“Doctors of Reddit” #3: Second Opinions

“Doctors of Reddit” #3: Second Opinions


  • Skyyylar says:

    Dr. Mike please react to this episode in Victorious!!! (Season 2, episode 4) I’m watching it as it shows poor care given by the hospital, Tori giving blood and sick patients. I see a lot of problems that would not be true in the ‘real world’!!!

  • CDScarber says:

    See, Dr. Mike wouldn't have let McDreamy die.

  • Blaq Betty says:

    Bear doesn't give a flying F*ck

  • CocaineModel says:

    06:05 OMG the annoying orange hahahahahahaha i died laughing at that

  • Javian Valentin says:


  • James Michael says:

    Advocating for yourself or a very close family member is very crucial. My nana was prone to strokes for years leading up to her death only a few years ago. As soon as she starting slurring her speech or we noticed her face dropping we immediately would rush to the ER and generally she would get a UTI at the same time or very soon after the stroke would occur. However there was one instance where the doctor on call in the hospital she was staying at just insisted that all she had was a UTI and refused to treat her for anything else. My mother (my Nana's daughter) argued with this man for a while and he ended up discharching my nana with a UTI. Even when the rest of us were basically screaming at this man that she had also had a stroke and the uti is one of her call signs. I'm sure she could've lived at least a little longer if he actually listened to us. Always advocate for your close family and especially yourself. It makes a world of a difference.

  • Sassyduck4231 Roborelated says:

    When he said "your yawning right now that's rude" I was yawning and not looking at the video so I 100% thought he saw me yawning

  • Daniella T says:

    Had this happen when I was really young, went to the doctors 5 times because my tonsils were making it really hard to breathe and eat and each time was sent away with antibiotics for tonsillitis and finally after a change of doctor he recommended a specialist. Saw the specialist and had to get my tonsils and adenoids our two days later because any longer and I could’ve become brain dead

  • Alejandro Enriquez says:

    Can u talk about the medical uses that some psychedelics have

  • Echo Xenon says:

    You cannot get shards in your eye from welding. Welding is essentially binding to pieces of metal together by melting them together. If you did it right, youd have a welding mask over your eyes [welding masks cover your entrie face and some of your neck] and if you didnt have a mask on, youd go blind before anything hit you.

  • Janie Ouellette says:

    Yeah, the ear thing is legit!! It's called a Cholesteatoma. I know since I'm going for my second surgery in Decembers to get mine removed, again. It has a 15-20% regrowth rate if it wasn't all removed the first time. They only found it because I got a second opinion since the first doctor said nothing was wrong; even though I had lost 60% of my hearing in under 1 year

  • Dominic Fischer says:

    My body can decide how much potassium to take up? Cool! But it can't decide how many calories to hold on to. Hmmmm.

  • kbsydney says:

    As a patient (this was years ago). Had a scratch on my foot, thought nothing of it but on xmas eve I could barely walk. On xmas day it felt a lot better so didn’t worry about it. My mum saw my foot and took me to A&E (ER). I go in, apologizing profusely for wasting their time on xmas day, I just have a scratch etc. Doctor looks at my foot and I’m immediately admitted on IV antibiotics – had an infection that had spread to my blood stream.

  • Esther Kim says:

    My mom was feeling tired and had chest aches, she lost some weight and was feeling lethargic for the past month. We went to the doctor and said she was fine, just get some rest. I had a really bad feeling and my mother is slightly overweight so i was concern about her health. I had this bad gut feeling that something bad was going to happen. Turns out she had stage 3 breast cancer.

  • Kookie Yoo says:

    What breed is bear

  • trey lorence says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Seriously no one:

    Actually no one:

  • Vivian Dudar says:

    Is it just me or should Brooklyn (Brooklyn and Bailey) and Dr. Mike collab with a montage of bear and Finn.

  • Cucumber says:

    I've had extreme pain and swelling in my ankles for my entire life, it was always blamed on my weight and I was told to work out even though I already do. Two lost jobs and multiple different doctors later, we finally figured out that the shape of my feet cause my tendons to become extremely inflamed and agitated. All I needed was some shoe inserts this whole time. What a joke.

