Do I Still Get Acne Breakouts? (AND exciting news!)

Do I Still Get Acne Breakouts? (AND exciting news!)

Hey what’s up guys, This is david the skin king, aka david benjamin
my real name, from I wanted to make this video today to answer
a question do I still get acne? and it’s a great question because you know i’ve been
learning about natural skincare, holistic skincare and diet, nutrition and detoxification
and emotional health and all this kinda stuff that really keeps your skin healthy and clear.
So the question do I still get acne or do I still get breakouts is a very very good
question i’m sure a lot of you are wondering the answer to that and the short answer is
pssssh, look at me, of course not, I glow like avatar, i’m kidding. I actually and to be completely honest with
you because that’s my goal is to be completely honest ocassionally every once in a very great
while I do break out and get one or two little blemishes but they heal very quickly and i’m
going to tell you why in this video why every once in a great while I break out and get
a little bit of acne or blemishes… It’s very very very rare, very very very rare
though. And, the reason why is because I eat very
healthy, I eat a lot of salads, a lot of vegetables, I eat sauerkraut, I drink a lot of water,
I take herbs from the amazon rainforest, I take other supplements, I eat super foods,
I eat very very healthy and I don’t really eat or put anything in my body that is not
healthy for it and if I do it’s a rare occasion, it’s a holiday or a birthday or something
like that and I really, it’s just not common for me at all. So, the reason I broke out recently and I
want to say this was like 2 weeks ago or something like that I was at the store, well my, actually
my roommate he’s like hey stony field yogurt is on sale, and I was like ohh I used to love
yogurt, like back in the day I was like Michael weston in the show burn notice if you’ve ever
seen that. And I had my little container of yogurt everyday and pull it out and be likei’ll
just eat my yogurt and be like yeah, I got that yogurt, what’s up… and I thought i’d
get like strong by eating yogurt or something like that or some weird i don’t know whatever,
so I just ate yogurt everyday because I wanted to be a spy and live in Miami like michael
weston. Anyway long story short my roommate was like
stony field yogurt is on sale and if you aren’t familiar with stony field yogurt, stony field
yogurt is organic, it’s organic, it’s healthier, great. I’m going to get some stony field yogurt,
it’s been a while, I haven’t had dairy, you know it’s organic, whatever, cool… So it
was on sale so I picked it up at kroger and I came home and it’s, it was like this big
of a container so it was not the little one, it was 32 ounces, so it’s 2 pounds of yogurt
because i looked at the amount and I started eating it and i’m like this is really good,
it was like that nilla flavor, it’s kind of like vanilla meets banana and it’s like exploding
with favor in your mouth like I don’t know what to do with myself so i was eating this
yogurt and it was incredible so I just kept eating it… So I just kept eating it, I couldn’t control
myself, so I kept eating it and I was like Rahh, going crazy and rahh, I didn’t know
what to do with myself and I just kept eating it and before I knew it I had eaten like more
than half of it, more than half of it the first day which mind you it’s 32 ounces of
yogurt, 16 ounces is a pound so that’s 2 pounds of yogurt, two. So I ate more than half of
that the first day, the second day I finished it… so in two days I ate 2 pounds of yogurt,
now, that’s a lot of yogurt. That’s over, that’s like a pound of yogurt
per day, that’s a lot of yogurt… especially when you’re my size, i’m not like, i’m not
like huge, I’m like, under 6 foot and I’m not that huge like I’m pretty small like you
saw me you know on the beach you’d be like that dudes not huge, i’m like, average sized
basically is what i’m saying… I’m not huge and i’m not really small, i’m average. So, I ate too much yogurt and like two or
three days later I got a breakout right here like two little ones that red ones and I was
like aggh, I knew it, I knew the yogurt would do that and even though it was organic and
you know healthier I still broke out and that’s because even the organic yogurt they add sugar
and it’s pasteurized so the pasteurization process is where they heated it up and it
kills all the good bacteria, so all the probiotics that are in raw milk and that are in raw yogurt
are killed off by the pasteurization process which means that the good bacteria that I
would regularly normally have that to help digest it properly is not there so my body
had a hard time digesting it, and to add on top of that the sugar content in it, I don’t
know how much sugar was in it but a little bit of sugar, sugar and dairy mixed together
it’s just a no go, it just really is not good for your digestive system or your skin in
general. So, I found personally that dairy does not
work that well with me, if it’s milk, or yogurt I mean, milk yogurt, kind of the same thing,
cheese not I mean, depends kind of every once in a while it’s okay but it’s, but if you’re
eating like a pound of yogurt a day that’s a lot so I kind of put it to the test accidentally
and thought well still I can break out. So, basically don’t eat a pound of organic
yogurt a day, don’t eat a pound of yogurt a day, make sure it’s organic and high quality
if you are eating yogurt or cheese or milk because that’s very important but definitely
keep it to a minimal, if you don’t want to break out and get any type of blemishes, breakouts,
acne or any other skin condition like psoriasis or anything like that dairy is a huge culprit
for that because we do not digest dairy very well because of the protein within dairy,
it’s hard for our body to break down that protein. And it doesn’t once again like I said have
