a pain if you’re traveling
and you know maybe you’re one of these people who likes to just use wipes and
go because with this you’ll need to take separate pads with you. I have tried it
with tissue it doesn’t seem to work as well all the tissue kind of gets filled
up and bunched up and it kind of just destroys the whole sheet so it really
does have to be a cotton wool pad. Do you have to wash your face after you’ve used
micellar water? Well I think the jury is definitely still out on this one I think
it depends on how sensitive you are to the surfactants inside the micellar
water so, if you’re somebody who gets very irritated skin extremely easily you
may well still need to rinse off the micellar
water once you’ve applied it on the cotton pad. But let me tell you this it’s
really really cool to use so you just get yourself a cotton pad you whack that
micellar water on and even if you’ve got makeup on it we’ll take that right off.
It’s amazing so maybe you’re traveling you’re going to a festival or something
there isn’t enough water around for you to actually wash properly this could be
the solution for you. Makeup wise, if you’ve got a lot of heavy
eye makeup on or you’re wearing waterproof makeup it’s probably not
going to come off with micellar water, so you’ll probably still have to use a
separate makeup remover for those two places. But everything else, foundation
just comes straight off. Can you use micellar water as a toner? Great question
Sarah let me answer that for you so I would say depends what you like to have
in your toner. So I like to have an acid toner. I’ve just started using the pixi
glow tonic which I am loving right now so I wouldn’t want to replace my toner
with a micellar water. I see it more of something that helps you take your
makeup off or something that you use when you don’t have access to water or
maybe you’re not wearing makeup at all and you just want to very click quickly
clean your face before you then put makeup on you can also use them to touch
up small areas of makeup. So you can just put a little bit on a cotton bud if
you’ve got a tiny bit of eye makeup that’s out of place and you just want to
correct that so it’s really really good for that but, because it doesn’t contain
the acids that I like to see in a toner I would have to say no unless you’ve got
a good reason not to be using acids. So say you’ve got eczema or psoriasis or
they just don’t agree with your skin in which case the answer may be yes. But I’m
only / combination so you have to do much right for you.
Which micellar water do I like to use? I know that’s what you’re all thinking
well Bioderma that Old Faithful with the pink cap.
This one is probably the one which is the most widely used. It’s the most
talked about online, a lot of makeup artists talk about this as well because
it’s easy for them to change their clients makeup between sheets.
Don’t be confused between this one and the Garnier version which also has a
pink top which has got very very different ingredients. And I haven’t
actually tried the Garnier version myself yet but I am told that it’s very
irritating, so I would definitely go with the Bioderma. Next up this one I’m trying
at the moment it’s Avene now as you’ve probably seen my French is not great so Eau micellar. That’s French of all micellar water. This
one is good if you have got an oily skin type as it has something in which
regulates sebum production. I found myself out of the two – I preferred
the classic Bioderma. I do think this one might be a little
bit too stripping for most people which then can lead to overproduction of sebum
another good one would be the Simple micellar water if you guys have heard of
that one. We’ve got a premium products here now which is the RHA micellar
solution from TEOXANE. Now if you didn’t know – TEOXANE are a
company who also produced dermal fillers so they make a hyaluronic acid dermal
filler called TSL and one of their ranges is called RHA in an injectable
dermal filler and this micellar solution actually contains the same hyaluronic
acid as is in their filler so it’s the same but obviously it’s not in a syringe
and you can’t inject it into your face. It’s just kind of free in the liquid and
the idea behind that is that it stops it from dehydrating and drying your skin
out too much. I do use this in the clinic sometimes as a prep so if somebody comes
in with quite a lot of makeup on obviously we have to take that off first
for infection control reasons. So I’ll take it
off with Johnson baby white first and then use a bit of this afterwards to
really make sure that the skins very clean and then I’ll do the surgical prep
afterwards. So I do really like this I think it’s a really good product but it
is quite pricey. I think if you’re looking for something that’s kind of
sitting in the middle of the road I definitely go with the Bioderma. So to
sum up ‘Is micellar water worth the hype?’ I’ve got to tell you yes it
definitely is worth the hype from my perspective. It’s definitely changed how
I clean my skin at the end of the day, how I take my makeup off. You do have to
make sure that you get the right one for you.
I think if you’re just entering the market now when you’re just looking for
an all-rounder I’d probably go with a Bioderma. Sorry if that’s a bit boring
but you know it’s a good price point, it does what it says on the tin and it’s
my pick of the day. Okay so that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the episode!
Join me again next week were I’m going to be talking about sheet masks. Are they
worth the hype? If you’ve tried any micellar water or if there’s something
that you’re dying to get off your chest about it, let me know in the comment
section below and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe… have a great day!


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    I have used this whilst traveling on a long car journey (not wearing makeup) and misted afterward with a can of Thermal Water to "rinse", then tissued dry. Freshness on-the-go! I consider this as a "2nd cleanse" product when wearing makeup as I use a cleansing balm to remove makeup.

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