  • Tyler! Aryn! says:


  • Kate Kinder says:

    Lol Bear is just like my pup Blue, I say something to him and he just starts licking my face. 🤣 he has just been lying full length along me in bed for cuddles

  • Kate Kinder says:

    Yep welding is dangerous.. arch eye is the biggest thing they get but the metal fragments get everywhere. My bf used to be a welder and had to rinse his hair with white spirit/‘meths to get them out then shower

  • Silhouxean says:

    Have you ever noticed that when starting a crochet chain, doing the first strand, you twist it and it looks like dna double helix.

  • hellio ringos says:

    your shirt is too large for you. remove it please?

  • Blank_ Canvas says:

    I had one of those headaches and they thought I had a sinus infection, CAT scan proved meningitis. Stay safe everyone!

  • Shae Welch says:

    I don't know who I wish I was more in this vid: Bear or Dr. Mike.

  • Cookiethe1st Chad Dickingson says:

    Bear just wants love.

  • Alexis Morgan says:

    Dr. Mike let me hit that jugular vein

  • Yo says:

    That annoying orange comparision was funny

  • emily lovett says:

    I like your dog. Can I have your dog.

  • Brandan Torka says:

    Army Medic here.
    When I was working in geriatrics, there was this 74 year old woman with history of frontal lobe meningioma status post resection, meningitis, and hydrocephalus. She had severe neurological deficits, couldn't talk, and could not squeeze my hands. Her husband brought her in to see the geriatrician because she was not get any better after her hospitalization. First thing done is to recheck her VP shunt to make sure it's functioning properly. It was, so doc and I explained to the husband that it was likely due to encephalopathy from the resection, meningitis, and hydrocephalus. She comes back to the hospital and was admitted to the ICU for seizure. Doc was able to convince neurosurgery to eval and treat her. It was found that her VP shunt was working too well and pretty much drying her brain.
    After the shunt was adjusted, she sustained an incredible recovery. She laughs, tells jokes, she walks, and looks like normal for age just by looks.

  • Juleima Jaquez says:

    You should react to the surgery scene in mr bean

  • Meriem Hm says:

    Bear didn't let me focus!! He looks soooooo loving im meltiiing

  • Caitlyn Bradfield says:

    Yes shards in the eyes are 100% possible my dad had to get a second opinion. The eye doctor he was with for years almost caused my dad to lose his eye. He prescribed a medication that was causing my dads vision to go down. He went for a second opinion and that doctor immediately removed him off the medication and found a metal shard in my dads eye. The doctor said if my father was left on the medication the eye would have died. Needless to say we reported the 1st dr. To the medical board.

  • Elizabeth Wagner says:


  • David McCarthy says:

    Yeah I don't trust a lot of the doctors I've seen because these sort of things have happened a few times to me and it was always because they were ignoring what I was trying to tell them and not that I was just misdiagnosed on accident. I know doctors aren't perfect and they get busy and genuinely can't help it but if they're going to ignore half the symptoms I tell them about that's just ridiculous

  • Alex Ruland says:

    so i've watched a handful of your vids and find you to be absolutely charming, smart and endearing. i wasn't sure about giving a subscribe tho, just like interest wise. then i watched this video and saw your dog. automatic subscribe. oh MY GOD, i love a newfie.

  • Chloe Contestable says:

    Some of this is absolutely horrible! How do some of those medical professionals live with themselves? Knowing they could have almost killed somebody and ignored what was obvious (for example the thunderclap headache) it's like they don't care about people and simply uneducated. I can understand a couple of situations but situations where you just blatantly dismiss is awful

    Doctor Mike, I wish a lot of doctors could take notes from you because you sound like a doctor that really cares about your patients and that is simply awesome!

  • Alex Ruland says:

    i s2g some of these patients need to sue the first doctors. the person that went to her dr over and over, with the worst headache ever, that's ridiculous.

  • Michelle Ortiz says:

    The irony of almost every single thing covered in this video being related to everything I’ve been learning in school the last month. Gotta love making those connections. Except the frog incident, definitely not happening in southeast GA.

  • Kevin MacDonald says:

    I have a cousin that welds and grinds. I'm actually surprised nothing has happened to his eyes yet cuz you've got burning sparks with welds and the grinder wheel can totally break and send a shard into an eye that doesn't have correct protection.

