Does ostomy bag or stoma output change with hot weather?

Does ostomy bag or stoma output change with hot weather?

Coming up. Can hot weather change an
ostomy bag? Stomanner This is to test whether heat from weather has an effect on the adhesive and the stoma bag itself. Now, if you can
see it’s actually a lovely day. It’s really hot, we got some things hanging
up here after just been swimming, to dry out almost immediately. It’s about 27-28
degrees and the barrier ring here is quite flimsy. It is very stretchy a bit more so you can see it’s very gooey
from the heat. I don’t know how that will last and also the ostomy bag itself obviously has adhesive, so we’ll see how that sticks. It feels stickier, so it might actually work with this warmer weather and I’ll report back a bit later. Here are the readings for the day and it’s actually quite humid. Day two of hot weather, it’s still
very humid today, so this is a fair test. You see the stoma bag is bulging through my clothes, it is actually intact, still fine and it does put up with humidity
quite well. The test has been fine so far. I’ve just changed, you can see back to normal, flat behind the clothing. The only other time I’ve experienced the ostomy bag not working properly in humidity and very high temperatures was when I was abroad and
that was pretty much after each change I just couldn’t get the adhesive to stick, it kept pancaking and coming away from the skin, so I would say that’s a thing
to be concerned about, when you’re actually changing, just to make sure that
you’ve got the bag flat to the skin fine and it can be pressed hard enough to
stick. But as for now, I’m going to leave the ostomy bag and go for a swim. For information about this video and what to expect from Stomanner, read the description drop down
below. It’s half seven and 29 degrees still in heat. In fact, it has just ticked
from 30 degrees down to 29! Either way, it’s extremely hot still and just seeing
how the stoma bag has last lasted. So far it’s done extremely well actually
because I played golf for several hours and been in that heat, sort of
mid-thirties degree heat for four hours or so, and a true test there. It’s been
fine, no worries at all. Shout and hollow your story in the
comments section below. Just concluding, that this is a Coloplast Sensura Mio drainable convex bag I’m using a 1-piece and, for me, it works very well as I’ve explained
and hopefully saw the humidity was quite full on actually, the adhesive has
stayed fine and I hope not to change or
cause any problems after this. Click on the notification bell to receive latest videos. There will be at least one
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