Dr. Barnes – Healing Leaky Gut Protocol – 14 Minutes

Dr. Barnes – Healing Leaky Gut Protocol – 14 Minutes

Hi everybody! Dr. Barnes here and today I’m
going to be talking about leaky gut and how to heal your digestive system. Now really
secondary to your nervous system, I consider the digestive system the second most important
system of the entire body. It’s so important for not only how you digest and assimilate
food and nutrients and create new body tissues, new cells, new organs, new muscle and all
those things. But also we’ll begin to discover is its vital role in the health of your immune
system – our immune system. So 80% of your immune system is controlled by the health
that’s going on in your digestive system. This is huge because we’re looking at not
just not getting a cold or not getting the flu, but literally your ability to fight cancer,
not develop autoimmune disease and things like that are really directly related to your
digestive system. Talking about leaky gut, you know not to long
ago leaky gut was sort of poopood in the medical community, which is saying that the alternative
people are trying to help people to sort of made this up or throw this around as a general diagnosis. However,
it has become widely recognized, in fact a simple search on Pub Med which is an online
database of scholarly articles, you’ll find literally hundreds if not thousands of articles
linking your health, health conditions, disease, illness to literally leaky gut. What do we
mean by leaky gut? When we’re talking about your digestive system, you have to think about
it as sort of very specialized tube or hose, think about water in the garden. However,
it does provide absorption and just not allowing things transported.
Now think about it this way, if you left your hose outside in the sun for too long and sort
of got burned up and either way it will start to deteriorate the rubber and potentially over
time as water will be flowing through and that can cause little tiny cracks, little
tiny holes and it will cause water to leak out. So that’s a very oversimplified version
of what leaky gut is in your digestive system is that over time and really due to you not
caring for it properly and putting the wrong things in it; little tiny holes and little
tiny cracks are getting in your digestive system and allow toxins, it allows bacteria,
it allows food particles to leak out into your system. And then what happens is the
immune system becomes activated and begins because it recognize that it is something
that does not belong where it should and it attacks it. Now obviously if the holes are not
repaired, this is a continual process and your immune system continually has to fight
and attack and destroy what’s leaking out and eventually this leads to autoimmune disease.
So, pretty much every single autoimmune disease has a significant relation to leaky gut,
so we’re looking again at prevention. But if you have autoimmune disease, then the first
place I recommend looking at is not taking a drug, but looking at healing your digestive
system, really sealing up that leaky gut. The main things that cause leaky gut will
be things like sugars, alcohol, caffeine, grains, antibiotics and aspirin, Tylenol,
Advil, anti-inflammatories, and so those are the main things that cause damage.
I would really put grains at the top. I would put NSAIDs at the top and I would put antibiotics
at the top. What the problem is is that, those are the sort of the things that are subtle and they
are deceptive because you take them or you eat grains. You may not necessary feel the
reaction, but we can think about grains as really like razor blades going through your
digestive system that really tears it up, cause a lot of inflammation and causes a lot
of damage to your intestinal system. NSAIDs poke little tiny holes inside of your digestive
system which is also not good and then antibiotics of course are going to destroy
your normal gut flora and lead to a greater chance of bad bacterial over growth or SIBO
also known as (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). You really want to avoid and
removing those triggers first. So I recommend going 90 days of dairy free, sugar free, grain
free, alcohol free and caffeine free. I know it seems like a lot, but you’re going to be
doing this for 90 days or about three months. Step #2 is REPAIR: One of the big vitamins which also
acts as the hormone in the body and is super important for your digestive system is vitamin
D. So, unless you know what your number is, remember that’s why the motto is “don’t guess,
test”. If you’re below 60 on your vitamin D levels, I recommend taking 10,000 a day
and retesting within 90 days or 60 days for you figure out what your level is. Once you’re
above 60, then you can drop down to 5000 per day and now go as a maintenance dose. And
so I take vitamin D, I take two kinds, the first one is from designs for health, it’s called
hi-po-emulsi vitamin D3, it is liquid, it is very easy to use, this is why I have
this one right now in my house because my wife can take it, my daughter takes it ,
we give it to my nine month old daughter, and I can take it, it’s very easy to travel with.
Otherwise the other one I do is from Maximized Living.
The second thing I do is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is very soothing on the outside of sunburn,
but it’s also very soothing on the inside. I don’t really recommend doing Aloe Vera
juice, although you can, but Aloe Vera gel is much more potent. It does taste more potent,
it is not good I can promise you that. Some people like it but most don’t, so what I
recommend doing and also to be getting a therapeutic dosages just to do something called Aloe Vera 200x,
it’s also made by Designs for Health. This is a very high-dose therapeutic version of
Aloe Vera and it works amazing for repairing the digestive system and you could do like
1 ounce of aloe Vera gel a day on top of that, again organic, Aloe Vera gel with that too.
The next thing to help repair the digestive system is digestive enzymes, you’re going
to take these before every single meal, because what this is going to do, it’s going to aid
your body in breaking down the nutrients in the food you’re eating, it kind of breaks it
into smaller pieces. What’s great about this is that, as you try to heal your digestive
system, it sort of takes some of the load or some of the work off your digestive system
so it can work much more efficiently and not not have to produce as much and consume as much