the probiotics in it that are raw dairy does because it’s pasteurized so the nutritional
content is diminished so to answer the question do I still break out? every once in a while
yes, but it’s when I do something very stupid like eat a pound of yogurt a day for two days
in a row, and my body’s like ehhh, no! And then like blah, it’s like here’s a couple
acne pimples to remind me that hey, don’t do that, so, I do every once in a while but
it’s very rare and if you want to avoid breaking out you just have to avoid these things in
your diet, yogurt, dairy, milk, gluten, sugar, things like that. I talk about these videos, and all different
sorts of videos on my channel about dairy, gluten and things like this, Genetically modified
foods and why you should avoid these if you want to stay healthy and keep your skin clear
and healthy looking and just keep it clear and healthy and heal that acne and heal those
scars and heal those blemishes. So, hopefully this video helps you understand
that i’m a human too, every once in a while I break out , even though I know a lot about
natural skincare, holistic health, nutrition, detoxification and all this kind of stuff
and i’ve been learning literally for years going to seminars, reading books, I mean look
at the books behind me, these are literally 90% health, nutrition books, so, that’s what
this is, heh! It’s a huge part of my life, so and healthy
wild and free it’s all a huge part of my life, so just avoid those things in your diet, eat
a lot of vegetables, i’ve found that eating vegetables and sauerkraut and like peanut
butter and almond butter and things like that, i’m a lot healthier, my skins clearer and
I still, I still get food that I like so for example I love peanut butter, I do like peanut
butter and celery like i’m a kid, you know, like the celery, peanut butter ants on a log
thing or whatever, like I do that, just without the ants because I’m not trying to decorate
my food, i’m not really into that stuff yet , so i’m going to maybe do that in the future
but not now, but basically peanut butter, hummus, black bean dip, salsa, guacamole,
stuff like that, like, who doesn’t love that? Like, if you don’t like that you grew up in
a household where your parents were just like eat whatever you want, you have to love something
in that category of healthy foods so just find healthier foods, eat vegetables, eat
fruits, eat dips, get romaine lettuce and dip it in hummus and guacamole and salsa,
you’re going to be like on cloud nine, you’re going to be flying like a bird with wings,
but without the red bull because people that drink red bull have broken wings and they
jump out of buildings and they just get hurt and they don’t realize it’s because they’re
erinking red bull and their mind was there with them when they just flew and they didn’t
think they could know they could fly but they, fl… it’s crazy, just don’t drink red bull
too, that stuff is not going to help your skin at all. So that’s it for this video, every once in
a while I get acne, i’m a human, but, I don’t get acne if I know what i’m doing and I know
what i’m doing so i’m just going to continue to eat healthy and keep my skin clear and
not get acne 99.5% of the time, another cool thing I want to share with you is recently
I got these bottles in the mail, they are glass bottles and i’m experimenting with creating
the first all natural skincare product so what i’m doing is you know, ahh, obviously
I know a lot about nutrition health, detoxification, what’s good for your skin and what’s not good
for your skin as far as the compounds, the ingredients and the components of skincare
products because i’ve used a ton of skincare products so now what i’m doing is i’m gathering
all the information I have and i’m going to research ingredients and plant compounds on
a deeper level and i’m going to buy like a bunch of stuff and make my house and kitchen
a scientific lab of mixtures and i’m going to use, I have a few of these bottles i’m
going to make different blends, test, experiment, measure the pH of the product and measure
like the anti-bacterial probiotic activity because if the product has probiotic anti-bacterial
activity it’s going to help heal the skin and heal the acne faster so I’m becoming a
scientist who would have thunketh that with you know, my craziness, so, i’m experimenting
right now it’s really fun it’s really exciting and it’s just really cool so subscribe to
this channel, make sure to subscribe at Like the Facebook page, acne erasing secrets
and ohh I got a hair on me and healthy wild and free on Facebook and the healthy wild
and free youtube channel because when I finish this skincare product it’s going to be pure
bliss and gold it’s going to be absolutely awesome and it’s going to be a spray first
and toner to help tone, tighten, balance and heal your skin with antibacterial probiotic
compounds to heal the bad bacteria causing the acne in your skin so it’s going to heal
tighten, tone and reduce diminish acne so that’s the goal out of this and I can’t make
claims apparently because I don’t know, like legally speaking but I didn’t legally tell
you that you did not heard what you just heard, put the will smith glasses on from that one
movie and let’s not hear that so anyways it’s going to be a spray it’s going to be a toner,
it’s just going to be like that, this actually already has something in it, it smells really
good, it smells like orange because there’s orange essential oil in here so it’s going
to smell really really seductive as well so you’re going to spray it on your face and
be like uhhhh, it’s going to be amazing so anyways that’s it for this video, this is
David benjamin from acne erasing secrets dot com, subscribe to my newsletter below, subscribe
to the channel, leave your comments below and i’ll see you in the next video, take care
and have a great day and live healthy wild and free. Bye.


