Dr. David Silverman – Is ASEA just Saltwater? Really??

Dr. David Silverman – Is ASEA just Saltwater?  Really??

ASEA Redox Ingredients Hi everybody. My name is Dr. David
Silverman. I’m just outside of Washington, DC in North Bethesda, Maryland and my
background is podiatry and foot surgery I’ve sold my practice and I’ve shot this
video because I just spoke to somebody that has that said something to me that
I felt it was very important to to try to create something that could help
people who need help someone said to me about this product
that I work with that I was introduced to eight years ago by a friend and the
only reason I looked at it was because my father was ill it’s called ASEA
there’s a cell signaling supplement and it is a breakthrough and I’m going to
share a little bit of information in these few minutes and hopefully if if
you have not yet experienced this product and seeing what it actually does
and there’s a topical version as well but this will open your mind a little
bit because this person said to me something that I hear sometimes less and
less but I still do I read online it’s just salt water because on the back of
the bottle the ingredients say made from water sodium chloride and that salt
water and that’s true but this is no longer salt water and I’m going to share
some things with you that I think will be kind of common-sense um let me just
share my screen real quickly something just to give you a little bit of my
background and I don’t work for the company asiye
but they’ve asked me to sit on the company’s medical professional board
which I do it’s a volunteer position with several other doctors and you can
go to ASEA Global calm and find this and every one of these doctors every one of
these doctors and physical therapists we’re very skeptical about this
initially because it looks like salt and water when you look at the bottle but it
is not salt and water so let me get into this here a few things what I’m going to
share with you I think is pretty much it I hope it comes across as common sense
when you really think about it so when someone says to me that they’ve googled
ASEA and they see it salt water I caution people you
Google is a search engine it is not a research engine my father was sick I
wanted to take the time to know if this was real or not because I did not want
to regret finding out down the road that this was very very real and God forbid
my father was no longer here with us and I didn’t look into it so there’s a lot
at stake here a lot so a few ASEA Redox Ingredients common-sense things to think about as to
you know if this is salt water number one there’s a lot of science on redox
signaling lots I’m going to show you a couple slides in a minute I’ve got a few
little slides I’m going to show you but lots of science on redox signaling lots
of books on redox that one it is a real science number one because this product
is redox signaling molecules what’s in this bottle is identical to what’s in
you you just produce more when you were younger I’m not doing this video to
explain what this is I’m just doing this video to help someone who is is
cautiously investigating this to do their own due diligence and not just use
Google as a research engine because it’s not it’s a really it’s a search engine
so number one there’s a science number two is product this patented now how in
the world are you going to patent salt and water right this was salt and water
it’s reductants and oxidants redox signaling molecules but what they did
the scientists did which was put reductant oxidants in the same vessel
and have them be stable not turn back in the salt water was thought to be
physically impossible and I mean by physics and they did it so this is a
patented product so how could it be salt in water
number three they’re independent lab and university validation stating that this
is redox signaling molecules I’ll share a little bit in a minute double-blind
studies and also the company in nine years of existence has done over a half
a billion in sales now you tell me how you can fool
that many people for that long and do a half a billion in sales with patents and
it’d be salt water and last finally it’s the experience and I’ll just go through
that right now if you want to know that this is in salt and water when you order
your product through your associate the person introduced it to you so it’s
coming from the FDA registered facility don’t get it on on outside third-party
you don’t know where it’s coming from or if it’s expired
this comes with a money-back guarantee when you order your product take the gel
and find 10 people who are physically hurting something in their body hurts
their neck their back a cramping knee a hip whatever it is ten people and have
them give you ten minutes have them rate their discomfort on a scale of one to
ten shake up the tube very well it’s a gel it’s it’s marketed for wrinkles I
mean it’s marketed for your skin and rejuvenate your skin cells and say light
it’s proven what it does but let’s say it’s their neck they take a little bit
they put it on there’s no smell there’s no grease enos it disappears it’s made
from salt and water put it on three times in five minutes and ask those ten
people how they feel at the 10th minute so ten people ten minutes they put it on
three times in five minutes and then by the 10th minute ask them how they’re
feeling and you will be stunned you won’t be stunned by one or two of them
saying wow you’re you’re gonna be I’m not going to tell you the number you
watch what happens yourself you will know right then and there that this is
not salt water okay I’m going to share a few slides real
quick really really quickly ASEA Redox Ingredients you okay this is a breakthrough Huffington
Post whether you know it’s whether you know this exists now or not um you’re
about to know about it soon hopefully right now but this has been going on for
a little while it in fact two years ago Huffington Post had an article v
emerging technologies and science full of shape our lives in the coming years
and this is quote here are five of the craziest game-changing technologies that
are starting to take off in 2016 pay attention some of these will shape
our lives in the coming years no I didn’t really know what 1 2 3 & 5 were
but I did know a number 4 was because I’ve been using it since 2011 my father
was that was the end of 2011 and my father was using it since the beginning
of 2011 lots of science I held up one of these textbooks is over 1200 text books
on redox biochemistry if you’re a science person dig into it their
journals dedicated to redox signaling at pubmed.gov now that’s actually 17,000
studies just search redox signaling and you’ll see all these studies on redox
signaling pretty remarkable that this that this exists and I didn’t know about
it and you don’t know about it but you’re about to third-party validation
the company sends the product out to lots of independent labs this one on the
bottom left Dermott tests they prove that it