  • Ilja xox says:

    I had never had headaches and went to the doctor and told this, I had never understood why my sister and mother complained so much about headaches, I had really minor ones but I didn’t mind them they were so mild. The doctor sent me straight for a brain scan because it was a serious symptom. For me it was a really bad tension headache because it was around the time I was developing serious anxiety, but I thank that doctor for making sure I was safe. He built so much trust for me in doctors for listening and taking me seriously.

  • ThatLastMinute Kid says:

    Completely unrelated but should I be worrying about my health especially my back where it "cracks" when I breathe in deep? I've developed this for 4 year and It doesn't really feels painful but it gets annoying at times to feel it crack everytime I breathe in deep. I'm a female teenager and I've went to see a specialist once to address this issue but the specialist said that I'm too young to be worrying about it 🙁

  • Mina Johnson says:

    I love that dog so much! Newfies are awesome!

  • Hanmacx says:

    Patient: "my roommates are annoying"
    Patient lives alone
    Me: "wait a minute?"

  • Julie Jacob says:

    Therapeutic Communication is soo hard

  • TheKzwai says:

    That's a beautiful royal oak!

  • Frood Tooth says:

    This is so informative

  • naomitheminion says:

    Something like this actually happened in High school to my best friend. She had a lot of trouble eating because her throat would swell to the point where she could barely swallow. She had to take really tiny bites and chew for a long time before she could swallow anything. It took her two hours to eat breakfast. She had a feeling it was related to her allergies (she had really bad hay fever). Her family doctor did not believe her. He said there was no such thing as throat swelling due to hay fever. Because her doctor would not believe her, her parents would not either. Nor would our caretakers at boarding school. They scolded her for being a slow eater, and told her not to make a fuss. Finally, she convinced her mother ro take her to a different doctor. Her allergy test results went through the roof. Turned out that her hay fever had gone seriously out of hand, and she had several food allergies that she was not aware of. She got prescribed stronger meds for her hay fever immediatly, and a long list of things she was no longer allowed to eat including nuts, soy, and several fruits and vegetables.

  • Sherrie Charles says:

    I am a phlebotomist of 6 years I worked inpatient for 5 years.
    This sort of follows you second opinion stories. I was in the ER for a stomach bug, very dehydrated and they gave me some fluids. About a week to two weeks later I had a warm spot on my right arm it was painful 4:10 and a little red I was sure why. I went to the ER agian they asked a serious of questions mostly did I strain or injure my arm, I said no. I was almost being discharged walking out the door when the ER doc stopped me and asked if I was in previously, I said, yes I told the nurse. He was a little upset saying why didn't the nurse tell me that. He ordered an ultrasound of my arm and found a blood clot. They told me to take aspirin and set me home. About a week later I was in class for medical assistant and the pain was getting worse. I talked to my teacher about it and she recommended I go back to the ER. He did another ultrasound and found phlebitis that had gone up to my shoulder as well as the blood. They found and infection in my blood and gave me a mild blood thinner and it dose of antibiotics in the ER. The iv was put in my left arm vs the right because of the pain. I was sent home again. After another week I developed pain in my left.I went back to the same ER they did another ultrasound and found a blood clot in my left arm and phlebitis as well. they did a whole series of blood tests for clotting issues and referred me to see a cardiologist. They found a rare MTHFR mutation in my blood but it still didn't explain why I was getting blood clots from an IV stick. He put me on Coumadin and sent me to see a hematologist. He told me that disorder was not likely to cause all of my blood clots. After a series of questions he found out that my birth control which was NuvaRing plus an undiagnosed UTI with no symptoms was most likely the cause of all of the blood issues. How's that for multiple second opinions. 😉

  • Laura says:

    Heyyy a hydrocephalus mention! I have that thanks to also having spina bifida, lol. Worst headache of my life sounds about right.

  • christina metzger says:

    Dr.mike. hi, I love your show. What does it mean when elevated ths fatigue. And weight loss and vitamin c defencey?

  • RAYY says:

    sorry…but i couldn't take my eyes off of Bear 🙂

  • Helen Fotopoulou says:

    That pediatrician of mine who didn't realise I had celiac disease for 12 years. OK, that's oversimplifying it, but he still thought there was nothing wrong with me.

