dōTERRA Salon Essentials® Protecting Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner

dōTERRA Salon Essentials® Protecting Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner

We’ve all had bad hair days and they are never fun. Without the right care, an otherwise beautiful head of hair can become dull, flat and unmanageable. Gorgeous hair starts with a healthy scalp. doTERRA Salon essentials protecting shampoo gently cleanses and detoxifies the hair follicles and scalp, removing impurities that will otherwise dull your natural shine. Safe for color treated hair, it’s also designed to reduce styling damage and shorten styling time. Comparable to a high-end spa formulation designed for all hair types, doTERRA protecting shampoo contains plant extracts, gentle cleansers, and key essential oils, wild orange and Lime that give your hair a gentle lather and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean. doTERRA Salon essentials protecting conditioner nourishes your hair with rich botanicals and a dozen essential oils known for their beneficial effects on hair and scalp. The formula is designed to reduce the appearance of split ends and protect against future damage. Botanical extracts maintain color and add protection while eliminating static for a smooth finish look.

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  • Samantha Smith says:

    I love doTERRA Salon Essentials. All my life my hair has been dry, brittle, and unhealthy. In the last 5 years, I have devolved Hypo Thyroid disorder. My hair is the healthiest it's ever been. Finally at age 50, I love my own hair now!

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