  • emmycahill says:

    Can I ask you what the name of that supplement powder your mom recommended taking every morning in your video about herbs was please?

  • BeastModeFitness11 says:

    Good luck on the product. How can I get rid of tenea versicolor? I have phorisis too and a lot of inflammation on face no matter what I use my face will be dry and oily and red . I'm just using raw coconut but is not working

  • SEM says:

    Do you recommand a cookbook? Because I don't know what to cook…. I only know that I should eat raw fruit and vegetables but I live with my family so I must make some meals right? Please help 🙁

  • TheLoveme0 says:

    What do you think about noxzema?

  • BeastModeFitness11 says:

    Thanks you. Do u have any advice on tenea versicolor? It's caused from to much yeast on the skin.

  • Gjon Kola says:

    Seriously we must be very appreciated to this guy … I mean just think how much stress and frustration he had to learn all about acne
    And now we can learn just by one click in the computer and subscribing to David's Benjamin channel…

    Thank you dave for making thing easy for us

  • BeastModeFitness11 says:

    What can help tenea versicolor ? It's caused from to much yeast on the skin

  • PGSxSoccerAcademy says:

    Can u do a slo-mo video of you flipping your majestic hair back with a sunset in the background?

  • fadeawy3 says:

    David, where can I purchase the lluvia amazon rain botanical cleanser? It's not on the site you provided and I can't find it anywhere else.

  • monkeylla says:

    David, i know this is long ago but i want to comment anyways.  i ordered the envirozon/herbizon herbal supplements back in 2010 as you said.   i had been suffering from long term side effects, namely ibs and just low energy, from taking accutane.  the supplements costed somewhere from 150-200 can dollars.  i thought they were SUPER expensive but they didn't do anything for me so i was let down and thought i'd let you know.  maybe they do help in conjuction with a strict healthy diet i dont know. but with something as severe as the long term side effects of accutane, i need to look for a longer way not a quick fix.  I completely understand that only I, myself can heal my own body being my own doctor.  it is the willpower and determination that only i can produce.  I just need guidance on what to do as in what kind of diet i should eat (possibly recipes 😀 ), what to avoid, supplements, exercise. i know you are a busy guy, so if you dont have time to respond or advise me i'd understand.  thanks. and off topic but you remind me of the prankster from overboard humor. especially your voice haha

  • Alex Plough says:

    David, I've been looking to purchase a natural based cleanser. I am kind of bummed that they don't sell the Lluvia Botanical Cleanser anymore. I've heard a lot of good things about Dr. Bronners. Would you still recommend those products? And can you give me some other recommendations on natural based cleansers? Thanks!

  • Jedi Master 2-Cool says:

    I eat healthy as a horse & still get acne on my arms, back, thighs, and ass. My mom had acne till her 40s. Same exact area I do. What do I have to do to get rid of it?


  • Jedi Master 2-Cool says:

    I eat healthy as a horse & still get acne on my arms, back, thighs, and ass. My mom had acne till her 40s. Same exact area I do. What do I have to do to get rid of it?


  • Daniel Krok says:

    Hey David!
    I eat vegetables, berries, fruits, i drink green smoothies i don´t have so much stress but i still get Acne. Of course now is it better than it was. But, maybe i have to eat some supplements or i need some cremes
    and the second question is, Does meat, potatoes and rice cause Acne?

  • Billy Bob says:

    hey just a quick question. i have read that yogurt with probiotics in it are actually really good for acne. is this true or a myth. keep of the great work

  • Factor - Comeback? says:

    Im 12 and my acne on my chin is not the best to have and i keep getting them on my nose and chin inside of my nose i use clearasil but i still get them and i HATE it and i also have a ton of scars please please help me

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