  • Vene negative 9000 says:

    Dad: cant hear
    Me who can barely hear my own voice in loud rooms: weakling

  • Casey Gunn says:

    I really appreciate the validation that sometimes you're just not going to get quality medical care if you don't advocate for yourself or your loved ones. I'm sure all doctors mean well, and I know it's a really disillusioning field, but there have been times in the past where I would have been permanently disfigured or dead if I hadn't advocated for better care for myself. I don't know what it is, but some doctors just aren't interested in finding the problem, just treating the symptoms.

  • Prometheus 18562 says:

    My fingers will randomly twitch and the muscle in my forearm will twitch as well, should I be worried? I think not by just asking.

  • Agnieszka Paszcza says:

    I'm so happy I found your channel this week, while I looked for some Grey's Anatomy bloopers (Doctor Reacts video occured). Now I'm having sth like marathon :p (I am on February 2019 already). It's awesome content! Comparing your videos from 2 years ago and for example this one It's great to see you having such amazing way for staying happy and healthy 😉 I think a lot of people smile and laugh when watching your videos and this is best medicine for November weather mood swings.

  • killmenowprettyprett says:

    I feel the ear thing because I hear worse in one ear and I’m not sure why. The doctors I’ve seen don’t know either. Neither video is on screen.

  • Andy Pieters says:

    homostasis is that gay?

  • KatArt Corner says:

    Dr. Mike, I'm interested in perusing a career in psychiatry, but unsure if it's worth it. Is going through 12 years of college (4 in medical school) worth the pay off of being able to help people?

  • lezlie land says:

    When you mentioned medical school and finding out randomly about heart conditions I had a flashback to when we practiced ultrasounds and someone found out they only had one kidney

  • 3 am says:

    i'm a phlebotomist and someone's serum was suuuper yellow. they ended up having something seriously wrong with their liver– no complaints, i just thought the serum looked super funky and let someone know… i was just like "woah, this is some nasty looking serum"

  • Harshit Tewari says:

    The shirt is ❤️

  • Nomaswazi Madi says:

    His handsome #subscribe

  • ArviNoyou says:

    I had one of those thunderclap headaches once. I almost never get headaches. Turns out a random sneaky brain hemorrage was causing the pain, but on the second day led to a massive seizure, sending me (unconscious) to the local hospital, then a much bigger one until they found out the cause.
    But how the hell was I supposed to think about brain hemorrage ? I didn't even consider the doctor. I was like : yeah ok my head hurts, paracetamol. Basic stuff. Next day : "why isn't it going away at all ? Ughh, let's get on with the day at work"
    No time to think "omg I need to go to the hospital"….. because I didn't finish the day at work 😀

  • A Rocket Booster says:

    Bear is a pretty unoriginal name for your pet bear. Also, why do you have a pet bear?

  • Those white guys says:

    anyone know what breed of dog bear is

  • emmaholzz says:

    Lmao the very first thing 2 sec into the video my dad did while working on a DIY project

  • anders damin says:

    I have been to many different dermatologists at top U.S. medical centers, they always take less than 5 minutes to do a whole body check.

  • tpeach says:

    I'm 32. Active duty military (army). After coming back to work from maternity I went to the doctor several times for weird symptoms. Shortness of breath. Unable to do PT the Same as normal. Dry cough and I would have trouble breathing at bedtime. Doctor said it was just my body adjusting to being back after a 3rd pregnancy. I got sent back to work every time.

    After one night when I just could not breathe. I called the 24 hour nurse line and they thought it sounded like adult onset asthma and told me to go to the ER. I go there and the intake nurse said "You know what, let's just order a chest x-ray"

    Long story short, I was diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy with reduced ejection fraction (less than 20%). I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and I'm being sent to Duke Regional Hospital to see a specialist. They put me on bedrest and gave me a Life Vest (wearable defibrillator) which constantly monitors my heart. I'm dizzy constantly and I can barely walk to the restroom by myself.

  • tpeach says:

    Also I wanted to ask, what are your feelings about military doctors? Sometimes, to me, it feels like they have an agenda to get you out of their office and back to duty.

  • João Guilherme B Correa says:

    Dr. Mike: potassium can kill you
    Potassium: evil K noises

  • Samantha Sowell says:

    My brother in law got metal shavings in his eye. Also metal rusts in the eye so they had to use a drill to remove the rust too.