energy on its own. The next thing is, and I really love this. This is L-Glutamine; it
comes in a powdered form. I do 3gm a day as I put it right into my smoothie. It’s very
easy, and it doesn’t have much of a taste. L-glutamine is an amino acid and it is used
for muscle repair, so your digestive system is made up of something called smooth muscle
because it works through peristalsis which is kind of squeezing sort of crunchy sort of
gurgling noise that you sometimes feel. L-glutamine is very, very good in helping repair that,
so we’re talking about those little tiny holes, this is used to help patch that up.
The other product that I love which is multipurpose is called Max GI, it’s made by Maximized Living.
I totally love this product and it is extremely versatile because it contains things like
clove oil, oregano oil, thyme oil which helps to destroy bad bacteria and it also contains
Lysozyme which punches tiny holes in the bacterial membrane so they can destroy and combust a
lot easier. It also has 100 billion CFUs of probiotic specifically bacillus subtillus which is a
very strong good bacteria, it can withstand a lot of sort of agitation, some sort of helps
replace the bad bacteria that is being destroyed by it. It also contains digestive enzymes
as well, so you take two of these per day on empty stomach in the morning first thing
when you wake up. Usually people, if you have like bloating issues or gas issues or digestive
or diarrhea or anything like that, constipation even, most people notice a change within three
days of taking this, it’s very fast act acting product.
The next step of the digestive system is the restore process, and the way we’re going to
do that is to be probiotics. I do take probiotics from Designs for Health, what I love even
more than that and why I really stopped carrying and selling probiotics is that Sauerkraut
is way more potent and way more effective. Again, we’re looking at real food and it also
contains other benefits. So, this is the one I take, it is called Farmhouse Culture, sells
at our local whole foods here in Raleigh where we’re at. They have several other flavors, they
have garlic, they have pickle, and they have jalepeno one. The one that my wife and daughter like
is ginger Beet, I hate beet, so I hate this one too, but they said it’s really good. There’s
a cardamom flavor, there are some kind of plain flavors too. Some studies have shown that in just
one serving which would be in this case 4 tablespoons, which is not a whole lot is like
the size of the palm of your hand of Sauerkraut will contain a trillion strain of bacteria,
way more potent, way more numerous than any probiotic that I have seen on the market, so you can
get a bag of this for $8 and it is extremely healthy and extremely beneficial.
The next part of restore is corrective chiropractic care, making sure that the nerve supply going
to your digestive organs is freely flowing. If nerves become pinched or damaged, due to
sitting too long or traumas or bad posture or sports injuries or whatever the case may
be is that, that will actually choke off nerve supply going into your stomach, to your intestine,
to your digestive organs and cause problems over time too. So make sure you’re getting
adjustments what I recommend is that after going through a corrective plan, minimum of twice a month,
but really the average American does need once a week for optimum health and function.
The last step of healing leaky gut is going to be replace, and what we need for that is
we take Betaine HCL. And, this is hydrochloric acid which is what your stomach acid is made
up of, the main ingredient in your stomach. And so essentially by taking this, again you’re
just contributing and putting more digestive juices into your body. It’s not painful, although
if you have Gastritis or an ulceration you can should take extra of this right here or H-Pylori.
But what it does again is, it helps break down your food a lot easier. And then we
do zinc. Zinc Supreme, this should be taken at night, this is multipurpose and it is very
important for your hormones. Another thing that I love about zinc is, there’s actually an
article in 2000 by the Journal of Nutrition entitled “Zinc deficiency malnutrition and the gastrointestinal
effect” and some of the highlights found is that a zinc deficiency may impair the absorption
of water and electrolytes delaying the termination of normally self-limiting gastrointestinal
disease episodes. The gastrointestinal tract maybe one of the
first target areas where zinc deficiency may be manifested and then a prolonged low zinc
intake deprives the organism the local potential benefits of zinc including interactions with
oxidative free radicals and nitro-oxide metabolism; that’s fancy for meaning your body that basically
creates inflammation and disease faster. And then also is that it shows that if you have a zinc
deficiency that you’re more susceptible to toxin producing bacteria i.e. bad bacteria
or other Enterovirus pathogen, so pathogens inside of your body. Okay, so again we’re
talking about bad bacteria, bad pathogens inside of your digestive systems which create
issues and also autoimmune. I really recommend, though I would say that
probably 60-80% of Americans have some version of leaky gut or even further beyond that like
maybe IBS, Ulcerative colitis, celiac disease which is really sort of a further down progression of leaky
gut. It can be tested, it’s done through Cyrex laboratories comments and it is called
Array 2, also known as the intestinal permeability screen. And what it does is that it helps
us, helps me as a functional health doctor and chiropractor to help you as a patient identify
how bad you have leaky gut, what’s causing your leaky gut, how severe it is and potentially
even how long you’ve had it too. That’s Cyrex Array 2, that test you know it
does involve a blood drawn, basically what it’s looking for is escaped toxins and other
food pathogens into your bloodstream. It costs $350, super important although, I think pretty
much anybody can go through this protocol for 90 days and start healing their body and
healing their process. But again you don’t guess you test, if you suspect you have it, it’s
better to know for sure if you do or not. And also we have the baseline after you’ve done your
protocol, you can retest after 3 or 6 months and make sure your body is healing and getting
better. So, I hope you enjoy this, go ahead and heal that gut, get that digestive system
back on track, get your immune system back on track, its Dr. Barnes signing off.