actually reduces wrinkles and cellulite makes the skin softer you want to look
younger it works Stevens & Associates proved explained why improved Y wrinkles
go away and also proved that it increases circulation just by putting
this on the skin that the gel version a North Carolina Research campus that’s
run by Appalachian State Duke University UNC and NC State needed a double-blind
study on athletes I mean blood drawn double-blind studies explaining why
athletes run so much faster and further and we cover so much better and there no
banned substances in it Pacific Northwest lab did a study
showing zero toxicity which is pretty amazing
there’s no toxicity to this product bio analytics is important bio analytics is
a lab an independent lab that the pharmaceutical companies are required to
send their – for third-party validation a/c is not
required to send their product to them because the SIA is a supplement it is
not a drug look up this lab look up this lab a Sita sends the product to them
both every month and they verify that this is not salt water bio agile it
expires a redox signaling molecules and if you look at the back of the bottle
its stamped on their redox certified bio a genetics you look at the back of the
tube it’s certified bio a genetic so there’s another validation this one is
interesting this was a double-blind study done by tor labs look up to where
it labs where labs is a genetic testing lab and they did a for many industries
they did an eight-week trial double-blind study genetic expression
study and you can look this up at a website I’ll give it to you in a minute
and well amazing molecules calm if you want to pull up the study go to amazing
molecules calm bottom you’ll see PDFs and you’ll see what’s there it’s
remarkable eight-week study the placebo that they used it against was saline and
it wasn’t even just sailing it was the exact mixture of saline that they use to
make this product well what did they find the people are trying to see it
every single one every single one of them their genes turned back on genes
that turned off as they people 22:31 percent it turned on the jeans and
helmet what percentage of the people that drank
Saleen turned on 0.0 every single person that drank ASEA their jeans turned on
and none of the people who drank plus the the placebo which was salt water
turned on you think this is salt water these jeans what are they controlled
these are five very important genes they control vascular health pathway signal
signal pathways they they control digestive enzyme signaling pathways they
control hormone modulation I’m gonna near anybody the hormone problems a
pathways inflammation pathway reduction innate immune system pathway these genes
turn off as we get older and it’s proved that this drink which is something
that’s inside of us that has no no toxicity and you can’t be allergic to it
because it’s in you you put your producing it right now but you produce
more when you were a child by drinking ASEA Redox Ingredients if your genes turn back on that is
remarkable take picture when you get on the product look these this is the
vanity part the anti-aging part let’s look better part great I’ll be 58 next
week I like I like using this product it the drink makes me feel like I’m 25 and
I don’t people say I don’t look like I’m 58 years old so I like the product but
this is this is not these are not diseases that are going to kill people
this is sun damage right children don’t have sun damage look at this picture for
a minute look at the left and look at the right this is a health practitioner
in Sweden pretty remarkable young people have issues with skin and that can cause
damage to their psyche can’t claim that it’s gonna help acne it’s not a drug but
it’s the safe as water so kids use it or adults use it and take pictures and
watch what happens women reported their cellulite got
better and so the company sent the product back to derma test in Germany
and they did it they did an actual study and it actually does it decreases fat
lobules size and increases the elasticity of the skin here’s here’s the
big one okay yeah this is the company and I’m just
showing this because how can how can again this goes back to reading online
something oh this is salt water because somebody said so online and by the way
people that say negative things about us see online if you research who they are
they’re generally selling something else and if he find a product Google search
their names and see if you can see a tied to any particular pharmaceutical
company ok so companies nine years old okay it’s run by very experienced people
they were profitable of first year of business they’d increase revenue every
year they have zero long-term debt they produced the redox product in that
building on the bottom right there is the FDA registered production facility
that’s the inside of the building and that’s that’s where the magic happens
that’s where the salt and water turns into redox signaling molecules bottom
left you see those tanks that is saline that is saltwater but by the time it’s
finished and it goes to this process it is reductants in oxidants come on up there you go 18 global
distribution centers around the world the product and the opportunity is
available in 30 markets over 30 markets and growing US Canada Mexico Europe over
20 countries Australia New Zealand five Asian markets right now Hong Kong
Singapore Philippines Taiwan Thailand look so here’s the big one they’ve done
over 500 million in sales since the launch of the company nine years ago and
90% of it is this how in the world could ASEA Redox Ingredients you possibly do a half a billion in
sales for nine years and sell saltwater I think the word would get out this
product works people see that it works and they tell people and they tell
people it’s amazing they did 84 million last year and this year they’re on pace
to do 130 million so this product works this comes this production facility is
capable runs 24 hours a day it can produce 800 million of product a year
and they have enough space the bottom left picture if you look at the blue
floor they built it with enough space to put a parallel production line and they
can double output in two weeks to 1.6 billion and this is really for the
opportunity people that are looking at an opportunity
we’re post risk rendering momentum they pay us residual income to do two things
we acquire customers for the company and and people who want a better life for
themselves we identify train and support entrepreneurs who want a better life for
themselves in their family so I hope that this was helpful and the most
important thing is the experience take the gel find 10 people over everting
have them give you 10 minutes have them rate their discomfort on a scale of 1 to
10 put her on three times in five minutes and you be the judge of what
this product does ok thank you very much I hope this was helpful to you! ASEA Redox Ingredients

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