  • Min Yoongi drinks water sExi1Y says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Not even vsco girls:

    Mike, 10 seconds into the video: 👌👌👌

  • BasicallyBacon says:

    When my mom was 2 she told her mom she couldn’t see so they went to an eye doctor, was told nothing was wrong. they went to another doctor, almost entirely blind in her left eye

  • Jerri Kangasniemi says:

    Letting your dog lick your face around your mouth like that is an awesome way to get a canimorsus infection 👀

  • Ellie Murphy says:

    I want chest compressions and pewoop merch

  • Shannon Peterson says:

    When I was very young I had extremely crooked teeth. My orthodontist basically was a quack and kept telling my parents there was nothing he could do for various reasons, despite my low self confidence in my smile. When we moved and I got a new orthodontist he bent over backwards to give me treatment plan because it was affecting my mental health. Was quite the jounrney, but I am able to smile confidently to this day because of him.

  • Spir Al says:

    There's this nivel About a doctor who had unlocked game-like abilities . Very cool.

  • Alex Nordby says:

    I came for your awesome medical content. I stayed for your magnificent Newfoundland. (BTW, I’m a med-school crash-and-burn who grew up with Saint Bernards). I love your videos. Your incredible dog is a bonus. Thank you for letting him share screen time!

    P.S. That hydrocephalus story, tho………whoa.

  • TheAmericanIdol says:

    I can't admit what I licked because of the NDA you made me sign…I just thought that was how doctors took strep tests. Who knew it wasn't?!

  • Bigjoemonger says:

    Responding to reddit threats?

    Probably not the best idea

  • Stephanie P says:

    I am no medic but, there is no such thing as blood thinning medication. It’s anticoagulant medication. It had to be said ☝🏼!!

  • Demon Potato says:

    4:30 my grandpa died from that

  • Rafaella Guelfand says:

    Here in Chile we have a MASSIVE amount of various amounts of eyesight and eye losses due to unprotected welding. 😅💔

  • animefreak5219 says:

    Mike is my daily dose of eye candy

  • Wendi Watson says:

    I want to be "bear. " 😆
    However interesting video..

  • Wendi Watson says:

    That" orange"! 🤣

  • Spencer Matsen says:

    why your eye lids so orange???

  • addvcsav dvdsvdsvs says:

    Do you even sue all these doctors for sending some patient away just because they think its a minor condition?

  • Ajna Adilović says:

    I didn't sleep for like 24 hours and I don't think I will any time soon bc I just found a real version of McDreamy

  • ::star girl:: says:

    This makes my hypochondria worse 😂

  • naomi moran says:

    I was born with hydrocephalus in 1987 🙂 treated with a lumbar shunt a rickhams reservoir in 1987 and have been lucky ever since

  • Alvaro Precious says:

    What's up doc ??😊😊😂

  • lifew Joan says:

    Hi Dr.Mike my name is Joan .i was sat thinking and wondered what language deaf people think in and if it is not a language how do they think…i love your videos…QUESTIONS 4 DOCTOR MIKE.

  • bun-niii says:

    We took my little sister to the pediatrician and they said she had the flu and we took her home until it got worse then we rushed her to the emergency room. Turns out she had type 1 diabetes and was super close to falling into a diabetic coma.

  • Petra Balsa says:

    2 years ago on Easter Sunday we just got back from the church and my grandfather came in and sat down with us. We visit them every day so I immediately noticed that something was wrong but mom thought at first that he was playing and wanted us to be annoyed cuz he's like that sometimes. He was moving his left arm and left leg in a weird way, and when we asked him to stop he sad he didn't do anything, so basically he didn't know he was doing it. Our family went home to change, we were really unsure about the situation. Mom called her boyfriend to ask about it because her mother had 2 strokes and she is paralyzed on the left side of her body. He told her to call an ambulance immediately. Turns out he did have a stroke in the Hospital the doctors didn't know if he is going to make it, they even told my mom that there is a big chance that he could be paralyzed because we didn't know when it started. Luckily he is alive 75 yrs old and no remaining promblems but he thinks that we wanted him out of the house for the holidays. 😅

  • Wasif Tasmiya says:

    I just ate a banana……

  • Manusia Mars says:

    I need bear. I NEED BEARRRRR

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