  • StrongLifter says:

    Thanks Brother, great advice.

  • Glenn Carr says:

    DIY sauerkraut is very easy to make and very cheap. Ideally use organic vegetables (cabbage is for sauerkraut but any firm vegetable will generally do) and filtered or bottled water. Make up a salt solution of around 2 tablespoons of Himalayan or Celtic salt (sea salt will suffice but is not as pure) to 1 litre of water and stir until dissolved. Finely chop the cabbage (a mandolin works well) and start packing into a glass jar with a wide lid (cleaned out thoroughly) and cover the chopped veg with the brine a little at a time. Push down the cabbage / veg with the back of a rolling pin or similar and continue to pack in and top up with the salt water until around one inch from the top. Once filled and topped up, tuck a spare cabbage leaf in over the top (cut to fit snugly under the opening). Place the lid on slightly loose and stand in a warm area out of sunlight (dark is ideal but not essential) inside a bowl to catch any overspill as it ferments.

    Leave for 2-3 weeks tightening the lid when fermentation stops and refrigerate. There can be a slight whiff on opening the jar but its only a little trapped gas. Remove the leaf and discard and you're ready to go with a probiotic superfood that costs little to make! The end product is slightly acidic and crunchy, similar to pickled cabbage thanks to the lactic acid producing bacteria (getting ready to move into your gut!). You can take it a step further by buying a K2 producing starter culture to the jar before fermenting. K2 works with vitamin D3 to ensure calcium is used properly in the body. Claims are that it can reduce arterial plaque (calcified) and leads to stronger bones and teeth.

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    When I started having ulcers I would feel like I was going to pass out. When I ate meat my body went through shock (i couldn't even finish my meal, my heart started beating fast) i tried walking but i felt off, i even had a sharp pain in my left hand. so they put me on the H-pylori kit and that seem to work. however after a year it kinda started and had taken two kits in the space of three months.

    So i decided to do things naturally, DGL Aloe Vera, L-Glutimine, Vitamin D, and Pro-Biotics.

    Things are looking good now however when i eat meat my heart beat changes, this doesn't happen all the time.
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